PCTG Chapter 63

Chapter 63

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A million troops of iron horses flattened the capital enveloped in the flame of war. The palace walls were splattered with blood, there were traces of murder everywhere.

As the crisis continued, the heaven changed colour, and the Red Tiger was the king.

The guards excitedly invited the commander to the temple of heaven. The broad platform under the main seat was full of surrendered officials. 

He assumed a haughty attitude, looking disdainfully at the nobles that came to their positions through their birth like looking at ants. His eyes showed ridicule:  “What about Emperor Chaoyuan?” 

None of the officials dared to speak, the vast Temple of Heaven was surprisingly quiet.

Not long after, a brazen inner servant shrunk his neck and spoke: “Reporting back to the king, this slave saw that the sinner had gone to the side hall, in the direction of the west hall.” 

“ Oh?” The Red Tiger King showed his admiration, “Take me there.”

The inner servant was overjoyed, knowing that the opportunity to change his fate was in front of him. When his legs and feet stopped trembling, he even crawled up and stayed bent while leading the Red Tiger King.

A group of soldiers crowded Red Tiger King as he majestically went to the West Hall. The internal servant rarely changed his expression, naturally he was not willing to waste the opportunity.

“This slave only saw the sneaky figure of the sinner, and wondered in his heart how he had to keep an eye on him for the king, only to see him enter the West Temple. I did not dare to delay for a moment, so I immediately came to report.”

He peeked into the face of the Red Tiger King, and stretched out his hand and pointed to the front: “My King, in front of you is the West Hall.” 

The Red Tiger King looked up at the broken palace wall, and the corners of his lips revealed an imperceptible sneer: “What is your name?”

The inner servant was so happy even though he didn’t know whether it was a good sign or not. He hurriedly replied: “This slave’s name is Wang Xi, i was originally a miscellaneous attendant of Ronghua Palace.”

A sudden laugh rang in his ears, this laugh made his heart beat fast for no reason.

 The tall and strong commander stopped his steps, looked at him with a slight side look, and the last bit of laughter on his face was completely gone. The coldness was compelling, the internal attendant’s face was pale, he did not have time to beg for his life, when a white light split, and his eyes widened immediately. The blood in his throat spewed out, and immediately, the whole person fell heavily to the ground.

The Red Tiger King withdrew his sword and looked condescendingly at the man on the ground who was still twitching, sneering on his lips; this is the capital city, this place produced an abundance of this kind of filthy things. 

He ignored it and strode toward the dilapidated palace.

Weeds overgrown and the place desolated.

The Red Tiger King frowned slightly, why did Emperor Chaoyuan come to this barren land. He couldn’t help but be a little alert, ordering everyone to be on guard and carefully walking in.

As soon as he stepped through the door, he heard a tearing sound inside followed by a few laughs.

“Fu*king an emperor is not enough for you to brag?”

“ Tsk tsk…… This fine skin and tender flesh, I don’t know how Sima father and son duo were born to be so blessed! ”

The Red Tiger King’s face darkened. He repeatedly ordered serious military discipline, so he didn’t expect this play to occur before his own eyes.

Cao Gang had already seen his face and did not dare to delay, he immediately led a group of soldiers to rush into the door. When the Red Tiger King raised his feet to enter, the two soldiers kneeling on the ground were already bloodless, only pounding their heads like garlic, but it was too late, they only saw a flash of white light, and the knife edge that had just seen blood immediately had two more deceased souls. Blood spread across the ground.

The crowd held their breath in unison, only respectfully bowing their hands and waiting.

The Red Tiger King slowly paced past.

There laid a man on the ground, his posture twisted, already lifeless. His face was covered with a piece of cloth, the blood oozed a little, making it look terrifying. The emperor’s uniform on his body had been torn messily, a piece of snow-white flesh on his chest was revealed, and his pants had fallen down halfway and hung on his knees. It looked like his corpse hadn’t been ruined yet.

The corner of the Red Tiger King’s lips sneered.

Thinking about it, he had never seen the true face of this Emperor ChaoYuan but in the end, this person was just a spoiled pet of the Sima family, sitting obediently in the imperial court behind a thick beaded curtain. Although he had great achievements in battle, his rank was very low, standing in the last few rows, there was just a vague and unclear figure.

The closest he got was when he knelt on the ground and begged to marry a palace maid in the palace. With the great victory in the northwest, he made a great achievement; so he vainly thought of exchanging this military feat for a person. However, the vague figure behind the beaded curtain did not speak for a long time. There was only silence, and in such silence, his heart gradually cooled down. Soon, the silence was broken, and Sima Yu’s rebuke came: something about taking advantage of the Emperor’s kindness and not knowing the difference between good and bad and so on.

He couldn’t save Ah Ying with his battle achievements, nor could he save that older sister, so he changed his methods.

A few years had passed, and he didn’t think this would be the way they met.

He towered down and used the bloodied knife to pick up the blood-stained bright yellow rag that covered his face, and a disheveled face appeared before him.

The Red Tiger King frowned, feeling something wrong in his heart.

How could it be such a face? His brain began to jump up suddenly. He wondered in exasperation how could it be such a face! But he couldn’t describe what it looked like, just his anxiety was abnormal, which made his head painful as if it was tearing apart.

 It was like a bolt of lightning had struck, and it gradually became clear in front of his eyes.

The eyelashes slowly lifted, a pair of soft eyes with water looked at him, then a smile floated lightly on the side of the snow-coloured cheeks. The red lips opened, and he gently called to him: “Ah Lie…”

The Red Tiger King was overjoyed, he stumbled and reached out to him, but when his finger was about to touch, his eyes shook, and everything was like an illusion. The waves rippled, and the face disappeared along with it.

The Red Tiger King was in a rush. He hurriedly chased after him but the ground was empty, and the whole person fell weightless.

“Ah Lie…..Ah Lie…”

Ni Lie was sweating profusely, gasping violently. He slowly opened his eyes, and those gentle water-like eyes came into view. He raised his hand to stroke his face.

The morning light shone through the cotton curtain, showing no scars on the snow-white face.

Ni Lie swallowed his saliva, and his heart suddenly tugged. It was very uncomfortable. He thought, that was nothing, it was all a matter of past lives. In this life, he was covetous of his beauty, so how could he allow him to use a knife to cut such a beautiful face into a blur of flesh and blood?

The sound of firecrackers outside crackled, near and far.

New Year’s Day.

The beauty in front of him touched his face, said something in his ear in small pieces, probably some auspicious words. His soft hands caressed his face, kissed his eyes, treating him like a child.

“Ah Lie….”

He kissed his face affectionately.

“Ah Lie….”

Ni Lie sat up fiercely, he had never been so flustered before. He put on his shoes quickly. His clothes weren’t even put on properly but draped over his shoulder before he bolted outside.

The man sitting on the bed sighed and leaned down slowly, like an insecure bird with broken wings. He rubbed his cheek against the youth’s robe, closing his eyes, as a tear slid down the corner of his eye.

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