I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip?

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Both Li Jinyu and Huo Caiyu froze.

It was now early spring, and the weather had grown warmer, prompting them to wear lighter clothing. Li Jinyu could feel his teeth sinking into Huo Caiyu’s skin.

Oops, I might have bitten too hard…

His teeth hadn’t been filed down in a few days and had grown a bit longer. With that bite, he was likely to draw blood…

Li Jinyu’s heart was in his throat as he nervously opened his mouth, afraid to meet Huo Caiyu’s gaze. All he could hear was Huo Caiyu’s heavy breathing.

Is Huo Caiyu going to be angry? If he hacked me to pieces now, do I have enough spiritual power to fake my death…?

Li Jinyu’s mind raced, and he subconsciously tried to get off of Huo Caiyu, but he found that Huo Caiyu’s arms around his waist were steadfast and unyielding.

The atmosphere became somewhat strange.

Huo Caiyu’s eyes fluttered shut for a moment, concealing the dangerous glint within them. He eventually released his hold on Li Jinyu, allowing him to step back and create some distance between them.

Chi Zhongming, feeling mischievous, took his cat out and pinched its paw.

The kitten meowed unhappily.

Li Jinyu was so frightened that he immediately jumped back into Huo Caiyu’s arms.

Huo Caiyu, still reeling from the aftermath of their earlier moment, instinctively caught Li Jinyu, looking somewhat helpless as he glared at Chi Zhongming.

Tsk, you’re still complaining even after giving you an assist!

Chi Zhongming rolled his eyes, put away his folding fan, and stood up. “Well, I should be going now. Farewell to you both.”

Huo Caiyu had intended to probe about Chi Zhongming’s identity further, but the situation that had just arisen had prevented him from doing so, so he could only wave goodbye to the young man.

With Chi Zhongming gone, it also meant the cat was gone.

Li Jinyu cautiously stepped away from Huo Caiyu, studying his expression to gauge his mood. To his relief, Huo Caiyu appeared to be his usual self, and Li Jinyu let out a small breath.

Huo Caiyu noticed his actions and couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness. He decided not to bring up the incident where he had been suddenly bitten earlier.

But… holding His Majesty just now felt too good.

As they stood there in silence, Huo Caiyu’s expression suddenly shifted. He furrowed his brows and looked at Li Jinyu, sensing that something was wrong. “Your Majesty, earlier…”

When His Majesty jumped onto him for the second time just now, he seemed to have felt something strange?

Li Jinyu’s heart skipped a beat at the sudden question, and he lowered his head nervously. “No!”

He definitely didn’t accidentally release his tail from between his legs just now, did he?!


Huo Caiyu noticed the nervousness in Li Jinyu’s expression and decided not to press the matter. Instead, he offered a new suggestion. “Is there anywhere else Your Majesty would like to go?”

“No…no more.”

“Then let this official take Your Majesty to a place.”

Where was Huo Caiyu taking him? Had Huo Caiyu discovered his true identity? Was he leading him to a secluded location to kill him?


As it turned out, Li Jinyu was overthinking.

Huo Caiyu brought Li Jinyu to his home.

Li Jinyu had never been to the Huo family’s residence before. In the novel, the Huo family was thoroughly burned down at the casual command of Emperor Jingchang and the Prime Minister, leaving little detail.

As Li Jinyu looked around, he couldn’t help but be curious about the place where the future Emperor had grown up.

The courtyard was simple, with blue bricks and gray tiles. The stones by the well were polished to a shine, and moss grew in the corners and seams of the bricks.

Suddenly, a young woman appeared from inside the house. Her face bore a striking resemblance to Huo Caiyu’s.

Huo Caiyu introduced her to Li Jinyu, “This is my Elder Sister.”

The Great Di Dynasty implemented measures to prevent interactions between men and women, but they were not overly strict, allowing unmarried daughters to socialize.

In the novel, Huo Caijin was portrayed as a fearsome character who led killings. However, upon meeting her, Li Jinyu noticed that her demeanor was warm and calm, completely different from the vengeful ghost depicted in the novel who was disfigured.

The contrast between the two depictions of Huo Caijin was significant, and Li Jinyu stared at her in confusion.

If the people of Qingshui Prefecture made Li Jinyu aware that every person in this world was a living, real existence, then the contrast in Huo Caijin’s character made him realize the changes that his arrival had brought to this world.

Without experiencing the tragic events of the novel, it seemed that Huo Caijin had taken a different path from the Ghost-Faced General.

If given a choice, Li Jinyu would still prefer to see the quiet, gentle girl before him, rather than the traumatized and disabled Ghost-Faced figure of the novel.

When Huo Caijin noticed that the stranger brought by her brother was staring at her, she retreated without displaying any emotion and looked at Huo Caiyu.

Huo Caiyu had only intended to bring Li Jinyu to meet their mother, but he hadn’t anticipated His Majesty’s apparent fascination with his sister. To redirect Li Jinyu’s attention, he said, “Let’s head inside first.”

Once inside the house and introduced to Madam Huo, Huo Caiyu explained, “Li Jinyu is a friend I made during a mission in Qingshui Prefecture. He hasn’t been feeling well lately and wishes for my mother to check his pulse.”

Madam Huo, in her forties with wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, maintained a gentle smile on her face. She looked at Li Jinyu with surprise upon hearing Huo Caiyu’s words and proceeded to examine his wrist.

Li Jinyu felt a little awkward standing there.

Madam Huo’s smile remained as she gestured towards a nearby chair. “If Young Master Li doesn’t mind, please have a seat.”

Li Jinyu held a deep admiration for this woman who had given birth to two exceptional children, and so he quickly obeyed her request, extending his wrist for her to check his pulse.

Before arriving at the Huo family home, Huo Caiyu had informed Li Jinyu that they were headed there for her mother’s medical expertise. Li Jinyu had been told that while Madam Huo’s reputation as a skilled physician may not have been widely known, her knowledge of medicine was truly exceptional. It was through Madam Huo’s teachings that Huo Caiyu had gained his own expertise in pharmacology.

Li Jinyu was curious and asked, “Why suddenly bring me to have my pulse checked?”

Huo Caiyu’s gaze darkened slightly, and he didn’t hesitate to reveal his thoughts, “Your Majesty mentioned a few days ago that the dragon body isn’t feeling well, but the imperial physicians were unable to help. This official wanted to bring Your Majesty to his mother for a diagnosis.”

Li Jinyu felt a bit guilty and said, “That’s not necessary. Zhen felt much better these past few days…”

He had been struggling to cope with his newly sprouted tail and thus had been staying within the confines of his sleeping quarters. But eventually, he knew that he couldn’t stay hidden away forever. So, he came up with a plan: he would pretend to be sick, and in his weakened state, he would appoint Huo Caiyu as Regent.

However, Huo Caiyu was completely worried. He was determined to find out what was wrong with Li Jinyu and wouldn’t rest until he confirmed that he was well.

The first time Huo Caiyu entered the palace, an imperial physician had been bribed by Consort Xian to give him a tampered medicine, causing him to distrust the imperial physicians.

Now that he was out of the palace, Li Jinyu could only keep his tail between his legs and follow Huo Caiyu to his home.

If the physician had been able to detect any difference between before and after he had grown a tail, Li Jinyu would never have allowed Madam Huo to diagnose him.

Madam Huo took Li Jinyu’s pulse, her expression growing increasingly grave as she did so. Huo Caiyu watched anxiously, his heart pounding in his chest. “Mother, is there a problem with Jinyu?”

Madam Huo hesitated for a moment before looking at Huo Caijin. “Jin’er, please step out for a moment.”

Huo Caijin nodded knowingly. “I’ll go make some tea.”

Madam Huo cleared her throat and addressed Li Jinyu directly. “Young Master Li, I have a question I want to ask. Please don’t hide anything from me.”

Li Jinyu became even more nervous, wondering if Madam Huo’s medical skills were so advanced that she had discovered that he was a fake human.

“Is the intimate activity between Young Master Li and his concubines on the bed still… smooth?” she asked.

When this question was asked, Huo Caiyu’s expression subtly changed.

Li Jinyu blinked and pondered for a moment before understanding the meaning of “intimate activity”.

Why, it’s just attending to him on the bed, isn’t it?

Whether as Emperor Jingchang or after his transmigration, the frequency of flipping the plaque for intimate activities on the bed was normal and there seemed to be no problem.

In addition, the concubines only sang a song before leaving. Could their singing truly be harmful to his body?

Li Jinyu nodded his head. “It’s quite smooth.”

Madam Huo frowned and confirmed again, “Young Master Li, don’t hide your illness. Is it really smooth?”

“It is indeed smooth!” Li Jinyu nodded and looked at Huo Caiyu. “Brother Huo can testify!”

After all, Huo Caiyu had also attended to him on the bed before!

Huo Caiyu’s face darkened slightly.

Madam Huo, thinking that Li Jinyu was joking, furrowed her brows even tighter. “Then that’s strange… Maybe my medical skills are not good enough. I need to consult some books again.”

Huo Caiyu couldn’t stand the suspense any longer and asked, “Mother, what’s wrong with Jinyu?”

Madam Huo scolded him with a stern glance. “How many times have I told you, in the practice of medicine, we cannot make unfounded claims. Young Master Li’s pulse is slightly abnormal, but as long as it’s not affecting his intimate activities, then it’s not considered a problem. Nevertheless, I still need to consult medical texts to confirm his condition.”

Huo Caiyu knew his mother’s personality well. If she said that there was no immediate danger to Li Jinyu’s body, then it meant that he could breathe a sigh of relief for the time being. The deeper issues, however, would have to wait for his mother to study them in depth.

As Li Jinyu listened to their conversation, he couldn’t help but touch his own pulse, feeling a sense of unease in his heart.

Could there be something wrong with his body?

Had Emperor Jingchang already had an underlying condition, or was it something that happened as a result of his transmigration?

But he never felt anything was wrong on a daily basis.

“Is Young Master Li feeling a bit irritable recently?” Madam Huo brought up another matter. “Although it’s not obvious from the pulse, I can tell that Young Master Li seems to have some difficulty walking…”

Madam Huo spoke tactfully, and Huo Caiyu immediately understood what she meant. He nodded and answered for Li Jinyu, “I understand.”

Li Jinyu was a bit confused. “What? Am I going to have toothache again?”

He hadn’t been eating that many dried fruits lately…

Huo Caiyu pursed his lips and cast a meaningful glance at Li Jinyu, secretly thinking that he needed to prepare some more cooling tea and snacks for the Emperor.

The illness in that area was indeed difficult to talk about. It was no wonder His Majesty refused to acknowledge it…

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