I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 52

Chapter 52.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip…

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Prime Minister Ye disappeared overnight, leaving no trace behind.

His disciples, servants, and subordinates thoroughly searched the Prime Minister’s mansion but found no sign of him.

After waiting for several days, it became evident that the Prime Minister had vanished without a trace.

Meanwhile, the Regent’s actions became more assertive and forceful.

The inhabitants of the Prime Minister’s mansion started contemplating their options, considering their long-held power in the court and the wealth and treasures they had amassed. With the Prime Minister gone, they wondered if everything now belonged to them.

Some of the Prime Minister’s trusted aides cautiously assessed their choices and decided to flee to other factions, taking along a few secrets.

The Regent received numerous reports about these occurrences.

Shortly after, the Regent employed the search for the Prime Minister as a justification to seal off the Prime Minister’s mansion and launch an investigation into its personnel and treasures.

The incredible wealth, comparable to the national treasury, was transported out, captivating the attention of all the dignitaries in the city.

Even in the case of large families like the Han family or the Meng family, their wealth mostly existed in the form of industries and estates. Storing wealth within the family without creating value was no different from hoarding worthless objects.

These riches were valued at two or three times the national income of a few years!

How much did Prime Minister Ye embezzled during his time in office?

Under the pretense of a conspiracy against his master, the Regent imprisoned the Prime Minister’s staff and aides in the dungeon, interrogating them individually. Innocent individuals were released, while those with issues had all their worth extracted.

Engaging in the buying and selling of official positions, favoring friends, and pursuing personal glory at the expense of the nation.

The Prime Minister, who had never been caught in the act before, witnessed his reputation completely crumble this time.

Based on the confessions of the Prime Minister’s aides and the gathered evidence, Huo Caiyu uprooted the entire faction associated with the Prime Minister, sparing no one, not even a minor official in a small office.

Individuals with severe crimes were sent for trial at the Ministry of Justice, while those with lesser offenses were demoted or stripped of their positions, with their belongings seized.

The court underwent a significant purge. If it hadn’t been for the new scholars recruited through the Spring Imperial Examininations, the numerous vacant positions might have remained unfilled.

Simultaneously, many unjust cases from Prime Minister Ye’s persecution were starting to be overturned. Although fear and apprehension lingered among court members, the truly knowledgeable reformists welcomed these developments.

Since Emperor Jingchang ascended to the throne, Prime Minister Ye had held the reins of power for several years, squandering all the solid foundations left by the Late Emperor. The country was in a dire state, nearly eroded, and the common people were enduring great hardships.

Finally, with the disbandment of the Prime Minister’s faction, the country emerged from the shadowy clouds that had veiled it.

Many who had been compelled to resign or unjustly accused by the Prime Minister’s faction now celebrated, raising their voices in song, laughter, and tears, proclaiming that “the sky has been cleared”.

In comparison, the incident of the mysterious fire that had engulfed Wuyi Lane and left nothing but ashes had faded into oblivion.

With the Prime Minister’s faction no longer in power, the literary officials found themselves without a leader, causing many to align themselves with General Meng. Speculation abounded regarding whether a power struggle would ensue between General Meng’s faction and the Regent’s faction.

Huo Caiyu sought out General Meng and engaged him in a personal conversation, sincerely expressing, “General Meng is an individual of unwavering loyalty and should understand the numerous issues plaguing the court and the state of our nation.”

General Meng remained silent, gently stroking his helmet.

“Now that the Prime Minister’s faction has disbanded, does the General still remember his initial intentions of uniting the military and honorable officials to oppose Prime Minister Ye?” 

Suddenly, General Meng placed his helmet onto the stone table, creating a resounding “clang” as metal met stone.

He abruptly rose from his seat, stretched his neck, and spoke with a deep and unwavering voice, saying, “Regent Prince, join me in a fight. If you emerge victorious, I will yield the members of my faction to you. If you fail, it signifies that you still lack the capability to win people over.”

Huo Caiyu was taken aback. However, upon meeting General Meng’s earnest and determined gaze, he comprehended the intention and smiled faintly, responding, “If that is the Grand Marshal’s desire, then this Prince is more than willing to accept the challenge.”


Upon returning to the palace, Huo Caiyu encountered Li Jinyu, who was coaching Dumpling in front of the cage. “Dumpling, you now have a new companion. Although the new one is a bit fierce, there’s no need to be afraid…”

As Huo Caiyu stepped into the hall, Li Jinyu’s attention shifted from Dumpling, and he directed his gaze towards Huo Caiyu. “How did it go?”

Huo Caiyu responded casually, “The General has agreed,” and upon hearing Li Jinyu’s earlier words, asked curiously, “Does Your Majesty wish to keep another hamster?”

Li Jinyu’s eyes flickered slightly as he cleared his throat and replied, “No, this time I want a different kind of pet.”

“What would Your Majesty like? This official can fetch it for Your Majesty,” Huo Caiyu offered.

“No need, Zhen has already found it,” Li Jinyu said somewhat awkwardly, coughing once again. “Zhen will show you later.”

Huo Caiyu felt a tad perplexed, but he didn’t dwell on it and transitioned to the next topic. “The officials sent by the Prime Minister are still conducting their investigations. Now that Prime Minister Ye is gone, what are Your Majesty’s plans for the position of Prime Minister?”

The Prime Minister held a pivotal role as the leader of the civil officials and a crucial pillar of the court system in the Di Dynasty.

Li Jinyu recollected the novel and realized that he hadn’t read the chapter where Huo Caiyu rewarded officials with titles after establishing a new dynasty. Unfortunately, he could only read it when he was beside his owner, missing out on numerous details.

This posed a dilemma, as the position of Prime Minister held great significance. If he remained unaware of Huo Caiyu’s trusted confidant in the future, how could he make appropriate arrangements?

Li Jinyu contemplated for a while, his face displaying signs of deep thought.

Eventually, he made the decision to delegate the responsibility to Huo Caiyu. “Why don’t Huo Aiqing make the decision?”

Huo Caiyu was caught off guard by this suggestion.

The positions of Prime Minister and Grand Marshal held immense importance in the Di Dynasty. They wielded significant influence and were pivotal to the functioning of the empire. Emperors throughout history had to carefully consider and appoint individuals who were loyal and trustworthy.

By raising this matter, Li Jinyu was subtly indicating that he had no hidden agenda and was entirely loyal to Huo Caiyu.

Even though the Emperor had faith in him, Huo Caiyu believed that he should not be the one to determine the next Prime Minister.

Huo Caiyu couldn’t decipher Li Jinyu’s intentions and cautiously replied, “Currently, this official believe there is no suitable candidate among the officials to assume the role of Prime Minister. We need to observe and provide further training.”

This statement was an honest reflection of the truth.

Previously, the capable and talented officials had been expelled by Prime Minister Ye. The individuals selected through the Spring Imperial Examination lacked a solid foundation and experience. While the talents of the Three Worthy Scholars were promising, they were still in need of further refinement.

Naturally, Li Jinyu had no objections and responded, “The Regent’s words are indeed accurate.”

Huo Caiyu subtly furrowed his brows and shifted to the next matter. “Chi Zhongming hasn’t left his residence for the past two weeks.”

Instantly, the expression on Li Jinyu’s face vanished as he recalled encountering Chi Zhongming in Wuyi Lane. The baby face, which had always been filled with laughter, emanated a profound sadness and anger.

Despite leaving early, Li Jinyu couldn’t help but worry about the injuries on Huo Caiyu’s right arm. From the wounds and bloodstains on Huo Caiyu’s body, it was evident that he and Chi Zhongming had engaged in a fierce altercation.

In the novel, Chi Zhongming and Huo Caiyu were true and loyal brothers, so how did things take such a turn? Li Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a tinge of melancholy. Could it be because I rushed to aid the tyrant and deviated from the original plot?

Huo Caiyu’s solemn face softened slightly, and his lips curved into a gentle smile. “This official is nearly healed. Your Majesty need not worry.”

Though appreciative of His Majesty’s concern, Huo Caiyu wished to see a more cheerful expression on his face. He redirected the conversation to the matter at hand. “Upon reflection, it is likely that Prime Minister Ye instructed Chi Zhongming to go to Qingshui Prefecture. When this official probed the Grand Marshal, he displayed no knowledge of the Qingshui Prefecture affair.”

Despite thoroughly searching the Prime Minister’s mansion and interrogating all the staff, no evidence connecting Chi Zhongming to Prime Minister Ye’s corrupt activities was found. It was as if they were two individuals entirely unrelated to each other.

This observation held true. Without witnessing Chi Zhongming’s anguish firsthand, it would be difficult to fathom his infatuation with such a corrupt official.

In the absence of evidence, Huo Caiyu refrained from taking action against Chi Zhongming and simply had someone keep an eye on his residence.

Li Jinyu expressed his confusion. “Wasn’t Prime Minister Ye attempting to hinder the implementation of the new tax? Why then did he dispatch Chi Zhongming to investigate in Qingshui Prefecture?”

“That remains uncertain,” Huo Caiyu replied, shaking his head. He settled down beside Li Jinyu, picked up a teapot, sniffed its contents, furrowing his brow slightly, and then set it back down. “It is regrettable that he is already deceased. Otherwise, we could have unraveled the conspiracy by questioning him.”

Li Jinyu deliberated for a moment before posing a question, “What are your plans regarding Chi Zhongming?”

Huo Caiyu reached into his sleeve and retrieved a packet of tea he had personally prepared. As he was about to brew it for the Emperor, the inquiry caught his attention, causing his fingers to pause.

“Someone has been assigned to keep an eye on his residence. Once the current matter has been dealt with, this official will summon him for a conversation.”

Despite Chi Zhongming being a cherished friend, Li Jinyu wouldn’t hesitate to eliminate Prime Minister Ye again if given the chance to turn back time.

Huo Caiyu pressed her lips together, his expression turning complex. He let out a soft sigh, composed his thoughts, and focused on preparing the tea for His Majesty.


As the Regent Prince, Huo Caiyu had numerous matters to attend to following the downfall. He hastily shared lunch with Li Jinyu before rushing off to Taihe Hall.

Li Jinyu made his way to a secluded side hall within the palace, which appeared deserted. He gently pushed open the door and stepped inside.

The side hall was relatively small, containing only a Buddha statue and a few miscellaneous items.

Positioned on the table before the Buddha statue was a wooden cage, inside of which rested a small, entirely black cat. It lay there, leisurely flicking its tail.

Li Jinyu approached cautiously, lowering himself to a squatting position. He asked in a careful manner, “How are you?”

The small black cat lazily raised its head, its emerald green eyes concealing an enigmatic expression. “So-so.”

Li Jinyu extended his hand to touch the small cat, but after contemplating for a moment, he retracted it and instead picked up a wooden stick nearby. He gently prodded the black cat’s buttocks from within the cage.

The small black cat abruptly turned its head, adopting a sinister tone as it questioned, “What are you doing?”

“I’m examining your condition,” Li Jinyu responded, using his spiritual power to scan the small black cat’s body. He let out a sigh of relief. “It seems that your life is not in immediate danger. You can leave now.”

The small black cat fixed its emerald green gaze upon him and let out a snort before reclining once more. “What’s the point? My cultivation was destroyed by that wretched sword strike.”

At present, he was even weaker than the foolish mouse before him, confined within a cage…

Truly, it was the most profound humiliation he had ever experienced in his feline existence.

“Who allowed you to harm him?” Li Jinyu naturally sided with Huo Caiyu and offered consolation. “Merely being alive is already a blessing.”

The small black cat let out another disdainful snort, fell into silence for a moment, and then abruptly inquired, “Did the Prime Minister fail?”

“Certainly,” Li Jinyu replied with evident pride, “but Huo Caiyu took action.”

The little black cat regarded Li Jinyu’s proud expression with displeasure, gritting its teeth and muttering, “My wealth…”

“That now belongs to Huo Caiyu.”

“You rascal, whose side are you on?”

Li Jinyu blinked, hesitating briefly before responding firmly, “I stand with Huo Caiyu.”

The little black cat was left speechless, growing increasingly furious as it finally exclaimed, “Then why did you save me? It would have been better if I had perished in the flames!”

Li Jinyu frowned, scratching his ear, “I just wanted to rescue you. You have helped me greatly, so consider it a repayment.”

The small black cat stared at him unwaveringly, its gaze unblinking for a long while. Eventually, it lowered its head slightly and murmured, “I did not help you.”


“I merely repaid you.”

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