PCTG Chapter 51 Teaser

Chapter 51

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Last night they indulged in a voracious love making and Li Yuanmin slept until lunchtime. He had always been self-disciplined. Although occasionally he could be lazy, it is rare. If he was not up after 5-7am, then Songzhu would come to knock on the door to urge him. This is the rule he has made at the age of fourteen.

Seeing that it was almost noon and no one had come to urge him, he thought about it and understood that it must have been specially instructed by Ni Lie. 

Everyone in the mansion knew that Ni Lie had always been deeply trusted by him. Therefore, sometimes they even rebelled against his own will to carry out Ni Lie’s orders, which was a thing that a superior would never allow to happen. But in this matter, Li Yuanmin didn’t even put up even a little restriction. 


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