I Rely on the Collapse of the Character Setting to Survive in the Hands of the Male Lead Chapter 40

Chapter 40

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Lin Qingyang was feeling so overheated that he was on the verge of suffocation, as if he were hung over a steaming pot, about to be cooked. He struggled against the restrained arms, attempting to open his collar for heat dissipation, but Chu Lishu’s hand blocked his way.

Helplessly, he could only grab Chu Lishu’s hand and pull. Not only did he release the held arm, but his own collar was also forcefully pulled open, revealing a snow-white chest. Due to the recent physical distress, a fine layer of sweat covered it, shimmering in the faint light. Accompanied by rapid breaths, the chest rose and fell.

Chu Lishu’s dark pupils inexplicably contracted for a moment, feeling somewhat uncomfortable, and he shifted his gaze away. His hands maintained the posture of pulling at the inner garment, but by now, the inner garment had been peeled down to Lin Qingyang’s elbows.

He withdrew his somewhat stiff hands.

Just now, it felt as if he had voluntarily stripped Lin Qingyang naked. The sudden surge of sensation gave him a fleeting excitement, as if hitting a target.

Fortunately, it was a damp and cold winter day, with the windows and doors open, the heat had dissipated, providing some relief to Lin Qingyang’s overheating. Otherwise, the one who was getting too hot and on the verge of losing rationality might have considered taking off even his pants.

However, soon he didn’t want to take off his clothes anymore because he started feeling cold again.

This time, he was still awake, and he truly felt what it meant to be cold to the core. It was a sensation where even the blood seemed to freeze. At this moment, he realized that cold was even more unbearable than heat.

Lin Qingyang started to put on clothes incessantly, wrapping the thin gauze around him repeatedly. His teeth were chattering from the cold, and to avoid making any sound, he could only bite his hand. Chu Lishu watched helplessly as Lin Qingyang endured such torment, feeling increasingly frustrated and even harboring thoughts of killing those responsible for harming Lin Qingyang.

He wanted to kill anyone who caused suffering to Lin Qingyang.

Lin Qingyang was already so cold that he lost consciousness. At one point, he even considered giving up endurance and continuing to inhale the Illusion Brain Incense. The feeling was truly terrifying. His hands uncontrollably reached into Chu Lishu’s embrace, fearlessly attempting to search for the fragrance of the Illusion Brain Incense. He didn’t care that the person he was touching was the male lead, and there was no awareness of fear towards the male lead in his mind. There was only one thought: he wanted to inhale, to end this suffering. As for quitting or overcoming addiction, he could worry about that next time. There would definitely be a next time, but for now, he just wanted to let it go.

Chu Lishu naturally wouldn’t comply with his wishes. He once again restrained his hand, and Lin Qingyang looked up, almost with teary eyes, pleading with him.

Chu Lishu’s heart trembled, and his hand seemed to want to let go involuntarily. He found that he truly couldn’t resist Lin Qingyang’s pleading gaze. In his mind, he thought, maybe enduring the slow torment until next month would be a bit easier.

Just as Lin Qingyang was about to take out the fragrance, Chu Lishu snapped back to reality in an instant. He remembered the determined look in Lin Qingyang’s eyes when he insisted on quitting. He believed that he understood Lin Qingyang in such moments, knowing what choice he would make when sober.

He grabbed Lin Qingyang’s wrist, but it seemed like Lin Qingyang, acting on instinct, opened his mouth and bit down on Chu Lishu’s hand.

Chu Lishu frowned slightly but didn’t react. If Lin Qingyang biting him could make him feel a bit easier, he didn’t mind. With a flick of his fingers, the packet of fragrance seemed to have been tossed somewhere.

Lin Qingyang, however, didn’t pay attention. As if sensing a familiar source of warmth, he slowly moved from the bitten spot to the other person’s arm.

Chu Lishu’s expression changed slightly, seemingly realizing something.

Suddenly, Lin Qingyang exerted force, and Chu Lishu immediately reached out to support the cabinet, maintaining stability to avoid making any noise. However, both of his hands were occupied, giving Lin Qingyang an opportunity. With a forceful move, he leaned forward, and with some luck, they managed to avoid making any significant noise.

The clothes that were just taken off, although put back on during the cold, were not properly worn, and with this sudden move, the neckline directly loosened.

The dignified male lead was now embraced by a nearly half-naked man.

Chu Lishu’s eyebrows twitched, aware that Lin Qingyang’s consciousness was now partly clear and partly confused. He might be taking advantage of the situation.

Chu Lishu was contemplating whether to knock Lin Qingyang unconscious, but considering his previous state of deep sleep, it was impossible to control. Making any noise could be risky. For now, Lin Qingyang’s subconscious awareness of the need for quiet was beneficial.

Watching Lin Qingyang shivering while holding onto him, Chu Lishu endured and released the hand supporting the cabinet. He didn’t forcefully pry open Lin Qingyang, but rather positioned himself behind, supporting the weight of both.

Lin Qingyang clung tighter and tighter. He was aware that he was embracing the male lead, but he couldn’t help it. Finding the fragrance was his subconscious bottom line. He was truly too cold, a kind of desperate coldness that could only be alleviated by holding onto the male lead.

When Lin Qingyang’s symptoms gradually subsided, and his consciousness returned, he knew clearly that he was holding onto the male lead. It was like a character in unrequited love holding onto the object of affection. The male lead, considering the overall situation, didn’t push him away, but it was undoubtedly uncomfortable. Lin Qingyang, however, didn’t let go for a moment. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to release, but he didn’t dare because his mind was still adjusting from the shock, and he hadn’t regulated his facial expression yet.

However, Chu Lishu was quite sensitive. When Lin Qingyang’s body stopped trembling, and his breathing began to change, Chu Lishu knew that Lin Qingyang had recovered.

And still not letting go?

Chu Lishu gave Lin Qingyang a disdainful glance. Hmph, no backbone. It seemed he still wanted to take advantage of the situation. It was already such a time, yet he was thinking about such useless things. Truly shameless.

But… Chu Lishu couldn’t entirely blame him. After all, he rarely had any opportunities to get close. Given this chance, not seizing it would be foolish.

Wait a minute! Chu Lishu suddenly realized that he had misunderstood the situation. It was he who had been presumptuous. What right did he have to let Lin Qingyang take advantage of him like this?

Just as he was about to push Lin Qingyang away and issue a warning, Lin Qingyang unexpectedly pushed him away on his own, looking panicked.

Not just panic but also fear. His face turned bright red, and his eyes darted around nervously.

Chu Lishu looked at him with confusion, trying to figure out his current condition. However, Lin Qingyang couldn’t face Chu Lishu and kept trying to move away. They were still too close.

Suddenly, there was a creaking sound as the cabinet made noise due to Lin Qingyang’s movements, and both of them froze in place.

The madam suddenly asked, “What’s that sound?”

Li Wen’er asked in confusion, “What sound?”

Perhaps the sound was too faint, and the madam puzzled for a moment, unable to identify its source. She continued talking to Liu Wen’er.

As the outside conversation didn’t pause, both of them breathed a sigh of relief.

Chu Lishu frowned and looked over. Lin Qingyang blinked apologetically, feeling like he wanted to die.

Chu Lishu seemed to notice that Lin Qingyang’s movements were a bit awkward. When he had brought him over, his body was leaning toward himself. If he lay back, it might make a sound. So, Chu Lishu wrote on his arm, “Don’t move, stay still.”

Lin Qingyang really had difficulties expressing his distress.

“Uncomfortable?” Chu Lishu wrote again.

Lin Qingyang kept his head low, body tense, not daring to move at all.

Chu Lishu looked at him with confusion. Although he didn’t know what was going on with him, maintaining a half-kneeling posture like this for a long time would be difficult. After some thought, Chu Lishu pulled out the cloak Lin Qingyang had just taken off and rolled it up, intending to tuck it under Lin Qingyang’s legs.

However, as his gaze shifted downward, Chu Lishu froze and then looked at Lin Qingyang in disbelief. A complex mix of emotions surged through his mind, and he felt a strong urge to knock someone out.

Lin Qingyang, unexpectedly, in front of him, got… excited!

Chu Lishu was about to get angry but then noticed Lin Qingyang trembling almost pitifully.

As he looked up, Chu Lishu saw clearly that due to his restraint, veins had popped up on Lin Qingyang’s neck and forehead, and his eyes were bloodshot. It suddenly dawned on Chu Lishu that this was not normal.

Love Intoxication Fragrance! Chu Lishu’s mind flashed back to the conversation outside just now. The aromatic incense readily available in the room of Chunxiang Building should be the same. What Liu Wen’er used just now was also this. However, because Lin Qingyang had been previously affected by the addictive substance, Illusion Brain Incense, the reaction was so intense.

Lin Qingyang was truly tormented to the point of madness, trembling as he wrote on Chu Lishu’s arm, “Affected by the addictive substance, body out of control, I…” Even if the male lead killed him afterward, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. However, when he reached ‘I’, Lin Qingyang’s dignity prevented him from continuing.

Lin Qingyang was on the verge of tears. He didn’t understand why such an embarrassing situation had to happen to him. According to the usual plot, it should be the male lead who fell victim, but rather he would be trapped with a beautiful woman, like the one outside, Liu Wen’er. Then, things would unfold in various ways. Why did it have to be him, the cannon fodder, to endure the sorrow of a man? Was it because he was the cannon fodder that he had to bear this kind of torment? He felt like he was about to explode. The sense of male dignity was slipping away from him. He was in pain and on the verge of collapse.

Suddenly, a cloak draped over his entire body.

Lin Qingyang’s gaze struggled to focus, only to see Chu Lishu turning his head towards the direction of the cabinet.

Does this mean… ignoring his actions? Had the male lead understood?

Male lead… hooray!

Lin Qingyang didn’t have much sanity left to contemplate how awkward the situation was. He just wanted to quickly free himself before being suffocated.

With trembling hands, he reached into the cloak.

This was indeed caused by the addictive substance, so it was not a normal bodily reaction.

Soon, within the quiet cabinet, there were different sounds lingering, quite distinct from the ones just before. Lin Qingyang couldn’t control the frequency of his breathing, and the sounds he inadvertently created forced his face to turn crimson.

Although Chu Lishu’s gaze had been fixed on the outside, as he continued to listen, the idle chatter from outside gradually disappeared from his ears. It was as if he could only concentrate on the sounds within the cabinet.

Hearing occasional low, lingering hums that seemed to transform into small hooks, involuntarily, his Adam’s apple slid down, and his gaze couldn’t help but shift, half-closed eyes looking to the side.

The movements beneath the cloak were impossible to ignore, with shoulders gently moving, and the imagination had already taken over.

As his gaze shifted upward, he saw the neck slightly raised, beads of sweat glistening, a tense jawline, parted red lips exhaling softly, and he could even see the red tongue trying to reach out due to thirst.

Chu Lishu knew he should avert his eyes, but he couldn’t resist his curiosity. What kind of expression would Lin Qingyang have now?

With a lift of his dark lashes, Lin Qingyang’s face instantly came into view.

Chu Lishu felt his breath hitch, his entire body tensed up, and his eyes widened, staring fixedly.

That expression, Chu Lishu couldn’t describe it. It was just an impulse; he wanted to do something to that tightly furrowed brow, trembling eyelashes, and the face tormented by desire.

He also felt thirsty.

Suddenly, Lin Qingyang’s breathing intensified, and his brow furrowed even tighter.

Chu Lishu didn’t shift his gaze; instead, he took everything in, as if he could see the scene beneath the cloak.

Until Lin Qingyang shuddered, his brow relaxed, and as his eyes were about to slowly open, Chu Lishu casually averted his gaze.

And with a guilty conscience, Lin Qingyang opened his eyes for a glance, only to find that Chu Lishu showed no signs of change, still looking at the cabinet door. Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief. However, he was unaware that the man in front of him exuded an uncontrollable beastly aura, as if he wanted to sink his teeth into prey’s neck.

But he restrained himself.

Because he knew what was happening to him; he was also affected by the aphrodisiac incense. However, he had always had strong willpower. The inherent medicinal properties in his body would neutralize any external toxins. Thus, the impact on him was minimal, at most, some fluctuations in his emotions.

Suddenly, his left shoulder felt a weight, and there was an unbearable low moan in his ear, as if expressing indescribable pain.

Chu Lishu felt a sudden emptiness in his heart, sensitively hearing the familiar sounds resuming, accompanied by intermittent moans and sighs, indicating that the person involved was now even more distressed than before. His pitch-black eyes seemed to be disturbed ink in a pool, and he lowered his head to take a closer look.

Lin Qingyang leaned heavily against his shoulder, his forehead pressing down heavily, as if trying to resist something. His movements were incessant. His cheeks and earlobes had turned crimson.

And then, that tense neck, where one could seemingly trace each vein, made Chu Lishu involuntarily swallow.

The chaotic, humid breath had already soaked Chu Lishu’s front, spraying onto his heart. Perhaps because of this, Chu Lishu’s heartbeat began to lose its balance.

But for Lin Qingyang, he found solace in helplessness. With his body already powerless, he could only rely on this. His eyes were already hazy, his brain numbed by the conflicting sensations of pleasure and pain. His body instinctively wanted to get closer to Chu Lishu, his legs curled up and immobile, and his waist bent into an arch.

Chu Lishu’s gaze followed his neck through the disheveled clothes, sliding down to his waist. One hand was almost unconsciously raised, about to touch him.

Suddenly, a sound came from outside.

“It’s fine now, it’s safe.”

Chu Lishu was abruptly awakened. He didn’t know when, but the brothel madam outside had already left. It was only after multiple confirmations of safety from Liu Wen’er that she came to remind them, seeing that they hadn’t come out.

About to open the door, Liu Wen’er heard Chu Lishu’s sudden urgent warning, “Don’t move.”

Outside, Liu Wen’er was stunned.

Hearing the movement, Lin Qingyang also became somewhat sober. He lifted his head to look at Chu Lishu, and his misty eyes only met Chu Lishu’s fierce and embarrassed expression.

Lin Qingyang, who was a bit more sober, recalled what he had just done, and only one thought flashed through his mind.

I’m done!

Chu Lishu didn’t pay attention to Lin Qingyang’s emotions. He simply pulled the cloak, covering Lin Qingyang’s face that shouldn’t be seen, and pushed him aside.

“Come out once you’re done!” the low, hoarse voice warned. Immediately, the cabinet door opened, and Chu Lishu hurriedly stepped out, only to close the door again.

Lin Qingyang lay inside the cloak, on the verge of tears.

What the hell is going on!

“What’s wrong? Isn’t there another gentleman?” Liu Wen’er, surprised to see only Chu Lishu coming out, asked.

“He hasn’t finished his episode yet. He’ll come out when it’s over,” Chu Lishu replied with a furrowed brow, his emotions somewhat unstable. He noticed there was cold tea on the table and quickly picked it up to drink.

“Oh, it’s okay now. It’s temporarily safe,” Liu Wen’er followed and said.

Chu Lishu drank the tea but still felt uncomfortable. “What kind of incense did you just light for us?”

“Uh… aphrodisiac incense,” Liu Wen’er said awkwardly, “You didn’t smell it for long, so it might only have a slight effect on you. But for someone experiencing a Illusion Brain Incense, it might be a bit tough. However, it’s not a big deal.” She understood why that person hadn’t come out.

Having confirmed his suspicions, Chu Lishu breathed a sigh of relief. He began to inquire about the situation outside to shift his focus, but his ears still uncontrollably wanted to listen to the movements inside the cabinet.

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