PCTG Chapter 101

Chapter 101

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From the moment he rescued him, Ni Lie didn’t go anywhere, he just hugged him tightly, his eyes were already full of red blood, he didn’t dare to close his eyes and just stared at Li Yuanmin like a fierce beast.

The sharp pain of his heart almost torn apart was still palpitating, the bone chilling fear seemed to be engraved in the root bone of Ni Lie making him unable to close his eyes for a moment.

From the moment he was rescued, the person in front of him closed his eyes and did not say anything, he didn’t even have any expression looking lifeless.

Ni Lie looked at his face that was like a dead man, and held his forehead to him in dissatisfaction, but the other party still closed his eyes and did not react.

The night was already deep, very deep.

Ni Lie found a thin iron chain that he found out of nowhere, and tied his wrist to his own.

He was a little relieved, put his arm around him, sniffed his aura, and then hugged him tightly.

In the second half of the night, Ni Lie woke up many times, layers of cold sweat appeared behind his back, making him frightened. He could only endlessly burrow his head into Li Yuanmin’s clothes, allowing the aura on his body to dispel the terrifying haze in his heart.

It was a night of chaos.

The sky gradually brightened, the east exposed marble white color of the dawn sky, the cold morning light penetrated through the window frame. Everything in the house was covered with an ambiguous halo.

Ni Lie was once again awakened by a nightmare, he suddenly opened his eyes, his head was covered in sweat. He was about to lean over to sniff just to see the thin eyelids of the person in front of him moving restlessly.

Ni Lie rubbed his chapped lips against his lips, but the other party didn’t respond. A burst of grievance came from nowhere in Ni Lie’s heart, he leaned over and buried his face in Li Yuanmin’s neck recklessly.

When he was pressing close to his snow flesh, he felt a slight tremor in his body. His heart shivered, and he hurriedly raised his head to observe him carefully, seeing that he was clutching the futon tightly, even his breathing was slightly rapid.

Ni Lie was stunned: “Do you want to urinate? ”

The other party did not speak, but the reddened eyelids trembled.

Without saying a word, Ni Lie picked him up and leaned over to bring him a night pot from under the bed.

However, the person in front of him did not move, only standing there powerlessly. Ni Lie suddenly realized something, his throat was sour, he didn’t know what kind of satisfying emotion suddenly broke his heart.

He swallowed the emotion with difficulty, picked him up horizontally, making the iron chains between the two clack. He took him to the toilet on the side. Took off his underpants for him, and then helped him to sit on the bucket.

Li Yuanmin lowered his head, his black hair was scattered, his thin shoulder blades looked particularly thin, he sat there so helplessly. Ni Lie sighed while half squatting down. He pressed the back of his head, and took him into his arms, he didn’t know what he could do, he only clumsily and gently stroked Li Yuanmin’s black hair.

For a long time, a burst of pattering sound finally came. At that moment, Ni Lie felt that the head between his neck drilled in even closer, for a long time, a hot current instantly soaked the skin between his neck. The man did not make any sound, only buried in his hot neck, silently crying.

For the first time, Ni Lie was so powerless that he could only hug him tightly.

He suddenly remembered the details that he had never paid attention to in the days of his captivity, he had never used the toilet in front of him, obviously the two had done such an intimate thing. But he always refused to let him see it easily. Ni Lie loved to mess with him, he was forced to be anxious, all he could do was only to cry tremblingly, the roots of his ears were red with shame.

Now, he was obviously doing something extremely ordinary, but he was sitting there so fragilely, hiding in his arms and crying silently, like a lonely beast.

A piece of Ni Lie’s heart was almost crumpled.

When he carried him back to the collapse, Ni Lie’s heart was filled with an unprecedented soreness, he was hot and restless all over, which made him force himself to do something to relieve it. So he raised his arms and looked at Li Yuanmin from top to bottom. The morning light came in from outside, and Ni Lie saw his beautiful eyes washed with water, there were still tears in the corners of his eyes, hanging there crystal clear, he leaned down and pasted himself to his smooth white forehead.

“Don’t be afraid…”

Ni Lie said, and then kissed him lovingly, just like he was the most precious treasure.

For a long long time, Li Yuanmin’s face finally moved, he struggled with trepidation, his pale lips twitching: “No…”

However, the next moment, he could only look ahead pitifully and confused.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t gone through such times, but for some reason he didn’t push him away, he wondered why he hadn’t pushed him away.

But before he could find the answer, Li Yuanmin breathed a few times rapidly, like a child who had suffered great grievances before he finally cried. He cried breathlessly, cried so much that his chest was suffocated even the black hair on his cheeks was soaked.

He grabbed his shoulders and allowed himself to cry like he was crazy like this.

The horizon burned red, filling the whole sky a golden color, and soon, the red sun broke through the obstacles with an unstoppable momentum, tearing apart all the darkness between heaven and earth.

The earth was completely lit up.

Cao Gang took advantage of the night to quietly enter the inn on the west side of the street. He stepped into a room, where someone was already waiting, the tall and strong man turned around, and Cao Gang saw his tightly bandaged left palm, and some dark blood stains came out of the palm.

This extraordinarily talented man was so valiant, how could there be a time when he was injured. Cao Gang was anxious, and hurriedly stepped forward a few steps: “Daren, you…”

“It’s nothing,” Ni Lie waved his hand and changed the subject, “There is something you must do now.” 

Seeing that he looked cautious, Cao Gang hurriedly approached and was whispered a few words.

Cao Gang’s face was shocked: “Sima Yu?!”

Ni Lie nodded, remembering the meaningless inquiring gaze at the banquet, his eyes were deep, “I am worried, you must implement this matter as soon as possible, if it is as I guessed, then we have to plan well.”

Cao Gang’s expression was grim, he hurriedly bowed solemnly.

He looked at Ni Lie’s expression again, and said cautiously: “Daren, when will you return to the station?” 

Ni Lie said, “No hurry. ”

He glanced at Cao Gang, “If there is something important, let me know with a smoke signal, I will go myself.” 

Cao Gang looked at him. In the end, he didn’t say anything, so he solemnly took his leave. 

After Cao Gang left, Ni Lie walked into a room. There were already servants there to set up things for bathing, when they were ready. Ni Lie waved for them to retreat. He took off his clothes effortlessly, entered the inner room bare upper body, after a while, he took out a naked jade man from inside, strode into the steaming tub, and pulled a bath towel to scrub up for the person in his arms.

Now he became more and more skilled, but it took more time because of the injury in his left palm. With two incense burning time, he got up, hurriedly wiped himself clean, and then went to pick up the person in the tub.

In the past two days, Li Yuanmin has not seen anyone, except for Ni Lie.

The outside was treacherous, but inside the inn was like a quiet island.

Ni Lie carefully put him into the futon, Li Yuanmin lowered his eyes, and saw his slightly wet bandages, his eyes flashed before it closed again.

Ni Lie lifted the futon without thinking about it, swooped in, and took him into his arms.

After some unknown time had passed, Ni Lie was almost drifting off to sleep. The person in his arms moved and sat up. Ni Lie instantly became wide awake. He saw the person getting off the bed, and Ni Lie hurriedly followed. He noticed the person rifling through some items inside an intricately carved cabinet, with black hair cascading down and barefoot. After a while, the person’s hand held some white cloth and golden healing medicine.

Ni Lie obviously understood his intentions, his heart was really ecstatic. He couldn’t wait for the other party to speak, and immediately handed over his injured left palm. Li Yuanmin was slightly stunned, but he also raised his hand and removed the cloth strip that was wet with water.

Ni Lie’s wound recovered very quickly, after two days of effort, a thick scab had formed, Li Yuanmin glanced at him, Ni Lie hurriedly said: “It still hurts, I need some medicine.”

He touched his nose and stared at him hotly.

Li Yuanmin lowered his eyes, as if he had heard him, he sprinkled medicinal powder on his wounds, and pulled a clean white cloth to bandage him carefully. Ni Lie looked at his focused and serious appearance, his heart bumped one after another, somehow, there was some sweet hot current in his throat, he couldn’t help but get a little closer to him, letting the cold fragrance on his body close to him.

The candle flame was extinguished, and Ni Lie carried him to bed.

Li Yuanmin laid on his side with his back to him, Ni Lie leaned over hotly, the wing of his nose arched on his outer ear: “It doesn’t hurt anymore.” 

Seeing that he didn’t react, Ni Lie got up in an embarrassed manner. He looked at his back for a long time, and finally turned his hands and feet in front of him. As he got into the futon, he clamped his feet with his calves, and stuffed his hands into his hot chest along the way.

Only then did he satisfactorily clasp his waist, but said as if he had let the other party take advantage: “You sleep so well like this.” 

Li Yuanmin sighed almost inaudibly.

In the silent night, with a meow, on the heavy futon, a kitty jumped up from the ground.

It has been cleaned. After eating a full meal in the past two days, it was obviously much louder, it stepped on the futon, found a place it liked, and rolled itself into a ball. 

Ni Lie didn’t like this cat. He took advantage of the night to support his feet and gently kicked, the cat screamed, jumped and bounced away. Li Yuanmin sighed helplessly. Ni Lie was a little weak-hearted, and the tip of his tongue pressed against the wall of the top cavity, “… I didn’t pay much attention. ”

It wasn’t known if Li Yuanmin saw through his clumsy lie, but he didn’t speak again, only pulled out his hand and patted his side, the cat tiptoed over quite spiritually, and got up next to Li Yuanmin.

Ni Lie was a little unhappy in his heart, he was thinking about finding some way to drive this little beast away, but he heard Li Yuanmin with a somewhat hoarse voice.

“Tomorrow, you should go back.”

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