PCTG Chapter 58

Chapter 58

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 The moon was getting crips and clear, but there was a different scenery on the bed.

Li Yuanmin sensed Ni Lie’s rigidness, as well as a slight trembling. Tenderness filled his heart, he  kissed his forehead lightly, and pressed his soft and slender body to him more and more affectionately. The wet lips attached to his ear spoke some soft love words.

He really loved the young man in front of him dearly. He was eager to entrust his heart to him——His Ah Lie, who belonged only to him.


Ni Lie didn’t know how much strength he had used to control himself to embrace him back but he was sure of one thing, that is, he did not use all his strength. He could make this spoiled beauty’s head who had offended him burst into pieces. He clenched his fists rigidly, the tyrannical desire kept enduring again and again.

However, the person in front of him was not aware of his danger at all, but was as charming as a demon, wrapping himself in cold fragrance. There were wet and hot kisses against his forehead, the tip of his nose, his thin lips, intertwined on his adam’s apple, and all the way down.

Ni Lie couldn’t bear it. When he finally let go of his fist, he viciously wrapped his arms around him, pressing it under him.

Under the moonlight, the delicated fragrance lingered on his nose. The eyes of the person under him trembled slightly, amazingly beautiful. Ni Lie’s brain was chaotic. He gritted his teeth ruthlessly, how could he think of him as her, he was a demon, a gorgeous demon!

No wonder! He used this look to bewitch the eighteen-year-old boy to lose his mind, and bewitched Xue Zaixing to be killed! 

Demon! He really is a demon!

His heart was beating like a drum, his teeth rising. He was about to quickly turn over and get out of bed, but the person in front of him stretched out a pair of jade arms to wrap around him. Ni Lie’s body was tall and strong, but amidst the gentle movement of the other party, he completely lost all his strength. He laid on his back on the bed, like a lamb ready to be slaughtered.

The gorgeous demon was ghostly. The silk clothes slipped down, piled up under him. Ni Lie’s pupils condensed violently, it kept dropping each breath he took. His ears could only hear his own roaring heartbeat becoming more and more intense. His beastly eyes were red, staring at him, but the other party was dragging his big palm with thick calluses to touch his body.

He bit his lip and wept, as if Ni Lie had done a grand mistake, blaming him, “Ah Lie… take a look… You take a look…”

Ni Lie could only hear his throat swallow a mouthful of saliva heavily, a white light in his brain split, what was that? Ni Lie’s fingertips stiffened, what the hell was that!

No one told him.

At this moment, he was not a human, but a fierce tiger in the mountains, emitting a deafening throat sound, lingering around impatiently, salivating, and stopping in front of the gorgeous rose on a cliff.

Knowing the danger, but he couldn’t break free to sniff his desire.

Hearing the other party’s whimpering sound like crying, Ni Lie’s brain went blank. All his perceptions disappeared, and in a tremor of hair tingling, Ni Lie’s veins burst out. His bloodthirsty desire surged forward. When Li Yuanmin clung closely to his arm, his last string of reason burst apart.

Under the moonlight, the damp heat wave was already muddy, while the entangled people fell into the abyss of desire.

The dim of the night was getting dense.


The sun shone through the window, and dust floated around in the sunlight.

Ni Lie frowned, and suddenly opened his eyes. He began to get up, and a pair of sharp eyes emitted killing intense. He was about to throw himself out of bed when he paused for a moment and turned his back to look. 

This look made his heart jump heavily again.

He saw his face thoroughly, it was… a murderous beauty.

That snow-white body was slightly snuggled and it was this kind of snuggle that had him adorably snuggled up to Ni Lie’s side. His dark eyelashes hanging down casted a little shadow on his snow-white cheeks. His lips were plump, red like blood. Ni Lie couldn’t help but swallow a little saliva when he saw this. When he realized that he actually had the urge to lean down and bite it, his eyebrows trembled and his complexion ashened!

It’s really true that sexual activities lead to bitter consequences!

How could the Great Red Tiger King also have such a time when he couldn’t hold back in front of such a beauty!

When he first ascended the throne, he had a large number of women sent to his harem. The women who could be sent into the emperor palace were naturally absolutely beautiful, but compared to the person in front of him….Ni Lie’s adam’s apple moved, he couldn’t help but frown.

Those women, seeing his ugly scarred face, either trembled with fear, or the desire in their eyes was almost written on their faces. Being intimate with such women, regardless of how beautiful they are, even touching them make people lose their appetite greatly.

It is precisely because of this that even if he had a harem of three thousand beauties, it was his body that gave him the first taste he ever had!

The eighteen-year-old self, needless to say, must have tasted his body already. Unexpectedly, just like this, for two lifetimes, a nameless fire suddenly rose up, telling him not to hold back.

The man on the bed did not know and only slept soundly, but Ni Lie clenched his fists. His eyes were sometimes iced cold, sometimes like a fiery fire, so angry that he wanted to burn everything.

He stood in front of the bed for a long time, before he finally brushed his sleeves away.


Li Yuanmin was woken up by Ni Ying.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Ni Ying’s pretty face lying in front of the bed looking at him.

He rubbed his eyebrows, habitually and lazily calling out to Ah Ying, then he immediately realized something. He sat up in a panic — he was actually still on Ni Lie’s bed. When he gathered his neckline, his face suddenly became hot.

He didn’t know what this little girl thought when she saw this. Li Yuanmin started to be embarrassed, he made a fist out of his hand and pressed it against his lips to cough, pretending to be indifferent and ased: “What time is it?”

Ni Ying had already seen his shyness and the corners of her eyes bent, “Before noon. If Your Highness Gege is still sleepy, you can rest more. I have already sent elder brother’s people away from here.” 

Li Yuanmin blushed, “How did you know I was here?”

Ni Ying smiled, “I was also at the stable when I saw Your Highness’s Yin Feng then I realized that you had returned, but when I went to the main courtyard I didn’t see anyone, so I thought of coming here.”

She raised an eyebrow, with a playful face: “Sure enough, you’re at elder brother’s place.” 

Being teased like this by a fourteen-year-old girl, Li Yuanmin could not hang on to his face. It was just face, but in the end, he couldn’t endure it and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but show a hint of laughter. He pursed his lips again and looked at Ni Ying, but with those beautiful and soft eyes hanging down, Ni Ying couldn’t see the look inside, but she knew that even the pupils inside were happy.

Ni Ying couldn’t help but laugh at this kind of unconsious happy expression from His Highness Gege. 

Ni Ying was now handling things more and more dependably, as early as when she found out that Li Yuanmin was not in his own courtyard, giving out a few explanations to the people in the mansion. Everyone thought that Li Yuanmin would come back in the morning, how would they know that their master was traveling day and night, rushing back to the house at night to meet his subordinate.

Under Ni Ying’s arrangement, Li Yuanmin did not alarm anyone. He went back to his own courtyard and the side room was already prepared with steaming hot water. He removed his clothes, revealing a mottled snow-colored body, and stepped into the steaming bath tub. He closed his eyes, remembering the recklessness and the excitement of the youth last night. He thought, he was indeed the same , still being so reckless after being separated for so long.

He complained lowly, but the corners of his mouth were smirking.

But there were still some regrets in his heart. Ni Lie went to the camp early in the morning without saying a few words. He got up, changed into a clean robe, and called the head chief of the mansion to ask him to prepare more dishes that Ni Lie loved to eat for dinner.

However, it was already evening, yet Ni Lie did not return.

The author has something to say: Clang clang clang! The lord author beats a gong and beats a drum! Red Tiger King!

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