PCTG Chapter 107

Chapter 107

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It was rainy in late spring, it was clear that the day was still sunny and good, but at night, it began to rain lightly outside. The window edges were wet, along with the raising damp air and dim lights.

The curtain hung quietly, hiding the whispers of the room.

Leaning sideways with his elbows, Ni Lie leaned in. He looked down at the person beside him as he curled his index finger, and gently caressed his snow-white cheek with the back of his finger.

“And then? What about your promise? ”

Li Yuanmin’s breathing was slightly sluggish, he didn’t look. Ni Lie lowered his head, put his arm around his waist that he didn’t hold, and put his forehead against his: “Didn’t you agree? To remind me of these eight years, jiaojiao, tell me. ”

Li Yuanmin’s eyelashes trembled slightly, looking at his sharp eyes, there was nothing that made him uncomfortable, only a piece of warm water.

Li Yuanmin scratched the corner of the quilt and felt that his throat was a little dry: “That time… He went to a banquet with local officials in Lingnan, and when he returned, he pestered me obsessively… wanting to….”

He couldn’t say any more.

With just a few words, Ni Lie guessed a few points. He laughed lowly, his eyebrows relaxed with a little unexplained jealousy. He said in a dumb voice: “One of those rooms opened his eyes, right?”

Li Yuanmin did not answer directly, only buried his face in his chest: “Don’t ask.”

Looking at his blood-like ear, Ni Lie couldn’t help but lower his head and gently pressed it between his teeth.

Li Yuanmin’s neck shrank slightly, the black hair and flowing water generally spread to the back of the neck. The cold fragrance was dewy, the original snow-white ear was already red and could not be redder. Ni Lie’s heart was both like and love.

“How did I obtain you?” He sniffed him lovingly, “How can I obtain such a jiaojiao?” 

Li Yuanmin shook his head helplessly, only burying his face deeply.

Love surged madly in Ni Lie heart, he rolled over and pressed him under him, slowly, covering his rough palm on his lower abdomen, Li Yuanmin trembled, looking at him with some horror.

Ni Lie didn’t move, only lowered his head, and the hot breath pounced on his face, “Don’t be afraid.” 

Li Yuanmin’s forehead sweated slightly, his breathing turned a few times, but he slowly relaxed. When Ni Lie saw this, the pity in his eyes grew, he kissed him soothingly, and his palm was on the warm and delicate snow skin again, “Don’t be afraid.”

Li Yuanmin took a deep breath, and finally slowly calmed down. He raised his eyes to look at the person at the top, saw the infinite love in his eyes, such a man who had experienced the world, should not show such youthful pure eyes, partial to only him. This made Li Yuanmin’s nose sour for no reason, he looked at him for a long time, before he finally stretched out his hand, to hug nis neck and raised his soft lips.

They kissed gently, little by little, their lips sticking together, even their breath intertwined.

Ni Lie’s hand has been caressing his child across his belly, after a long time, Li Yuanmin’s trembling has gradually faded.

Ni Lie got up, looked at him warmly, and then continued to kiss him.

When he realized his intentions, Li Yuanmin’s already peaceful heartbeat rose again. He pressed his hands on Ni Lie’s shoulders.

Ni Lie’s warm palm pressed his refusing hand, and his voice was ironed in a low voice: “Don’t be afraid.”

Li Yuanmin’s action of pushing him away froze again, he pursed his wounded lips and wanted to cry.

Ni Lie really pitied him in his heart, he didn’t know how to love him. He kissed him, and could only coax him again and again: “Don’t be afraid.”

Ni Lie, slowly and pampering, as if treating his most precious thing, kissed him little by little to dispel his unease.

Li Yuanmin inhaled heavily, tears filled his eyes, but the crazy clamor in his heart gradually dissipated. His heart suddenly became very peaceful, as if curled up in a quiet and warm water.

The rough and warm palm continued to soothe him. The kiss without any lust was so soft, and Li Yuanmin’s tense body gradually calmed down.

It didn’t seem like a big deal.

Together with this thought, he gradually became confused, feeling his belly tickling his stubble. He thought, his stubble is growing too fast, he had to complain a few words, but he did not open his mouth in the end.

When Ni Lie got up, the person on the bed had already slept. His breathing was calm, and there was a tear hanging from the corner of his eye.

Ni Lie couldn’t help but lean over and stretch out his tongue to lick and absorb the teardrop.

He looked at his sleeping face for a long time, when there was a sound of the watchman’s clatter ringing in his ears for a while then he quietly left the inn.

Two days later, the sky changed in Bei’an Inner Court.

The bedridden Emperor Mingde who had been ill for many days, was unprecedentedly furious. He supported the sick body to personally write the edict to depose the crown prince.

This change came by surprise, and before the right prime minister Zhao Gou and several ministers personally entered the palace to persuade, the Imperial Army had already clamorously surrounded the East Palace, and put the crown prince under house arrest.

In the early morning of the third day, a large number of officials knelt in front of Emperor Mingde’s palace. The voices of exhortation and weeping began one after another.

However, these did not shake Emperor Mingde’s determination.

In the afternoon, an urgent edict even shook everyone at all levels and revealed the removal of the crown prince Li Yuanqian from the royal family. On the same day, the crown prince’s biological mother Zhao Shufei committed suicide by hanging from a beam.

However, the first person to save concubine Zhao Shufei said that her lips were purple, and her expression was that of anger. Which was definitely not like a suicide by hanging but before the imperial doctor arrived, Zhao Shufei’s body was already burned by the angry Emperor Mingde on the spot on the grounds that she had damaged the palace’s auspicious and peaceful atmosphere and increased the emperor’s karma by committing suicide

For a time being, the capital was in full swing.

The wind and rain were shaking outside, but the library of Marquis Zhenbei Mansion was calm and peaceful. In the elegant and quaint study, bursts of green smoke wafted from the incense burner, gradually disappearing into nothingness, leaving a faint fragrance lingering around.

Li Yuanmin was wearing a moon-white scribe’s robe. He did not have his hair coiled, but tied it with a wooden hairpin. It made him look more elegant. He lowered his eyes, quite interested in flipping through the Tiger Chanting Sutra in his hand. Sima Yu sat on his side, he also had a book in his hand, but his attention was not on the book, he just observed the person beside him with afterlight. After a long time, a smile appeared on his lips.

Li Yuanmin seemed to have sensed something as he raised his head, and met his gentle gaze. He was stunned but gave him a smile.

Everything was just like his past life.

Sima Yu’s heart moved, just as he was about to speak, the servant came in to add tea. When he saw today’s guest, his pupils shrank, and he couldn’t move his eyes.

Sima Yu raised his eyes to look at him, slightly displeased. The servant was clever, hurriedly hung his head, frowned and held his breath to serve tea for the two.

After the servant left, Sima Yu closed the book, and looked at Li Yuanmin. He saw that he was still focused on flipping through it, and said with a smile: “You have read this book no less than five times.”

When Li Yuanmin heard this, he smiled: “This unique book is rare, and it is indeed worth reading again.”

Sima Yu’s eyes moved, and he said, “If you like it, then I will give it to you.”

Li Yuanmin was flattered: “How could this be?”

Sima Yu smiled, his eyes gentle, “How could it not be.” 

His voice lowered: “A Min, in the previous life, I didn’t understand many things, and now…an insignificant book, what does it amount to?”

He stopped talking, and duly stayed in an ambiguity of wanting to say and rest.

Sima Yu always had such skills, when he looked at people, he was always gentle. He never made people feel uncomfortable.

Li Yuanmin lowered his eyes, put the book away, and a faint smile appeared on his lips: “Then I will have to trouble you for this.”

He placed it properly, and seemingly opened his mouth casually: “What is going on with the crown prince?” 

The smile on Sima Yu’s face gradually retracted.

Li Yuanmin snorted, having quite a sensitive look: “I overstepped it.” ”

“Overstepped what.” Sima Yu said immediately, “We don’t have to have this between us. ”

He threw the scroll in his hand on the table, an imperceptible sneer appeared on his lips: “There is a secret room in Concubine Zhao’s palace. Ten boxes of letters have been found, and the object of communication is a man who has intersected in her lady’s chamber… Du Yan, deputy governor of the patrol battalion. During the last 20 years of his patrol career he had been embezzling.”

He lowered his eyes and hid the light in his eyes: “His Majesty is furious… It is related to the impurity of the crown prince’s life. ”

Li Yuanmin generally heard of this matter but he did not know the inside story of this at all. He no longer continued to ask, only looked outside, and changed the topic: “It’s late, I have to go back.”

Before he got up, he thought of something, “I want you to help me keep one of the crown prince’s subordinates, after all, eight years of hard work, I don’t want to waste it.”

Sima Yu already knew that he would bring up this matter, and seeing him so frank, his heart calmed down, and he smiled gently: “There is no harm in saying what’s in your mind.”

After a moment’s effort, the light and shadow at the door dimmed and a tall and muscular figure walked in.

Ni Lie bowed respectfully: “Your Highness.”

Li Yuanmin raised his hand to signal, Ni Lie’s eyes turned sharply as his gaze moved on Sima Yu’s slightly stiff face, as if he hadn’t noticed the other party’s different color, he only respectfully said: “Greeting to young marquis.”

Even though he had been mentally prepared, Sima Yu’s complexion inevitably darkened a little, thinking of the humiliation of the previous life. He couldn’t wait to order someone to take him down on the spot to receive a thousand cuts to solve the hatred in his heart.

But he couldn’t, big changes were imminent, the waves were treacherous. There was the crown prince’s party inside, and the Wala and Tartar army outside were about to move south. In such a dire situation, with the soldiers and horses under the command of Marquis Zhenbei Mansion, it would be impossible to stabilize this situation.

This node of his rebirth was too hasty, if he could have Li Yuanmin’s eight years, how could he have a chance for this ferocious beast to survive, but the truth was that he could not act rashly now.

Those who do great things are not to bother about trifles. This brutal slaughterer in the previous life, removing his renegade nature, will also make him a sharp weapon that cuts the heavens and the earth, it’s better for himself to use him first.

As long as the world is set… The days ahead are still long.

Perhaps because he was missing the terrifying scar on his face, or the kind of deference expression earlier that could never appear in the Red Tiger King’s face, Sima Yu quickly calmed down with a gentle smile on his face.

“So it turns out to be the general of two rivers and three provinces, I have been looking to meeting you for a long time!”

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