PCTG Chapter 106

Chapter 106

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Li Yuanmin’s body gradually tensed, his ten fingers rubbed into the roots of Ni Lie’s hair, wanting to push him away. But reason was deeply obvious that at this moment, he should not push him away, he needed a partner, a companion who knew that he was using a deformed body to conceive an heir.

And the powerful man in front of him was obviously the most suitable candidate.

He glanced down, the man was kissing his slightly convex lower abdomen, a creepy feeling rose from his tailbones. It made his toes tighten that he almost screamed. He immediately bit his lip, desperately telling himself to hold back, he held his breath. A mixture of shame, helplessness, and self-loathing engulfed him.

He finally controlled himself and indulged Ni Lie in dragging him into the suffocating mud. 

When Ni Lie blocked Li Yuanmin’s lips again, he was caught off guard when he tasted a trace of blood.

He suddenly stood up and found that Li Yuanmin was sweating. The black hair on his sideburns was wet, and his lips were dripping with blood, like a beautiful fairy.

However, Li Yuanmin seemed like he wasn’t aware, seeing that Ni Lie let go of his lower abdomen, as if he was relieved, he pulled his lips at him and showed a smile: “Alright, you should go back.”

He pulled the futon a little higher to cover his lower abdomen.

With such a move, he found that he had bitten his lips. He rubbed it with the back of his hand, and saw the blood stains on it. His body slugged slightly as he stretched out his tongue to lick the blood beads on his lips.

Then slowly lying down, he curled up and hid himself in the futon.

Ni Lie’s eyes were deep, after looking at him for a long time, he lifted his futon, went in, and took him in his arms.

“I’ll go when you’re asleep.”

Li Yuanmin smiled when he heard this. He submissively approached him a little, and quickly closed his eyes.

The lamp was like a bean, swaying slightly, making everything in the room densely hazy.

In the silence, Ni Lie suddenly said without beginning or end: “Don’t be afraid.” 

It wasn’t known how many times he had spoken these words to him. 

Li Yuanmin listened, shrunk into his arms, and after a long time, he spoke: “Can you promise me one thing.”

Such an abnormality made Ni Lie’s eyes suddenly narrow. He keenly felt that this must not be an easy thing, his Adam’s apple moved, “You say it first.” 

“No,” Li Yuanmin stubbornly said, “you must agree to this matter.”

Seeing that Ni Lie did not answer him for a long time, Li Yuanmin propped up his upper body and softly kissed his thin lips: “You promise me, okay?”

The tip of his nose rubbed his, and his voice softened: “I will only ask you for this matter.”

He was delicate on the outside, but he had always been strong on the inside. He had never been a coquettish person, and he rarely used such a weak tone.

So how could Ni Lie not be willingly captured by him, he sighed faintly: “Alright.” 

Li Yuanmin breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, he laid down, hugged Ni Lie’s thin waist, and brought his body closer: “I found a peasant woman, and the child in her belly was the same size… as the child in mine. Her husband died in the army, being a peasant woman, her ability to live is fragile. So she shouldn’t be able to raise this child. I have sent someone to give her a sum of silver, when she gives birth, I will order someone to smuggle her child into the palace. ”

Being as agile as Ni Lie, his muscles immediately tightened, and he suddenly interrupted him: “I don’t agree.” 

Li Yuanmin was anxious, he propped up his upper body and looked at Ni Lie pleadingly, “You listen to me first.”

He swallowed his saliva: “She promised to conceive after me, for the sake of safety, I will find a few more suitable ones during this period of time to ensure absolute safety.”

Ni Lie’s gaze gradually became cold, and he looked at him expressionlessly as he seriously said these seemingly meticulous and thoughtful arrangements.

“Of course, we may not need them, if I give birth to normal children, I will raise them… It’ll be easy, it’s not like I haven’t raised many children back in Lingnan. ”

“If I give birth to… A child like me…”

Ni Lie said coldly, “What then?” 

Li Yuanmin licked his lips, there was a fresh wound there, it hurt when touched. But Li Yuanmin deliberately licked it with the tip of his tongue pathologically, as if enjoying the pain.

“There is a type of medicine, it takes effect pretty quick after consuming.” He seemed to be afraid of Ni Lie’s objection, “Don’t worry, he won’t be in pain, like he is asleep, and he won’t be half uncomfortable, I searched for a long time to find it.”

Ni Lie’s back shivered, thinking that maybe he personally was coveting these medicines, his heart beat violently: “What are you looking for it for? You’re perfectly fine so what are you looking for this thing for?! I don’t agree! You’re really killing me with this!”

Ni Lie’s chest heaved heavily, he suddenly got up and looked at Li Yuanmin with red eyes: “Who found it? He Yan? Or Zhang Long! Say it! I will go twist their necks!”

Li Yuanmin smiled miserably:

“You don’t understand, you..don’t understand. ”

He gripped Ni Lie tightly, trying his best to make him understand his pain: “With such a body, I alone is enough.”

It was a pity that he lived two lifetimes to understand that something was predestined.

What he gained in this life was too little compared to those painful endurings, and even the few things left were so easy to lose. He had to do his best to exchange for the life of ordinary people, the fatigue was soaked in the marrow.

Since he was a child, he had been stained in the mud of disgust, despise, and hatred. After growing up into this appearance, he had lived under the prying eyes of filth and decay for many years. He had hardly lived any normal days that he had almost become abnormal.

If they fail, such a deformed child will not be better off than him, he will be just that. In the end, he will end up brought up under different gazes. It’s too cruel to impose such a hopeless and dirty life on an innocent baby.

Even if there was only a possibility, he would definitely cut it off.

Then let all end with him.

Ni Lie looked at him for a long time, and slowly hugged him into his arms: “I won’t agree.”

Li Yuanmin was furious, his eyes turned red: “You promised me!” 

“I regret it.” Ni Lie replied despicably, but said gently: “I am a real villain in front of you, but I don’t care about such a thing.”

Li Yuanmin closed his eyes weakly.

A dull pain filled Ni Lie’s heart, this was the first time he realized the “abnormality” of the person in front of him. His hatred of his body had become instinctive.

Such hatred was domesticated little by little by the world around him, their gazes, their prying eyes enveloping his will, and even he himself hated such a body.

The outliers in the world will always be eliminated from the public’s ranks and gazed at arbitrarily. And Li Yuanmin, who had been fighting for so many years, was obviously at the end of the crossbow.

He was gradually unable to correct himself.

Ni Lie saw the pain that he had nowhere to hide, the bones on his body were unprecedented, he suddenly picked up his hand, bit it fiercely, and said in a deep voice: “Jiaojiao, don’t be changed by people.” 

Looking at the deep tooth marks and the bruises that spread over them, he took another bite fiercely, as if to awaken a dying soul with pain, “Don’t let anyone change you at all!”

His sharp eyes burst with unprecedented light, and he said word by word: “It is they who should make changes, not you Li Yuanmin.” 

Li Yuanmin was in so much pain from his biting that tears welled up, but Ni Lie pressed against his forehead and held him like a fierce tiger, “What kind of world you want, make it yourself!” 

“I’ll help you!” Ni Lie looked at him hotly, “I will help you in this life.”

“Li Yuanmin!”

“Don’t be afraid!”

The author has something to say: the next chapter may have to explore each other’s bodies deeply, let me think about how to write it.

This is a very important change in the mentality of His Highness.

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