I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 63

Chapter 63.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip.

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The black cat showed its disgust towards Li Jinyu’s idea with a simple word, “Ew!”

Li Jinyu completely ignored him and was solely focused on facilitating Huo Caiyu’s usurpation.

If Huo Caiyu has already started taking action… does that mean I was close to completing the task assigned by Heavenly Dao?

With that thought, the gloomy mood, caused by Huo Caiyu’s absence, suddenly brightened.

He even began to feel a little regret. He should have declined the plan to attack the Jiao Kingdom… Huo Caiyu would have had to stay on the front lines for such a long time before returning!

If he hadn’t attacked the Jiao Kingdom, he might have been able to participate in Huo Caiyu’s coronation ceremony by now.

Li Jinyu scratched his head, regretting that he had only just realized this.

Huo Caiyu confessed straightforwardly, knowing it wouldn’t hinder his usurpation!

Immediately, he changed his objective to securing the position of the Empress!

In the future, he definitely needed to find a way to subtly hint it to him!


After half a month, news arrived from the frontlines that the army had packed up and embarked on an expedition to Jiao Kingdom, leaving Beiyue Pass behind.

Defending the pass and going on an expedition were two completely different things. Especially with the Jiao Kingdom expedition… setting foot on enemy soil meant greater danger and a higher requirement for strategic planning.

Li Jinyu was extremely worried in the palace.

If it weren’t for his self-awareness, knowing that his abilities were inadequate and would only be a hindrance, he would have joined Huo Caiyu long ago and gone on a “personal expedition.”

Now, all he could do was handle various reports from the Six Ministries, working hard to provide a stable rear for Huo Caiyu.

Busy times passed quickly, and before he knew it, the Reed Flowers Festival had arrived.

The Reed Flowers Festival was the most magnificent festival in the Di Dynasty.

The founding ancestor of the Di Dynasty was originally an official of the previous dynasty. At that time, corruption was rampant, and the common people were struggling to make ends meet. Out of anger, the founding ancestor lodged a complaint, but unfortunately, he was cruelly demoted.

On his journey back home, feeling lost and confused, the founding ancestor encountered a riverside adorned with blooming Reed Flowers. Witnessing the unremarkable wild grass thriving year after year, he felt a stirring in his heart, regained his determination, and made a decision to serve the people and overthrow the decaying dynasty.

After the establishment of the Great Di and the capital city, to remind themselves and future generations to stay true to their original intentions, they chose the character “Di” (Reed Flowers) as the national character and designated the time of the yearly blooming of Reed Flowers as the Reed Flowers Festival.

Before the Reed Flowers Festival, the Emperor personally went to the Imperial Mausoleum to pay respects to the ancestors’ tombs and observed a seven-day period of fasting and purification within the mausoleum as a demonstration of sincerity.

In theory, Emperor Jingchang would likely choose to disregard this dull and laborious task. However, in reality, ever since Emperor Jingchang ascended the throne, he only displayed a genuine and somewhat regal demeanor during the ritual of honoring the Imperial Mausoleum.

A year ago, on the day of the Reed Flowers Festival, Huo Caiyu intercepted the dragon carriage on Emperor Jingchang’s return from the Imperial Mausoleum. In public, Huo Caiyu criticized the corrupt governance, angering Emperor Jingchang and resulting in his imprisonment.

A year had already passed since that incident.

To maintain his public image, even though he was uncertain where it was heading now, Li Jinyu followed the royal protocol and set off early towards the Imperial Mausoleum.

Before embarking on the journey, as was customary, Li Jinyu went to bid farewell to the Empress Dowager.

On this rare and grand festival, the Empress Dowager changed out of her plain attire and dressed with utmost dignity. Seated on the phoenix seat in the Cining Palace, she listened calmly as Li Jinyu conveyed his words of blessing.

When Li Jinyu finished speaking, the Empress Dowager waved her hand. Her expression, unlike before, lacked coldness and carried a hint of benevolent smile. “Your Majesty, go now, and take care on your way.”

It had been a year since Li Jinyu last witnessed the Empress Dowager’s kind demeanor, and he felt pleasantly surprised by this rare display of favor.

Could it be that the Empress Dowager’s mood had eased due to the gradually warming weather of spring?

The Empress Dowager’s encouragement lifted Li Jinyu’s spirits, and he set off with renewed determination.

The Imperial Mausoleum resided in Mount Tianqi which was located in the northern part of the capital city. It served as the resting place for the past Emperors and Empresses of the Di Dynasty.

Starting from the base of Mount Tianqi, the path was illuminated by ceaseless eternal lamps that burned through the night, meandering along the mountain roads until reaching the entrance of the Imperial Mausoleum.

Aside from the Emperor’s demise or the Empress’s passing, the Emperor would only personally visit the eternal imperial mausoleum during the annual Reed Flowers Festival when paying tribute.

As a result, the place remained desolate, enveloped in silence, with only a subtle fragrance of sandalwood and the lingering aroma of burnt paper money.

It was customary for the Emperor to pay tribute at the Imperial Mausoleum during the Reed Flowers Festival, and both the court and the mausoleum made smooth arrangements for it.

When the Emperor had to leave the capital city, someone was needed to accompany and protect him.

Originally, it should have been General Meng, who was responsible for guarding the capital city, but after much thought, Li Jinyu proposed that Huo Caijin lead the troops to escort the Emperor.

He intended to entrust the troops he could control to Huo Caijin.

Entrusting it to Huo Caijin was equivalent to entrusting it to Huo Caiyu. If Huo Caiyu ever desired to seize power, wouldn’t he change sides in an instant?

However, when Li Jinyu saw Huo Caijin, he was momentarily taken aback. “General Huo, what has happened to you?”

Huo Caijin’s face was concealed by a mask that covered his entire face, displaying a menacing depiction of a demon.

It was exactly like the description of the “Ghost-Faced General” in the novel.

As Huo Caijin opened his mouth, a hoarse voice emerged from beneath the mask. “This official has fallen ill these past few days. She has applied medicine to her face, making it sensitive to the wind. It has also affected her voice. This official begs Your Majesty’s forgiveness.”

“What illness? Should we summon the imperial physician to have a look?”

“Many thanks to Your Majesty’s concern. This official’s mother has already examined her.”

Li Jinyu remembered Madam Huo’s medical skills and felt somewhat relieved.

He had heard reports that during Huo Caijin’s suppression of the rebellion in the southwest, she had worn a ghostly disguise to intimidate the local chieftains. This must be the same mask.

Seeing how effortlessly Huo Caijin mounted her horse, Li Jinyu couldn’t help but feel relieved, thinking that this might be the turning point in their fate. Although Huo Caijin hadn’t faced the tragic experiences from the novel in this life, he still earned the nickname “Ghost-Faced General.”

However, as he sat in the dragon carriage, he began to sense that something was off.

What kind of illness could Huo Caijin have that required her entire face to be covered?

Moreover, ever since the Lunar New Year, Huo Caijin had been absent from the Ministry of War, claiming illness. It was only now, after receiving his orders, that she appeared…


A seemingly impossible suspicion flashed through Li Jinyu’s mind, causing his heart to quicken for a moment.

Could this “Huo Caijin”… be Huo Caiyu in disguise?

Without any reason or evidence, Li Jinyu found himself inexplicably suspicious.

Even though the height didn’t match, given Huo Caiyu’s martial arts prowess, he shouldn’t have any difficulty with tricks like bone shrinking.

Fortunately, Li Jinyu never relied on appearances alone to identify Huo Caiyu.

He pushed open the window of the dragon carriage, focusing his inner energy in his eyes, and gazed at the “Huo Caijin” standing guard beside the carriage.

“Huo Caijin” appeared immaculate, without any faint purple lights surrounding him.

It seemed that he wasn’t Huo Caiyu.

Li Jinyu let out a breath of relief, unsure whether he felt reassured or disappointed, and quietly closed the window, feeling somewhat disgusted with himself.

Huo Caiyu was currently subduing the Jiao Kingdom, so why would he suddenly appear by his side?

Perhaps he was simply overthinking things.


Upon reaching the Imperial Mausoleum, Li Jinyu disembarked from the dragon carriage and gazed up at the tall and solemn tomb, feeling a slight sense of reverence in his heart.

Being a spiritual entity, he could sense the powerful Ziwei imperial aura permeating the mausoleum, remnants of the Emperors that had not yet dissipated after their deaths.

The rich purple light gathered and lingered, stretching towards the heavens, exerting a daunting presence over countless evil spirits.

If it weren’t for the Ziwei imperial aura he carried, he wouldn’t have been able to approach the mausoleum’s entrance, let alone stand upright.

Li Jinyu felt relieved that he had left the black cat at the palace and proceeded to enter the dignified and solemn Imperial Mausoleum.

Following ancestral traditions, Li Jinyu was required to spend the next three days inside the mausoleum, silently offering incense, adhering to a vegetarian diet, and cultivating his inner self.

For most Emperors accustomed to luxury, maintaining a vegetarian diet was quite uncomfortable, but for Li Jinyu, it brought him great joy.

Peanuts, melon seeds, and walnuts were all part of his vegetarian feast.

He even found pleasure in savoring plain rice and dry rations.

The only drawback was the mausoleum’s excessive tranquility, which left Li Jinyu feeling somewhat bored.

His beloved hamster wheel couldn’t be brought along, and both Dumpling and the black cat were left behind at the palace. Even the attending palace servants were not permitted to enter the imperial mausoleum.

Apart from him and the Imperial Guards, there were only a few elderly eunuchs responsible for safeguarding, sweeping, and maintaining the incense within the entire mausoleum.

Li Jinyu had little interest in these elderly eunuchs, but after spending a day in the mausoleum, he suddenly felt something was off.

He had an unshakable feeling that someone was surreptitiously observing him.

In places with a high number of deceased, it was normal for vengeful spirits or lingering souls to appear. However, this was the Imperial Mausoleum, suppressed by the Ziwei imperial aura of the past Emperors and perpetually engulfed in the fragrance of burning incense. There should be no room for any vengeful spirits to manifest.

With his eyes infused with spiritual power, Li Jinyu surveyed the surroundings, witnessing only the faint interweaving of the purple Ziwei imperial aura, devoid of any anomalies.

Nonetheless, the unmistakable sense of being watched persisted… Could it all be his imagination?

Doubtfully, Li Jinyu returned to his room, but just as he was about to enter, he abruptly turned back, catching a glimpse of a head poking out from the corner, unable to retreat in time.

This person wore a dark blue-black eunuch’s uniform, with deep wrinkles on his face. In his hand, he held a dry, yellow broom, and there was a sense of familiarity about him.

He was one of the elderly eunuchs entrusted with the task of sweeping the imperial mausoleum.

Upon being discovered by Li Jinyu, the old eunuch displayed a visible trace of panic in his eyes but promptly lowered his head and performed a respectful bow, adhering to the rules.

Li Jinyu furrowed his brow and gestured for him to rise first.

“Who are you?”

The old eunuch kept his head lowered and replied, “Your Majesty, this slave is named Zhong An, responsible for sweeping the imperial mausoleum.”

“Why were you secretly observing me?”

The old eunuch, still avoiding eye contact, spoke, “Your Majesty, please forgive this slave… This lowly slave hasn’t had the opportunity to see Your Majesty in the imperial mausoleum for quite some time and simply desired to witness the awe-inspiring presence of Your Majesty.”

Generally, there wouldn’t be anyone visiting the Imperial Mausoleum without a specific reason.

Although the eunuchs in the mausoleum held the title of “eunuch,” they were actually sent there as a place of exile for palace attendants who had committed mistakes.

Compared to the arduous work at the Laundry Bureau, being assigned to the Imperial Mausoleum was not physically demanding but rather lonely.

Li Jinyu knew that Zhong An’s words were mere flattery, the kind commonly spoken by ordinary palace attendants. He didn’t fully believe it— although the mausoleum was quiet, there were still other attendants present, as well as regular procurement activities. It was hard to imagine someone feeling so lonely that they would resort to spying on the Emperor…

However, it was odd that Li Jinyu didn’t sense any ill intent from the old eunuch.

He instructed Zhong An to raise his head, carefully observing him.

The old eunuch had deep wrinkles on his face, showing signs of fatigue. Li Jinyu hadn’t seen him before.

Filled with doubts and unable to find a reason, Li Jinyu furrowed his brow and gestured for Zhong An to step back for the time being.

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