I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 64

Chapter 64.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip.

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Li Jinyu furrowed his brow, trying to decipher the hidden meaning behind Zhong An’s words.

It appeared that Consort Dowager Zhong was indeed the one who had commanded Zhong An to perform the switcheroo with the Crown Prince.

Back in the day, Consort Dowager Zhong had violated the rules by sleeping in the Jiaolan Palace without permission, resulting in the Emperor stripping her of her title. It seemed likely that Consort Dowager Zhong knew she would struggle to regain her status and wanted to secure a future for her child.

Afterward, Li Jinyu delved into the records of Consort Dowager Zhong’s prince’s birth and discovered that it had occurred after she had been deposed.

It seemed that, in the flush of her pregnancy, she had acted impulsively and arrogantly.

Around the same time, the current Empress Dowager also gave birth to a prince, which ignited Consort Dowager Zhong’s scheming mind.

Every detail fell into place, and in an instant, Li Jinyu understood why the Empress Dowager had always treated her with indifference.

It was likely that the Empress Dowager, at a later time and from some undisclosed source, discovered this truth. However, she had to bear it silently, knowing that her health was frail, and she had only one child, Emperor Jingchang, who would find it challenging to become the Crown Prince if it was revealed that he was not her biological son.

How could the Empress Dowager ever compare to the supreme authority of the palace?

The Empress Dowager must have harbored a deep grudge, clenching her teeth, as her own biological child and Consort Dowager Zhong were both confined to the cold palace. Perhaps she even directed some of her anger towards Emperor Jingchang.

Thus, everything became clear.

Having organized these facts, Li Jinyu’s heart felt slightly burdened.

Despite their hamster-like bond being quite indifferent, it was still distressing to contemplate the tragic fate of Emperor Jingchang and the prematurely deceased prince.

One who was separated from their birth mother shortly after birth and passed away before even reaching the tender age of three.

Growing up as the Crown Prince, but abandoned by his mother and falling victim to a treacherous plot, he succumbed to self-destructive behaviors.

It remained uncertain whether Emperor Jingchang’s self-destructive tendencies arose from the realization that he was not the Empress Dowager’s biological son…

Li Jinyu lowered his gaze, observing the aging eunuch who had orchestrated the switch between the two princes. He hoped to detect a flicker of unease on his face, but all he could discern beyond the maze of wrinkles was a sense of numbness and isolation.

After years spent tending to the Imperial Mausoleum, the eunuch’s hands had grown calloused, and his speech had become less eloquent.

Finally, Li Jinyu let out a deep sigh, waving her hand to dismiss Zhong An for the time being.

As the initial shock of this revelation slowly faded, Li Jinyu glanced sideways at the silently contemplative Huo Caijin.

The novel had mentioned the strong bond between the Huo siblings, always standing united in significant matters.

Such a monumental secret as the falsehood of the Emperor’s identity would surely have been shared between them, right?

Even if Huo Caiyu didn’t possess the same suspicions, she must have become aware by now!

Seizing the throne, grasping power, they would be able to seize whatever they desired… No, they could even bestow upon him the title of Empress!

Huo Caijin caught the look in Li Jinyu’s eyes, giving a slight nod. The voice concealed behind her eerie mask carried a tinge of menace, “This official shall take care of him.”

Li Jinyu: “…Wait, who are you planning to take care?”

“Isn’t Your Majesty ordering this official to silence Zhong An?”

Li Jinyu: “…”

After Huo Caijin’s sudden trip to the southwest, why had she become so ruthless all of a sudden?!

Concerned that Huo Caijin truly intended to eliminate Zhong An, Li Jinyu swiftly clarified, “Zhen didn’t mean that… Zhong An has spent over a decade in the Imperial Mausoleum without revealing any secrets. There’s no need to uproot him deliberately.”

Huo Caijin tilted her head, deep in thought for a moment, before nodding in agreement, “Your Majesty is wise.”

Li Jinyu let out a breath of relief as he witnessed her surrender, unable to resist scratching his ear.

Why was Huo Caijin so much like her younger brother, always struggling to grasp his words?

He couldn’t explicitly state his anticipation for Huo Caiyu to seize his position…

Huo Caijin, lost in contemplation, suddenly offered him reassurance, “Your Majesty, there is no need for concern. As the sole heir of the Late Emperor, there is no one who would dare spread any rumors.”

What difference would it make even if people knew that the current Emperor was not Empress Dowager’s biological child?

Both Consort Dowager Zhong and the young prince from that time were no longer in this world. No other person could claim this throne.

Li Jinyu felt even more disheartened upon hearing this reassurance.

He coughed, subtly hinting, “General Huo, as the Great Di imperial bloodline has diminished, it is not necessarily required for the successor to be of the Late Emperor’s lineage.”

This statement would surely shock the imperial relatives. It was the most obvious implication Li Jinyu could think of.

Fortunately, only Huo Caijin was present in the room, who not only was Huo Caiyu’s sister but also trustworthy enough to keep the secret.

Upon hearing Li Jinyu’s words, Huo Caijin initially froze, but then her entire demeanor softened significantly.

Using her hoarse voice that lacked its original tone, she asked, “Does Your Majesty truly believe that?”


Even though concealed behind a ghost-faced mask, Li Jinyu still sensed Huo Caijin’s unwavering gaze upon him.

After a moment, Huo Caijin softly chuckled and remarked, “Your Majesty’s broad perspective, unconstrained by family ties is truly impressive.”

Li Jinyu calmly accepted the praise, eagerly watching Huo Caijin’s next move.

Since you’re impressed, why don’t you quickly return and persuade your brother to seize the throne!

As if their hearts were connected, Huo Caijin unexpectedly raised a question, “Your Majesty, there is something this official is unsure whether to discuss or not.”

“Go ahead and speak.”

“Although this official rarely venture outside, sbe has heard rumors about Your Majesty and the Regent Prince toppling corrupt officials.” Huo Caijin lifted her head, her hoarse voice tinged with confusion, “While this official is confident in her abilities as a woman, she also understands that Your Majesty granted her the opportunity to pacify the southwest out of respect for the Regent Prince.”

Li Jinyu didn’t grasp the meaning behind Huo Caijin’s words.

After some circumlocution, Huo Caijin finally posed her own question, “This official has always been curious… why does Your Majesty confide in the Regent Prince so deeply?”

Even in the past, when His Majesty granted Prime Minister Ye significant authority, it was merely a hands-off approach, neither hindering his power nor actively facilitating it.

Yet, when it comes to Huo Caiyu, His Majesty exhibited unwavering trust, granting him power, soldiers, and funds with almost no reservations.

Without pausing to think, Li Jinyu blurted out, “Of course, it’s because Zhen believes Huo Caiyu possesses the ability to govern the world!”

Huo Caijin’s expression slightly faltered, and her aura suddenly diminished. “Is that all?”

Initially planning to retort with “What else?”, Li Jinyu’s words abruptly halted at the tip of his tongue.

If this were the early days of his arrival or even six months ago, he could have readily answered, “Yes! That’s all!”

However, when asked this question now, he couldn’t confidently assert it as he used to.

His trust in Huo Caiyu seemed to extend beyond what was based on the novel. There appeared to be something more.

Initially, he thought this additional element would be fleeting, like cinnabar dissipating in a pond. But with Huo Caiyu’s late-night confession and their intimate conversations on the New Year’s Eve, it grew increasingly intense, staining the once pristine pond with a deep blush.

At this point, the only thing remaining for Huo Caiyu’s ascension to the throne was to rid himself of the obsession with breaking free from his human form.

Sometimes, Li Jinyu even thought that if he could freely transform back into his hamster self, their current state with Huo Caiyu wouldn’t be bad.

After a while, Li Jinyu snapped back to reality from his tangled thoughts. He lowered his head and murmured with a hint of confusion, “Zhen doesn’t know either.”

Even disregarding the issue of human form, Huo Caiyu’s desires toward him clearly surpassed the bounds of their present relationship as sovereign and subject.

They could never revert to the previous level of understanding and harmony.

If their relationship were to progress any further… it would mean waiting for Huo Caiyu’s ascension to the throne and himself being crowned as the Empress.

A slight blush crept upon Li Jinyu’s ears.


The period of fasting came to an end, and preparations were underway for the imperial entourage’s return to the capital city.

Huo Caijin seemed somewhat worried about Li Jinyu’s state of mind. She constantly found casual excuses to be by his side, engaging in miscellaneous conversations.

Li Jinyu himself felt alrigh. On one hand, he couldn’t fully immerse himself in the role of Emperor Jingchang, making it difficult to empathize profoundly with his experiences. On the other hand, the matter didn’t really have any significant impact on the current situation.

The Empress Dowager knew about it, Emperor Jingchang knew about it—had it not been like this for so many years?

Sitting inside the dragon carriage, Li Jinyu looked through the window at the scenery outside.

Winter was coming to an end, and the scent of early spring was gradually approaching.

Along the road from the capital city to Mount Tianqi, reed flowers, the national flowers of the Di Dynasty, were planted on both sides.

Reed flowers were originally just roadside weeds, but when planted so neatly, they surprisingly created a slightly different and pleasing sight.

Since Li Jinyu’s transmigration, he had been confined within the palace. It was already late spring when he proposed the new tax policy and secretly ventured out, missing the blooming of the reed flowers. Only now did he have the opportunity to marvel at the sight of the vast expanse of reed flowers in full bloom.


Engrossed in his admiration, without warning, a figure appeared before the carriage window and swiftly closed it.

Li Jinyu was taken aback, and he could already hear Huo Caijin’s grave voice in his ears, “Your Majesty, be cautious. There’s an assassin!”


Subsequently, a series of clinking and clattering noises of metal and iron combat emanated from outside.

Li Jinyu snapped back to his senses, and a wave of confusion instantly washed over him. Who would dare to assassinate him?

Assassinating the Emperor was an utmost act of treason, requiring a strong motive. It was unlikely for an ordinary person to commit such a deed!

If he were to perish at this moment, who would seize the throne?

The first notion that crossed Li Jinyu’s mind was: Could it be Huo Caiyu?

However, almost instantly, he instinctively rejected this possibility.

There were countless ways for Huo Caiyu to seize power. Wouldn’t it be more effective to force him to write an abdication decree during their journey back to the capital? Planning an assassination with hired assassins along the way…

Subconsciously, Li Jinyu didn’t believe that Huo Caiyu had any intention of ending his life.

It hadn’t been long since Huo Caiyu confessed his feelings. Could he harbor such intense resentment and desire to kill him already?

Who else could it be besides Huo Caiyu?

Li Jinyu couldn’t help but worry about the situation outside.

When the Emperor visited the Imperial Mausoleum for worship, he would be accompanied by the Imperial Guards. However, their protective range extended far beyond, making it unlikely for an ordinary assassin to approach the dragon carriage.

Having reached this point, it could either be a massive army attacking or a highly skilled and solitary assassin.

Li Jinyu recalled from the novel that while Huo Caijin displayed great expertise in military strategies and formations, her personal martial arts skills were only passable.

Concern started to fill Li Jinyu’s mind regarding Huo Caijin’s well-being.

If anything were to happen to Huo Caijin here, it was evident how deeply Huo Caiyu would be affected.

With that thought, Li Jinyu discreetly opened the window, allowing a narrow slit.

Should Huo Caijin be in danger, he could still employ his spiritual powers to come to her aid.

Through the narrow opening, Li Jinyu’s eyes widened at the scene of Huo Caijin wielding a long blade, swiftly decapitating one of the assailants dressed in black.

Oh, was Huo Caijin truly this fierce?

No wonder the rebellion in the southwestern region was swiftly quelled by Huo Caijin!

Li Jinyu patted his chest, making an effort to shake off the vivid image of the bloodshed just moments ago.

Lost in his thoughts, Huo Caijin effortlessly dealt with the final black-clad assassin, walking toward the dragon carriage. Her voice husky, she informed, “Your Majesty, all the assassins have been apprehended.”

Li Jinyu regained his focus, asking, “Hmm, General Huo… Are you unharmed?”

“This official is unharmed. However, Your Majesty must return to the capital swiftly,” Huo Caijin mounted her horse, her voice strained with urgency, “There may be upheaval in the capital.”

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