I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 70 Part 2

Chapter 70.2 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip~

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Although neither Li Jinyu nor the black cat had ever ridden a horse or driven a carriage, being spiritual creatures, they could directly communicate with the horses. Sitting in the carriage, they could guide it to move forward.

The coachman had run away swiftly, leaving behind his belongings. Among those belongings were some silver coins, which happened to be advantageous for them.

When passing through towns and counties, the black cat would assume a human form and enter to buy food. It was pleasure-seeking and, given the chance, preferred indulging in feasting and merriment.

Li Jinyu had modest requirements when it came to satisfying his hunger. Having dry rations was already enough to bring him contentment.

As the black cat passed by a village and prepared to stop, Li Jinyu grew anxious and couldn’t help but urge, “Are you running so low on food?”

The black cat let out a dissatisfied grunt, “There are too few fish in these villages, I can’t find any to buy.”

“Why?” Li Jinyu was confused, “I remember there are rivers and lakes around here, right?”

Heading northeast from the capital city, they entered a vast plain, which was practically the largest “granary” region in the entire Di Dynasty.

The ability to cultivate such extensive farmland naturally meant there was an abundant water supply for irrigation.

With rivers and lakes came corresponding fishing and animal husbandry industries.

Surely they couldn’t be unable to find a single fish.

“It’s been said that there has been a drought since the beginning of spring this year, and there hasn’t been any rainfall yet,” the black cat furrowed its brow, feeling extremely displeased at the lack of dried fish. “The water levels in rivers and lakes have dropped, and there aren’t many fish left.”

Li Jinyu couldn’t help but be concerned about matters closely connected to the people’s daily lives.

He carefully reviewed the journey from the capital city until now and noticed that there were indeed few rivers and lakes along the way.

It appeared to be a rather dry year.

Although Li Jinyu had never personally engaged in farming, the palace had been transformed into a large agricultural base, and he had gained some knowledge about farming through exposure.

Spring rain was highly valued. Adequate water supply during the spring season played a vital role in ensuring successful agricultural activities for the year.

If rain didn’t fall continuously, farmers would have to laboriously fetch water from the rivers or lakes— and they would also face the risk of diminishing water levels.

Li Jinyu couldn’t help but worry, “Will this year’s harvest be affected?”

“I’ve never farmed before, so how would I know?”

While traveling, Li Jinyu leaned against the carriage window, trying to catch a glimpse of the scenery outside.

Observing the view, Li Jinyu felt a slight sense of relief.

The vast plain to the northeast of the capital had long been a reliable source of grain throughout different dynasties, equipped with a well-established system to manage potential risks.

Irrigation channels, water wheels, and reservoirs were already operational, and green sprouts could be seen in the fields along the roadside.

It seemed that agriculture wouldn’t face significant disruptions for the time being.

To make better time, they took a direct route—wild landscapes were surprisingly safer for the two spiritual creatures compared to many bustling towns.

While peering through the window, Li Jinyu inexplicably felt a familiar atmosphere in the surrounding scenery, as if he had encountered it before.

Hesitating, he turned back and asked, “Chonky, which jurisdiction are we currently in?”

The nonchalant black cat replied, “I think it’s around Qingshui Prefecture.”

It was indeed Qingshui Prefecture!

Li Jinyu immediately felt a surge of excitement.

Qingshui Prefecture was where he had last traveled with Huo Caiyu, and it was also one of the few places he had ventured alone.

In Qingshui Prefecture, he had first understood the meaning of responsibility and had willingly wanted to do something for the struggling people trying to survive on this land.

So, they had to pass through Qingshui Prefecture to reach the northeast?

Upon closer observation, the outside scenery seemed to be the same place where he had desperately fled while carrying Huo Caiyu, pursued and on the verge of death.

Recalling that event, Li Jinyu glared at the black cat and asked, “You were the one who sent the assassins to target Huo Caiyu, weren’t you?”

Remembering the image of Huo Caiyu covered in blood, lying in front of him, Li Jinyu felt a pang of heartbreak.

The black cat rolled its eyes and said, “So what?”

What about his pain? It was expensive to maintain dead soldiers!

It had been over a year since the incident, and Li Jinyu didn’t really want to argue with the black cat. He just felt a bit annoyed and said, “You’re not allowed to harm Huo Caiyu anymore.”

“Why don’t you tell him not to harm me?” The black cat got annoyed as they discussed it. “Who knows how long it will take for me to cultivate enough power to defeat him!”

Now Li Jinyu felt relieved.

His Huo Caiyu was the strongest!

Thinking back to the days when they traveled together, Li Jinyu suddenly felt an impulse and jumped down from the window. “I want to go somewhere.”

“Just pee in there on the window.”

“…I’m not going to pee!” Li Jinyu said with a puffed-up expression. “When I passed by a small village during my previous visit, the people there were really kind. I want to visit them again.”

The black cat looked at him with surprise and asked, “Aren’t you in a hurry to go to Mount Yuan?”

“Won’t it delay us for a while?”

“If you’re not in a hurry, it’s up to you. I’m just here to accompany you.”

Li Jinyu didn’t believe the black cat’s excuse at all. After saving the black cat for so long, their usual interactions were either indifference or harming each other. How could the black cat suddenly show affection like this? “You just want to hide from Chi Zhongming, don’t you?”

The black cat looked expressionlessly at the horse pulling the carriage. “Let’s go back to the capital.”



Using his memories from last year, Li Jinyu slowly searched and found the same small village in less than half a day.

Li Jinyu had been accumulating spiritual power during these days and now he entered the village with his ears and tail visible.

He wrapped a cloth around his head and concealed his tail in his clothes, so it shouldn’t be noticeable.

It had been a year, but the village looked almost the same as last year. It seemed to have more people now.

Li Jinyu still remembered Old Zhang’s house and eagerly ran inside. He immediately spotted the elderly man basking in the sun at the doorstep.

Over a year had passed, and Old Zhang appeared even thinner, but his complexion seemed much better than before.

Upon seeing Li Jinyu, Old Zhang rubbed his eyes, paused for a moment, and then stood up with a pleasant surprise. “Little Brother Li?”

“Long time no see,” Li Jinyu said joyfully. “I happened to pass by this area and thought of visiting to see how everyone is doing.”

He glanced up and noticed that the old and worn-out gate of Old Zhang’s house had been replaced with a new one. There were tall stacks of dried hay at the entrance, and some dried beans hung under the eaves. The atmosphere was filled with the aroma of cooking, a striking difference from the barrenness of the house a year ago.

“Thanks to your help with the tax official, Little Brother,” Old Zhang said cheerfully, rubbing his hands. “We had a good harvest this year, and we don’t have to pay as much tax…”

Before he could finish speaking, a rugged voice came from inside the house. “Father, do we have a guest?”

Li Jinyu was taken aback. He remembered that Old Zhang’s two sons were drafted into the army, right?

“Thanks to His Majesty, thanks to the Regent Prince… I heard that the court reevaluated the military and released all of the young men who were conscripted,” Old Zhang expressed his gratitude, and the wrinkles on his face relaxed significantly. “Finally, one of them returned, and now there’s someone to work on the land at home.”

“One of them returned?”

“My eldest son died in battle when he accompanied the General to the southwest,” Old Zhang’s face showed little sadness, only sighs and gratitude. “But it’s good to have one come back, it’s good to have one come back.”

Li Jinyu estimated the time he could maintain his human form and declined Old Zhang’s offer to stay and eat. He merely greeted the villagers he had known before.

The memory of Li Jinyu and Huo Caiyu helping them drive away the tax official was still vivid in their minds, and every person in the village was deeply grateful to him.

Amidst the lively conversations, Li Jinyu also learned that Lame Beggar had sent a message back later, suggesting that the eligible children in the village should go to school. He offered to help with contacting the academy and even provide financial support if needed.

Old Zhang was contemplating whether to send his grandson to the academy.

Mrs. Liu mentioned Lame Beggar and jokingly said, “That rascal has turned things around, even returning the money he stole from the chickens back then.”

Thinking of the scene when they competed with Lame Beggar for the chicken, Li Jinyu couldn’t help but smile.

Seeing everyone leading happy lives, he also felt a sense of joy.

However, he had come here with Huo Caiyu back then, and now he wanted to share this happiness with Huo Caiyu, but they were separated by such a great distance.

The villagers warmly invited Li Jinyu to their homes, and even after Li Jinyu politely declined, they eagerly wanted to give him something.

Li Jinyu had all he needed in the palace and didn’t want to burden them, so he graciously refused everything and accepted only a small grass rope bird made by the Old Zhang’s grandson. “This is enough.”

“Then next time, Little Brother, you should stay a bit longer,” Old Zhang expressed some regret. “This year, with the drought, we don’t have many springtime offerings for you, which are naturally grown. But it’s all right.”

As Li Jinyu prepared to leave, he casually remarked, “Don’t you have an irrigation canal?”

“The fields are fine, but the wild areas will become very dry,” Old Zhang looked up at the sky, sighed suddenly, and expressed some worry. “Let’s hope there won’t be a locust plague.”

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