I’m Also Waiting for the Male Protagonist to Usurp the Throne Today Chapter 72 Part 2

Chapter 72.2 Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip Chip~

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The Tianta Pagoda had been meticulously constructed during the previous dynasty, using the finest materials, skilled craftsmen, and a patient dedication of time. The hope was for this pagoda to endure and rise in glory for countless generations, just like the dynasty itself.

In the present, the Di Dynasty’s rule had solidified over the Central Plains for a hundred years, and the former dynasty’s fame had dissipated like a fleeting breeze. Only the silent Tianta Pagoda remained, standing here.

At the top of the pagoda, there was an open-air altar where the mountain wind howled. Even during midday, a strong chill could be felt, and frost adorned the layers of tiles.

Looking from afar, the spacious altar held only a few wooden tables that hadn’t completely weathered, along with a large square cauldron.

Due to its towering height, birds seldom ventured to such elevated positions on regular days. There was no food up there, so why waste their energy?

However, today, two birds had no choice but to vigorously beat their wings, struggling to fly upward, determined to carry the two pests on their backs.

Li Jinyu descended from the mountain sparrow’s back, landing on the icy ground, unable to suppress a shiver.

It was so cold.

He turned his head, about to express his gratitude to the mountain sparrow that had brought him up. However, to his surprise, the bird hastily flapped its wings and flew off without sparing him a single glance.

Li Jinyu: “…”

The black cat, being quite hefty, was carried by a bigger mountain sparrow. Despite this sparrow being stronger than the previous one, it flew at a much slower pace. Once they reached the top of the Tianta Pagoda, the sparrow promptly shook off the black cat, swiftly vanishing from sight.

Li Jinyu rubbed his paws together as he approached the black cat. “It’s so cold. How do we absorb the fortune?”

The the black cat exhaled and shivered. “You should go to the center of the altar first…”

In the middle of the altar stood a massive bronze square cauldron, adorned with a lid.

Li Jinyu leaned closer, curiosity driving him to lightly tap the large cauldron.


Suddenly, a tremendous metallic clang resonated throughout the pagoda’s peak, startling both demons.

The lid of the cauldron, previously coated in frost, unexpectedly rolled off, leaving behind white marks upon striking the ground.

Soon, a drowsy voice sounded, “Who is this little demon disturbing this Daoist Elder’s afternoon nap?”

Li Jinyu and the the black cat widened their eyes, observing a disheveled Daoist rising from the cauldron.

The Daoist’s robe was worn-out, appearing as if it could crumble at any moment. Despite claiming to be an “Daoist Elder,” his unexpectedly youthful face seemed to be around fifteen or sixteen years old, even younger than the the black cat’s human form.

Letting out a yawn and rubbing his eyes, the Daoist glanced briefly at the the black cat before fixing his gaze on Li Jinyu, furrowing his brow slightly. “You, little demon, how could you possess the Ziwei imperial aura?”

Just as Li Jinyu was about to respond, the Daoist waved his hand. “Don’t speak. Let this Daoist Elder figure it out.”

Counting with his left hand and then switching to his right, the Daoist murmured, “Something’s not right. It seems both of you are incarnations from another star, and your paths of destiny shouldn’t exist… Why do you possess the destiny of an Emperor?”

“Actually, I…”

“Could it be that you have usurped the current Emperor, seizing his national fortune?” The Daoist’s expression turned serious, his voice stern. “You dare to steal our country’s fortune. Face this Daoist Elder’s wrath!”

Startled, Li Jinyu prepared to evade, but the Daoist’s movements momentarily halted. He scratched his head, gazing at the sky. “Huh, has the Mang Dynasty already perished? What year is it now?”

“It is currently…”

“Don’t answer. Let this Daoist Elder figure it out!”

The black cat couldn’t stand it anymore and exclaimed, “You, annoying Daoist! He is the rightful Emperor of the current Di Dynasty! He came here to absorb the former dynasty’s national fortune. Move aside!”

Li Jinyu glanced at the black cat anxiously and asked in a hushed voice, “Is it really okay to say that?”

This Daoist appears to be someone from the previous dynasty. Would they not face consequences for attempting to absorb the former dynasty’s national fortune?

The black cat whispered back, “The Mang Dynasty is ancient history, so it’s not a problem.”

Li Jinyu: “…”

So, this Daoist actually slept through two dynasties?! And he’d been inside this cauldron all along? Wasn’t the Daoist awakened during the former dynasty’s celestial ceremony?

The Daoist, unperturbed by the black cat’s outburst, paused for a moment, scratched his head, and then pinched his fingers, suddenly realizing, “Oh… Heavens, this Daoist Elder has been asleep for so long…”

A Daoist who could live for such a long time was definitely not an ordinary figure.

Li Jinyu politely said, “Daoist Master, even though I may look like a demon, I am indeed the current Emperor of the country. I came to the Tianta Pagoda to absorb the former dynasty’s national fortune and counter the conspiracy of the Jiao Kingdom.”

“The Jiao Kingdom still exists?” The Daoist was surprised and remarked, “Is the current dynasty turning into a country of demons?”

“I have some unique circumstances.” Li Jinyu briefly explained his situation with Emperor Jingchang.

“I see.” The Daoist leaped out of the cauldron, looked at Li Jinyu, and scratched his chin thoughtfully. “Hmm, since you can push open the lid of this Daoist Elder’s cauldron, it seems we are destined to meet… This Daoist Master can lend you a hand.”

Li Jinyu instantly became delighted. “Does the Daoist Master really mean it?”

Neither he nor the the black cat were highly skilled, but seeing this Daoist survive through two dynasties, he must have ample experience and could surely be of help!

“There’s no need to thank me.” The Daoist waved his hand and suddenly reached out, lifting Li Jinyu and looking at him with a puzzled expression. “I feel like you carry the essence of this Daoist Elder… Did this Daoist Elder ever have a pet mouse?”

Li Jinyu resisted the temptation for a moment but couldn’t hold back and emphasized, “I am a hamster!”

The Daoist nonchalantly set him down and said, “Same thing, same thing. Since we have a connection, this Daoist Elder will calculate a divination for you.”

He stood up straight, looked up at the sky’s brilliant blue, and moved his fingers before freezing in place.

After a while, he suddenly lowered his hand, and a hint of surprise appeared on his youthful face. “Impressive, there are actually people so insanely reckless!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Is your current ruling dynasty called the Di Dynasty? Are they currently launching an attack on the Jiao Kingdom?”

Li Jinyu was puzzled but nodded, “Yes.”

In the last war report he heard, it was mentioned that Huo Caijin had already approached the Jiao Kingdom’s palace, and the downfall of the Jiao Kingdom was imminent.

“The current ruler of the Jiao Kingdom must be a mad gambler,” the Daoist marveled. “They actually want to directly clash with the Di Dynasty using their national fortune.”

Li Jinyu couldn’t make sense of it at all.

The Daoist patiently explained, “The Jiao Kingdom has inherited remnants of the ancient divine beast Jiao—though it’s just the remains. They have mastered various strange methods, including harnessing the power of national fortune. Your Di Dynasty’s national fortune has reached an unprecedented height, even encroaching upon the Jiao Kingdom. In response, the Jiao Kingdom is making a desperate gamble, using their national fortune as a last-ditch effort to gain a glimmer of hope.”

Li Jinyu still couldn’t grasp it, “What does that mean?”

“To put it simply…” The Daoist puzzledly scratched his head, unsure of how to explain, “As the Emperor of the Di Dynasty, you must be closely tied to the national fortune. Have you recently experienced sudden heart palpitations?”

Li Jinyu recalled and his expression turned serious, “Yes.”

After confirming his relationship with Huo Caiyu, he suddenly felt a violent heart palpitation, followed by transforming back into his original form.

“That’s it. At that time, the Jiao Kingdom activated a formation specifically targeting the Di Dynasty,” the Daoist explained, “The Jiao Kingdom must have employed some method to convert their national fortune into ‘arrows’ and propel them into the Central Plains. Then, using these ‘arrows’ as a center, they spread and eroded the fortune of the Central Plains.”

Although it lacked evidence, Li Jinyu quickly thought of the sudden appearance of locusts and the odd corpses of Jiao Kingdom people.

“Did the Jiao Kingdom cultivate a locust plague using their national fortune?” Li Jinyu murmured, “Is such a thing even possible?”

“A locust plague…” The Daoist raised an eyebrow, “That’s a clever strategy.”

Agriculture served as the foundation of prosperity or decline in the Central Plains. Throughout history, every dynasty had attached great importance to food production.

If the Jiao Kingdom really caused a locust plague in the heartland of the Central Plains, it could take the Di Dynasty two or three years to recover. The army that was currently attacking the Jiao Kingdom would have to retreat, offering them a small ray of hope.

“But this method of depleting national fortune is incredibly sly. Even if the Jiao Kingdom is defeated, our own national fortune will suffer greatly,” the Daoist added with sympathy, shaking his head and sighing, “If they didn’t choose this path, they might have preserved their fortune and made a comeback in the future. But now…”

Li Jinyu didn’t concern himself with the future of the Jiao Kingdom. Right now, he only worried about the food supply for the people in the coming year.

“Daoist Master, can you tell me how to overcome this?”

“Overcoming it is actually quite simple…” the Daoist pursed his lips, “As the Emperor, you are connected to the national fortune of the Di Dynasty. Just directly confront and collide with it.”

This method seemed too straightforward and violent, causing Li Jinyu some worry. “Will it harm the Di Dynasty?”

“To some extent, yes. It might cause some frontline casualties and reduced food production.”

“Those aspects are already quite significant.”

“If you’re hesitant to use the national fortune of the Di Dynasty…” the Daoist slapped his forehead, “Oh, right! Weren’t you here to absorb the national fortune of the previous dynasty? Use that instead.”

Li Jinyu was momentarily taken aback.

As a spirit, Li Jinyu hadn’t been in existence for long. He only took on human form thanks to the advantage bestowed upon him by Emperor Jingchang, but his time in that form was limited due to his insufficient spiritual power.

He had hoped that the remaining national fortune of the previous dynasty here could replenish his spiritual power to some extent—at least enough to maintain a normal relationship with Huo Caiyu, attend morning court sessions, and manage state affairs…

But if he used all of this national fortune to confront the Jiao Kingdom, did that mean he would have to remain in the form of a hamster indefinitely?

Did Huo Caiyu love him as the Emperor or as the hamster spirit?

Li Jinyu’s expression briefly darkened.

However, in just a blink of an eye, his determination resurfaced.

Could Huo Caiyu stand by his side as he had promised, even if he knew that Li Jinyu was a demon? Now that Li Jinyu was the Emperor of the Di Dynasty, entrusted with the entire empire by Emperor Jingchang, it was his responsibility to save the people.

“What should I do?”

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