PCTG Chapter 59

Chapter 59

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The night was as cool as the water, and the moonlight was faint. 

The servant woman who was waiting outside arched her hands and asked respectfully, “Your Highness, do you want me to take the dishes to heat up?”

Li Yuanmin looked at the table of dishes that were completely devoid of heat. He couldn’t help but show a little disappointment on his face, he sighed silently, ” No, just take it away. ”

“But Your Highness, you haven’t eaten yet, this…”

Li Yuanmin was startled, he had just realized that he had not eaten yet but he had no appetite for a long time now. He was afraid of Grandma Wang’s nagging, so he pointed to a bowl on the table that looked more pleasing to the eyes and said: “Just heat this bowl of assorted jade ball soup, half a bowl will be enough.”

The servant woman looked happy. She responded and went to prepare the food with a few servant girls when Li Yuanmin stopped her again.

“Grandma Wang, call Song Zhu to come in.”

Soon, Song Zhu quickly came in, exposing a curious look:”Your Highness?” 

Li Yuanmin coughed lightly and asked him, “Have you seen Commander Ni come back yet?”

Song Zhu hurriedly replied: “I haven’t seen him yet.”

“Did he send any messages?”

Song Zhu shook his head.

Li Yuanmin was baffled. How could Ni Lie let him wait for such a long time for no reason, if there was an emergency, he would definitely have someone carry a message to him. This is simply an unprecedented thing. He can’t help but be worried in his heart, and immediately commanded:

“Song Zhu immediately called someone to the outskirt camp for a trip… See if Commander Ni is delayed by something. ”

Song Zhu responded before immediately withdrawing in a hurry.

Looking at the boundless night scene outside, Li Yuanmin couldn’t help but frown, a little worry appearing in his eyes.


The outskirt camp.

The end of the year was approaching, therefore the weather was bitterly cold with deep nights. 

The guards patrolled in pairs and the bonfire on the flat ground swayed, occasionally bursting out one or two sparks. The hunting flag rolled under the night wind, sounding particularly solemn from time to time.

Inside the main tent, a group of people raised their eyebrows and held their breath, then tidied up the meal on the table before going out quietly.

Ni Lie’s armor had yet to be removed. He was wiping the long sword in his hand with a felt cloth. His face was expressionless, his eyes focused, as if what was in front of him was the most important thing.

Cao Gang stood on guard on the side, hesitated for half a day before he advised: “Daren, it’s already 9-11pm, if there is nothing else we should return to the mansion.”

It wasn’t known if it was Cao Gang’s delusion, but the other party had flashed a trace of anger. He was about to look closely, when the person in front of him had already put down the heavy sword. Without even looking back at him, he coldly said: “Today I will stay in the camp.”

Cao Gang’s brow frowned involuntarily. There were no major events in the camp these days, so why wouldn’t he go back without a reason like this?

Since returning to Lingnan these days, his heart has been flying in his hand, just a little bit of whiff of trouble could already make him be on guard. He followed Ni Lie for many years, naturally he could see that his mood today was very poor, as if he was in a state of anxiety all day, with nowhere to escape to.

There has never been such a time since he was reborn.

Cao Gang couldn’t help but think carefully about yesterday’s matter. Trying to find clues and traces from them, when he thought about it, from beginning to end, he was without the slightest clue and could only respond for now. 

Just as he was about to go out and call soldiers to make preparation, the man behind him stopped him. He coughed softly, and said in a deep voice:

“ Find some craftsmen as soon as possible to repair the commander mansion—the sooner the better. ”

“This…” Cao Gang was shocked. He couldn’t help but turn around and take a few steps closer: “Daren want to move out of King Guang’an mansion?” 

Ni Lie glared at him impatiently, as if he had said some nonsense.

Cao Gang’s heart dropped like a thud. He recalled that before they returned to the city from the Jiangbei camp, the Red Tiger King had clearly planned to do everything as usual, before planning his scheme. How could he change his mind in just a few days–moving out of King Guang’an mansion is not a trivial matter.

What exactly happened for him to make such an obviously unfavorable decision? Remembering that nothing unusual has happened in the past few days…Cao Gang was agile, he carefully peeked at his face: “Daren, did King Guang’an come back last night?” 

Before the words could be heard, a pair of sharp eyes suddenly appeared. Cao Gang’s back broke out in cold sweat at once, he immediately bowed his head in panic.

“I have overstepped my boundary!”

The Red Tiger King’s subordinates always received grave punishments, he never lets anyone off easily. Cao Gang regretted asking so abruptly, but he was also sure that his unusualness today was related to King Guang’an.

What actually happened between the two of them last night?

How could Cao Gang dare to ask this kind of question directly, he bowed his head in fear and retreated.


The night was dark and quiet.

The sound of heavy breathing was constantly sounding, occasionally mixed together with a few muffled sounds.

Ni Lie dreamed of that witch.

His face was a magnificent flush, as bright as a flower. His fragrance overflowed all over the place. He slightly opened his wet lips, looked down at him with droopy eyes and the both soft and delicate waist swayed. Wave after wave, trickling into a magnificent and dark river, in a dazzling white light, Ni Lie watched himself fall from a high place, drowning into the beautiful red river.

To suffocate while drowning.


Ni Lie suddenly stood up and gasped. There was a sticky cold wetness between his crotches.

The candlelights were faint, there was nothing else but the sound of the wind.

Ni Lie closed his eyes, a large palm covering his sweat-stained face.

In the shadow of his palm, his teeth muscles were raised and his face was with a terrified expression.


In the past two days, the lives of the people in the camp have not been good. They have been scolded by the commander-in-chief frequently. Even Cao Gang and Li Jin, who have always been safe, have also been scolded a lot making everyone in the barrack become cautious and careful, fearing a little carelessness will result in being tormented by the commander-in-chief’s thunderbolt — Counting down the day, the commander has been resting in the camp for three consecutive days already, but everyone felt as if half a year had passed. Everyone without exception was endlessly complaining . 

Even Ni Ying sensed that something was wrong with her brother.

She got down from the horse and ran toward the tall man standing not far away.

“ Elder brother, why haven’t I seen you back in the mansion for a few days? ”

Ni Lie’s adam apple moved. But he did not answer her, only felt a red bow from his waist and handed it to her. This candle dragon bow was a rare light bow in the world and was very tough.

Although Ni Ying was only a fourteen-year-old girl, with the Ni family bloodline, she was no weak woman. Ni Ying took it and immediately found out its preciousness; she was overjoyed. She touched it at once then tried to open the bow. Although there was some difficulty, in the end, she was able to pull it half way. 

There were probably only a few boys in this army who could match her level.

There was a rare bit of bright colour on Ni Lie’s face. He stepped forward to give a few pointers. Sure enough, in the period of time of half an incense, NI Ying could completely stretch the bow. She pulled an arrow on the spot with great interest. When she heard a sharp sound breaking through the air, the arrow actually penetrated into the distant boulder about half an inch. She was overjoyed, that’s how she forgot to ask him the question, and instead held on to the reins and went back to practice repeatedly, as if obsessed.

Cao Gang looked at the brother and sister duo from a distance, there was a touch of worry between his eyebrows. He sighed while preparing to return to his tent when a guard hurried over.

“Your excellency Cao, King Guang’an has arrived.”

A phrase turned into shocking lightning. Cao Gang was first shocked, then his scalp became numb. It’s true that if you are scared of something then that thing will happen. He didn’t know the situation between the two of them clearly and didn’t know how to deal with it, he could only look at the figure not far away and swallow the saliva before summoning up his courage to step forward to report. 

“ What! His Highness Gege is coming!” Ni Ying was surprised, she quickly turned over and dismounted, before urgently asking, “Where is he now?”

“Presumably he has already arrived. ”

Cao Gang spoke, while carefully looking at Ni Lie. His face was expressionless, but a pair of eyes that could be said to be ice cold suddenly appeared. Cao Gang was worried in his heart, he hesitated for a moment before he said: “Daren, this…”

Ni Ying’s loud voice interrupted him, she grabbed Ni Lie’s arm, and mocked him with a smile: “What is this, why aren’t you hurrying to greet him?”

Ni Lie’s dark face changed, he gritted his teeth, and finally endured while following Ni Ying to stride over in huge steps.

Cao Gang wiped his cold sweat and quickly followed.

As the sun set, the sky was covered with sparkling clouds, all dyed red, with a desolate landscape.

A plain-coloured carriage, under the protection of dozens of soldiers, stopped in front of the camp. Soon the tent was lifted, and a nobleman with a dignified attitude got out of the carriage not too fast nor too slow under the support of a young servant. 

The crowd bowed in unison, “We greet King Guang’an.”

Li Yuanmin smiled slightly before gesturing to exempt them from courtesy.

Ni Ying was eager to run up to let him see her newly acquired red bow and wanted to pull him to the training ground to let him see her newly learned skills, but in the end, she still knew to exercise restraint. She could only hold the excitement in her heart and obediently wait there.

Cao Gang stood aside, and secretly took a look at Ni Lie, his heart suddenly jumped. Seeing their commander’s blank expression, just like a hunter’s gaze, looking at the person in front of him; his eyes turned red and his chest was heaving up and down, one can imagine how heavy his breathing was.

Just as he was about to look again, the crowd erupted in applause.

It turned out that after two days, it would be Chinese New Year’s Eve, so King Guang’an came to reward every soldier here. It was also because of Ni Lie. The county defender of Lingnan was very obedient to this vessel state king. The upright and elegant King Guang’an said a few words to the army as usual. In a moment, the solemn camp was somewhat bustling with activities.

Yet one person was nevertheless excluded from this layer upon layer of liveliness.

Ni Lie looked at that extraordinarily beautiful face with overflowing anger and an extremely hot feeling. He thought angrily, why should this spoiled beauty have this kind of hypocritical appearance?!

What should he look like?

Ni Lie thought angrily, he should be frowning, wet eyes half-opened, both hands at his chest, wanting to cry but can’t cry! 

The open and closed lips should not be so dignified while spouting out nonsense. It should be biting down like he’s trying to not cry. Red as blood, yes, dripping wet too. The plump inside of his mouth brought out sweetness like honey water, occasionally spitting out that tongue that aroused him to death. 

The hot gaze fell on his white collarbone again and he narrowed his eyes slightly. His nose couldn’t help but move a little, a wisp of seemingly innocent fragrance lingered. He seemed to have smelled it but also felt like he didn’t smell it. He thought that Li Yuanmin was this close to everyone, so maybe everyone also got a waft on him! Such a realization made him angry!

He’s actually this dignified! How could he be this dignified!?

Ni Lie almost became mad because of Li Yuanmin’s dignified appearance. Countless brutal thoughts went out of his dry hot heart. He wished he could tear him to shreds. No, simply tearing him up won’t be enough to relieve his hatred.

His adam apple moved violently, while the fire in his eyes was about to come out.

The author has something to say: The Red Tiger King, the king among the righteous kings whose lips say one thing while his body reveals what he really thought. 

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