PCTG Chapter 74

Chapter 74

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Li Yuanmin was silent, he didn’t have any words. At this moment, he fell into dead silence.

In such a quiet darkness, Ni Lie suddenly said, “I will leave Ah Ying in your hands.”

He propped up his upper body, touched inside his soft undergarments, took out the piece of tiger head jade pendant attached to his chest, and swirled around it in his hand. The jade pendant carried the temperature of his body, very fitting in his hand. He unconsciously put the tip of his nose against it and sniffed, this jade pendant seemed to be soaked with the cold fragrance on his body. There was a faint aroma, which made his heart inexplicably very peaceful. He hesitated for a moment, before putting it back into his undergarments. 

What he cared about the most was that the eighteen-year-old boy entrusted it to the person in front of him.

And now he once again delivered it to him, the man he had touched in less than a month, the man he extremely loathed.

He paused, took something out of his bosom and stuffed it into his undergarment.

Li Yuanmin felt his hand groping for something, he thought he wanted to be relieved, but that’s not it, the other party stuffed a soft thing into his underclothes.

“ I know that you have always had some means, but in this chaotic world, after all, you’re just overestimating yourself to attempt the impossible. In half a year, the situation in this world will be chaotic… If I don’t have that kind of imperial luck in this life,”

Ni Lie paused and did not continue. He placed the thing properly and straightened his underclothes, “Your eldest imperial brother is not a tolerant person, this is a sea map… In the fifth year of Black Tortoise, I sent my internal ministers to Nanyang when I accidentally found a secret territory of Taoyuan. This island is hidden and difficult for outsiders to reach, it is most suitable for taking refuge in troubled times, of course, this might be the last retreat I can leave for you. ”

Ni Lie’s eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness. Borrowing a hint of moonlight, he curled his fingers to caress Li Yuanmin’s face. His gaze was actually a little soft.

“ What ability does that eighteen-year-old kid have that can make you remember him so much—— it’s a pity that he is young, short-sighted, shrinking into this barbaric place to be a mansion’s general. If the world becomes chaotic, I am afraid that he can’t even protect himself, not to mention think about you!” He couldn’t help but bring a bit of envy out at the end.

Li Yuanmin couldn’t bear it after all, and said in a trembling voice: “I won’t allow you to talk about him!”

Ni Lie actually smiled good-naturedly: “Alright, alright I won’t talk about him.”

He gently patted the slightly bulging underwear, there was silence for another long time.

The moonlight poured quietly, and time seemed to stand still.

He said abruptly: “In the last life, why didn’t you hold on?” 

This word, which had no head or tail, completely silenced the surroundings.

The man was obviously dissatisfied, he turned around, lowered his head and ran to his lips,

Li Yuanmin wanted to cry without tears: “Don’t be like this.”

Ni Lie smiled, he sipped his soft and fragrant lips, but the smile gradually calmed down. He stroked the black hair from his forehead like a child, revealing a smooth forehead and the eyes that were eager to dodge could not find a way. He was silent for a moment, but asked softly:

“New Year’s Eve that day, you knew that there was a wick in this body, why did you treat me like that?”

That gentleness that was enough to make him sink was the most poisonous, he regretted provoking it, but regret is useless. There is no mercy in troubled times, now there is no other way but to cut it off fiercely and embark on the journey to seize power!

Li Yuanmin’s breath was slightly hot, he opened his mouth, but couldn’t speak. However, the man in front of him pulled the corners of his lips lightly, seemingly smiling.

In the end, he sighed and pressed his lips helplessly: “What is there to blame you for? Everything happened from my own actions.”

Everything was too strange. This man, his almost tender eyes, his behavior, his words, everything made Li Yuanmin panic. His hand tightly pinched the corner of his clothes and he breathed chaotically.

“ You guessed right,” the man saw through his uneasiness and only touched his cheek, “if I decided on heaven and earth, to control this world, then I cannot guarantee I won’t come to find you.”

Li Yuanmin closed his eyes deeply: “Your words can’t be trusted.”

This sentence made Ni Lie’s eyes gradually cold, he simply grabbed his wrist and pressed it to the side of his face, with a little fierceness: “Not just you, even I hate being like this, but I still have no choice but to comply. I’m not afraid of staying here with you as a servant!” 

“ ——You can only pray for these five years! Even ten years will make me forget you! ”

His chest heaved heavily, before he suddenly laughed viciously: “Or pray that in this life, I will become a rebel and traitor because of that emperor, and be beheaded by your Li family to expose one’s corpse at the Noon Gate, then you will be free forever!” 

After saying that, he domineeringly tightened the arm that wrapped around his waist, lowered his head, buried it in his slender neck, and sniffed deeply.

Li Yuanmin was extremely tired, he shook his lips: “Why!?” 

He pushed him hatefully: “Why?! ”

Ni Lie suddenly blocked his lips and invaded him fiercely several times before he panted and let go of him: “Because you provoked me! The fact that you seduced me!”

He gritted his teeth and said, “You have to believe that I regretted it more than you that day to be possessed, following you back!”

This man found the barracks and showed that kind of tantrum, which made him upset that he inexplicably chased him back, unexpectedly he became crazy and was entangled until now.

He gritted his teeth: “I have never done such a stupid thing in my life!”

He was so angry that he spoke something wrong without knowing. 

Li Yuanmin was stunned, his eyes were hot, but he suddenly hugged his neck, “Ah Lie…”

Ni Lie’s teeth twitched. In the end, he suppressed it several times before coldly saying: “He won’t come back.”

Li Yuanmin hurriedly closed his eyes, acting as if he couldn’t hear this sentence.

He sniffed and wrapped his arms around his neck, “Don’t you want me?”

Li Yuanmin pressed his soft slender body and leaned close to him and bit his Adam’s apple with his wet lips.

The person in front of him swallowed heavily and pressed him, but Li Yuanmin seemed paranoid. He raised his feet to seduce him, Ni Lie gasped, and trapped him in his arms within two or three moves. Locking up those movements that easily confused him, he viciously admonished: “You don’t want your life anymore?!” 

Li Yuanmin whimpered and slumped – he was out of control, he was such a forbearant person. He had endured until the fourth day, but he still couldn’t bear it anymore, he grabbed the clothes on his chest, tearing it like crazy:

“Why do you only get to be satisfied, why!?”

All the numbness seemed to gradually recede, and the pain returned, making the person suffocate with growing pain.

He no longer cared what he thought, this body, this face, should have been his (old Ni Lie), why did he easily take him, why did he easily bully himself with this face, he trembled: “why do you have to treat me like this!?”

Ni Lie’s face was grim, he gritted his teeth while staring at him. The person in front of him did not spend any effort, he only used his tears, with a few words from him, he could already utterly defeat Ni Lie. 

Although he was cruel and black-hearted, he had never shamed anyone. The only vile behaviour he had shown was only toward Li Yuanmin here. He enjoyed his body, enjoyed his softness, and endlessly oppressed him. Now he let him shed tears like this, let him cry hysterically like this!

Ni Lie was so anxious that his heart ached, but there was nothing he could do. 

There was a long sigh in the air.

The crying man was slowly taken into his embrace. The rough palm patted his back clumsily.

This is so strange, Li Yuanmin cried so much that he couldn’t help himself, neverthless he  still allowed himself to fall into such a warmth full of traps.

“ The consummation you wanted, I will give it to you.”

It wasn’t known how long it took, but a calm voice suddenly sounded.

“On the last day, I will give you a day of consummation. ”

Li Yuanmin only buried his face in his chest, large tears soaking the clothes on his chest.

Gradually, he put his arm around his thin waist, extremely afraid of the cold. As if holding his only cherished thing, he rubbed his cheek and gradually fell asleep.

He was too exhausted.

Even if the consummation in his mouth deceived him, he was willing to release all fragile defenses for this moment of consummation.

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