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After returning to the country, Li Jinyu specifically instructed the Beiyue Army to carefully verify rewards and benefits, and issued a strict order, “Anyone who dares to embezzle military funds and benefits shall be executed without mercy!”

Meanwhile, Huo Caijin, who completely destroyed the Jiao Kingdom with his troops, received a personal enfeoffment from His Majesty.

“Grand Marshal?”

Huo Caijin was slightly taken aback, gazing at the half-gleaming tiger token, momentarily speechless.

The rank of Grand Marshal was the highest position a military officer of the Di Dynasty could achieve, holding half of the supreme military authority of Great Di. The half-piece tiger token symbolized this position.

Throughout the dynasties, there had never been a female Grand Marshal occupying this position.

Even though she believed her talents were not inferior to other commanders, she knew that women had almost no prospects in the official career.

Being granted the opportunity by His Majesty to lead troops into battle and display her abilities while seeking revenge for her father had already fulfilled her wishes entirely.

She never expected that there would be such a great surprise waiting for her upon her return to the capital.

Huo Caijin looked at the tiger token, remained silent for a moment, and without refusing, firmly reached out and accepted it, saying, “This official will definitely not disappoint Your Majesty’s trust.”

Li Jinyu happily said, “Zhen believes in General Huo.”

He believed that this woman, who could endure the cold winds of the grasslands for eight thousand miles on her campaign, could shoulder the weight of the entire nation’s defense.

After discussing the rewards, Li Jinyu and Huo Caijin talked about adoption.

Huo Caijin almost couldn’t believe her ears as she listened, “Your Majesty wants to adopt this official’s child as the Crown Prince?”

She instinctively glanced at Huo Caiyu, who was sitting beside Li Jinyu, feeling somewhat puzzled.

How did her younger brother get along with His Majesty to the extent that he willingly gave up the throne to someone else?

Or did His Majesty hope for her to marry into the royal family?

Huo Caijin tactfully responded, “Your Majesty, this official has no intention of marrying into the royal family.”

“General Huo, you can marry anyone you wish. Zhen simply wants to adopt your child.”

“This official has no plans to marry in the near future.”

“General Huo can marry whenever you like. Zhen is not in a hurry.”

Huo Caijin: “…”

His Majesty was truly determined.

Since the future was uncertain and there was no harm in it, Huo Caijin nodded in agreement, saying, “If this official has a child after marriage, she will then transfer the guardianship to the Regent Prince.”

It would be reasonable for siblings to adopt each other’s children, but it wouldn’t sound pleasant if it was mentioned that they were being adopted for His Majesty.

If, at that time, His Majesty and the Regent Prince still maintained their relationship, then the Regent Prince’s offspring would naturally be considered as His Majesty’s heirs.

If, by that time, His Majesty and the Regent Prince were no longer together, the throne would naturally belong to His Majesty’s biological child. This way, the promise wouldn’t become awkward, and it wouldn’t cause His Majesty to harbor any resentment towards her future child.

Li Jinyu didn’t catch the deeper meaning and happily applauded, “Then it is decided.”

Huo Caiyu, however, understood and found it somewhat amusing, but didn’t say much.

The future was still long.

Regardless of whom His Majesty chooses as the successor to the throne, he will have no objections and will assist His Majesty in educating the future wise ruler.

Both he and His Majesty were young, with a whole lifetime ahead to slowly develop this empire.


As time passed, the scorching heat of summer faded, and the desolate autumn arrived.

His Majesty’s birthday had arrived.

It was on His Majesty’s birthday last year that Huo Caiyu had made up his mind to confess his feelings to Li Jinyu. However, by a twist of fate, they ended up sharing a bed before the confession.

Now, looking back, the struggles and hesitations from that time had become memories, leaving only nostalgia and warmth.

Huo Caiyu had once asked Li Jinyu about his actual birthday.

After thinking for a moment, Li Jinyu replied, “Since Emperor Jingchang gave me his identity, his birthday becomes mine as well—besides, I don’t remember when exactly I was born. Perhaps it’s the same day as Emperor Jingchang’s.”

He didn’t even deny Emperor Jingchang’s deeds in the first half of his life. That was the only trace Emperor Jingchang left behind as himself, and Li Jinyu didn’t want to erase it.

Therefore, Huo Caiyu still celebrated His Majesty’s birthday on this day.

In these past few days, His Majesty had been secretive about something, and he even warned Huo Caiyu not to peek.

Although Huo Caiyu was curious, he forcefully suppressed his urge.

This was the first birthday after they confirmed their relationship, so naturally, he had to prepare with all his heart.

On the night of His Majesty’s birthday, the officials and imperial relatives gathered in the hall for a grand banquet.

Li Jinyu had now become accustomed to such occasions with many people and graciously accepted everyone’s birthday wishes before allowing them to freely enjoy the feast.

Most of the officials presented birthday gifts of precious jade peaches and pine trees, following a similar pattern, making them quite alike.

Only the Regent Prince had yet to present his gift.

Everyone’s gaze subtly shifted towards the Regent Prince.

Initially, many people had criticized His Majesty for dismissing the harem for the sake of the Regent Prince. However, the two influential figures paid no attention and openly stayed together, gradually extinguishing the criticisms.

Now, they couldn’t help but feel curious.

What would the Regent Prince present to His Majesty?

Huo Caiyu smiled faintly and had someone bring forth his gift.

The Regent Prince’s gift was large, nearly half the height of a person, and almost as wide as two tables.

Li Jinyu personally approached it, curiosity evident as he lifted the covering of exquisite golden silk, and then, he froze for a moment.

The officials craned their necks to see, their faces filled with confusion.

The Regent Prince had gifted… a gigantic cage?

The cage was filled with various small toys, such as running wheel, slide, swing, and a few spots filled with soft sand and wood shavings.

What was this?

Several officials who had been inside the palace suddenly remembered that His Majesty kept a small pet rodent, which seemed to live in a cage of this style.

The Regent Prince had presented His Majesty with a luxurious and enormous hamster cage?

The officials’ gazes towards the Regent Prince became rather strange.

Although the cage appeared exquisitely crafted and adorned with precious jade on every corner, it was still a hamster cage!

On His Majesty’s birthday, the Regent Prince actually gave a gift meant for a pet… Could they be witnessing the rupture of their relationship?

The Regent Prince fearlessly added in a gentle voice, “Your Majesty, this cage was personally crafted by this official, without any assistance. He hopes Your Majesty won’t find it displeasing.”

However, what they didn’t anticipate was that as their Emperor touched this unconventional gift, his expression gradually transformed into one of surprise, touched by joy and satisfaction.

The officials: “…”

Their Emperor truly saw the beauty in the Regent Prince’s gesture.

Li Jinyu, on the other hand, didn’t care about what the officials were thinking.

This hamster cage, so large and well-equipped, seemed more luxurious to him than the entire palace!

After all, about eighty percent of the palace held little significance to him, but this hamster cage…

Look at that running wheel!

Look at that sandy area!

Look at that slide!

He couldn’t help but wish to transform into his original form and jump in, enjoying it to his heart’s content!

However, in the presence of a large audience, Li Jinyu forced himself to endure, focusing only on the cage, neglecting even the arrival of Huo Caiyu, who came to hold his hand and take a seat.

Huo Caiyu looked at Li Jinyu’s absent-minded expression and almost burst into laughter.

After discovering His Majesty’s true nature, he found him increasingly adorable. Even his simple gestures could make him feel an irresistible itchiness in his heart.

As the banquet came to an end, Li Jinyu’s gaze followed the cage being carried away by the palace attendants, his face filled with reluctance.

Huo Caiyu, holding his hand, smiled and said, “This official has cleaned it in advance. Your Majesty may as well give it a try.”

Disappointedly, Li Jinyu shook his head unexpectedly and refused, “No hurry. First, let’s go somewhere.”

Huo Caiyu was somewhat surprised.

There was actually something that could make His Majesty resist the enjoyment of the hamster wheel?

Li Jinyu led Huo Caiyu to the stargazing platform in the palace.

This stargazing platform was built during the previous dynasty, known as the Mang Dynasty, to be used for divination by the imperial astrologers.

However, as time passed, mystical beliefs gradually faded from the public’s consciousness, and the stargazing platform fell into disuse. Only for significant events like the Emperor’s wedding would the Imperial Astrological Bureau come to perform divinations.

Huo Caiyu didn’t know why His Majesty brought him here, looking at the neatly arranged chairs and the lamps on the stargazing platform. He felt curious and asked, “Your Majesty?”

Li Jinyu pulled Huo Caiyu to sit down, dismissing all the palace attendants and softly coughed, “It’s nothing. Zhen just wanted to sit alone with you for a while.”

Huo Caiyu raised an eyebrow but didn’t ask further, simply taking a seat and joining His Majesty in drinking.

After a couple of drinks, Li Jinyu’s cheeks turned slightly rosy. He leaned closer to Huo Caiyu, his gaze carrying a hint of affection, looking up and gazing into Huo Caiyu’s eyes.

Huo Caiyu’s throat moved slightly, their voice a bit hoarse, “Your Majesty, shall we return to the palace?”

Li Jinyu shook their head.

Huo Caiyu thought Li Jinyu wanted to stay a while longer and was about to suppress his own impulses with inner strength. Unexpectedly, Li Jinyu suddenly threw himself onto Huo Caiyu, his face only an inch away.

They could both feel each other’s breath.

In such a state, resisting temptation was no longer an attribute of a man.

Huo Caiyu lowered his head and gently kissed His Majesty’s lips.

After lingering for a while, Huo Caiyu felt he could barely restrain himself and used his rationality to say, “Your Majesty, let’s return to the sleeping quarters.”

Li Jinyu, perhaps under the influence of alcohol, leaned in again and murmured, “Zhen has already dismissed everyone…”

Huo Caiyu’s breathing suddenly became rapid.


Amid their intimacy, Huo Caiyu happened to glance up and suddenly noticed a faint purple light emanating around the observatory.

He paused, surprised, and involuntarily halted his movements.

Li Jinyu held him tight, as if sensing his thoughts, and murmured indistinctly, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing…”

Huo Caiyu snapped out of his daze and looked down at His Majesty’s flushed face, giving a gentle smile before immersing himself in the moment again.

No matter what, he believed that His Majesty wouldn’t harm him.


As they reached the pinnacle together, Huo Caiyu suddenly felt a powerful light ascending from beneath them, almost connecting with the celestial stars!

No, it wasn’t just almost!

The starlight in the sky intensified, merging with the light emanating from the observatory, converging into a beam of light that pierced through the heavens!

In the midst of the radiant beam, Huo Caiyu instinctively held Li Jinyu tightly. The light quickly dissipated, and everything returned to normal as if their experience was merely an illusion.

Huo Caiyu hesitated, released his hold on Li Jinyu, and was surprised to see Li Jinyu’s face turn somewhat pale.

“Your Majesty?”

Li Jinyu coughed softly and waved his hand, saying, “Don’t worry, it’s fine. It’s just that Zhen’s spiritual energy has been depleted a bit.”

Huo Caiyu pursed his lips. “What has Your Majesty done?”

“It’s nothing,” Li Jinyu leaned against Huo Caiyu’s embrace and whispered, “Zhen just wanted to share life and death with you.”

So, following the guidance of that mysterious Daoist Elder, Li Jinyu invoked the heavens and earth as witnesses and sealed their bond with the stars and moon, sharing his lifespan with Huo Caiyu.

From that moment on, their lifespans were intertwined, either living together or dying together.

Until the stars and moon fall, and the heavens and earth crumble.

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