PCTG Chapter 49

Chapter 49

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Xue Zaixing threw him on the soft bed, ripped off his footwear and socks without much effort before he immediately pounced on him. When he was about to block those pink lips he had been thinking about for a long time, he didn’t expect the other party to be more anxious than him. Li Yuanmin suddenly got up to pull his clothes.

Although he knew that the other party perhaps had this intention for a long time, he didn’t expect him to be more eager than himself. Xue Zaixing was simply overjoyed. Thinking that the fragrant flesh that he had been longing for a long time could finally be swallowed by himself, he could not bear it any longer. He immediately took off his belt, and was about to get up to remove his robe, but was held down.

The person under his body seemingly realized something and he hurriedly got up.

“Daren!” He grabbed his hand and gasped: “It’s not good, Daren!”

How could Xue Zaixing stop, he easily removed the robe on his body, revealing his strong and tanned upper body. He dragged Li Yuanmin’s ankles and pressed his body under himself.

Since the first time he saw him, he had already kept thinking about him! How can there be such a stunning, clever beauty who used such charming means in this world? This simply made people unable to stop themselves and to go to great lengths to be able to taste him!

He grabbed his resisting hand and pressed it on the top of his head. His breathing was hot, and he viciously said, “What is not good? Your Highness is really ruthless. Don’t you see the thing three inches below my navel begging for Your Highness to urgently save it?”

Li Yuanmin struggled out a foot, before kicking his leg hard. Xue Zaixing’s desire was so chaotically mad that he was caught off guard and he almost overturned and collapsed. His heartbeat pounded, then he stabilized his body, and immediately turned his head. His face was gloomy. He ignored the anger on the other’s face, but the person on the other side kicked his leg against him with hatred.

“Originally I thought that Daren sincerely liked Ben Wang, but I didn’t expect your morals to be the same as the hot-tempered lecher outside!”

These words brought a little grievance, and a little bit of coquettishness. Xue Zaixing’s body went half soft when he heard this. Seeing the person in front of him disheveled, he looked at himself with shame and resentment. How could he be angry? He swallowed his saliva, suppressed the heat wave at the bottom of his heart, and held one of his jade feet in the palm of his hand. Holding it, his eyes shone radiantly: “If I am not sincere, why would I bother to put in good words about Your Highness to the Eldest Prince!” 

He moved closer, sniffed in the fragrance, before gasping coarsely, “Your Highness has to reward my kindness properly.”

Li Yuanmin pulled out his foot and placed it against his chest, biting his lip, lifting his phoenix eyes to look at him: “What you said about being sincere, is it true?”

“How can it not be true!” Xue Zaixing’s eyes were hot. Usually he had an elegant and noble appearance, which could only be viewed from a distance and could not be blasphemed; where could he see this kind of delicate and charming appearance. He was only too eager to immediately swallow him whole.

“I am really sincere about liking Your Highness. The sun and moon can reflect my sincerity!”

“Good, then let me ask you something, you have to answer me honestly.” Li Yuanmin withdrew the foot that was against his chest and also put away that seductive look.

“Ask away Your Highness, I will answer it honestly!” He squeezed the snow-white foot in his hand hard.

Li Yuanmin glanced at him and pulled his foot out. He bit his lip, as if it was difficult to open his mouth, but he still said it in one breath: “Did you know that Ben Wang’s intersex body could be impreganted?”


 Xue Zaixing was surprised. He already knew about the intersex body, but this pregnancy… He swallowed, and for no reason, a secret excitement rose from the bottom of his heart, making it even more unbearable.

He wrapped his arms around his waist, clasped it tightly, and stared at him with a twinkle in his eye: “Really? ”

“Humph!” Li Yuanmin snorted, “You’re only mindlessly caring about doing it but completely unconcerned of things afterwards! Let Ben Wang ask you, what should I say in front of Royal Father if I conceive your child?” 

One word awakened the dreamer, Xue Zaixing immediately sobered up. This remark greatly reminded him of the situation of the person in front of him in the palace – he couldn’t be any clearer. Although this Royal Highness in front of him wasn’t favored, he still has the royal family’s prestige!

HIs eyeballs rolled and he giggled, “I was in a rush this time, I will let my mansion’s doctor prepare the contraception medicine now, so Your Highness can be completely without fear!”  

Before he finished speaking, his cheek was slapped heavily. The person in front of him seemed to be angry until his eyes turned red, “You really only regard me as a plaything!”

“Since the first time I saw Daren……I……” He seemed to be very angry, and directly looked up, “Fine! This time I will satisfy you. Then from now on, we will never see each other again! ”

His eyes were red and he hatefully said, “It’s me who is as blind as a bat!”

Xue Zaixing knew the unfinished meaning in his words. He was simply overjoyed, like his heart was scratched by a hundred claws. He hurriedly pulled the person into his embrace, “You accused me wrongly, how can I be such a person! ”

Just as he was about to swear to the heavens to prove himself,  the person in his arms was already in tears: “I was miserable when I was young. What I hated the most was to be taken advantage of and disgraced by others. But now, in this border region, I’m still regarded as a king. Since the crowning ceremony, I have sworn that in this life I will look for a person who would treat me sincerely then can I hand my body and affection to him. I never planned to be that kind of plaything.”

He tearfully looked at Xue Zaixing, his snow-white and slender hand pressed on his lower abdomen, and said sadly: “I will never let my child be conceived out of wedlock.”

Xue Zaixing followed his gaze toward his lower abdomen, and the secret urge in his heart increasingly surged.

But seeing him glaring at him fiercely, “I thought that Daren was….humph!”

He pushed him away just like throwing down a broken jar: “Since you just ordered someone to bring the contraception medine here, I will drink it quickly and let you humiliate me. From now on, Governor Daren will never step into King Guang’an mansion again!”

Xue Zaixing was indescribably excited. Thinking about him refusing to welcome him during this period of time, it turned out that the other party already had feelings for him! His chest heaved and he wrapped his arms around him excitedly, hurriedly comforting him: “I was wrong! It’s all my fault! ”

He slapped himself, “It’s because I’m impatient that I provoked Your Highness to be angry!”

The tearful person in his bosom giggly said: “That’s not heavy enough! Hit yourself more fiercely!”

Xue Zaixing’s heart was heated up by his gaze and he rushed over to kiss him.

Li Yuanmin avoided it, the kiss with the breath of wine landed on his cheek.

“In your dreams!” Li Yuanmin pushed him away and got up to put on his own clothes. The phoenix eyes raised up slightly, looking at him in his peripheral, “You offended me already and still want to take advantage of me!” 

Xue Zaixing licked his lips and was about to say something, when the person in front of him suddenly leaned over, kissed his cheek, and immediately closed his eyes in shame, “I will only give you this!”

Xue Zaixing touched the wet mark on his cheek, savoring the soft and tender feeling just now. His heart felt hard to endure as if it was set on fire but it couldn’t break out.   

He never thought that today would be the happiest day he had ever had in all these years!

His sharp eyes narrowed suddenly. He grabbed Li Yuanmin and pulled him into his bosom. Li Yuanmin almost screamed out in fear, but he rigidly kept it down, looking at him with shame and anger: “What’s the matter, do you want to force yourself on me? ”

Xue Zaixing’s heart was extremely carefree and he burst into loud laughter. He took out a white handkerchief that Li Yuanmin used every day from his clothes, placed it on the tip of his nose and sniffed it. He smiled: “In two days, it will be Shuiyan. Once I go, it will be for two months, I don’t know when I will be able to see Your Highness…You have to give me something for me to think of.” 

He whispered, “Your Highness feel rest assured, I will definitely think of a perfectly safe plan.” 

Li Yuanmin forced himself to show a smile in his bosom: “Ben Wang will be waiting.” 

Seeing his head leaning down, Li Yuanmin’s heart was full of disgust, but he silently reached out to block his lips, raised an eyebrow and said: “I’ve already said it, I will only give you that little bit.”

He paused, and his voice carried a few extra feelings, “I’m scared if I give you too much, Daren won’t think of our perfectly safe plan immediately.”

Xue Zaixing was aroused from head to toe by him. He was afraid he couldn’t help but forcefully do something to him, so he could only let go of him first. Li Yuanmin stood up, eager to break into a run outside; but he could not do it, he could only slowly tidy up his clothes. 

Xue Zaixing sat on the bed, admiring his slender figure, then he suddenly remembered something. His eyes couldn’t help but turn a little dark: “Your Highness and Commander Ni’s sentiment isn’t shallow.”

Li Yuanmin’s heart jumped heavily, but he took a few steps closer, sat on the edge of the bed, touched Xue Zaixing’s face, and brought a bright smile on his lips: “Many people treat me well. ”

He glanced at Xue Zaixing, raised an eyebrow, and said, “What matters is who Ben Wang treats well… don’t you think so, Daren? ”

Xue Zaixing was stunned, greatly pleased by him, and immediately laughed.

Li Yuanmin gritted his teeth secretly before throwing himself into his arms, hugging his neck tightly.

Xue Zaixing’s heart moved, he could hear his voice muffled: “Yuan Zhi, don’t fail to live up to my feelings.”

Yuan Zhi was Xue Zaixing’s courtesy name, this sentence wasn’t a simple sentence.

That sweet fragrance lingered on the tip of his nose. Xue Zaixing actually had some wonderful feelings in his heart. He put up a noble and upright appearance with difficulty, then gently patted Li Yuanmin’s back. 

“Your Highness rest assured… I will certainly think of a way. I absolutely won’t fail to live up to Your Highness’ feelings that you gave to Yuan Zhi.”

Wrong, everything is wrong!

Xue Zaixing’s heart suddenly became clear at once. He suddenly realized that there was another road to walk in this world. This road is too dangerous, but everyone only lives once. Being bound to a master who was extremely good at suspecting, so what if he has more power? If the power isn’t satisfied, then all the glory and wealth earned by this desperate struggle would be tasteless!

His heart was suddenly filled with some kind of surging desire, and a pair of sharp eyes narrowed slightly.

In regard to today’s matter for him, it could be said everything will change from then on.


Li Yuanmin got into the carriage. He pulled the curtain of the car window, and waved at Xue Zaixing who was not far away as if he was reluctant to part.

Xue Zaixing’s adam’s apple moved. He sent his greeting by waving his hand. Held in his hand was the handkerchief he took from that place just now. Seeing the carriage disappear from view, he still stood there for a long time.

Li Yuanmin did not know all this, but he knew that he had escaped danger. He clenched his fists tightly, his face extremely pale. Suddenly, he called out loud for the carriage to stop. Before the young servant could come up to inquire, he had hurriedly pushed the curtain, rushed out, and held the carriage saddle while vomiting violently. 

The young servant behind him was horrified and rushed forward to support him: “Your Highness…”

Li Yuanmin took a few breaths and weakly raised his hand.

“Give me the water bucket.”

Songzhu immediately unscrewed the wooden lid of the water bucket, and handed it to him. Li Yuanmin rinsed his mouth. He drank a few mouthfuls of warm water, so as to suppress the disgusting feeling in his chest.

He gasped, raised his head, and commanded, “Hurry up, we must return to the mansion before dark.”

The carriage started to move again.

Back inside the carriage, Li Yuanmin’s legs were both weak. He fell onto the soft cushion, raised his hand to touch the ornamental jade on the thumb of his left hand. This ornamental jade was unremarkable, but if the switch was touched, it would shoot out a very dense needle. If one was hit a little bit, even a strong man would pass out in a short time.

Fortunately, he hadn’t reached this point of falling out.

He remembered the extremely disturbing scene just now and his heart was full of nausea. He hurriedly bit his lip to stop thinking about those details.

Unexpectedly, that person on the supreme throne actually saved him this time. As long as he was there, Xue Zaixing did not dare to really do anything to himself since the courtiers who dare to damage the royal family’s prestige wouldn’t have a good ending.

All he could do now was to wait while getting along with him. Wait for Xue Zaixing to fall—in two months, his eldest brother would be crowned crown prince, and Xue Zaixing would be stripped of power and reduced to being an outcast.

He just didn’t know how heavy his love for himself was in Xue Zaixing’s heart. If there are many side issues, then how many times can he cope with it in the future?

Li Yuanmin closed his eyes and leaned against the shaky carriage’s window, his bloodless face full of exhaustion.

The author has something to say: Send it out in advance to rescue Your Highness!

Ciacia/N: The most annoying fact that readers have to understand is to never ever trust the author, else you will either live in pain or …… sigh. 

Ciacia has something to say: Men with inferiority complexes always think they’re the best gift granted to someone else even without knowing they’re only being played with. So pathetic *vomits*

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