I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 53 Part 2

Chapter 53.2 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip…

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Huo Caiyu moved out very quickly, and that night, only Li Jinyu was left in the sleeping chamber.

Li Jinyu drove Chief Kang away, closed the door of the sleeping hall, and happily released his two furry ears and tail.

Finally, he didn’t have to live in fear anymore!

After running a few laps on his giant hamster wheel, Li Jinyu’s excitement slowly subsided. Looking at the empty sleeping hall, he suddenly felt a hint of loneliness.

There was only the “creak, creak” sound of the hamster wheel slowly turning, without the person who was always on the other side of the screen, quietly asking “What’s wrong, Your Majesty?”

Li Jinyu couldn’t comprehend why he suddenly felt discontented, even though a mound of freshly roasted melon seeds sat beside him, and he had just descended from the hamster wheel.

Could it be that living with Huo Caiyu for an extended period has made him excessively reliant on him? Li Jinyu held a walnut from the dried fruit plate, but lacked the desire to bite into it.

He wasn’t sleepy yet. He used to chat with Huo Caiyu about this and that, but now he couldn’t find anyone to talk to.

Sleepiness eluded him this time. Previously, Li Jinyu would discuss various topics with Huo Caiyu, yet now he couldn’t find a companion for conversation.

He sat there for a long while, then slowly reclined on the dragon bed, gazing at the cloud patterns adorning the canopy, unsure of his own thoughts.


The following days passed by uneventfully.

Li Jinyu summoned the courage to inquire several times about the meaning behind their kiss in the dark alley, but each time the words retreated back into his mouth.

He couldn’t quite discern what he was afraid of.

He sensed that asking this question would alter something from their previous interactions.

However, if he refrained from asking, an uneasiness settled within him.

He was uncertain of the answer he yearned to hear from Huo Caiyu.

Was it merely an accidental brush of the lips? Or did it stem from genuine sentiment? Or was it something else entirely?

Due to this, Li Jinyu lingered near Huo Caiyu throughout the day, observing his hesitancy to speak.

The Emperor’s unusual behavior naturally didn’t escape the attentive eyes of Huo Caiyu, who had been diligently observing Li Jinyu.

Although the Emperor had previously followed him, his attention was often scattered. Anyone or anything could easily capture the Emperor’s gaze, diverting it from him.

However, nowadays, His Majesty’s gaze would inadvertently land on him, and at times, when their eyes met, he could perceive His Majesty’s uncertainty. But if he met the Emperor’s gaze, His Majesty would swiftly avert his eyes, purposefully avoiding him.

If this had occurred prior to their departure from the palace, Huo Caiyu might have felt a hint of joy.

However, the Emperor’s current demeanor was unmistakable— the downfall of the Prime Minister’s faction meant his own worth had diminished. With no Prime Minister or Grand Marshal to contend with, the Regent now held control. Had His Majesty already begun to suspect him?

Huo Caiyu experienced a sense of desolation, but he still managed to handle state affairs with efficiency, despite his inner turmoil.

Every possession he had was bestowed upon him by the Emperor, and he held no grievances if the Emperor desired to reclaim them.

It was solely disheartening that the Emperor remained guarded and refused to engage in personal conversation. If only the Emperor would express his thoughts, he would unhesitatingly comply with any request. Had the Emperor’s hesitance to speak in the past few days been a tactic to prompt him to relinquish his power willingly?

Huo Caiyu’s pen halted, making a soft “clack” sound as it landed on the desk. He rose from his seat, restlessly pacing back and forth in Taihe Hall for two rounds before approaching the door. Looking up at the azure sky, his shoulders slumped, and a bitter smile crossed his lips.

Forget it. His commitment to His Majesty would always hold true. He would remain and handle all the challenges before voluntarily resigning from his position. Freed from the constraints of the Regent Prince title, perhaps His Majesty would show him a genuine smile—the most significant thing to him—rather than overwhelming power.


The sweltering summer had silently passed, and the autumn breeze carried a tinge of desolation along with the joy of harvest. People excitedly discussed this year’s bountiful harvest. A new tax policy had been imposed during the spring sowing season, and a court notice confirmed that no additional collection would occur before year-end. It meant that the grains they cultivated this year belonged solely to them!

How long had it been since they experienced such elation? Quietly, they praised the Emperor’s wisdom in their hearts. Meanwhile, preparations were underway in the palace for a grand celebration. The Emperor’s birthday was approaching— an event that held immense significance in the Di Dynasty, second only to the Spring Festival and the early-year Reed Flowers Festival.

In the past, Emperor Jingchang would revel in extravagant festivities for his birthday, indulging in lavish expenditures and even granting pardons to criminals on a whim.

Under Li Jinyu’s governance, all these purposeless extravagances were abolished.

Witnessing vast amounts of wealth dissipating aimlessly, Li Jinyu experienced a profound sense of distress.

His own birthday was a distant memory, and he couldn’t comprehend why humans placed such emphasis on the anniversary of their birth. He simply ordered the extravagant celebrations to be canceled and organized a modest banquet within the palace.

Even though he failed to grasp the significance of birthdays, he possessed common sense.

Chief Kang was tasked with sending invitations to members of the imperial family and important officials.

Among the guests was the Regent Prince, Huo Caiyu.

When Li Jinyu caught sight of Huo Caiyu, he abruptly halted.

It felt as if several days had passed since he last saw Huo Caiyu.

On the Emperor’s birthday, all the officials donned their formal attire, and the Regent Prince was no exception. His loose blue and black official robes adorned with a python pattern draped elegantly around him, accentuated by a jade belt fastened at his waist. Several red jade pendants dangled from the belt, further enhancing Huo Caiyu’s handsome demeanor.

However, despite his captivating presence, the charming Regent Prince displayed a slight furrow in his brows, indicating that he carried some concerns within.

Since Huo Caiyu relocated from the palace, their encounters had become less frequent.

Especially in recent times, it seemed as if Huo Caiyu deliberately evaded him. Whenever Li Jinyu visited Taihe Hall, Huo Caiyu would coincidentally conclude his official matters swiftly, hastily departing after only a brief interaction.

This stirred a deeper sense of unease within Li Jinyu.

He still couldn’t decipher the true meaning behind Huo Caiyu’s kiss, and now it appeared that he was intentionally keeping his distance.

What could be happening?

Was it possible that he had misinterpreted the situation? Was Huo Caiyu growing more distant because he had resolved the Prime Minister’s predicament and was now contemplating seizing the throne?

Li Jinyu glanced at Huo Caiyu, but their gazes unexpectedly met, causing his heart to skip a beat. Hastily, he averted his eyes, but then he realized that he had nothing to conceal from Huo Caiyu.

From the very beginning, it was Huo Caiyu who had been ignoring him, despite his initial intention to let Huo Caiyu overthrow him. Li Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a twinge of hurt, but whenever he thought of Huo Caiyu’s face, his heart inexplicably sped up.

Summoning his courage, he looked up, only to find Huo Caiyu already seated and engrossed in conversation with the officials beside him, no longer casting a glance in his direction.


In recent days, Huo Caiyu had immersed himself in political affairs to numb his emotions. He dared not meet with the Emperor too frequently, fearing that his feelings would spiral out of control. However, he also couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing the Emperor. How could he ever alleviate his lovesickness?

Every time he caught sight of the Emperor, he sensed a somber air surrounding him. Perhaps the Emperor truly wished to avoid him.

Hence, Huo Caiyu had to exert his utmost effort to avoid crossing paths with the Emperor.

For the Emperor’s birthday celebration, Huo Caiyu had spent several sleepless nights at home, pouring his heart and soul into crafting a small gift. It may not possess great value, but it symbolized the depths of his emotions.

The gift remained concealed within his sleeve, and he still hesitated on whether or not to present it.

As the Regent Prince, he had dutifully presented the tribute following the customary protocol. However, as Huo Caiyu, he feared that expressing his feelings could easily result in rejection or even disdain from the Emperor.

Seated amidst the lively banquet, Huo Caiyu couldn’t resist stealing a glance at the Emperor. His Majesty was engaged in conversation with two imperial concubines, their whispers and laughter permeating the air, exuding a sense of joy.

It was a sight that dazzled the senses.

Huo Caiyu lowered his gaze, lightly brushing his sleeve with his fingertips, then picked up his wine cup and silently drained its contents.

The flatterers surrounding him noticed his solemn expression and lowered their voices slightly, exchanging meaningful glances.

The Regent Prince appeared rather grim at His Majesty’s birthday banquet. Could it be that he held some grievances against His Majesty?

Who didn’t know about the young and talented Regent Prince? In just a few months, he had gradually dismantled the influential Prime Minister, causing Prime Minister’s downfall and leaving him unable to clear his name. Even the Grand Marshal had acquiesced to his authority, allowing the Regent Prince to reorganize the current military structure.

With the exception of the Ministry of War, admiration and fear for the Regent Prince’s authority resonated throughout the court and the entire country. Compared to His Majesty, who held a lofty position but lacked productivity, the Regent Prince shouldered a far greater burden in managing the court’s affairs.

If one were to put themselves in the Regent Prince’s shoes, it would be natural to harbor certain opinions about His Majesty. Now that the Regent Prince openly displayed such clear discontent, these officials had to consider which side they should align themselves with…

Huo Caiyu continued to consume one cup of wine after another, with no one daring to offer any advice, until a hand reached out and took his wine cup away.

Helplessly, Chi Zhongming placed the wine cup aside and said, “Getting drunk will only bring embarrassment upon yourself.”

“This Prince is aware of his own limits.” Huo Caiyu’s eyes exhibited a slight redness due to the influence of alcohol, yet he remained composed.

It was His Majesty’s birthday, a joyous occasion. Even in his distress, he did not wish to become intoxicated and disrupt the Emperor’s banquet.

Chi Zhongming scrutinized his eyes closely and recognized his sense of propriety. He ceased trying to dissuade him any further and remarked, “The Empress Dowager did not attend His Majesty’s birthday celebration.”

It was the birthday of the Empress Dowager’s son, and despite any conflicts between the Empress Dowager and His Majesty, they should still maintain a sense of decorum, shouldn’t they?

Huo Caiyu lifted his head and stared at him intently for a moment, then furrowed his brow. “You act like an innocent bystander.”

It was evident that he had previously harbored hostility towards him due to his actions against Prime Minister, but now he seemed to have reverted back to his previous personality.

Chi Zhongming understood and smiled. “It’s nothing, I made a mistake in my judgment.”

Huo Caiyu furrowed his brow and remained silent. He had no interest in involving himself in other people’s affairs at the moment.

Chi Zhongming was quite curious about the relationship between Huo Caiyu and Li Jinyu, but with others present, he couldn’t directly inquire. He suggested in a low voice, “The banquet is coming to an end. If you have something to say to His Majesty, you should say it soon. As a man, if you have a clear conscience, there’s nothing you can’t express.”

Huo Caiyu fell into silence for a moment, his left hand tightly clutching the gift concealed in his sleeve. After a while, he abruptly stood up and turned towards the imperial table.

Chi Zhongming was right.

Regardless of the outcome, a man must face the world without fear or shame. Even if His Majesty were to strip him of his position and cast him aside tomorrow, he had to, at the very least, express his intentions and inquire about how His Majesty would treat him.

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