I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 55

Chapter 55.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip…

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After the morning court session, Huo Caiyu proceeded to the imperial harem.

If he could still stay in the capital, he would slowly investigate the poison on His Majesty and the people who had attempted to harm him or had harmed him.

Knowing that his departure from the capital was imminent, he had to eliminate any obstacles on behalf of His Majesty before he left.

Maintaining a stoic expression, he issued a calm directive to the nearby eunuchs, who were too terrified to even take a deep breath, to apprehend Princess Tama of Jiao Kingdom.

Huo Caiyu tactfully avoided mentioning the occurrences of the previous night and took the opportunity to clarify certain details with His Majesty.

His Majesty recalled how he had become suspicious upon seeing Noble Concubine Xian at the palace banquet. Just as he was about to express his disapproval, he caught a subtle scent wafting from her, a fragrance that seemed capable of casting a spell on one’s mind, instantly causing him to feel lightheaded and lose his composure.

However, when they questioned Noble Concubine Xian last night, there were no indications that she had been exposed to any intoxicating scent.

It was an aroma that went unnoticed by ordinary people, but it possessed an additional hallucinogenic effect on His Majesty…

The Beast-Attracting flower from the Jiao Kingdom.

Furthermore, that extraordinary ** seemed inconsistent with the traditional medicinal practices of the Central Plains.

Apparently, the Princess of Jiao Kingdom who entered the palace didn’t possess the expected subservience, even when assigned to labor in the fields.

The eunuchs swiftly presented Princess Tama before him.

Tama had already swapped her excessively airy garments—currently, with an abundance of mosquitoes present, she found it unbearable to endure their incessant bites while tending to the fields.

“Your Highness what is the reason for seeking Princess Tama?”

Huo Caiyu quickly assessed her and unexpectedly inquired, “Noble Concubine Xian has already revealed everything. Is it was the Princess gave her the medicine?”

Tama blinked her eyes innocently and pretended to be clueless. “Regent Prince, what are you talking about? I don’t understand. Where is His Majesty?”

Huo Caiyu cast a sidelong glance at her, taking note of the brief panic that flashed in her eyes. He had a clear understanding of the situation.

With limited time and little patience for this crafty foreign princess, he remarked in a chilly tone, “This Prince has been informed that the princess has been voicing numerous grievances while residing in the palace. Apparently, our grand palace in Great Di doesn’t quite suit her need for recuperation.”

Tama observed him in silence, refraining from speaking.

She had never come across someone who could perceive working in the fields as a means of recuperation.

“If that’s the situation, the princess could find solace at the Laundry Bureau,” Huo Caiyu stated indifferently, motioning with his hand, “Escort her out.”

Tama’s eyes widened suddenly.

Ever since the capture of Noble Concubine Xian and Noble Concubine Liang, she had been aware of their failure.

At first, there was little chance of this matter being traced back to her. And even if it were, she had resources to deal with it.

She had presumed that when the Regent Prince summoned her alone, apart from involving the Emperor, it would be an opportunity for both of them to test and evaluate each other’s potential… After all, she possessed a wealth of distinctive medical knowledge and skills from the Jiao Kingdom. If the Regent Prince had aspirations, she thought she could be of value to him, couldn’t she?

To her surprise, Huo Caiyu didn’t give her an opportunity to speak at all. With a single glance, he ascertained her guilt in this matter and pronounced her sentence directly.

Huo Caiyu’s mood was exceedingly sour, and he had no intention of conversing with these individuals who had tarnished his relationship with the Emperor—one additional word might provoke him to the point of brandishing his sword and attacking them.

Given that Tama was a princess of the Jiao Kingdom, she still held some significance. It would be a pity for her to meet her end by the blade…


Li Jinyu, in the comfort of his sleeping chambers, supported his aching back and requested a soothing bath of fragrant orchid water.

In this instance, he set aside his fear of water and diligently cleansed his entire body, giving extra attention to specific delicate regions.

It wasn’t that he thought his body was impure after engaging with Huo Caiyu, but rather, he dreaded the prospect of conceiving a child.

His breed belonged to a species with minimal emphasis on familial ties, and as a male hamster, Li Jinyu felt no inclination towards offspring.

Especially, what if he fathered a litter of hamsters!

What would he do if they were born? Should he let Dumpling raise them?

While he cleansed himself, he anxiously monitored his stomach, dreading the sudden appearance of a tiny hamster.

The black cat watched from inside the cage, barely containing its laughter. “You’re not a female rat, so why are you afraid?

“It’s hamster!” Li Jinyu immediately countered, his worry unabated. “I’ve heard my owner mention that male rabbits can become pregnant, and even male seahorses can carry offspring… Who knows if the same applies to hamsters?”

“…Why aren’t you concerned about Huo Caiyu getting pregnant?”

Taken aback, Li Jinyu rose from the bathtub. “You’re right, I should have him clean up as well!”

Black Cat: “…”

The lack of understanding regarding the physiology of these solitary, domesticated hamsters appeared rather ludicrous.

Had the hamster’s previous owner never come across information about little yellow mosquitoes?

[T/N] little yellow mosquitoes — ding-dong

Li Jinyu seemed to realize that his own knowledge of physiology was somewhat lacking, and he looked through the folding screen at the black cat. “Aren’t you worried when you sleep with Chi Zhongming?”

The black cat froze momentarily, then swiftly leaped inside the cage, only to hit its head on the top and tumble down, wincing in pain. “What are you saying? When did I sleep with him?”

“You haven’t slept together?” Li Jinyu exclaimed, leaning over the edge of the bathtub while rubbing his waist. “I assumed you two…”

“I share a regular cat-owner bond with him,” the black cat widened its eyes and spoke with a hint of gritted teeth. “Just because Huo Caiyu slept with you doesn’t mean Chi Zhongming is sleeping with me.”

Li Jinyu refocused on his own concerns, his face etched with worry. “Is it possible for me to become pregnant?”

The black cat remained silent, refusing to say another word.

Well, the silly hamster’s misfortunes were not his own.


Huo Caiyu returned to the palace, entrusting his ongoing matters to Chief Kang as usual. “Please deliver them to His Majesty.”

Chief Kang had been dispatched to obtain the post-coital lubricant from the imperial physician the previous night—initially assuming it was meant for the Regent, considering the Regent’s previous stay within the palace, right?

It came as a surprise to them that it was actually the Regent who had bedded His Majesty…

Chief Kang, having served in the palace for many years, had never encountered such a situation before. He felt a sense of apprehension. Would this lead to any serious conflicts between His Majesty and the Regent?

The potential confrontation between the Emperor and the regent was not something to be taken lightly.

However, Chief Kang had no authority to speak on the matter and could only respond quietly, “This servant understands, Your Highness.”

Huo Caiyu suppressed his emotions but couldn’t resist asking, “How is His Majesty doing today?”

“His Majesty had lunch and requested a bath with orchid-scented water twice earlier.”

Huo Caiyu’s brows furrowed slightly, and he felt a growing uneasiness in his heart, as if a knife was twisting inside. Did His Majesty truly perceive their relationship as… something dirty?

Even though he had expected it in advance, Huo Caiyu still felt a deep sadness.

Despite feeling uncomfortable, he made sure to emphasize, “Remember to apply the medicine properly for His Majesty.”

Chief Kang coughed awkwardly and nodded. “This servant understands.”

Huo Caiyu gave a few more instructions, hesitated at the entrance of the sleeping chamber for a moment, but ultimately resisted the urge to go inside and visit His Majesty. He returned to Taihe Hall, organized his duties, and then went home.

His Majesty had stopped taking the aphrodisiac, but his body had suffered some damage. Huo Caiyu needed to discuss with his mother about preparing tonics to replenish his vitality.

Moreover, he also needed to consult with his mother about the poison he had discovered last night.


Since the Jiao Kingdom envoy returned defeated from Great Di, the officials of Di Dynasty had already anticipated the outbreak of war.

The ambitious nature of the Jiao Kingdom was evident to this envoy.

Especially upon confirming that they had captured Jiao Kingdom’s Prince Sangtuo among their prisoners, Huo Caiyu became keenly aware that war was unavoidable.

With the autumn harvest already completed, the people of Di Dynasty had gathered a plentiful food supply, and now the Jiao Kingdom had launched an attack on the border.

Consequently, once the border was breached, they would no longer need to carry military provisions and could instead plunder the heartland of the Central Plains.

The Di Dynasty had been training its troops diligently, and now the time for military action had finally arrived.

The Regent himself intended to lead the expedition personally, and the officials of the Di Dynasty looked at each other, but no one opposed his decision.

This time, the Jiao Kingdom had amassed a large army and approached with great aggression, clearly aiming to destroy the Great Di Dynasty.

If they managed to breach the border, the defenseless common people of the Central Plains would become easy prey for ruthless plundering!

The immense pressure of guarding the border was clearly evident.

General Meng’s health had already declined, and there was a shortage of capable warriors. The Regent was willing to personally take on this responsibility, which was preferable to appointing incompetent individuals.

Unbeknownst to them, the officials of the Di Dynasty had come to accept their Regent as capable of anything.

However, if the Regent went to the border, what would happen to the rebellion in the southwest?

During the morning court on the following day, as the Emperor continued to cite illness, the officials raised this question to the Regent.

Huo Caiyu focused his gaze on General Meng and asked, “General Meng, what is happening in the southwest?”

Earlier in the year, General Meng had returned after quelling the rebellion in the southwest, so why had another rebellion erupted now?

General Meng’s expression turned gloomy. The rebellion he had previously suppressed had unexpectedly erupted again, causing him some embarrassment.

“I will make another expedition.”

Huo Caiyu frowned and shook his head. “The capital still requires your presence. What if…”

The Regent’s words were left unfinished, but the officials could sense the underlying meaning.

The uprising in the southwestern border was a mere skirmish. If the border couldn’t be brought under control, General Meng would be the final barrier protecting the capital.

General Meng furrowed his brow. “But what about the southwest…”

Huo Caiyu had already made a personal choice in his heart, but it wasn’t appropriate to discuss it here. He pressed his lips together and said, “This Prince will further consider it.”

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