PCTG Chapter 50

Chapter 50

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When Ni Lie returned from the camp in the suburbs, it was already dark.

There was a routine practice today, but it was delayed by an unexpected event, therefore, it finished much later than usual. Although he had already sent a message to the mansion, he did not know whether that person had been waiting for him to have dinner or not, so he did not dare to slack off. As soon as the matter was over, he immediately rushed back, turned over and dismounted, hurriedly handed the reins to the stable lad before casually throwing the armor on his body to the guard on the side, and taking large steps towards the mansion’s door.

He first walked to the middle hall, when he happened to meet Ni Ying coming out of it. She had also followed Zhou Dawu and his party to the suburban training ground all day today, and had just returned shortly. She already knew his purpose after seeing his hasty look.

“Elder brother, no need to go there, His Highness isn’t in the middle hall, he’s in the backyard.”

Ni Lie nodded slightly, casually asked her a few words, and hurried to the backyard.

As soon as he entered the doorway of the backyard, he saw a few servants carrying two buckets of water that were already cold outside. Ni Lie’s heart was relaxed, knowing that he had probably eaten and was bathing in the backyard at this time.

The servants saw that it was Ni Lie and hurriedly put the bucket down to pay their respects. Ni Lie waved his hand letting them leave on their own.

Entering the doorway of the inner courtyard, he heard the sound of water coming from inside the room, it seemed like there was still someone bathing.

Ni Lie frowned slightly, just now the servants had already carried the water out, how could he still be bathing at this time?

 He pondered gloomily, then seeing Songzhu guarding the door, he quickly stepped forward. 

“Commander Daren.” Songzhu saw that it was Ni Lie and his expression  immediately carried a little spirit. He clasped his hands in salute: “His Highness has just entered the second round of bathing. It may be assumed that it will be a little longer.” 

Ni Lie’s heart was baffled, but he only nodded his head and glanced at Songzhu, “You go back first, I will stand guard here.”

In the past, whenever Ni Lie returned, he always had to report to His Highness, so Songzhu didn’t think much of it. He bowed respectfully and went to the outer courtyard.

As soon as the door of the courtyard was closed, Ni Lie pushed the door in.

The person in the tub obviously did not notice him coming in, but kept rubbing the towel on his body. The original snow-white skin was red.

“Your Highness…”

Li Yuanmin seemed to be startled. When he looked back, he saw that it was Ni Lie and his eyebrows softened, and he smiled: “It’s A Lie.”

Ni Lie’s state of mind was immediately calmed.

Li Yuanmin stood up from the bathtub. Ni Lie naturally pulled a dry bath towel from the racks on the side and went forward to wrap his body.

Li Yuanmin let him carefully help dry himself up. He asked him in a soft voice: “Have you eaten?” 

Ni Lie said, “I ate something in the camp.”

When he was almost finished wiping, he changed the bath towel and wrapped him up before picking the person up. Putting him in the long bed covered with soft velvet. He casually drew a dry towel to wipe his wet hair carefully.

The candlelight flickered, making the figures of the two people very long.

After changing three dry towels, the wet black hair finally became somewhat dry. Ni Lie moved the heater over, not far or near, to warm up. Li Yuanmin did not speak. He half-hid his face in the dry and fragrant bath towel, silently watching the youth come and go.

“A Lie.” He suddenly called out.

Ni Lie was grabbing his underwear from the bedroom when he heard him calling. He quickly walked over. Li Yuanmin removed the bath towel and held out his hand to him like a child who wanted to be held.

“A Lie.”

He called out softly again.

Ni Lie rushed up to hug his naked body.

Li Yuanmin buried his face in his warm neck, and spoke in a low voice: “A Lie, do you want me?”

He also had a few strands of damp black hair fluttering on the tip of Ni Lie’s nose, tickling with fragrance.

Because he had hurt him last time, Ni Lie had not touched him for a while. When he saw him like this, he immediately swallowed his saliva and hesitated.

“Your Highness…”

But Li Yuanmin pulled his hand over to touch himself, “It’s already healed, you can take a look.”

He rubbed Ni Lie’s Adam’s apple with his lips, sucking it gently. His voice seemed to float ethereally in mid-air: “A Lie, don’t you want me?”

The green smoke on the incense burner rose,  twisting with the candlelight that reflected the soft color of the cotton yarn curtain, swaying vaguely. 

Like a bud trembling and blooming, the fragrance gradually thickened, and the jade-like body was covered with dew-like beads of sweat, that was one by one, licked away.

Even Ni Lie was aware of the abnormality in his vagueness. He had been silently in tears, begging him to kiss him, everywhere on his body continuously. He held his head, as childishly stubborn.

“A Lie……Wuwu….A Lie…..”

Note: crying sound.

 Li Yuanmin whimpered. In those dense kisses, he finally completely discarded the sticky and dirty feelings in his memory. He scooped up the head from his lower body, blocked his wet lips, turned over and pressed him under himself.

He swayed like a lily in the wind. The tear marks gradually dried up, leaving ambiguous marks on the flushed face. His fine white teeth bit the dark red lips, his face revealed an exotic radiance. It was extremely gorgeous. 

Lying on Ni Lie, he only felt that everything has gone with him. He was helpless, he could only use his soul to offer as a sacrifice to him without reservation, without restraint.

His darling that resembled a bodhisattva and a bewitching evil spirit finally became tired. He laid sweatily on the thick chest of the youth, panting, muttering something in his sleep. And soon he fell asleep like this.

Ni Lie laid down as if he was at a loss for a long time, holding him tightly in his embrace.

Before dawn, Ni Lie climbed over the wall and left the main courtyard, and he looked back at the tilings of the wall. His eyes were astonishingly deep.

He stopped there for a moment, before quickly walking to the door of the main courtyard. Songzhu was sleeping soundly on a mattress in the side room. Perhaps Ni Lie’s aura was too intense, but Songzhu suddenly turned over and opened his eyes drowsily. When he saw the tall figure blocking the door, his heart jumped heavily, and he hurriedly got up to put on his shoes.

“Why is Commander Daren looking for me?”

Ni Lie looked at the closed gate of the main courtyard and said in a cold voice, “Come with me.”

In the empty hall, Ni Lie’s expression became more and more gloomy. Songzhu was anxious and frightened by his look, he couldn’t help but kneel down. 

Ni Lie nevertheless didn’t take notice of it, he just let him kneel there.

After one incense of time passed, Ni Lie still didn’t speak. Songzhu was even more restless. It was winter but his cold sweat flew out steadily. After a long time, he could hear the uncontested words of the man at the head seat: “Where did His Highness go yesterday? Who did he meet? Speak it out one by one, you must not hide anything.”

Songzhu paused and replied: “Yesterday, His Highness…..didn’t go anywhere at all. He stayed at the mansion, the same as usual.”

At the end of his speech, the hall fell silent again. Songzhu swallowed his saliva, not even daring to breathe.

But he heard Ni Lie’s fingertips clasping the table, one by one.

“I am not as merciful as His Highness, you should remember that.”

Songzhu hurriedly knocked his head: “What Songzhu said is the truth!”

“Good!” Ni Lie suddenly stood up and shouted out to his subordinates outside in a loud voice, “You go lock up all the stable lads and coach men, separate everyone and interrogate them in detail, I want to see if everyone has the same set of words! ”

He clenched his teeth, looking at Songzhu who was trembling with fear all over his body. He suddenly said coldly: “Think it over! The means of the army are not comparable to those in the mansion! ”

Songzhu couldn’t resist it any longer. He cried out directly, knocked his head down and said: “I will speak! I will say everything!”

Songzhu choked: “His Highness…..His Highness went to visit the governor mansion yesterday.”

Li Yuanmin’s eyes went dark, he almost couldn’t stand still.

Songzhu saw that the person in front of him didn’t speak a word for a long time, so he raised his head to look but was given a great scare.

The eyes of the person in front of him were scarlet red, his expression was terrifying as if he wanted to devour someeone.

How could Songzhu have seen this look of his before, so he was scared until his whole body dropped down to the ground, not daring to move.

For a long time, until Songzhu’s legs were about to go numb, he heard the hoarse voice of the other party, “You can withdraw now.”

Songzhu hurriedly got up, when he heard the person behind him call out.

“Today’s matter must not be revealed to His Highness, are you clear?”


Songzhu did not dare to look up, he only hurriedly responded, and quickly withdrew.

The sun rose, emitting golden light everywhere. 

Ni Lie was bathing in the warm winter sun, but his body was like falling into an ice cave. He fell back a few steps, sat back in his chair, and slowly closed his eyes.

He recalled every bit of last night, putting them together to form what might have occurred.

That person’s body, he was very familiar with it. Although it had not been touched in the end, his body had been humiliated by that guy’s hand and body. Ni Lie almost ruthlessly pinched his palms to not let himself think about it.  

Suddenly, the scene of last night came to mind. That waist that swayed uncontrollably, those silent tears, those white teeth that clenched in those red lips, that plea asking him to kiss everywhere on his whole body, everything made him crazy!

The palm of his hand grasped the handle tightly, and with a loud thud, the ebony that was as hard as iron was actually crushed by him.

On that day, Ni Lie sat in the hall for half a day, not even going to camp. He sat quietly, like an old buddhist monk entering a meditative state.

No one dared to come in and disturb him. The hall was so quiet that a needle falling on the ground could be heard.

In the middle of the day, Ni Lie finally opened his eyes, “Call Cao Gang in.” 

Soon, Cao Gang hurriedly walked in, clasped his hands in salute before raising his eyes to look at him. His heart suddenly jumped, how could the person in front of him be this…familiar.

This kind of feeling was ridiculous. He still had that face, he was still that same person. But it was as if he had been changed by something, changed into a face he’s both unfamiliar and familiar with. 

“Commander Daren, what do you need me for?”

Ni Lie was silent for a while then said, “Collect all the files and territorial maps of the two rivers and three provinces — I’ll give you a day’s time.”

“This….” Cao Gang didn’t know what he meant, if it was for the two-month San Jun Shui Yan  in Jiangbei Camp two days later, he probably wouldn’t need this thing; however, he didn’t say much and only responded immediately to handle it.

At that split second when he went out the door, the sun shone brightly on his eyelids. Cao Gang trembled all over, suddenly recalling what the feeling of familiarity just now was.

The devouring eyes of the youth suddenly coincided with the most profound appearance in his memory.

That kind of expression is too familiar!

The author has something to say: The young A Lie definitely isn’t without a brain.

Ciacia/N: I forgot what kind of curse I wanted to incite to the author but welp, let us help each other in praying for him to transmigrate to be in a shoe similar to our Li Yuanmin.

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