PCTG Chapter 72

Chapter 72

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As he walked out of the inner courtyard, the morning sun shone on his face.

However, there was a cold silence in his heart, like a pool of stagnant water.

There was a sound of close footsteps, an entourage hurriedly came up: “Report to master, the leader of the Guang’an Prince Mansion’s soldiers brought more than a hundred people to surround the mansion claiming to see you.” 

Ni Lie snorted between his nose, a mocking smile appeared at the corner of his lips, “I won’t see them. ”

“This…” the entourage hesitated.

The entire Lingnan region knew that the Guang’an Prince Mansion lay under Commander Ni’s command. Although these more than 100 people were not worthy of the strict treatment of the commander’s mansion, after all, they are still people from the Guang’an Prince Mansion. If they make a move, then it is nothing more than damage to the mansion’s soldiers leader.

Ni Lie glanced at him, his heart suddenly moved. He was silent for a long time, then said in a deep voice: “An insignificant mansion’s soldier’s leader dares to besiege the commander’s Mansion, is the commander in chief dead?”

The entourage immediately noticed, accepted the order and hurriedly withdrew. 

Ni Lie looked at the back of the departing companion, and gently closed his eyes.

Lingnan was too small, so small that he couldn’t fully use any punching and kicking. That eighteen-year-old boy can be in a corner like this, protecting one person. But he can’t, if he does not have powerful soldiers and horses in hand, he will be constrained everywhere. He will be arbitrarily manipulated; how can he not understand after the two lifetimes–what he likes would be robbed, and what he hates can only be eliminated by violence; all this was attributed to monstrous power, and his thirst for power was already deeply rooted in his bones.

Chaos was imminent, he urgently needed to expand his strength, increase the chips in his hand. Even if the eldest prince extended an olive branch to him, he naturally has to express something, not to mention… If you want to cut, you have to cut it off thoroughly.

Ni Lie clenched his fists tightly.

Half an hour later, the soldiers who besieged the Commander’s Mansion all surrendered. Zhou Dawu and several other deputy commanders were escorted to the inner prison of the Commander’s Mansion.

Near noon, Ni Ying walked out of the inner courtyard in a trance. She saw the man standing at the gate of the mansion against the light, her steps were slightly sluggish, but she immediately resumed her original rhythm, and walked outside without slanting.

When passing by the tall man, the other party stopped her coldly.

Ni Ying’s footsteps did not stop, she walked straight to the gate of the mansion as if she hadn’t heard it. When her elbows were firmly controlled by a pair of large palms, she raised her head and stared at the man in front of her with hatred.

Ni Lie looked at those red eyes, his Adam’s apple moved. He took out a token from his bosom and stuffed it into her palm, and said expressionlessly: “Go to the inner prison and bring back Zhou Dawu’s people.”


This was his token, and seeing it was like seeing the master. Ni Ying didn’t know what she felt, she only squeezed the token tightly in her hand, glared at him angrily, and hurriedly went inward.

Ni Lie looked at the back of the hurried departure for a long time, and suddenly said, “Don’t worry, Brother will return him to you.”


Night fell, and the cold wind blew on the tip of the tree branches, making a slight rustling sound.

Inside the room, the silently long lit Dilong has warmed up making the whole room warm. As soon as he came in, he took off the huge overcoat on his body and threw it to the servant.

“How is he? ”

The servant woman replied respectfully: “Master rest assured, His Highness is without inconvenience today, his legs have also recovered some strength. A bowl of medicinal porridge was also brought in the evening.”

Ni Lie’s heart relaxed slightly, he immediately waved at several of them: “Everyone retreat.”

The servants took the order and withdrew lightly.

Ni Lie paused and walked to the inner room.

Under the candlelight, the jade man sat quietly at the table, wearing a plain white soft silk coat, with slight moisture at the end of his black hair. He obviously just bathed, obediently waiting for him in the room.

Ni Lie’s Adam’s apple moved. He stepped forward, leaned over and picked him up, then laid him firmly flat on the bed.

When the body fell onto the soft and warm bedding, the eyes of the person under him closed.

Ni Lie’s eyes were deep. He curled his fingers, caressed his soft snow-white cheeks, and whispered: “What I want is not to make you behave the same as in the secret room.” 

Those pair of dark eyes trembled before it gradually opened, there was a trace of uneasiness on his face, but he still looked at him as he requested.

“Seduce me.” Ni Lie did not hide his purpose, his hot breath sprayed on his face, “With your means, all kinds of means, I want all of them.” 

He looked at him unscrupulously, blatant desire written on his face. If his gaze could turn into an entity, the person under him would have shattered into powder under this inch by inch blade.

Li Yuanmin’s eyes trembled, he took a gentle breath for a long time, before he raised his hand and pulled the tie of his underwear, revealing a snow-white slender body.

He had seen this body so many times, but when it came into his view, Ni Lie couldn’t help but breathe a little heavier. He thought, why would he need to use any means, why would a person like him need to use the slightest means at all.

He was so beautiful that no one can take their eyes off him, such a person will become the target of the hunt of those in power wherever he is placed.

He had been in this Lingnan region for eight years, eight years, from a thirteen-year-old child to the current vessel state king. He had also faced many dangers.

Ni Lie suddenly remembered the white handkerchief in Xue Zaixing’s bosom. Being surrounded by wolves, how did he maneuver around these dangerous territories all these years, how did he escape lying humiliated under all kinds of people in power who coveted him?

—— It was probably like the current situation. 

At that moment, Ni Lie’s heart suddenly shrunk, it was an unprecedented pain, he was a little uncomfortable with such a sudden strange feeling. He frowned impatiently, very impatient.

But seeing that the person in front of him was half kneeling, he took a few breaths, lowered his eyes softly, and slowly swam down.

Ni Lie gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, thinking to himself, what about it? He can just enjoy him for five days. He could enjoy him as much as he liked for these five days in order to relieve the blockage in his heart that was difficult to relieve, nothing more.

Five days, then everything will be over.

However, when the person in front of him held up his fragile white butterfly bone and humbly buried his head in the place of the evil creature, he was suddenly furious. He immediately got up, scooped him up, and put him on the bed.

His eyes were blood-red, while gasping for breath, before he fiercely blocked his soft lips.

At that moment, he suddenly understood why the eighteen-year-old boy had to bear the huge danger that he also had to pull Xue Zaixing out of his own strength.

——How could he endure him like this, how could he endure this person like this.

He bit his lip anxiously, but there was no way to relieve the cracks in between his heart. He suddenly thought of something. His eyes lit up, yes, he couldn’t let him do this, so the proud tiger lowered his head, put away his terrible fangs, hid his indestructible claws, and did a careful shady business.

Li Yuanmin bit his lip tightly, finally he couldn’t bear it and he suddenly bounced up. Pushing his head, moving his body to lean against the bed angle, his voice was almost like crying: “Don’t be like this.”

However, Ni Lie did not have the shame of being rejected in the past. He supported his strong arms and beast-like limbs to push and move all the way. Both arms propped the two sides of the other party. Trapping him in his territory, while pressing against his forehead, he licked the corners of his wet lips: “I’ve already said it. These five days, I want to do whatever I want.”

After finishing the words, he immediately gently pecked and kissed him. The movements actually unconsciously became gentle: “You should be obedient and give me a consummation.”

Li Yuanmin had nowhere to retreat, this look made him inexplicably afraid, making him often confused with some memories that could not be discarded in his memory.

Although his legs did not have much strength, he gritted his teeth and knelt up, put his arms around his neck, and blocked his lips, wanting to arouse his ferocity and make him stop showing such a look that scared him.

But he had been caught in a weak spot, now hugged around his waist, he reflexively pressed on the bed. The other party hooked his head, pecked and kissed him little by little, becoming more and more gentle, Li Yuanmin trembled lightly.

He pushed him away and choked up: “Don’t be like this… Please don’t do this…”

He was frightened by his gentle look.

The author has something to say: Ah… Disturbance……

The more he looks the more he cherishes….

Although there is no feeling, but so what?

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