PCTG Chapter 75

Chapter 75

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A night of disturbing dreams.

Li Yuanmin woke up in the light of the rising sun. He frowned and held up the back of his hand to block those dazzling lights. After a long time, he slowly let go, the person beside him had already disappeared.

He supported his body and slowly sat up. As soon as he sat stably, something in his underclothes slipped out. When he picked it up, he saw that it was the silk cloth of the map. The silk cloth seemed to have been made from some special material , which was different from the usual silk cloth feeling. He kept his fingertips on it, after a moment, he put it into his bosom again.

Just as he was about to get out of bed, the light at the door was dim, and a tall figure stood in the doorway.

It was Ni Lie.

Although the winter had passed, the spring was cold, especially in the morning. He was bare-chested, his tight tendon flesh covered with sweat. He was holding a long stick in his hand, obviously getting up early in the morning to practice martial arts.

He glanced at Li Yuanmin without any expression on his face nor did he speak. He only handed the long stick to the servant woman on the side, took care of himself and took a few prepared towels on the side. The servant woman had prepared hot water for him. He carelessly wiped himself before he changed into a clean robe, and went out.

It was as if there was no him in the room.

Li Yuanmin got out of bed directly, not even caring about his shoes, only trotting over barefoot, and buried himself in his bosom.

NiLie froze, stiffened, and hugged him for a while.

Li Yuanmin relaxed his body, the tip of his nose soured, but he said softly: “Ah Lie, I missed you.”

Ni Lie’s face sank, the roots of his teeth shook, his chest rose and fell several times, he closed his eyes, and finally did not say anything.

There is no harm in letting him do it just for a day. 

He calmed down a little. When he saw his feet stepping on the cold floor tiles, he immediately leaned over, picked him up, and put him on the bed. He made a side glance, and the servant woman who was waiting while holding her breath on the side quickly came up and served Li Yuanmin while he freshened up.

Breakfast was served quickly. Compared to the diet in Ni Lie’s usual day, the food on the table was obviously much more delicate, laid numerous on the table.

Different from the previous shyness, today Li Yuanmin’s appetite was much better. He ate all of what the servants had served, before finally drinking a bowl of medicinal chicken porridge.

The servant woman who had been taking care of him for many days was obviously very surprised, and gladly served him fragrant tea to rinse his mouth.

When it was about 7-9am, the entourage was already waiting outside: “Master, the horses outside are ready.” 

Ni Lie nodded, waved him back, and was about to get up, when another burst of aroma came to the tip of his nose. The person beside him hugged his waist, but did not speak. He only buried his face in his chest making Ni Lie couldn’t help but clench his teeth.

Where is the upright nobleman of the region, the vessel state king? He’s remarkably alike to a pampered prostitute who only relied on sex to hook the soul of the customer without letting him think properly.

Ni Lie was angry in his heart, but he called his entourage.

“Instruct Cao Gang, change today’s schedule to just practices like usual, everything…shall wait until I return to camp. ”

“Yes, Daren.”

The entourage turned a blind eye to what they saw, answered then hurriedly withdrew.

After the entourage left, Ni Lie’s face was a little bad. With a heavy face, he was about to open his mouth to nag, but the person in front of him seemed to be afraid of what he would say so he immediately grabbed his neck and blocked his lips.

Again with such means! Such extremely fragile means! Isn’t he afraid of using it so much that it makes people become annoyed instead!

Ni Lie was really annoyed, but seeing his slightly trembling dark eyelashes, he reprimanded his lips and swallowed it again.

He wrapped his arms around his waist in vengeance, crushed his lips hard, devoured the fluid between his lips making him collapse weakly in his embrace, at his mercy.

This person who took the initiative to provoke him finally was completely and utterly defeated. He was gasping for air while Ni Lie pressed the back of his head in his own neck, regretting that he had somewhat been too easy on him last night, it was simply losing one’s head over lust!

Perhaps it was a dissatisfied warning, the man did not have to step in, only silently accompanied him without speaking and only looked at him tenderly. As if looking at another person, Ni Lie hovered on the edge of forbearance and outburst all day, but if he really blackened his face, the other party would keep looking at him with those watery eyes. Looking more carefully, there was a pleading in his eyes that made him anxious.

The first time Ni Lie was so self-loathing, he was like a fool who cocooned himself! He hurriedly had lunch, and did not wait for the man to finish eating, before he suddenly got up and strode out, wanting to have someone to lead the horse over. But the young servant waited there for a long time, he waved for him to withdraw agitatedly. He simply went to the study, sat cross-legged on the side of the table, and picked some books about art of war and the like to pass the time.

Just as he was carelessly flipping through while reading ten lines at a glance, that man with black hair walked in. In such cold weather, his cloak was not brought out, he only wore a slightly thin cloth. He was panting, his cheeks were slightly red, obviously looking for him everywhere.

He saw him, his heart seemed to settle down, swallowing his saliva, before stepping in with his hem.

Ni Lie only treated it as if he hadn’t saw him. The corner of his eyes saw the other party quietly come to his side, the corner of his clothes brought forth the wind, and a smell of cold incense hit. His thighs were heavy, but the man was like a racoon dog, using his legs as pillows. He curled up nestled between his legs, and dared to close his eyes like each person minding each’s business.

Ni Lie endured for a long time, until his hand holding the corner of his clothes fell silently. He did not think of any words of reprimand. He only used his darkened face to gesture towards the young servant at the door.

The young servant knew the meaning, and immediately sent someone to move a few heaters in. The study warmed up, while Ni Lie who was afraid of the heat, took off his overcoat, paused, and used it to cover Li Yuanmin’s body.

The person on his leg breathed out a long breath, seemed to be sleeping deeply, his breath was full of fragrant breath. Ni Lie looked at him, his eyelids were heavy, his elbows were leaning on the table, supporting his forehead, he actually slept like this.

As the sun set, night gradually fell. 

Ni Lie paused and sobered up. He looked at the slip up on the table was actually two hours of sleep, it was simply groundbreaking. He was just about to get up, when he suddenly felt something heavy on his legs. After he looked down, under the twilight, the person in his bosom was already looking at him from bottom to top with those warm eyes like a wash, it wasn’t known how long he had woken up.

As soon as Ni Lie moved, he immediately felt his thighs paralyzed. The culprit of this also followed him and woke up. The wooden hairpin he bought dropped and was lost somewhere, his head full of black hair sat up.

His itchy legs were really itchy and hard to endure, Ni Lie frowned. He straightened his legs, and was about to stand up slowly, when a pair of slender wrists stretched out and rubbed it for him.

These hands obviously didn’t have much strength, especially compared with thick skin and flesh like Ni Lie’s. It obviously has little effect, but on the contrary…

Ni Lie’s eyes fell, without speaking. At the snow-white hands rubbing back and forth on his thighs, his Adam’s apple moved. He immediately looked away.

However, it was too late, and the person who kneaded him apparently noticed the abnormality of his erection.

His kneading hand stopped.

Ni Li was stunned, but he simply obeyed his own desire. He grabbed his waist, and skillfully pulled the ties of his clothes.

But the person in front of him grabbed his clothes and hurriedly said, “Take me to a place.”

After a pause, he pushed through his insignificant struggles, he continued to strip him. 

A voice in his ear that was almost like pleading: “Please.”


The two galloped into the night.

Ni Lie did not speak, he was with a dark expression all the way, only following the instructions of the person in his bosoms to where he said.

He absurdly did not even ask, he just brought him out according to his wishes.

He was losing his head over lust.

Today, he didn’t know how many times he had scolded himself.

Finally they arrived at the destination, it was a mirror lake that seemed to be not visited by anyone.

Early spring was still cold and the mirror lake reflected the moon in the sky, there was also a clear and crystalline moon in the mirror lake. It was quite interesting, but although this lake was beautiful, it was surrounded by withered grass and trees, extremely cheerless. 

Ni Lie didn’t know why he took him to such an unknown place at night.

However, the person in front of him took a few steps forward with a lost soul, as if he was very sad: “It’s beautiful… It should be beautiful here…”

Ni Lie looked at him inexplicably sad, for some reason, a picture suddenly appeared in his mind: under the moonlight, the man pulled out the hairpin, shook his head, and his black hair fell like snow. He looked back and smiled, like a gorgeous demon in the night.

Ni Lie’s heart froze, he saw the man staggering towards the mirror lake.

At that moment, somehow, his heart beat violently, and without even thinking about it, he rushed a few steps forward to hold his wrist.

However, he just looked back at him, opened his mouth, his eyes full of things that Ni Lie could not understand. After a long time, he came backhanded, grabbed Ni Lie’s hand, and ran towards the depths of the dense forest.

It was a secluded wooden house.

The moonlight shines eternally, scattering a clear light.

Ni Lie had never seen him like this, there was no other time that he was more certain than this time that Li Yuanmin was a demon. Compared to the gentleness that made him sink, or the fragility of the victim, the demon in front of him obviously wanted his life.

He bit his lip, his eyelashes damp. The fragrant sweat slipped from the side of his cheeks, dripping on his wheat-colored muscle-coiled chest, extremely enchanting, extremely gorgeous.

Ni Lie had no consciousness at all, and was only at his mercy.

When the tide came, Li Yuanmin covered Ni Lie’s eyes. Large tears fell while he silently lipped.

“ Ah Lie, farewell. ”

The author has something to say: Each goes his own way!

Though…… It felt funny when I wrote about Old Ni.

Ciacia/N: I always feel cringy whenever it’s about Ni Lie tho, lol.

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