I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 71 Part 2

Chapter 71.2 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip~

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Bearing the annoying “coo coo coo coo” noise, guided by the pigeons at the post station, Li Jinyu and the black cat located the red inkstone and unfolded the paper to prepare for writing the letter.

Originally, Li Jinyu planned to give Huo Caiyu a brief overview of the current situation and remind him to promptly implement measures for controlling the locusts… but as he held the pen and dipped it in ink, Li Jinyu hesitated.

He vanished without a trace after leaving just a few words. Would Huo Caiyu be concerned about him?

Huo Caiyu had a tendency to overthink things before. They had recently established their relationship, and now Li Jinyu disappeared. Even with his own reasons, would Huo Caiyu understand and accept it? Wouldn’t he think that Li Jinyu ran away because he didn’t like him?

The thought of Huo Caiyu potentially feeling disappointed and sad weighed heavily on Li Jinyu’s chest, making him feel choked up.

Huo Caiyu should always radiate brilliance. Even if he’s not the Emperor, he should captivate the attention of the entire world.

With these thoughts in mind, as Li Jinyu began to write, he involuntarily included some personal words.

The black cat lay nearby, observing as Li Jinyu finished discussing official matters and continued writing, showing a hint of curiosity with a quick glance.

Then the black cat rolled its eyes. “What kind of bitter words are you writing?”

Li Jinyu blushed. “That’s none of your business!”

The black cat shook itself and disdainfully let out a “pfft” sound.

One of the nearby pigeons gossiped with a series of “coo coo coo” sounds, “This seems like a love letter.”

“Is the mouse writing a letter to the female mouse in the capital?”

“A lonely cat still longing for its other half. What kind of extraordinary love is this? It moves this pigeon to tears.”

“The previous county magistrate seemed to have written such cheesy words for people in the capital using our services, tsk tsk.”

Li Jinyu: “…Who was the previous county magistrate?”

Misusing public resources for personal matters, pretending to serve the public while benefiting oneself!

The black cat circled around Li Jinyu’s letter, its thoughts wandering. Suddenly, it said, “I want to write as well.”

Li Jinyu looked at the black cat in surprise and asked without hesitation, “Are you writing to Chi Zhongming?”

The black cat, with a determined expression, said, “Why, can’t I?”

In Li Jinyu’s mind, the black cat and Chi Zhongming were already a pair, so there was no objection. “Go ahead and write.”

The black cat grabbed a fresh sheet of paper, took a pen, paused on the paper, and suddenly looked up, squinting slightly amidst the encirclement of pigeon heads and hamster heads.

Li Jinyu curiously stared at the paper and urged, “Write quickly.”

The pigeons on the side were also gossiping with a series of “coo coo coo” sounds.

“Is the cat also writing a love letter?”

“Isn’t Chi Zhongming recently made a Prince?”

“Aren’t princes male? Could this cat be female?”

“Wait, I just saw a bell on the cat. It should be male as well.”

“Oh dear, the morals of this world are deteriorating, and the hearts of cats are not as traditional as before.”

The black cat: “…”

It clenched its teeth, and the pen held in its cat’s paw left a few large characters on the paper. “Go away, jerk!”

Afterward, the black cat threw the pen aside and said, “It’s done.”

Li Jinyu’s lips twitched slightly.

He couldn’t grasp the peculiar taste between the black cat and Chi Zhongming.


In the capital city, the officials felt anxious when attending court sessions.

Lately, the Emperor suddenly fell ill, and the Regent Prince wore a displeased expression during court sessions. Meanwhile, the Prince, who was once carefree, started visiting the palace frequently…

Could it be a sign of impending change?

However, neither the Regent Prince nor the Prince of Mao privately asked them to take sides… The officials became even more cautious, fearing they might inadvertently offend someone during such times.

Unlike what the officials had imagined, Huo Caiyu and Chi Zhongming’s discussion in the palace didn’t involve any major political events. Instead, they were concerned about the whereabouts of a cat and a person.

Huo Caiyu furrowed his brow and asked, “Still no luck in finding them?”

“None,” Chi Zhongming scratched his head, looking a bit disheartened. “My little baby, where could you possibly be…”

“Have you searched all the major city gates in the capital?”

“I have. But my beloved possesses magical abilities, so tricking the guards shouldn’t be a problem.”

Hearing this, Huo Caiyu still held some skepticism. “Are you certain your cat can transform into a human… Could it be a result of blurry vision from being drunk?”

“Absolutely not!” Chi Zhongming asserted firmly. “My beloved and I have been deeply connected for a long time!”

Huo Caiyu looked at him doubtfully and asked, “Then, after you spent the night together, why did he disappear?”

“Who knew he could be so shy,” Chi Zhongming ruffled his hair, let out a sigh mixed with a hint of frustration. “He hid the ‘The Secret Techniques of Long Yang’ under the bed, and I thought it was his way of hinting at something…”

Huo Caiyu narrowed his eyes. “The Secret Techniques of Long Yang’?”

Before he could delve into deeper thoughts, a report came in unexpectedly. “Your Highness, the Regent Prince, there’s an urgent message.”

“Urgent?” Huo Caiyu’s expression grew slightly serious as he reached out to receive it. “Is it from the border?”

“It’s from Changxia County in Qingshui Prefecture.”

Huo Caiyu furrowed his brow, opened the letter, and after just one quick glance, his eyes widened abruptly.

The handwriting was unmistakable.

Li Jinyu’s handwriting was something he knew intimately, every stroke and every curve, even reflecting Li Jinyu’s emotions as he penned each word.

Based on the handwriting in this letter, it appeared that His Majesty’s mood was quite favorable.

The burden that Huo Caiyu had carried in his heart finally lifted.

His Majesty suddenly vanished after leaving only a few words. These past few days, Huo Caiyu had almost searched the entire capital in his quest.

His greatest fear was that His Majesty would face hardships and troubles without his knowledge.

The letter began with official matters, but as he reached the end, Huo Caiyu’s face softened further.

His Majesty actually wrote these things for him…

Imagining His Majesty’s hesitant and revised appearance on the paper, a blush on his face, Huo Caiyu couldn’t hold back a smile.

Chi Zhongming observed Huo Caiyu’s expression and asked with a hint of envy, “Sent by His Majesty?”


“What did he write?”

“Reminding me to be mindful of preventing locust disasters.”

Chi Zhongming saw the tenderness on Huo Caiyu’s face and mistakenly thought that His Majesty had written something romantic and affectionate. Little did he expect it to be something so… grounded?

Observing their bright expressions, especially the radiant Regent Prince… Chi Zhongming secretly muttered under his breath.

No one would believe it!

Huo Caiyu didn’t offer an explanation. He carefully folded the letter in his hand and handed another one to Chi Zhongming. “Yours.”

Chi Zhongming paused for a moment, a joyful expression appearing on his face. “Is this from Chonky for me?”

He always knew that his beloved Chonky cared about him!

Unfolding the letter, he saw a few large, crooked words. “Go to hell, you jerk!”

Chi Zhongming: “…”

Huo Caiyu stood nearby, observing everything with a quick glance. A slight smile tugged at the corner of his lips, feeling a sense of satisfaction within.

Indeed, His Majesty was exceptional.

Despite the amusement, he still had important matters to attend to.

Huo Caiyu didn’t hesitate and promptly issued the order to expedite the investigation and prevention of the locust plague.

The Emperor had complete trust in him, never imposing any restraints, and he reciprocated the same towards the Emperor.

Meanwhile, Chi Zhongming held the letter and analyzed it carefully. “This letter is from Chongxia County in Qingshui Prefecture… What might they be doing there?”

He had playfully teased Chonky in the past, causing Chonky to become embarrassed and hide away. However, Chonky would always end up enjoying good food and drinks at nearby restaurants, never straying far from the capital.

So why did they venture so far this time?

“His Majesty wouldn’t leave the capital without a compelling reason. There must be something unavoidable,” Huo Caiyu walked over and took a seat. “We don’t need to rush into analyzing the reasons. Let’s first consider where they might have gone.”

“Chongxia County is located on the outskirts of Qingshui Prefecture. If they departed from the capital and headed northeast… Where could they be going?”

Huo Caiyu lightly tapped his finger on the map. “We can start by gathering information in this area.”

Chi Zhongming took a quick glance and became curious. “Long’an County?”

Huo Caiyu nodded.

It was the place they had passed through during their time stranded in the wilderness, where they received much kindness from the local village.

He understood the Emperor’s nature well. If the Emperor passed through Qingshui Prefecture, he would surely visit that village to show gratitude to the kind-hearted villagers.

Chi Zhongming jumped up, eager and ready. “Then I’ll go.”

Huo Caiyu also stood up. “I’ll come too.”

“Aren’t you staying at the court?” Chi Zhongming was somewhat surprised. “Aren’t you afraid things might go wrong without anyone managing them?”

Huo Caiyu raised an eyebrow lightly. “Who can cause trouble now?”

He had eliminated all sources of instability within the court over the past year. There were no lingering worries.

Moreover, even if there were those with ill intentions, once he and the Emperor returned, everything would be back on track.

Chi Zhongming made a face. “Well then, let’s prepare and set off.”

Huo Caiyu returned to the palace, refilled Dumpling’s water, sat at his desk, took a pen, and a hint of thoughtfulness flickered in his brown eyes.

They shared an unspoken understanding between them.

But that question still remained in his mind.

Chi Zhongming’s black cat was a spiritual creature and had left the capital city with the Emperor.

So where was His Majesty?

In ancient times, Emperors would do anything and seek all means to attain immortality, even turning to ghosts and demons.

However, Huo Caiyu knew his beloved was not like that.

If he remembered correctly, when he first met the Emperor, the Emperor had been startled by a black cat and jumped into his arms.

Later, after defeating Prime Minister Ye, the Emperor unexpectedly adopted a small black cat.

Huo Caiyu’s gaze darkened slightly, and he lightly drew the character “Ye” on the paper with the tip of his sheep hair brush.

Chi Zhongming, Prime Minister Ye, the black cat.

His Majesty.

If the black cat was a spiritual creature, then it wouldn’t be surprising if it could transform into a human form—Chi Zhongming had initially resented him for killing Prime Minister Ye, but his anger turned to joy upon seeing the black cat brought back by the Emperor.

So, was the black cat actually Prime Minister Ye?

Huo Caiyu paused for a moment, and a scene suddenly flashed in his mind.

On the day they finally confirmed their relationship, he returned happily with breakfast, only to find His Majesty gone without a trace.

But on the soft dragon bed, there was someone else—a hamster named Dumpling.


Huo Caiyu narrowed his eyes again, stood up, and walked over to Dumpling’s cage, carefully observing.

Because he was searching for the Emperor, he hadn’t paid much attention to that hamster on that day and assumed it was Dumpling. But now, it seemed that the fur color of that hamster was slightly different from Dumpling’s?

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