PCTG Chapter 79

Chapter 79

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“What!” Ni Lie suddenly got up, his face was shocked, he stared at the secret agent below: “Is the news trustworthy!?” 

The secret agent did not know why this news caused such a huge reaction from the calm and experienced General Daren, but he cupped his hand: “After several investigations, this news must be correct, and today the imperial attendant has gone to the Guang’an Prince Mansion to declare the decree.”

Ni Lie’s eyes suddenly flashed a cold light, making others tremble in fear.

Cao Gang who was below the table immediately raised his eyebrows, secretly peeping at Ni Lie’s face-he had not seen the Red Tiger King like this for a long time. The things between the Third Royal Highness and the Red Tiger King, he couldn’t sort it out at all, looking at this reaction, in the heart of the Red Tiger King, the weight of the Third Royal Highness was really not light.

A faint uneasiness arose in his heart.

The old emperor was about to die, and the more it came to this time, the more he was afraid of making a mistake. These days the spies in the capital come to report. The second prince Li Yuanlang has frequently visited Marquis Zhenbei to pay respect in recent days, as if he had the intention of surrendering. That’s what he originally thought, that the old man Sima perhaps was pushing the boat along the water and supporting him to ascend but unexpectedly, the imperial decree has been issued. This imperial decree…whose idea was it?

It’s fine, if they were to support the second prince, but if it was King Guang’an… Looking at the man at the top seat, Cao Gang immediately had a headache.

Ni Lie’s face was gloomy, he hurriedly instructed them a few words, and then waved them away.

The huge council chamber suddenly fell silent, leaving only the sound of heavy breathing remaining.

After a while, he clapped his hands, however there was only the sound of the hem of cloth swaying in the wind, the secret guard on the beam rolled down like a ghost and knelt on the ground.

Ni Lie took a heavy breath for a long time, before he said coldly: “Is his body okay?” 

The secret guard replied: “It’s good, he’s left the sickbed for a few days already. However, his spirit is not good. He appears sickly.” 


Ni Lie closed his eyes and asked again, “Did he have any medicine?”

“Yes, daily medication.” The secret guard hesitated for a while, and then said, “… Today, the Third Highness received the decree to enter the palace to serve His Majesty’s sickness, after explaining things to a few people, he locked himself in his room for half a day, no one saw him… it looks like it’s not good.” 

Ni Lie closed his eyes, this sickly person! He thought hatefully, this cowardly sick man!

Some inexplicable emotions rolled in his chest, making him restless, and after a long time, he let out a long breath, opened his eyes, and said in a deep voice: “Prepare a horse.”


The door creaked, Zhou Dawu, who was ridden with worry and anxiety, left.

When the door closed, Li Yuanmin’s whole person had a sense of collapse, he slowly took a few steps back and sat on the seat.

His fingertips moved, slowly clasping his lower abdomen, and an incomparably tired feeling overwhelmed him.

During this time, he had more and more the feeling of fate.

What about the eight years of struggle, in the end, it was no match for fate.

He sighed, leaned down, and gently rested his head against the cold pear blossom wooden table top like a tired bird.

A piece of warm jade slipped out of his neck, shining with a lustrous luster in the dim candlelight. He looked at it stunned, before reaching out to take it and press it to his cheek.

He didn’t even have the strength to shed tears.

How did his Ah Lie disappear out of thin air, so that eight years of companionship, bit by bit, everything, disappeared overnight.

He hadn’t thought of him for a long time, nor had he thought about these fateful things, but on such a tired night, he couldn’t help but think about it.

It turned out that no matter how hard he worked, how hard he tried to live, it was nothing more than this.

The solitude of the late night added to this lonely despair, he clutched the piece of jade, lying on the table, unable to close his eyes.

In the face of fate, he was no different from a grasshopper after all.

There was a creak at the door, and Li Yuanmin didn’t even have the strength to reprimand, he spoke in a low muffled voice, “ All of you withdraw.”

However, his body sank, he was held tightly in his bosom. The familiar breath came, he was ecstatic at first, but almost instantly his body turned icy from head to toe!

He was short of breath, his eyes trembled, and finally he slowly opened his eyes. Under the dim candlelight, the man in front of him had a cold expression, a temple as sharp as a blade, his body exuding invisible power.

Li Yuanmin didn’t even have the strength to struggle, he just leaned his head weakly on his chest: “You didn’t stick to your words.” 

He choked up and charged weakly: “You don’t stick to it at all.”

Ni Lie had expected his reaction, but seeing him like this, his face was dark.

“You coward!” His teeth muscles shook.  Ni Lie put him on the bed, sat down, half knelt in front of him, grabbed his lifeless face, and gnashed his teeth: “So many people have eaten up your bloodless ways, how can you let me always see this kind of cowardly appearance! A single man, a single imperial decree already makes you this scared?!”

No matter what he said, Li Yuanmin only closed his eyes and wept silently.

After a long time, there was a sigh in his ears, his body felt heavy, taken into a wide and thick bosom.

“Don’t be afraid. ”

The man stroked the back of his neck and said, “What’s there to be afraid of?” 

He gritted his teeth: “It was better when you were thirteen years old back then, to be so daring and bold as to change my reigning fate all on your own. So why is it that now that you’re old, you’ve come to live a dog life instead!?”

What is he doing, what exactly is he doing!

Li Yuanmin’s eyelashes trembled, he bit his lip tightly, his cheeks wetly pressing against the throbbing pulse on his neck.

The candle flame swayed slightly, and was swallowed by the curtain into an indescribable warmth.

“Eight years…” Ni Lie breathed heavily, stagnated for a long time, and said hatefully: “I’m still waiting for you! Help me remember these eight years of memories! ”

This was like the sudden clap of thunder.

Li Yuanmin opened his eyes stunned. He broke out of his arms, in the dim candlelight, the other party’s eyes were pitch black, pupils condensed, only staring at him, divulging in flusters and exasperation: “Did you hear me?! I’m waiting for you!” 

At that moment, Li Yuanmin seemed to be hit by a bright light.

Li Yuanmin stretched out his hand, hesitantly, but tremblingly reached over, touching Ni Lie’s cold and hard eyebrows, high nose, and thin lips.

All this was so familiar.

His heart was suddenly hit by a tide, he couldn’t help but take his head into his bosom, tightly, as if no one could take it away.

He gritted his teeth, big tears fell. He thought, he must not be a coward, not be a coward at all, what if his Ah Lie suddenly returns and cannot find him.

How could he let him go through the same despair?

It all seems like a dream, but it is more real than a dream.

Li Yuanmin hugged his head tightly to his chest, like his own treasure.

The spring rain, which had lasted for many days, finally stopped on this night. Unknown insects began to chirp, the world gradually began to be lively at night.

Ni Lie slowly put him on the bed, the person on the bed had obviously fallen asleep. Under the moonlight, his face was calm, and his breathing was long. He gently wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, and looked down for a long time.

The violently gasping chest gradually subsided, and he slowly leaned down, gently pressing his soft and fragrant lips.

The kiss had no lust, this was the first time he kissed him where no lust was involved.

He took one last look at him before he finally got up and quietly went out the window.

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