I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 65

Chapter 65.1 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip.

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Li Jinyu instinctively took a step back and closed the window with a quick motion.

The arrow remained lodged in the wall, its tail trembling slightly, causing the window to shake.

Li Jinyu stood there in a daze, his heart instantly enveloped in surprise.

This green-clad army… were they not affiliated with Huo Caiyu?

He had complete disbelief that Huo Caiyu would attempt to harm him.

If they were not associated with Huo Caiyu… could they be the ones planning a rebellion?

Who were the individuals stationed at the entrance, fighting against the green-clad soldiers and protecting the palace?

Li Jinyu felt a sudden overload in his mind, struggling to keep up.

Currently, besides him and the black cat in the Emperor’s chamber, there were only a few serving eunuchs and palace maids. Li Jinyu wasn’t too worried about his safety. After all, he was a demon with powers, not a mortal. He wouldn’t easily be killed by ordinary humans.

However, if the palace were to be breached, these eunuchs and palace maids would inevitably face harm.

Li Jinyu considered it for a moment and decided to proceed with caution. “Chief Kang, have someone block the doors of the hall.”

At this moment, everyone was concerned about their own lives. Several palace attendants swiftly piled up cabinets and tables in front of the hall doors.

Seeing the doors piled high with objects, Chief Kang felt a bit more at ease and mustered the courage to ask, “Your Majesty, what should we do now?”

Li Jinyu thought for a moment. “Let’s wait.”


“Wait for loyal subjects to come and rescue us.”

Chief Kang thought for a moment, realizing there didn’t seem to be any other options, which dampened his spirits. However, he quickly regained his enthusiasm. “This slave will go prepare tea for Your Majesty.”

After dismissing the palace attendants and giving them tasks to occupy them, Li Jinyu turned to the black cat and said, “Chonky, can you gather information outside for me?”

The black cat lazily raised its head, slightly annoyed. “Why me?”

“I need to stay here, otherwise, it would be difficult to explain,” Li Jinyu explained, then playfully poked the black cat’s buttocks with a jade chopstick. “Look at how chubby you’ve become.”

The black cat stood up, glaring at him with clenched teeth. “Do you want to die right now?”

“Help me go outside and see what’s happening, if anyone is coming to rescue us,” Li Jinyu ignored the black cat’s threat and quietly instructed, “Especially find out Huo Caiyu’s intentions.”

The black cat rolled its eyes. “Isn’t he currently at the border?”

Li Jinyu hesitated for a moment but stuck to his opinion. “I still believe he’s in the capital city.”

Although his two observations of the masked Huo Caijin didn’t provide concrete evidence, it only proved that Huo Caijin herself wasn’t the issue and couldn’t prove that Huo Caiyu wasn’t in the capital city.

The black cat looked at him silently for a while, reluctantly stood up, and shook its head. “Fine. I’ll go take a look.”

It had been half a year since the black cat had been transformed back to its original form by Huo Caiyu’s sword. The black cat had managed to regain some magical power, making it easy to evade the ordinary people fighting outside.

A somber atmosphere enveloped the palace grounds. The familiar figures of palace maids, court ladies, eunuchs, and guards who used to move about the court were now absent, their whereabouts unknown—whether they had taken refuge in fear or been imprisoned by the rebellious faction.

The black cat showed particular concern for Concubine Lan’s palace and observed that only the green-clad army patrolled the residence of the imperial consorts, with no visible signs of conflict.

Concubine Lan had always been kind to cats, so if those rebels intended to harm the imperial concubine, the black cat wouldn’t mind using a bit of its magic.

However, it appeared that the green-clad army’s objective was solely the Emperor.

The cat gracefully bounded across the battleground, leaping along the glazed tiles of the palace hall. Its sharp gaze surveyed the bustling guards and green-clad soldiers below, discerning that the direction of the green-clad army seemed to originate from the west.

After a moment of contemplation, the black turned around and sprinted towards the west.

Taking advantage of its inconspicuous guise as an ordinary cat, the black cat descended with grace and cautiously approached the palace doors, perking up its ears to listen attentively.

“Has Your Majesty been apprehended?”

“There’s a fierce guard stationed at the entrance of the imperial chambers. Huo Caijin is causing a diversion outside, so they haven’t managed to break in yet.”

“Huo Caijin relies on cunning tactics. Don’t play along with her tricks. A direct attack will suffice.”


“Today, it’s crucial to capture His Majesty. Tomorrow, during the Reed Flowers Festival, the new Emperor will announce a general amnesty.”


The black cat narrowed its eyes.

Ever since it possessed Prime Minister Ye’s body, it had engaged in a prolonged power struggle with the commanding voice’s owner. They were familiar adversaries.

Grand Marshal Meng.

Was it General Meng leading this rebellion?

The black cat felt a profound sense of absurdity swirling within.

During the power struggle between the Prime Minister and the General, he desperately wished to enter the General’s residence and eliminate the general. However, he had to admit that General Meng was a true patriot, putting the interests of the royal family even before his own Meng family’s interests.

How could this loyal General suddenly betray?

And who is this “new Emperor” he mentioned?

Doubts filled the black cat’s mind one after another. Before it could make sense of them, it suddenly sensed a presence behind it and instinctively crouched, ready to attack.

When it finally saw the person clearly, the black cat’s face registered even more surprise.

It never expected this person to be involved in the rebellion as well.


Li Jinyu waited anxiously in the palace, but the black cat didn’t return. His initial anticipation gradually turned into worry.

Since returning to its original form, the black cat’s personality was no longer as profound as when it possessed Prime Minister Ye. It embraced its feline nature more tightly.

Laziness was one aspect of that nature.

Besides, this time the black cat was just going out to gather information.

Why had it not returned yet?

Could there still be people in the palace who could harm it?

Li Jinyu held Dumpling’s cage and watched Dumpling tirelessly stuffing melon seeds into its cheeks. Feeling impatient, he reached in and poked Dumpling. “You’re so focused on eating.”

Dumpling twitched its ears but ignored him.

Li Jinyu considered going out on his own to see what was happening, but he worried that Chief Kang and others might come and not find him, thinking something had happened to him.

Besides waiting, what else could he do?

After pondering for a while, Li Jinyu suddenly remembered something. He entered the bedchamber and found the imperial seal on the jade case he often used.

The imperial seal had been passed down through several dynasties, a precious jade artifact from ancient times. It had been handed down through generations and symbolized the legitimacy of the royal family.

During the days he had been away from the palace, visiting the Imperial Mausoleum for rituals, the imperial seal had been kept here.

Li Jinyu opened the box containing the imperial seal and inspected it, furrowing his brows slightly.

This imperial seal was a fake.

He didn’t understand jade appraisal, but a genuine imperial seal should carry the Ziwei imperial aura of legitimacy, similar to the Imperial Mausoleum. It might even have a faint golden radiance of auspiciousness, instilling awe in people.

However, this jade seal lacked that feeling. It was just an ordinary piece of jade.

He remembered that the imperial seal was genuine when he approved the memorials before leaving the capital.

Li Jinyu frowned and called Chief Kang over. “During my absence from the palace, has anyone visited?”

Chief Kang pondered for a moment and replied, “One of Consort Hui’s attendants came to report this year’s agricultural records, and one of Empress Dowager’s attendants came to deliver clothes to Your Majesty.”

“Clothes?” Li Jinyu asked.

“The attendant said the Empress Dowager was grateful for Your Majesty’s hard work during these days and personally sewed the robes to send them as a gift.”

Chief Kang handed over the outer robe sent by Empress Dowager, and Li Jinyu took it. The fabric was soft and clean, carrying a subtle scent of sandalwood. It truly seemed like it was sent from Empress Dowager’s palace.

However, this didn’t resolve Li Jinyu’s doubts.

Before he left the capital, he could accept the occasional reason for the Empress Dowager to take a break from her religious practices and make clothes for her son, the Emperor… but now he knew that Emperor Jingchang wasn’t Empress Dowager’s biological son.

Based on the Empress Dowager’s past attitude, it was evident that she had little maternal affection for Emperor Jingchang. How could she suddenly display kindness and send clothes?

The only question that remained was: Why did Empress Dowager take the imperial seal?

Could this rebellion be connected to Empress Dowager?

Li Jinyu’s suspicions deepened.

Before he could comprehend the reasons, shouts resounded from outside, “The Regent Prince has come to rescue His Majesty!”

Li Jinyu was momentarily taken aback, completely forgetting about the imperial seal. He quickly rushed to the window, gently opening it slightly to peer outside the palace.

Outside the sleeping quarters, a large group of soldiers dressed in traditional imperial guard uniforms flooded in from all directions, surrounding the green-clad soldiers attempting to breach the sleeping quarters.

The overwhelming force of the Imperial Guards quickly overwhelmed the green-uniformed soldiers, leaving them unable to put up a fight. In no time, they were defeated.

However, Li Jinyu’s focus had already shifted away from the battlefield situation.

His gaze fixed on a handsome man in the crowd, dressed in a royal blue robe with a python pattern. His heart couldn’t help but quicken its pace.

Between those familiar eyebrows, a sense of composure and calmness radiated. With a drawn sword in hand, he commanded the Imperial Guards around him, directing their attacks against the remaining green-uniformed soldiers, securing the area around the sleeping quarters.

Li Jinyu had never witnessed Huo Caiyu’s presence on the battlefield before.

Merely confronting the rebels, the imposing and resolute aura surrounding him made Li Jinyu reluctant to watch for too long.

Sensing Li Jinyu’s gaze, Huo Caiyu looked up and gazed in their direction.

Startled as if by a burn, Li Jinyu promptly closed the window with a “thud” and took a few steps back, feeling slightly breathless.

A few distant, anguished cries reached from outside.

Li Jinyu, lost in thought, made his way to the dragon throne in the main hall and settled down. He rested his cheek on one hand, his mind swirling with a jumble of thoughts.

Chief Kang, noticing his facial expression, cautiously inquired, “Has the Regent Prince come to Your Majesty’s rescue?”

Li Jinyu responded without much conviction, “Not necessarily.”

From the current scenario, it seemed that the guards stationed outside the sleeping quarters were under Huo Caiyu’s command.

Although the reason for Huo Caiyu’s absence from the border was unknown, the stance of those guards clearly showed their loyalty to the Regent Prince rather than the Emperor.

Considering this, perhaps the black cat’s analysis of Huo Caiyu seizing the opportunity had some truth…

Li Jinyu’s thoughts suddenly became active and engaged.

The moment he laid eyes on Huo Caiyu, all the worries and unrest he had suppressed in his heart simply vanished.

It was as if Huo Caiyu’s mere presence could resolve any problem, no matter how significant.

Irrespective of the rebels’ affiliation, Huo Caiyu’s intervention would undoubtedly enable him to regain control of the situation.

Li Jinyu felt that he could now start contemplating his plans for post-abdication.

Huo Caiyu’s covert actions, like those of a mantis seizing its prey, were unlikely to involve a game of hide-and-seek.

Li Jinyu scratched his ear and suddenly found himself hesitating.

Should he still proceed with the plan to fake his death and make his escape?

Before Huo Caiyu’s confession, there was no doubt or hesitation. However, it was evident that Huo Caiyu didn’t perceive him as an enemy. If he were to discover that Li Jinyu had “died,” it would undoubtedly cause him immense sorrow, wouldn’t it?

Memories of Huo Caiyu’s visible anguish and desolation before his departure to defend Beiyue Pass against Jiao Kingdom caused a slight pang in Li Jinyu’s heart.

He didn’t wish to witness Huo Caiyu’s distress.

Despite the black cat’s constant insistence that human emotions were ephemeral, Li Jinyu couldn’t help but instinctively believe that Huo Caiyu was not the same.

Even though he hadn’t yet decided whether he should respond to Huo Caiyu’s confession after his escape.


Suddenly, a knocking sound echoed from beyond the door.

Chief Kang trembled in fear.

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