PCTG Chapter 71

Chapter 71

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Ni Ying had never seen her brother look like this, he looked almost like a demon. She was afraid in her heart, as if she didn’t know the person in front of her.

But he obviously looked exactly the same as the taciturn brother who loved her.

However, seeing him clenching his fists while approaching her step by step, forced her to involuntarily retreat. The morning sun burst out of the dawn, shining with golden light, portraying the shadow of the tall man in front of her as huge and terrifying, like a beast ready to strike.

He spoke, without a trace of expression: “Ah Ying, put him down and get out.”

The man’s voice was cold, with a coercion that could not be resisted as he commanded her.

Ni Ying’s heart was pounding, she had been afraid of her brother when she was a child, but her fear now was absolutely the same as in the past. Coldness and terror rose from her spine. She felt the stiffness of the person on her back at this moment. At that moment, she suddenly plucked up infinite courage, and took out the smoke signal in her bosom with one hand, and pulled out the lead with her teeth. Smoke burst out of the smoke signal, a white light broke through the sky from the smoke mouth, exploding a blinding light in the air.

Ni Lie didn’t even look at it, his face was already heavy: “Ah Ying, you have gone too far.”

The words did not finish falling when he striked forward like a fierce tiger burst out, and arrived in front of Ni Ying in a flash. He firmly detained Ni Ying, while effortlessly taking the person on her back into his bosom. He turned around, lifted the robe and looked, it was the jade man he was hiding in the secret room. His heart relaxed, then he ordered the servant woman on the side: “Come, take the young lady and withdraw, confine her for a day to reflect!”

Ni Ying gritted her teeth and stood up, flipped the servant woman who came up to the ground. She hurried forward, grabbed the wrist of the person in his bosom. Her tone was already trembling: “Let me take him home today, I will still recognize you as my brother in the future!”

Her eyes were red, but she still stared at him without fear, gritting her teeth and saying word by word: “Otherwise, in the future, I, Ni Ying, will only have a Gege in this life, and no brother!”

Ni Lie’s pupils contracted suddenly, his face terrified.

Everyone present held their breath, and did not dare to make a sound. The huge inner courtyard of this commander’s mansion was extremely silent.

After a while, Ni Lie opened his hand, and the servant woman hurriedly stepped forward to pull Ni Ying away.

“No, I won’t make deals with you, I make deals with him.” As soon as he lifted the gown, revealing his beautiful face and trembling thin eyelids, he approached his snow-white ears, and said almost cruelly:

“I will let you choose. First, I forced you to stay here and let Ah Ying choose between you and me, but obviously, me as her brother had no ability like you.” He had already seen the tears gradually oozing from the corners of his eyes, but continued to speak without mercy: “Second, you willingly stay here, give me five days of perfect consummation, and after five days, you and I will be separated from each other with no other connection remaining.”

Ni Ying didn’t know what conditions her brother negotiated with His Highness Gege, but she knew that it was not easy. Her eye sockets cracked, struggling to break away from the servant. She drew her sword: “Don’t force him! Don’t force him! I will risk my life with you! ”

Facing the sword that was about to be slashed at his body, Ni Lie did not dodge in the slightest. He was only focused on those painfully closed eyes, as if his life was not important without Li Yuanmin’s answer.

His loyal entourage could not wait for Commander Daren to give orders, they hurriedly stepped forward to obstruct Ni Ying’s sword and surround her. The sonorous sound of the sword rose and fell one after another.

Although Ni Ying had good skill, these carefully selected dozens of brave men of Ni Lie were not here for decoration. However, they knew of Ni Ying’s identity and dare not make a killer move. All they could do was to trap her and prevent her from getting close to their master.

Between the fierce sword fights, there was Ni Ying’s mad cries making one feels sad. The roots of Ni Lie’s teeth were towering. He was gambling, betting that the heart of the person in his bosom was softer than him.

No, he wasn’t gambling at all, he was sure that his soft heart would not hurt Ah Ying. He was sure that he himself was more ruthless than him!

He won, the person in his bosom softened, tears soaking his neck: “Five days …”

A bite on his shoulder made him tremble.

Ni Lie’s Adam’s apple moved, he let him bite, but his heart was completely devoid of the joy he wanted. He closed his eyes, carried him into his bedroom, sat on the edge of the bed, personally took his clothes, and put them on for him.

He half-kneed in front of him, sometimes gritting his teeth, sometimes his face was gloomy, and after a long time, he raised his chin and kissed his lips, “Don’t worry, after these five days, I will focus on my future prospects. You have delayed me too much, I have to get it all back.”

“ These five days, don’t forget to give me a perfect consummation. ”

Ni Lie knew that he became insane to speak of these conditions with Li Yuanmin. If it was in his previous life, he’s afraid that the person in front of him who messed with his heart would have already become the revenant under his sword. Because he deeply understood how terrible such a disturbance that he had never experienced before was, he made a clean break. Five days, only five days. From then on, he would make a clean break, free of distractions. Henceforth, he can embark on the rain of blood with a stench wind journey to the extreme.

The person in front of him closed his eyes, a tear dripped down his chin and landed on Ni Lie’s fingertips.

Ni Lie’s heart trembled slightly, he immediately stood up.

He looked at him, gritted his teeth and turned his head, strode outside the house, and shouted: “Stop! ”

Everyone retreated, the sword in Ni Ying’s hand already had countless cracks. She slowly knelt down, supported her hands on the ground, whimpered and cried.

Ni Lie’s Adam’s apple moved, and he flicked his sleeves away.

Ni Ying cried in place for a long time, before she seemed to realize something. She lost her sword in a frenzy, trying frantically to stand up, and run to the bedroom.

Her Highness’s Gege was sitting there, in the morning light, just like a god.

She walked a few steps slowly before rushing over quickly. She knelt in front of the bed, and hugged his waist. She tilted her head, looked at His Highness with a wooden face, and sniffled.

“ Your Highness, let’s go, Ah Ying will take you home. ”

She embarrassedly wiped the tear tracks from her face directly with her sleeve. “In the future, I will only have His Royal Highness Gege, there will be no other relatives, only His Highness Gege.”

Li Yuanmin shook, as if awakened. He touched Ni Ying’s face for a long time, then the corners of his lips tugged: “Ah Ying, it’s not like this…”

He knew how painful Ah Ying felt, this pain was by no means inferior to his. How could he be willing to let this girl suffer from the abuse he had suffered. He forced a smile: “There are some misunderstandings between me and your brother, we’ve talked about it already… so these words cannot be said in the future. ”

How could it be just a misunderstanding!

Ni Ying’s heart was broken, she didn’t know why overnight, things became like this. Her brother should have pitied her highness Gege, what went wrong, she wanted to know hysterically.

Li Yuanmin endured the severe pain in his heart, held her head in his arms, and coaxed her like a child: “Ah Ying, go back to the house… In a few days, His Highness Gege will also go back. ”

“No!” Ni Ying hugged his waist tightly and buried her face in his bosom, “If His Highness doesn’t go back, I won’t go back!”

“Be obedient!” Li Yuanmin gasped and his voice trembled: “Even… you don’t listen to me anymore? ”

“No! I don’t want it! I’m not going back!” Ni Ying shouted like crazy, her face wet. She looked up, and suddenly froze, she saw His Royal Highness Gege crying in front of her for the first time.

At that moment, she only felt that the suffering of the world was nothing more than that.

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