PCTG Chapter 51

Chapter 51

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Last night they indulged in a voracious love making and Li Yuanmin slept until lunchtime. He had always been self-disciplined. Although occasionally he could be lazy, it is rare. If he was not up after 5-7am, then Songzhu would come to knock on the door to urge him. This is the rule he has made at the age of fourteen.

Seeing that it was almost noon and no one had come to urge him, he thought about it and understood that it must have been specially instructed by Ni Lie. 

Everyone in the mansion knew that Ni Lie had always been deeply trusted by him. Therefore, sometimes they even rebelled against his own will to carry out Ni Lie’s orders, which was a thing that a superior would never allow to happen. But in this matter, Li Yuanmin didn’t even put up even a little restriction. 

Many times, although rationally he understood it clearly, he always indulged him like he had lost his brain. Li Yuanmin smiled bitterly when the door squeaked open.

He didn’t have to look to know who the owner of this steady footstep was.

Looking at the tall figure slowly approaching through the curtain, the afterglow of yesterday’s suffocating fear seemed to have gradually disappeared. Li Yuanmin thought, no matter what, he could not lose him, only he could save him from all the filth.

He originally thought that he had saved him at that time, but he didn’t expect him to save himself many times later.

He had a sour feeling in his heart. Last night’s plea was similar to venting, he didn’t know if the other party made out anything unusual. He was thinking about how to explain it later, when the youth had already opened the curtain and entered.

“ Your Highness…” He softly called out to him with an indifferent expression before sitting down on the edge of the bed.

Li Yuanmin’s heart relaxed. He supported himself up and rested his head lightly on his shoulder.

“Why didn’t you go to camp? ”

Ni Lie replied, “The deputy general will go on my behalf these two days.”

In two days, he will lead his army to the great camp in Jiangbei for Shuiyan. He will be gone again for two months.

When did Ni Lie ever be so willful? But Li Yuanmin understood the other party’s thoughts, so he could not blame him in the slightest, because such occasional willfulness was common and he could not say grandiose words.

There was a parting/sorrowful emotion in his heart making it feel empty.

Somehow, lately he had always been worrying about personal gains and losses. Therefore, he hugged the young man’s thin waist and buried his head deeply.

It’s the fifteenth, tonight is another full moon night, but there are always times when the world is not reunited.

“A Lie….” Li Yuanmin called him softly, but he changed the topic, “I heard that there is a temple fair in the west of the city at night.”

Every time on the fifteenth, there is a grand temple fair in the market in the West of the city. Due to the sudden decrease of barbarians invaders, the people’s livelihood was revived. Therefore, on the fifteenth of every month, the Xun Tai government would temporarily remove the night curfew to comply with the popular sentiment and revitalize the workshop city. In this way, the grand occasion of the temple fair was even more unprecedented. 

Every time at this time, the young people in the mansion would be so excited that they would think up every possible method to go out. However, when Ni Lie was appointed as the head of the mansion’s soldiers, he was very strict, there was basically no opportunity. His successor, Zhou Dawu, also obeyed the law of Ni Lie’s rules, never being soft. Only Li Yuanmin saw their anxiousness, it was really pitiful. Therefore, every six months he took the opportunity to occasionally let people out once or twice.

But he himself had never been there. When he was young, he lived a barren and miserable life, naturally there was no chance to enjoy any liveliness. He was bestowed a title of King Guang’an so he had to hold the shelf of a vassal state king. At the age of thirteen/fourteen, he had to force himself to put on an old and wise posture, otherwise how could he have this majestic present of the lord. Later, when he was a little older, always carrying a poker face to guide the youngsters in the mansion, he was even more embarrassed to go there. Therefore, in the eight years he had come to Lingnan, he had not seen the grand occasion of the temple fair even once.

In fact, looking at the excited teenagers, he was also envious of them. Others can’t see it, his excitement towards these events with his identity. But he is too shy to say it, so it was like this year after year. He kept it hidden until he got used to it. 

Now, for no reason, a bit of these thoughts have arisen.

With this thought, his heart suddenly became excited. He immediately broke free from Ni Lie’s embrace, put on unlined garment clothes, then with barefoot, jumped down from the soft bed.  

Ni Lie looked at his childlike appearance with his black hair draped over his shoulder. He opened the dark cabinet in the outer room with great interest, brought out a small box, ran back, opened the two human skin masks in the box and showed it to Ni Lie.

“Let’s change our appearance and go, A Lie. You take me there, just the two of us.”

His voice was a little hoarse because he had just risen in the morning, but Ni Lie could hear the excitement inside, so how could he not agree. He grasped his snow-white feet, gently patted the little ash under his feet with his hands, before hiding them in the warm and soft bedding.


Li Yuanmin’s face was even more radiant.

“I have to come up with an excuse so they can’t find out. ”

His beautiful eyes were shining, excited like a child who had never seen the world, nestled in the warm futon, carefully planning his escape.

This look made Ni Lie’s heart sour. He couldn’t help but wrap his arms around him and gently press him to his neck,

“Whatever Your Highness wants to do, I will accompany you. ”


In the darkness of the night, two disguised people quietly left the mansion.

The two of them changed their clothes and faces in a remote place. They invariably looked at each other, both of them looking unfamiliar. But one pair of eyes were unforgettable familiar. Li Yuanmin smiled slightly, took his hand, and walked towards the prepared horse.

Before they reached the west of the city, they heard noises coming from the street corner in the distance. The two of them left the horses in the stables of the inn and ran towards the illuminated world.

The market was full of people, shops, vendors, seasonal fruits, snacks, fresh goods, fabrics, satins, and copper lacquer…. There were also jugglers, dancing musicians, shadow puppets, and even big eaters who hawk to sell secret medicine for sexual affairs everywhere.

Even if Li Yuanmin knew that the market would be bustling with noise and excitement, he could never have imagined it would be blustling like this. He was like a child seeing new interesting things, pulling on Ni Lie’s sleeve while heading around to watch the bustle.

Ni Lie did not like the hustle and bustle, but tonight his mood was very happy because of the happiness of another person. Such happiness was even stronger than his own, making him temporarily abandon the repressed hatred in his heart and feel his childlike heart wholeheartedly.

He had never seen Li Yuanmin so childish and happy like this. He was always gentle and elegant, extraordinarily beautiful while quietly shouldering a lot of responsibility, but always showing a calm demeanor. Swallowing everything up, he never gave in for a moment to his own childlike heart.

He followed behind him, paying attention to the movements around him, shielding him from the crowds of others, while admiring his rare childishness.

He thought that he would not allow such a person to be touched by others.

Absolutely not.

Li Yuanmin had never experienced such unrestrainedness. He ate a lot of snacks that were rarely seen and bought a lot of messy things only to satisfy his craving, and then gave them to children who looked quite poor along the way.

A shabby child grabbed the candy given by Li Yuanmin and was overjoyed, only to thank him in a milky voice: “Thank you older brother.” 

The shabby woman next to him had a plain face, obviously the mother of this child. She was a little embarrassed, but she also smiled and gave thanks in a low voice: “Thank you so much this nobleman, I wish you and your older brother a happiness and peace for a lifetime.”

Li Yuanmin was sluggish for a moment, and suddenly realized that even if the two of them changed their appearance, Ni Lie still looked much more mature than him. He smiled slightly, but did not explain, and quietly felt the last bit of broken silver in his sleeve, leaned his body down, patted the child’s head, casually said a few words to him, and then quietly put the broken silver into his pocket.

After saying goodbye to the poor mother and son, Li Yuanmin turned his head and met Ni Lie’s eyes that had been looking at him silently. Surrounded by the waning lights, people coming and going, in such a hustle and bustle, he suddenly had some thoughts, so he approached, and called Ni Lie softly.

“Elder brother.”

At that moment, Ni Lie felt his heart was being gently brushed by feathers, crisp and numb, just like a kitten gently scratching in his heart, with an inexplicable heat swelling. He couldn’t help but take his hand and hold it in his own hot palm and knead it.

Li Yuanmin lifted up his crow-like eyelashes, before deliberately saying, “Elder brother.” 

Ni Lie’s adam apple moved. The corner of his eyes swept around, leading him into the dark alley. How could Li Yuanmin not know what he wanted to do? Tonight he was wearing a mask, but was more undisguised than usual. He looked directly at his own desire for the youth, then softly wrapped his arms around his neck, and got closer. He brazenly stretched out the tip of his tongue, gently licked his lips, before kissing him again.

Ni Lie hooked his head, his left hand clasped his neck, while his right hand wrapped around his waist, pressing tightly into his embrace.

“Tonight, don’t go back.” Ni Lie wrapped his arms around his weak body and said in a hoarse voice, “I want to hear Your Highness call me this again.”

Li Yuanmin had many worries when they were inside the mansion, afraid that someone would know how he was messed in bed. He had endured until his eyes turned red, and choked as if suffocated. It was very hard to hold back his voice, so he naturally would not let go of such a rare opportunity.

They never hid their desire for each other’s bodies, and looking at the light in each other’s eyes, both of them were a little hyperactive.

 Li Yuanmin wrapped his arms around his neck and bit his ear: “Okay, elder brother.”

Ni Lie’s heart shook fiercely.

At night, they slept outside, like wild mandarin ducks fleeing the world.

Li Yuanmin was more impudent than usual, his eyes were wet, but he still spared no effort to lure out his fierce nature.

Frivolous teasing, impetus without restraint; all these were not Li Yuanmin’s usual appearance, but tonight was too special. In front of him was his beloved lover. They abandoned everything, changed their identity, as if it was extremely easy and relied on his heart to seduce him. Using his most delicate appearance, using the most charming methods, made him obsess himself into his own madness.

Li Yuanmin knew how to make Ni Lie go crazy.

Obviously such a cold temper, such a tough heart, but as long as he wanted, he could make him surrender completely. Although the young man’s body was above him, his soul was humbly crouched under his feet. He had no complaints or regrets when he was humbly humiliated under him. But how could Li Yuanmin be willing to humiliate him. He held him up warmly and carefully, treating him like a jewel.

He wetly served the beast in heat from his body’s oestrus until his mixed soul was carefree, and submissive.

He was willing.

His A Lie was his medicine, healing him from all his wounds.

He wouldn’t allow him to run away.

Li Yuanmin thought despicably that he could only be his for the rest of his life, others can’t even think about it.

His ten fingers rubbed into the other’s wet hair. He bit his lip while unbearably looking into his confused eyes, indulging him into the net he had laid for him.

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