PCTG Chapter 100

Chapter 100

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On the wide and smooth Zhuque Street, Li Yuanlang waited on the side of the street for a long time. When the gate of the palace city opened, a carriage finally clicked out in the cold night.

He hurriedly put down the sedan chair’s curtain, straightened his clothes, got off the carriage, and soon the carriage that came out of the palace stopped in front of him.

With a smile on his face, Li Yuanlang stepped forward and raised his hand to bow: “Marquis.” 

The sedan chair’s curtain opened slightly revealing Sima Yu’s face that did not distinguish between joy and anger, he said lightly: “Lord Marquis had returned to the house with Zhong Shuling’s carriage first. ”

He glanced down at Li Yuanlang and said with his lips raised, “What might the Second Highness want to talk about?” 

Li Yuanlang’s heart palpitated by his eyes. Somehow, these days, he was more and more afraid of this little young master of the Sima family. He was a little more apprehensive than that old Marquis when he faced him.

Seeing that he was silent, Sima Yu glanced at him and said lightly: “Why is the Second Highness looking distracted now?” 

Seeing his cold and distant attitude, Li Yuanlang was anxious. Obviously some time ago, Marquis Sima’s attitude was quite warm, how come it’s like this these days.

Since the downfall of the Wang Chao Luan faction, Li Yuanxu has become nothing but a useless person. Over the years, excessive drinking has ruined his health, and he spends his days hiding indoors, seldom stepping outside the front or back doors. A few days ago, he went to see him and found that he had even soiled himself, behaving like a complete lunatic. The imperial physicians have examined him, but they all avoid discussing his condition openly. It’s clear to anyone with discerning eyes that he has hit rock bottom.

This made Li Yuanlang extremely shocked. Now, although the crown prince treated him with a little bit of brotherhood on the surface, how could he not know what’s on the inside. Most of the means of Wang Chaoluan back then were made by his hand, how could the crown prince not calculate the account on his head, this crown prince with a tiger smile. The more friendly he looks, the harder it is to know how many sinister deeds he had committed behind his back!

Thinking of Li Yuanxu’s dirty appearance, he was even more terrified in his heart, right now, he only had this opportunity to turn over!

He peeked at Sima Yu carefully, and said with a smile: “It’s just that I haven’t visited Marquis for a long time, I am resting tomorrow, so i thought of coming to the gate waiting to meet…I haven’t tasted Marquis Zhenbei’s tea for a while now. ”

Sima Yu smiled softly when he heard this: “My father has been in trouble in recent days, I am afraid that he will not be able to receive outsiders, so let’s do it another day.”

He said again: “It’s late at night, the Second Highness doesn’t have to wait in the middle of the night. Those who don’t know might think we of the Marquis Zhenbei don’t understand rules and customs, don’t you think so?” 

After speaking, he bowed his head slightly, no longer looking at him, only lowering the curtain. He gave an instruction, and the carriage started again before it gradually left.

Li Yuanlang stood in place for a long time, his eyes were gloomy when finally, he took a deep breath.

Heaven never bars one’s way, the Marquis Zhenbei won’t standby and watch the crown prince ascend the throne helplessly. Now their choice can only be between him and that ominous person.

As long as there is no other option, then that Sima father and son have no other choice but to help him ascend the throne!

His eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold light flashed.

The dark clouds did not pass the moon as the cool breeze rose.

The inn’s lamps and candles gradually went out, the moonlight filled the world, warmly gathering a layer of haze.

Ni Lie was gently shaken awake. His head paused, his eyes opened. His bloodshot eyes met a pair of gentle eyes.

The person in front of him actually smiled slightly: “Come up.”

Ni Lie’s Adam’s apple moved, his heart jumped, and he pinched his thigh. He found that he was not dreaming, frowned and glanced at him, perhaps it was because of that gentle and warm expression that he had no ability to resist, he slowly got up, lifted the futon, and climbed up on the bed.

The faint cold fragrance was a little stronger, which made Ni Lie feel a sense of peace, he couldn’t help but grab his waist and take him into his arms.

The person in front of him reached out his snow-white soft hand, touched his slightly rough and hard face, as if extremely attached to him, he raised his chin and pasted it to his lips. Ni Lie’s heart was sour and bitter, knowing that the other party regarded him as the eighteen-year-old boy, but he was not, because the next moment, he said softly: “Cao Gang said, you were a good emperor.” 

Ni Lie was startled and looked into his eyes, but in those dark pupils, he didn’t see anything. It just reflected some moonlight brightly while looking at him very intently.

He approached and said, “Thank you for tonight.”

For some reason, Ni Lie’s heart trembled. He was unsure why, but his heart trembled with a difficult-to-express uneasiness. He saw the person once again moving closer to his lips and gradually moving downward. Unable to bear it any longer, Ni Lie lifted his head, only to find the other person’s lips were slightly wet, looking at him with some confusion. Softly, he asked, “Don’t you want this?”

He didn’t wait for Ni Lie’s answer, only frowned, and soon kissed his Adam’s apple with that moist and soft lips, then proceeded to stand up and changed the way of pleasing him. He straddled him, and when Ni Lie realized his intentions, he was simply furious as he restrained Li Yuanmin’s waist.

But his teeth shook for a long time, and finally he whispered: “You should sleep.”

“No, I have something I want your help with.” In the night, Li Yuanmin’s eyes had a hint of pleading light.

Obviously they were such gentle words, but they made Ni Lie’s heart ache heavily, he closed his eyes: “You can say it directly… You don’t have to do that. ”

Li Yuanmin was stunned for a moment, he pursed his lips, got down from him, pulled the undercoat on the side, and slowly put them on. When he tied his belt, he leaned down, put his arms around Ni Lie’s neck, and brought his body close to him.

He stopped talking, and Ni Lie thought he was asleep again, but heard his voice come softly again.

He said, “Ah Ying… I didn’t raise her well, she’s like a wild boy, but in these years in Lingnan, everyone in the Guang’an Prince Mansion loved her, she should be happy. ”

Ni Lie could not understand the meaning of his words. Seeing that he could still make these careful thoughts, he was relieved at the moment: “Don’t worry, with me in the future, no one will be able to bully the head of King Guang’an Mansion.” 

Li Yuanmin, who got his promise, suddenly brightened his face: “Really? ”

“Really.” Ni Lie touched his face, his voice unconsciously softened, and he pressed his forehead against his forehead as usual: “Today’s events will not happen again in the future.” 

Li Yuanmin smiled, and Ni Lie’s heart moved. He felt that he had never seen such a gentle smile from him for a long time, and couldn’t help but lower his eyes and stare at him fixedly, Li Yuanmin raised his chin sensibly and offered his lips.

Such an active and gentle kiss made Ni Lie’s heart throb, his breathing was suddenly chaotic. He turned over and pressed him under him, imitating his appearance and kissing him awkwardly, he thought, how can someone be willing to bully him like this, how can someone be willing to bully him!

A hindsight of pain permeated the tip of his heart…

Soon, Ni Lie was pushed against the bed by the person in his chest.

This time, Li Yuanmin was very gentle, compared to all the previous things, such a feeling of warmth and affection made Ni Lie feel incomparably good. He can taste his soft soul, the warm fragrance temperature also ironed his cracked soul little by little.

Ni Lie was satisfied like never before.

He put his arm around the sweaty him and fell into a deep sleep.

It wasn’t known how long it took, Ni Lie, who was in a sweet dream, didn’t know why, his body trembled violently. There seemed to be some heavy object in his heart that hit it hard causing him to wake up all of a sudden, and before he had time to catch his breath, he found the empty space beside him.

The man was gone.

Ni Lie’s heart beat violently, he quickly rolled over and got out of bed, looking around, but there was not even a shadow of the person.

On the table, a yellowed paperweight was kept, glowing cold in the moonlight. Ni Lie stepped forward in a few steps, there was a few small words that had not yet dried out on the letter: “The corpse must be cremated, and the ashes will be scattered into the Cangjiang River, absolutely.”

He was already terrified in his heart, he immediately pushed open the door, and before he could call for someone to search, he saw a figure strolling leisurely on the high roof opposite.

Ni Lie’s head went blank all of a sudden, and without thinking, he suddenly stepped on the railing, rolled over on the roof, and ran towards him like a violent tiger.

The tiles were trampled apart and splashed in all directions, the panic that Ni Lie had never felt in his life grabbed his throat like an iron lock. He couldn’t even scream, and could only chase after him desperately.

Li Yuanmin turned around and saw a black shadow speeding towards him, his bloodless face was very calm as he turned and stumbled towards the cornice.

The fierce wind blew away his black hair, but he cared about nothing as he ran towards the highest point like a bird.

“No,” Ni Lie’s eyes were torn, and he let out a roar that was almost like a wild beast.

He watched as the man resolutely climbed up the cornice, and then jumped down without hesitation like a bird with open arms.

Ni Lie screamed violently, his strong body burst out as he threw himself at him, he only had time to grab the corner of his clothes, when he heard a tearing sound, his body fell down. Ni Lie pulled out his belt, and threw himself forward, the belt suddenly rolled up on the thin white wrist, and in an instant, Ni Lie was brought down by the huge momentum, and his body slid down.

He gritted his teeth and smashed his fist, actually punching a hole in the smooth eaves wall with his bare hands. The eagle claw-like palm tightly held on to the mouth of the hole, the sharp tile cut his hand, and blood spilled out, but finally stabilized the downward trend. He was oblivious to the pain, as he stared at the person on the other end of the belt who was bound and suspended in midair.

Li Yuanmin’s face was calm, looking at Ni Lie’s red eyes, but he reached out to the other hand that was entangled.

Ni Lie’s eyes were dripping blood, and he shouted in horror: “Don’t move!”

He stared so closely at his movements that he stopped breathing: “You think about him! Think about that kid! 

The debris fell one after another, smashing high on the ground into pieces, there was no time in his two lifetimes that Ni Lie was more terrified than this time.

Nevertheless, he saw him smile sadly: “No, he won’t come back. I’m so devastated, and yet he’s willing to leave… He will never come back again.”

He was in a daze as he grabbed the belt on his wrist again, and ripped it off little by little.

Ni Lie’s eyes were torn apart, and he roared, “Li Yuanmin! You dare to die! ”

His eyes were bloodshot like a beast.

“If you die! I will lead the armored horses into Lingnan and kill all the people under your jurisdiction! And your King Guang’an Mansion! I will kill them all! I’ll tell them! They’ve got everything they have today all because of you Li Yuanmin! It’s all because of you! ”

Li Yuanmin’s hand paused slightly, and he smiled miserably: “You won’t…”

“I definitely will!”

Ni Lie’s voice was as deep as Yama: “Li Yuanmin, you don’t know what it’s like for me to go crazy! You’ll never know what it’s like for me to go crazy! ”

He gritted his teeth, as if threatening, and also as if begging: “Don’t drive me crazy! ”

“Li Yuanmin… Don’t drive me crazy…”

The blood in his palm came down his arm little by little, soaking his sleeve, but the break was not as painful as the tear in his heart, he roared with all his strength: “Li Yuanmin! ”

The night breeze blew, Li Yuanmin’s black hair flew all over the sky as his body swayed in mid-air, like a bird with broken wings.

The inn lit up one after another, with a burst of frantic noises, Ni Ying also turned over the roof, she cried and ran over, hurriedly grabbed the cornice corner and crawled over, and leaned down. When she saw the shaky figure, she cried:

“Your Highness Gege! Don’t you want Ah Ying anymore? ”

She was helpless, she could only kneel there and kowtow hard, crying: “Please don’t leave Ah Ying behind! Don’t leave Ah Ying behind! ”

Li Yuanmin closed his eyes, large tears fell along the corners of his eyes.

Taking advantage of this gap, Ni Lie shouted and pulled the belt of his clothes up heavily. The slender figure rose up in the air to meet him, he put him into his embrace, Ni Lie rigidly hugged him. 

He seemed to be in a panic, two to three people also came on the roof, he hurriedly carried the person into the side room to the point of knocking over the screen. He put the person on the bed, and then tightly clasped him, his head drilled in, sniffing endlessly.

Cheeks, neck…

He sniffed recklessly and impatiently.

The author has something to say: You have to look at this clearly, don’t be confused!!!!!!

Can’t scold Li Yuanmin for being weak ha!

The author will scold you back!

Ciacia/N: Now i know why people like dogblood….i just remembered all of a sudden that i used to feed on dogblood everyday in middle school….damnit, unexpected memory unlocked!!!!

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