PCTG Chapter 64

Chapter 64

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The sky was dark, sending out cold clouds. The fierce horses galloped causing the winter wind to cut against the face, faintly painful, but Ni Lie did not pay attention at all. His red eyes stared ahead as he half leaned forward. 

The suburban camp was covered by the vast morning light. The soldiers on patrol watched from a distance as their commander galloped toward them on horseback and hurried forward to bow down.


The fierce horse suddenly stopped, the front feet of the horse hung high in the air before it landed on the ground. Ni Lie hurriedly turned over and dismounted, threw the reins to a soldier, and hurried to the tent.

Cao Gang was still in his sleep, when he was caught off guard by a huge force pulling him up from bed.

When he saw his red-eyed commander, Cao Gang was frightened: “Da…..Daren? ”

Ni Lie’s breath was hot, and his face was like Luosha’s. He tugged at his placket: “That Emperor Chaoyuan…did he have a good burial?” 

Cao Gang was confused for a moment so he said, “What do you mean?”

Ni Lie was furious: “Your job is to answer when I ask a question!”

Cao Gang swallowed his saliva and hurriedly replied, “He was buried according to the imperial etiquette system.” 

Throughout the history of chaotic rebellion, they all had a good reason to do so; the Red Tiger Army was naturally no exception. Cao Gang personally drafted a book on drafting soldiers. Since a million troops attacked the capital in the name of “Eliminating all the evil ministers by the Emperor’s side”, naturally the former emperor who just died, was a great issue. Thus a profound burial was carried out to appease the population. 

Although the puppet eventually ended up cutting his face and hanging himself, it was still not enough. Even after death, he still had to be squeezed of his last bit of value.

This was beyond reproach. Ni Lie loosened his collar, thinking, of course, this is beyond reproach, it is definitely beyond reproach. What is he asking all of these questions for? He irritably pinched ten fingers into the root of his hair.

His heart skipped a beat—was he the one who forced him to die?

Thinking of this, his face changed suddenly. He suddenly stood up, remembering that when Sima Yu hurriedly entered the camp with the imperial edict in hand, he had stated that Emperor Chaoyuan was willing to use his intersex body to become the Red Tiger King’s empress and give birth to the imperial son as the future lord of the world.

At that time, he only thought it was ridiculous, a Sima family’s spoiled pet, how could he share this great river and mountain with him! He ruthlessly tore up the bright yellow imperial edict and ordered a siege on the city!

——So he forced him to die that year?

That person went into the ruined palace alone. What was he thinking at that time? Even with him kissing him that little, he would already cry out in pain, so how could he endure the severe pain when he cut open his face? How could he have imagined that after he had cut his face, he still couldn’t escape the fate of being humiliated by others?

Ni Lie slowly closed his eyes, clenched his fists tightly, his joints turning white.

Although he did not understand what had happened, from his questioning and his demeanor, Cao Gang felt a crisis, a terrible thought came to his heart, which made him even more panicked than in the past few days.

The Red Tiger King seemed wrong.

This master of the world, seemingly cold-blooded and ruthless, killing people like flies would do strange and contradictory things? When he ascended the throne in the past life, the most important thing was delayed all because of a childhood sweetheart. He personally spent half a month looking for his childhood sweetheart who was the palace maid. 

A ruthless man fears getting bewildered.

However, Ni Lie had already become bewildered.  His heart beated ferociously and his thoughts were frantic. He absolutely cannot touch this man. In a span of a few days, he made him become like this, he actually turned him into this! 

Seeing that Emperor Mingde’s fate was imminent, the imperial court in turmoil, and the large armies of Wala and Tatar were about to march south; the time to reverse his fate in his past life was imminent, how could he touch this gorgeous poison again?

No, he must never touch such a troublesome person again.

Ni Lie took a deep breath and swayed out of the tent, forcing himself to stop thinking about his past life, and even more to force himself to stop thinking about that person.

But after nightfall, he still appeared in front of the King Guang’an mansion.

On the night of the first day of the year, there was still a New Year’s smell everywhere: a large number of firecracker debris were piled up in front of the stone lion, a few children were searching for the remaining firecracker cores, and a servant was leaning on a broom waiting for them to finish. They immediately went to pay respect once they saw the commander daren arrive. 

However, this young man who usually hurriedly to get inside the gate as soon as he arrived suddenly stopped there. He looked at the door plaque of the Guang’an mansion with no expression on his face for a while before he slowly walked inside.

As soon as the gate of the main courtyard was pushed open, Songzhu greeted him. When he saw that it was Ni Lie, he immediately smiled: “Daren came on time, His Highness is inside.”

“Good, you can go now.”

Ni Lie glanced at the closed door and lifted his feet to enter.

When his fingertips touched the door, he froze for a moment before gently pushing the door in.

The man seemed to have bathed. His long hair slightly soaked with moisture was scattered and he was wearing a thin soft silk coat while leaning against the window in a daze. Although there was a stove in the room, with such a large open window, and being so thinly dressed, how could he not be cold?

Hearing the noise behind him, Li Yuanmin turned his head.

He looked at him and smiled, “You’re here.”

Ni Lie slowly stepped forward to close the window, walked over to him, touched the face that was a little cool due to the night wind, and immediately wrapped his arms around his waist, lowered his head, and went to look for his lips.

The person in front of him silently avoided him and smiled: “Have you eaten?”

Although the person in front of him acted very well, what kind of person was Ni Lie, his eyes cooled down little by little.

His hands picked up his buttlocks and placed the man on the table. His strong arms trapped him and his dark hair scattered, wrapping around him. He looked into his slightly panicked eyes and lowered his head, but he deflected his face again, making him kiss only his cold, snow-colored cheeks.

The person below him grudgingly smiled, “Ah Lie… I’m tired today…”

Ni Lie looked at him indifferently, it could be said that he played an eighteen-year-old boy during this time flawlessly—— but the other party was not bad, even better than him.

But why wasn’t he continuing to hide himself?

Ni Lie slowly stood up straight, the last bit of warmth in his eyes was gone, his eyes were ice cold making people unable to look at it directly.

Li Yuanmmin closed his clothes front piece, sat up, and did not dare to look up at him. He got off the table barefoot before walking to the door. His fingers just touched the door, when a strong wind brushed the side of his ear, and a thick and strong arm slammed out from behind and pressed shut the door. Li Yuanmin’s heart jumped heavily, he tried to escape but was in vain as the strong hands didn’t move in the slightest. Soon after his body was turned over, and the tall young man oppressed him straight with his muscular body. He had no choice but to be pressed against the door.

The hot breathe sprayed on his face. Li Yuanmin’s hands were against his chest, his eyelashes fluttered slightly, but he still did not dare to look up at him. Suddenly, his body got light. The youth leaned over and picked him up, and threw him on the bed, before he immediately pounced on him. Li Yuanmin only dodged his oppressive lips, and frailly said: ” Ah Lie……Don’t be like this…please don’t be like this…”

But Ni Lie grabbed his wrist and pressed it above his head, sneering at his lips: “What? Why did you stop pretending now?”

Li Yuanmin’s face changed, obviously he could not maintain such a dream, but he was extremely afraid that he would destroy this dream so he quickly blocked his lips to prevent him from continuing.

Seeing his reaction, Ni Lie’s heart was furious. He turned his face sideways, pinched his chin, and the corners of his lips were still with vague wet marks, but there was a sneering smile: “What are you afraid of? Didn’t you pretend everything was well just a few days ago? I don’t mind it even a bit so why do you mind?”

“Don’t say — Ah Lie don’t say -” Li Yuanmin put his arms around his neck in panic, desperately trying to block his lips.

But Ni Lie was unwilling, destroying his last bit of effort. He said viciously, word by word: “I am still me, what, is this face different from his?” 

As soon as the words fell, the person below him seemed to stiffen. Suddenly he was paralyzed, his eyes were red, and he murmured: “Please don’t say it…”

“How can it not be said?” Ni Lie’s eyes grew colder, and his voice grew dreadful: “I should be sitting on that dragon throne, instead of hiding in this wilderness like this, as a house slave, do you understand?”

Only the intertwined breaths of the two were left in the air.

Li Yuanmin looked at him sheepishly and opened his mouth weakly.

Ni Lie pulled off the tie of his coat. While his hands moved, his eyes were already like solid ice, “You have changed my fate without my permission. What you owe me must be repaid.”

His rough palm grasped the waist that did not fill his whole palm, “I decide when it is finished!”

He ruthlessly went down on Li Yuanmin’s body.

Li Yuanmin bit his lip to suppress the moan that was about to overflow. He raised his chin high, large tears rolling down from the corners of his eyes.

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