I Rely on the Collapse of the Character Setting to Survive in the Hands of the Male Lead Chapter 39

Chapter 39

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To prevent Liu Wen’er from screaming, the moment Chu Lishu took action, Lin Qingyang intended to cover her mouth. However, he overlooked the fact that this courtesan could serve as a subordinate to the male lead and must not be easily bullied.

Instead of screaming, Liu Wen’er immediately counterattacked, smashing the incense burner towards Chu Lishu’s face.

This seemed to be a rhythm for disfigurement!

Lin Qingyang’s outstretched hand quickly turned, blocking the incense burner but getting burned, emitting a muffled groan.

Chu Lishu’s gaze shifted, and the dagger, originally meant for intimidation, instantly revealed a murderous aura. It directly pressed against Liu Wen’er’s major artery, the sharp blade cutting through her delicate skin, causing fresh blood to flow.

“Courting death?” Chu Lishu’s cold voice suppressed anger.

Feeling the stabbing pain at her neck, Liu Wen’er, though fearful, gritted her teeth.

“I’m not courting death. Will you spare me if I don’t? I’m just defending myself!”

“Hey, miss, you were the one trying to harm us first! Why act all wronged now?” Lin Qingyang blew on his burnt hand.

Chu Lishu glanced at the slightly swollen hand. “How is it?”

“It’s fine,” Lin Qingyang said, extinguishing the incense burner with tea.

Liu Wen’er watched Lin Qingyang’s actions and sneered, “Indeed, despicable people like you deserve to die. Do you think you can succeed? You won’t be able to escape.”

As Liu Wen’er spoke, her emotions grew more agitated, seemingly filled with boundless hatred. This irrational display puzzled both Lin Qingyang and Chu Lishu.

Chu Lishu exchanged a glance with Lin Qingyang and stated, “We’re not much different from each other. If we are despicable, what does that make you? Since we dared to come, we naturally have a way to succeed. If you cooperate, I can spare your life.”

“Haha, don’t think you can fool me. If you dare to touch me, I’ll scream, and the net will break. I’m not afraid of death, but do you want to die here? If you let me go, I might not scream, and you still have a chance to escape.” Liu Wen’er declared defiantly.

Chu Lishu continued, “Miss Liu doesn’t need to be so resolute. We don’t have any other intentions. We just want to cooperate. If Miss Liu hadn’t used this kind of impure incense against us just now, we wouldn’t have resorted to this.”

“Cooperate?” Liu Wen’er blinked slightly, “There won’t be any cooperation. It’s better for you to leave quietly. Considering your understanding of my music, I can pretend that tonight’s events didn’t happen.”

The situation had deviated far from the initial expectations. They had initially thought of using the excuse of conducting business to extract information about the situation behind them. However, it turned into a direct conflict. Did they dislike those who came to cooperate? Or was there another reason?

Lin Qingyang’s behavior made them somewhat unpredictable.

Just then, Lin Qingyang felt a dizzy spell, staggering for a moment until he steadied himself by grabbing onto the table.

“Brother?!” Lin Qingyang’s reaction instantly alerted Chu Lishu to the situation around them.

Lin Qingyang’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. Seeing that Chu Lishu seemed unaffected, he said, “It might be because I was too close to the incense just now.” Lin Qingyang explained, and his hands began to tremble uncontrollably.

Seeing this scene, Liu Wen’er sneered, “It’s ridiculous. Engaging in this kind of business and ending up addicted. I wonder if this can be considered karma.”

Lin Qingyang was about to retort, but he almost vomited. He started feeling nauseous again, and eventually, his body went limp, and he sat down.

Strange, is this like withdrawal symptoms?

Chu Lishu was holding onto Liu Wen’er and couldn’t see the specific condition of Lin Qingyang. Still, he could tell that Lin Qingyang’s discomfort was similar to before. However, Lin Qingyang had already inhaled some illusion-inducing incense at the Secluded Courtyard Pavilion. Logically, he should have passed the onset period and should be in the withdrawal phase next month.

Seeing his condition, Chu Lishu immediately applied more pressure with the knife, cutting the wound deeper. Liu Wen’er’s face turned even paler.

“What kind of incense did you use? Why is he reacting like this?” Chu Lishu demanded.

Liu Wen’er said, “It’s obvious that the incense I just used conflicts with his original addictive substance. Haven’t you been in this business for a while? Don’t you know this common knowledge?”

“How should we deal with it?”

“I have no idea, but if his original addiction clashes severely with the current one, with bad luck, he might come to his end here. So, I suggest you leave quickly. Finding a physician might save his life.” Liu Wen’er fearlessly stated.

Chu Lishu’s expression changed instantly.

“Don’t listen to her; I’m fine,” Lin Qingyang said. He didn’t believe her. He had a system alert; if it was really life-threatening, wouldn’t the system sound an alarm?

But not dying didn’t mean he wasn’t in pain. Lin Qingyang doubled over in abdominal pain, cold sweat pouring down. It was much worse than before. He was in so much pain that he felt like rolling on the ground. Damn it, was he really here to drag them down?

Seeing Lin Qingyang like this, Chu Lishu’s pupils contracted. He immediately took out the Illusion Brain Incense they had obtained from Yu Zhang earlier. Chu Lishu had been carrying it all along, and now was the perfect time to use it.

“He used this. Will it have an effect?” Chu Lishu asked directly.

Lin Qingyang was somewhat surprised. Wasn’t this a bit reckless? If he let Liu Wen’er know that he was a victim, would she still confess? However, he saw a hint of surprise on Liu Wen’er’s face, and the resentment in her eyes almost disappeared.

“Illusion Brain Incense, isn’t this… you guys… aren’t you selling incense? You’re the ones who are being victimized?”

Chu Lishu had already found Liu Wen’er’s reaction strange. If he explained it differently, it would make sense. Maybe she was forced into this and disliked those who trafficked in addictive substances. Originally, Chu Lishu wanted to probe further for safety, but Lin Qingyang’s condition couldn’t afford any delay. He had to take the risk.

Chu Lishu withdrew the dagger, portraying an utterly sincere expression. “I came to save my brother. I hope Miss Wen can help.”

Liu Wen’er was confused by Chu Lishu’s sudden change. “How do I know you’re not deceiving me?”

Instead of hastily calling for help, Liu Wen’er questioned him. Chu Lishu was now completely certain.

Lin Qingyang also noticed, immediately letting his guard down. He awkwardly leaned over the table, clutching his stomach and breathing heavily due to the pain.

Chu Lishu, seeing Lin Qingyang in such a state, expressed a sense of urgency in his gaze but maintained a calm demeanor as he explained, “Someone bought this thing from you and used it to harm my cousin. We didn’t know the situation inside your place. We had no choice but to pretend to be like you to get closer. We have no intention to harm anyone, we’re just here to save ourselves.”

Liu Wen’er understood. “No wonder you’ve been hinting at me before. I was also guessing your identity, so deliberately using the addictive substance, wanting to confirm. I initially thought that if you were unscrupulous traders, I would… Now that you’ve confessed so honestly, aren’t you afraid that I…”

“Just now, Miss Wen’s music has already proven your good intentions, hasn’t it? You were forced to be here. It was my rudeness that hurt you,” said Chu Lishu, looking at Liu Wen’er, his eyes softening.

“Illusion Brain Incense. Endure through one bout, and you can recover completely. There’s no need for you to take such risks,” Liu Wen’er explained.

“But now, he…”

“You can rest assured. Even though this incense I lit conflicts with the Illusion Brain Incense, it only induces it to accelerate its onset. In a sense, it’s beneficial. Usually, the torment lasts for three to four days, but this time, it will pass in a moment, albeit with intensified suffering. Since this gentleman dares to take the risk and come here, he probably isn’t afraid of this little torment. You should leave quickly; don’t arouse suspicion. Find a place to endure through, and he’ll recover.”

Chu Lishu breathed a sigh of relief; as long as there was no immediate danger to his life, he was content.

“We can’t leave temporarily. We still need to find out who is the mastermind behind this. If we endure through this without knowing who attacked him, what about the next time?” Chu Lishu explained. “If Miss Wen helps us, we can also lend you a hand.”

Liu Wen’er’s eyes flickered, “You can’t help me, and I can’t help you either. I’m not a seller; I’m just a puppet in their hands and have never seen the order register.”

“The boss here?” Lin Qingyang quickly asked.

“She is indeed in charge here, but she is just an underling of the real boss. Although she should have the register in her hands, don’t think about getting it from her. She’s very clever, and there are also skilled martial artists around her. With just the two of you, it’s suicidal. So, listen to me and leave.” Liu Wen’er spoke slowly.

It seems that the key lies in Ye Chen and Huo Luo.

Yue Chen is clever, and Huo Luo is highly skilled in martial arts, so there shouldn’t be much to worry about. Just as they were thinking about this, suddenly, there was a commotion outside. Accompanied by the screams of guests and the sound of things breaking, it was clear that something was happening.

At that moment, a knocking on the door came from outside, “Sorry for the disturbance. Something happened outside. Sister Wen’er, two gentlemen Lin, please open the door.”

Liu Wen’er was about to get up to open the door, but Chu Lishu stopped her.

There’s trouble outside, and someone has immediately come looking for them. Chu Lishu could tell from the commotion that something had gone wrong with the person who came with them – they’re likely exposed.

Liu Wen’er’s expression changed immediately. She looked toward the window and asked, “Are you planning to use me as a hostage here on the third floor?” She then glanced at Lin Qingyang, who appeared pale and incapacitated.

However, Lin Qingyang didn’t want to be a burden. He tried to stand up, gritting his teeth, and said, “I can…”

But his body betrayed him, and he slumped back down. Lin Qingyang cursed under his breath, “I can’t. Cousin, figure out a way to leave on your own. Go back to the residence and seek help! I’ll try to buy some time. If needed, I can reveal my identity; they won’t dare to harm me recklessly.”

Chu Lishu couldn’t possibly leave Lin Qingyang alone in this situation. Even if revealing his identity might help, it wouldn’t guarantee his safety.

With a quick turn of his thoughts, a swift scan of the surroundings, Chu Lishu immediately approached and pushed open the window. He handed the censer to Liu Wen’er, saying, “Say that we’ve escaped!” After saying this, he helped Lin Qingyang up and entered the inner room. He opened a wardrobe and stuffed Lin Qingyang inside, intending to follow suit. The size of the wardrobe was just enough to hide the two of them.

“You! Aren’t you afraid of me…” Liu Wen’er grabbed Chu Lishu, unable to believe that he would trust her so easily.

Chu Lishu’s eyes were sharp as he looked at Liu Wen’er, saying, “The choice is yours, but I promise you, as long as you help us, I will definitely fulfill my earlier commitment to assist you.”

Liu Wen’er was overwhelmed by Chu Lishu’s firm and bright eyes, as if his words were destined to come true. Her heartbeat accelerated involuntarily, feeling as if a ray of light had entered her gloomy life. She released her grip, watching as Chu Lishu concealed Lin Qingyang in the wardrobe.

In such a situation, all it would take was for Liu Wen’er to speak, and they would be easily captured.

Did he really believe her?

Liu Wen’er took a deep breath, turned around, and smashed the censer. Instantly, several people burst into the room from outside.


“Where are they?” Liu Wen’er pointed to the window.

The hired martial artists leaped out of the window to pursue, but outside was a bustling street, making it impossible to trace their escape.

The madam rushed in and found Liu Wen’er sitting on the floor, holding her neck and crying. Her neck that had just been pressed by herself, now was bleeding again.

“Wen’er, what happened?”

“Madam, when you knocked on the door just now, those two gentlemen suddenly took me hostage, preventing me from making any noise, and then they jumped out of the window. What… what is going on?”

“Did they say anything?”

“I just finished playing the song and chatted with them.”

The madam, a woman in her forties, once a beauty in her youth, now displayed a fierce expression. “Damn it, how did they find us?”

“Madam, what should we do now?”

“No big deal.” The madam comforted Liu Wen’er and sternly ordered the people behind her, “Why are you still standing here? Hurry up and chase after them! Capture all four of them, don’t leave a single one of them!”

All of a sudden, everyone in the room left, leaving only the madam and Liu Wen’er. Though Liu Wen’er’s expression remained calm, her inner state had stabilized. This at least proved that the madam didn’t suspect her of hiding the two people.

However, Liu Wen’er also understood that the madam would not harbor suspicions. After all, for the sake of survival, Liu Wen’er dared not betray her. But this time…

Meanwhile, in the closet, Chu Lishu slowly released his grip on his wrist. Until just now, he had kept his wrist aimed at Liu Wen’er.

As long as Liu Wen’er dared to betray them, the concealed weapon on his wrist could kill without a trace. While it might not necessarily prevent their exposure, at least it gave them a chance compared to being betrayed outright.

The light from outside penetrated through the cracks, ensuring that the closet was not in complete darkness.

From the beginning, Chu Lishu had pushed Lin Qingyang to the opposite corner, where he sat in a disheveled state. Chu Lishu himself leaned against the door. Although there was still some space behind him, he dared not move easily to avoid making any noise.

Various thin veils and clothes were tangled and scattered by the two, and as Chu Lishu turned to look, he saw that Lin Qingyang’s face no longer had any color. He was weakly leaning against the cabinet wall, his body uncontrollably convulsing. Clearly, the discomfort from the previous days had intensified. Chu Lishu had never seen Lin Qingyang in such agony before.

Chu Lishu couldn’t help but frown, instinctively grabbing Lin Qingyang’s arm. However, he then remembered that his inner strength was no longer present. He couldn’t help alleviate the pain.

Lin Qingyang had his eyes half-closed, with even his eyelashes dampened by the uncomfortable sweat. Despite this, he remained conscious. Opening his eyes, he looked at Chu Lishu and lightly patted his hand, managing to force a smile to indicate that he could endure.

Chu Lishu nodded in understanding. Seeing Lin Qingyang close his eyes to endure the pain alone, Chu Lishu remained vigilant about the situation outside.

It was evident that Liu Wen’er wanted to gather information about their companions, so she inquired in detail about what had happened from the brothel’s madam.

The madam scolded and continued, “At first, they disguised themselves as spice merchants, implying cooperation. I thought they were in the same business and wanted to test them, so I chose the Enchanting Fragrance. Sure enough, they immediately recognized it, and our conversation became more in-depth. Hmph…”

Expressing her anger, the madam continued, “We were having a pleasant conversation, and I just playfully teased that young and strong lad. During our chat, I took advantage and flirted a bit. Since they had already smelled the Enchanting Fragrance, it seemed somewhat normal. But then, that guy suddenly turned hostile and attacked me. He started pressing me for the order registry and the location of the spices. It was only then that I realized they had been setting me up from the beginning. Fortunately, the Enchanting Fragrance had some effect. They probably didn’t expect it to be so unbearable, giving me a chance to escape.”

“Thank goodness, madam, you’re okay,” Liu Wen’er expressed her concern.

The madam also patted Liu Wen’er’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, they didn’t come to steal our formulas; otherwise, they wouldn’t have asked for the registry. I suspect they might be officials investigating addictive substances. However, they have no evidence, so they can’t do anything to us.”

Comforting Liu Wen’er, the madam inquired about the details of the recent events.

Chu Lishu contemplated that Yue Chen and Huo Luo probably wouldn’t abandon them so easily here; they might be considering alternative plans. Turning to look at Lin Qingyang, he saw that he was sweating profusely, starting to loosen his clothes, appearing quite overheated, and making a big movement that almost bumped into the cabinet door.

Chu Lishu restrained Lin Qingyang’s movements and, seeing him still struggling, hesitated for a moment. He had no choice but to use his elbow to press Lin Qingyang down and took the initiative to help him loosen his collar to make him more comfortable. As it was winter, Lin Qingyang was wearing multiple layers, including a cloak belonging to Chu Lishu.

Chu Lishu first unfastened the cloak and then unraveled Lin Qingyang’s clothing layer by layer until he reached the edge of the white silk inner garment. At this point, Chu Lishu’s hand hesitated, and his expression became somewhat awkward, as if the scene felt a bit odd, making it difficult for him to continue.

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