PCTG Chapter 52

Chapter 52

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Li Yuanmin later recalled that they were really extremely crazy in those two days. Originally according to the plan, he planned to act as a child and childishly lead another child to wander outside for two days. He racked his brains to think of an excuse to deceive everyone in the Guang’an Palace for this reason.

But in the end they didn’t go anywhere, and only stayed in the inn, hiding in the guest room where no one passed, as if they were overwhelmed by desire, shamelessly entangling one another. 

Li Yuanmin originally felt that he should not be a person who indulged in bed, he would rather appreciate the scenery with his lover, or communicate with his heart. But in fact, he and his beloved subordinate spent two days in the inn absurdly.

Except for the waiter that delivered the meal on time, no one could see his honorable reputation with this heavenly pair of wild mandarin ducks in the elegant room.

It was quite frightening!

Li Yuanmin thought in horror, they actually lived like this for two days without end? It made him afraid of the light inside the youth’s eyes. But the other party obviously had no intention of getting tired, he woke up to say a few words before rolling him over on the bed once more.

Li Yuanmin had no strength to seduce him. He dizzily took off the tiger’s head jade pendant from his neck and tugged it tightly in his hand. God knows how ashamed he was, he, unexpectedly, in front of the remnant item of the child’s mother, indulged this child to make this kind of scene.

The youth’s fascination with his body had far exceeded his imagination. He suddenly understood how restrained the young man was when they met after a long separation at that time, although that restraint was enough to frighten him.


Li Yuanmin raised his chin high, his plump lips opened wide as if suffocated. He gave up while thinking to himself, he didn’t want himself anymore so he’ll just give himself to Ni Lie. He will let him manage him as he pleases. It will be fine if he ruins him. But this man will never ruin him, only occasionally making him float in midair just like in a dreamland and sometimes making him lose his way in the dark abyss.

Li Yuanmin eventually burst out crying, weakly grabbing the erotic book bought at the temple fair in the young man’s hand, and threw it far away. He choked up, unable to catch his breath. The tip of his nose turned red from crying and paired up with his thin pink eyelids, he looked both miserable and gorgeous, like a flower that had been poured soaked by the spring rain.

The youth shifted around, blocked his lips, and coaxed him insincerely: “Your Highness, don’t cry…”

Li Yuanmin did not listen, he cried a complete mess, but still swayed by his desire, he hooked Ni Lie’s thin and sturdy waist. 

He thought that there was no difference between a man and a beast in bed.


On the day of sending off the army, Li Yuanmin got up early. Although the two days of absurdity made it almost impossible to get up from bed, he still gritted his teeth without letting anyone see his abnormality.

The weather was lofty, the army was solemn, and the warriors stood tall under the sun.

Li Yuanmin was dressed in white python arrow sleeves, with a jade belt wrapped around his waist, a five-bead purple and gold crown tied on his head, his appearance was exquisite and bright. He solemnly gave the seal to the general.

Ni Lie was dressed in black and shiny armor from head to toe. His expression was serene while climbing step by step toward the high platform. He looked at that aloof noble person, but his eyes seemed to have seen his appearance with his dark hair scattered under his body with his incredible soft cries. No matter what version it was, it all made his heart tremble without exception, making him foolishly obsess with it–no one in the world would ever be able to enchant him like this.

“Commander Ni, I hope you have a pleasant journey.”

The tone was clear and bright producing a slight drizzle sound when heard.

Li Yuanmin personally handed him the jade seal. Ni Lie took it, and slowly kneeled down like the most devoted servant. His head lightly touched Li Yuanmin’s shoe while everyone was behind him. No one could have seen his humble and rude action. For a long while, he felt that person move through the soft leather, gently using his tiptoe to touch his forehead.

The sound of the wind was faint and the two people’s hearts moved in unison.

Li Yuanmin drooped his eyes to look at him. His face still had that honorable vessel state king appearance, but his voice was as soft as a feather. He said: “A Lie, I will stay in the mansion to wait for your return.”

The solemn noise from the horn rang out and the army was about to pull out of its camp to set off.

Ni Lie took the armored helmet that Cao Gang handed over to put on his head before turning over to get on the horse. He took one last look at his lover standing on the high platform. The wind blew his coat gently all around. He could not have seen the look on his face, but he was sure that Li Yuanmin’s expression would cause him extreme depth of sorrow. Ni Lie’s Adam apple moved. He ruthlessly suppressed his heart and no longer looked over there. He did not even turn his back after he pulled on the rein.


The army traveled for two days, two nights. They will need to travel for half a day more to reach Jiangbei camp.

It was nighttime and because the camp bordered Jiangjing, the night wind was strong. The light from the bonfire swayed by the wind blowing and the flags were making crackling noises.

Cao Gang’s face was hit by the wind and he could hardly open his eyes. He hurriedly opened the curtain and entered the master camp to see Ni Lie looking through the files in his hand with his wooden expression.

His facial expression was cold and strict with a determined glance, in which human or gods should not offend.

Cao Gang’s heart flooded with a few traces of strange feelings. It was that inexplicable sense of familiarity.

He paused before giving the files that Ni Lie wanted to him. Ni Lie took it before immediately sweeping a few glances, pondering for a short period of time and then instructing Cao Gang: “Ask Li Jin and Chen to come in together.”

Cao Gang knew these two people were Ni Lie’s trusted aides. As for his current position, it can’t even be compared to these two people’s positions in Ni Lie’s heart. Remembering the tactical understanding between the ruler and his minister from his previous life, Cao Gang’s heart can’t help but feel a bit sad. But he knew that sooner or later he would obtain his trust. The Red Tiger King was extremely trusting. As long as he treated him with extreme sincerity like in his previous life and assisted him with all his strength then this kind of day will not last long.

He immediately settled his mind and went outside.

Li and Chen came in extremely fast. Tonight, the candle light in Ni Lie’s camp extinguished very late into the night.

On the second day, Lingnan’s army entered Jiangbei camp.

As one of the three local county garrisons under the jurisdiction of the Jiangbei camp, in terms of scale and combat strength, Ni Lie’s troop was comparable to the other two divisions. However, when the large army arrived at the camp, no high-ranking generals came to greet them. There were only two soldiers without military rank who came up to hand over the documents and sent them away.

The generals of the Lingnan Army looked at each other in dismay. There was hidden anger between their eyebrows, but Ni Lie’s expression was the same. He routinely ordered the deputy general to go forward to find a place to settle within the main camp.

Inside the main tent, Ni Lie took off his heavy armor and threw it aside, methodically spreading out a leather map, Cao Gang was waiting on him, along with several Lingnan generals. The atmosphere was particularly serious.

An elderly deputy general finally could no longer hold it in, he spat a mouthful: “Governor general daren, this is tarnishing our Lingnan army’s reputation!” 

Ni Lie placed the paperweight on the edge, then looked at him coldly. The veteran general Qi Er was silent, his face was frightened. He hurriedly saluted: “I have exceeded my boundary.”

Ni Lie untied his wristband, casually threw it aside, glanced at him again, and said, “This is the last time, do not mention these words ever again in the future.”

He glanced at the generals present and slightly raised his voice: “Understood? ”

“Yes!” the crowd bowed in unison.

Ni Lie only then eased his voice slightly: “A few days of trekking is hard. You are all ordered to withdraw and rest early tonight. Although it is Shuiyan, the next two months of actual combat will not be easy.” 

The crowd responded in unison, and each politely withdrew.

Next day at dawn, the wolf smoke of the Jiangbei camp was lit. Because the governor’s mansion had just led the Jiangjing army to suppress Qing Shuikou a few days ago and in order to deter the remnants and declare the power of imperial court, the biennial large-scale Shuiyan was advanced by half a month.

On the makeshift high platform, Xue Zaixing sat on a seat covered with colorful tiger skin. His heart was full of happiness.

The Jiangbei battalion, which contains nearly one-third of Bei’an’s troops, could not be underestimated. Although he was an outside member of the imperial court, naturally no Beijing official dared to give him, Xue Zaixing, a meaningful glance. Even the left prime minister Daren, when he saw him, also had to talk with a little smile.

More than ten years of painstaking management, not bad.

The sky was dark, it seemed like it was about to rain, but the fire hidden in his heart was burning hotter and hotter.

How can there be an end to a man’s lifelong desire? He took out the white handkerchief in his bosom and rubbed it between his fingertips. His heart floated in the dark – all of this is far from enough!

The world is so big, what should be taken, he must try his best to get it!

Just as he was surging forward, the corner of his eyes suddenly swept to a tall tall figure on the training ground. He couldn’t help but frown, that black shadow was like grit to the eyes. He moved his eyesight, and commanded his guard: “Invite Commander Ni here.”

The guard hurried away, and soon the young general in the training ground was brought here.

Xue Zaixing looked him up and down, his eyes deep.

The man in front of him was not yet the same age as the weak crown (20 yrs old), but he already had the power of the mountains and the sea, which couldn’t help but make people feel jealous. He heard that the whole of Lingnan was wholeheartedly supportive of him, he was afraid that now the whole Lingnan army only knew commander Ni and not the current governor general! Xue Zaixing narrowed his eyes slightly and hummed a smile.

“After not seeing you for many days, Commander Ni has become more and more energetic. ”

Ni Lie’s expression was without change, he slightly nodded his head. 

“Governor daren can get to the point.”

Xue Zaixing naturally did not need to be patient, and immediately dropped his expression to raise some difficult questions: “Commander daren had entered the camp for a long time, but I haven’t seen you come to pay an official visit even once. Did you not put me, the governor, in your eyes?”

Ni Lie immediately replied: “I don’t dare.”

Seeing his appearance, Xue Zaixing’s heart smoothed a lot: “Looks like your temperament has retracted a lot, you really made some progress.”

He pulled the corners of his lips. In front of him, he took the handkerchief in his hand to put under his nose and sniff it, before sarcastically saying: “It’s just that, there is one more thing to remember–if something does not belong to you, you have no right to keep thinking about it no matter what.”

The orchid on that handkerchief must have been familiar to him.

Even though the person in front of him was well disguised, the moment he saw the handkerchief, he finally let Xue Zaixing catch a trace of violent fluctuations.

It’s true! Xue Zaixing’s face darkened. He remembered that this youngster had ulterior motives. Unexpectedly, this youngster did not know the immensity of heaven and earth and dreamed of that person. His heart couldn’t help but be angry, but he endured it in the end, and said in a cold voice: “Do you remember what I said just now?!”

The young man in front of him clenched his fists, his complexion finally returned to his usual calmness. He heavily clasped his hands together in salute: “I remember.” 

Xue Zaixing laughed.

This is power. Even if a man is brave and strong, outstanding with indomitable spirit; but in the face of power, he is nothing. He can only lower that arrogant head and be sent on errands. 

Power, of course, is really a man’s □□, more precious than anything in the world.

(boxes was like that in chinese)

Xue Zaixing once again acknowledged this fact.

Looking at the young man who was half-leaning down in front of him, he laughed out loud with great pleasure.

“You can leave now.”

Ni Lie stepped down the steps, as if there was no change, but in the place where others could not see, his clenched fist relaxed, while his fingertips oozed blood.

However, he still had a calm face, as if everything that had just happened was just a common thing.

The wind swept up the debris on the ground and a storm began to brew.

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