PCTG Chapter 80

Chapter 80

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The sky in the realm of Lingnan finally cleared. The long-lost sun steamed the ground that had been wet for days, giving off rising waves of moist air. The vast fog locked the entire capital of Lingnan.

However, under the increasingly bright sun, this misty realm only stayed for less than an hour, before the sky gradually cleared.

Peddlers and carriers started to come up on the long street in front of the Guang’an Prince Mansion, the bustle gradually rose, business carried along as usual.

Sunlight shone through the curtain and sprinkled on the floor of the inner chamber, fluorescent with light.

Li Yuanmin opened his eyes, he propped up his upper body and looked around urgently, the inner room was quiet, there was no one else. He was stunned for a long time, and then curled up and slowly put his forehead on his knee.

The jade pendant on his neck slipped out, he looked at it for a long time as he held it tightly while letting out a long breath. He raised his head, the corners of his mouth were tightly pursed.


Songzhu, who had been waiting for a long time outside, came in and waited for his order.

“ Bring hot water in. ”

Songzhu’s action was quick and very soon some servant women brought in the washing items. Li Yuanmin changed his clothes, tied his crown, and tidied up. The servants in charge of the kitchen made use of every minute to bring the meal forward, followed by Ni Ying.

Li Yuanmin snorted slightly, and beckoned: “It’s just right, sit down and eat.” 

Ni Ying’s gaze wandered on his face a few times, she hesitated slightly, but also smiled, before she hurriedly sat down. She quickly loaded a bowl of porridge for Li Yuanmin, while also filling one for herself, the corner of her eyes peeked at his complexion. 

Today, His Highness Gege… clearly had some changes. Although his face still had not much color, it looked a lot better for some reason.

Although she didn’t know the reason, Ni Ying’s heart was finally a little calmer.

With a good breakfast, Uncle Qian’s medicine was also served. Li Yuanmin took the childless medicine for a long time so his foundation became cold. Now with the pregnant child in his abdomen, it was inevitable for him to suffer from future troubles. But since he had to raise it everyday, it also became a habit. He held his breath and raised his head to take a few quick sips, before drinking all the bitter medicine.

Frowning, he glanced at Ni Ying and complained: “Why weren’t those sweet and greasy things prepared today?”

Ni Ying was stunned, as if awakened, she hurriedly took out an oil-paper package from her bosom, picked out a candy, and put it on his lips: “I have it here.” 

Li Yuanmin sucked the candy, his eyebrows obviously relaxed a lot. Perhaps it’s because he drank something hot that a lot of blood color appeared on his face.

Ni Ying looked at him blankly for a while and slowly leaned her head on his shoulder. She didn’t say anything besides wanting to cry, she couldn’t help but pull up a laugh.

Her highness Gege finally was somewhat like what she remembered.

The tip of Li Yuanmin’s nose soured, he touched her head: “In broad daylight…”

Ni Ying shook her head, and hugged his waist tightly.

Such a move was already a big mistake, but Li Yuanmin did not stop her, and only let her bury her head in his bosom. He knew she needed that.

She should have been a carefree young girl, not the fast-growing right-hand man she was today.

It was he who selfishly put his burden on her.

Li Yuanmin sighed and held her in his arms. After all, in this world,  there were too many personnel who needed his support, such as the girl in front of him, such as the huge Guang’an Prince Mansion, such as the young man who was still lost in some unknown place.

What if there were dangers, he would have nothing anyway if he didn’t fight.

He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, they were crystal clear.

He immediately held back his expression, patted the girl’s back, and said softly: “It’s okay, there are still two days more before we leave for the capital. These two days will make both of us busy enough.”

He must arrange everything in Lingnan before entering the capital to avoid chaos later.

Accompanied by Ni Ying, who was dressed as a man, Li Yuanmin went to several important territories to discuss important matters with the local patriarch, so when he came out of Old Qi’s place, it was already completely dark.

“Ah Ying…” Li Yuanmin turned pale, then tightly grasped Ni Ying’s hand. Ni Ying immediately helped him into the carriage, the curtain had just been lowered when Li Yuanmin immediately held the window of the carriage and vomited in the cup.

Ni Ying helped him smooth his back and said worriedly: “Your Highness should rest well these two days… Originally, you’ve gotten better after taking Uncle Qian’s medicine, but being this busy you’ve become like this again.”

Li Yuanmin took the cloth in her hand and wiped his mouth. Frowning sadly, he took a breath: “It’s okay, our trip this time, I don’t know when we will come back, if we don’t arrange it clearly in advance, it will inevitably cause more trouble.”

Ni Ying recalled the undercurrent in the Council Hall just now, and her heart was helpless and silent.

Li Yuanmin finally eased up and whispered to Ni Ying: “This time in the capital, we must be cautious in everything. Some matters, when we should endure, we will endure it, the capital is not like Lingnan… Remember.”

Ni Ying looked solemn and nodded.

For the next two days, Ni Ying accompanied Li Yuanmin to circle around continuously, in just a few days of hard work, Li Yuanmin’s chin was visibly pointed up.

Ni Ying was distressed, but she was helpless.

However, everything was finally arranged before entering the capital, and it was not in vain.

It was a sunny day on the day of departure. The sun was basking for two days, finally rescuing the city from being covered in mist for the consecutive days.

At the gate of the Guang’an Prince Mansion, Zhou Dawu led everyone from all over the mansion to bow heavily to the group of people who were far away.

The convoy pressed over the icy bluestone pavement, leaving a little smoke behind.

Entering the capital this time, Zhou Dawu assigned sixty elite mansion guards, and a few servants to take care of daily activities. Because of Li Yuanmin’s pregnancy, Ni Ying also let Uncle Qian follow along.

Ni Ying looked at the person in front of her with their eyes closed. No need to mention the matters after entering the capital, but this trip would take at least ten days. She didn’t know if His Highness’s body could withstand the hardship of this long journey.

There was a hint of worry in her heart.

The carriage slowly left the long street and headed for the city gate when it suddenly shook and stopped.

Li Yuanmin in the carriage frowned. He opened his eyes, not knowing what happened. Ni Ying hurriedly lifted the curtain and looked out, before she hurriedly reported, “Your Highness, take a look.”

Li Yuanmin’s gaze followed her gesture, there was a huge crowd of people at the city gate.

“We pay respect to King Guang’an!” 

It wasn’t known who shouted, the layers of people knelt down, while calling out King Guang’an.

Li Yuanmin’s heart beated like a drum. He settled his composure, before slowly stepping out of the carriage. When he appeared, the sound became more and more surging, almost breaking through the clouds.

Li Yuanmin’s heart was filled with a hot and swollen thing, this thing made his heart surge repeatedly.

Eight years… It wasn’t just his eight years.

His eyes became hot. With Ni Ying’s support, he stood on the platform of the carriage and bowed deeply to the people in front of him.

Outside the city gate, the 400,000 Jiangbei army stood majestically, and the invisible pressure pressed on the people’s souls.

At the front of the team, Ni Lie was dressed in black armor, straddling a tall horse, looking majestic. He looked at the bustle not far away with his expressionless face.

Cao Gang glanced at the sight in fascination and muttered unconsciously: “Third Royal Highness is really different from the previous life after all. ”

There was a snort in his ears, Cao Gang was suddenly startled. He raised his eyes, peeked, and found that there was no displeasure on Ni Lie’s expression; only his eyes were quite complicated while looking ahead, he couldn’t help but think about the meaning of his snort.

Ni Lie thought in annoyance, this guy was used to pretending on the outside!

Looking at his upright manner, noble appearance that was loved by all the people, he nevertheless recalled the way he cried like a small child like a five or six year old who didn’t know anything yet, trembling, his cheeks wet, while biting him willfully. Fragile! He hummed in annoyance, how could these people see such a side of him, that appearance only he can see it! 

There was an inexplicable feeling of frizz in his heart, it was not uncomfortable, but it was swelling.

Alright, let him pretend, he pressed the tip of his tongue against the cavity wall, thinking of this uniqueness, nevertheless he inexplicably felt a little self-satisfied.

Cao Gang looked at his gloomy face that changed a few times, then finally had the corners of his mouth pulled for no reason to show a hint of a smile. His heart trembled, he only forced his head to greet him, “Daren, will you go in person?” 

The man withdrew his smile and glanced down at him.

Cao Gang swallowed his saliva and lowered his head: “I will withdraw.”

When the group of carriages and horses left the city gate, Cao Gang hurriedly greeted them. Then a guard who was dispatched first spotted him, and Cao Gang spoke to him.

The guard who was dispatched went back to report.

After a while, the convoy stopped, and Cao Gang led the horse to pay respect.

“We pay respect to King Guang’an.”

After a while, the dropping curtain was supported by a pair of slender jade hands, revealing a beautiful face.

He silently looked at the man in black armor riding on a tall horse not far away, and lowered his eyes: “It turned out to be Teacher Cao, I haven’t seen you for a long time, have you been well?” 

Cao Gang respectfully saluted: “I’ve troubled Your Highness to worry about me, everything is well.”

He got up and said softly: “There are bandits in Quzhou, General Daren went to suppress the bandits on the order of the crown prince, then when he heard that King Guang’an had to go to the capital to follow the imperial edict, he also happened to be on the way, so he ordered me to wait for the soldiers to escort King Guang’an on the journey.” 

Quzhou was adjacent to the capital. Being afraid of the bandits was just an excuse, the death of the Mingde Emperor was imminent, and there would be changes in the capital.

 Li Yuanmin’s eyes were gloomy, for half a day, “I’ve troubled teacher.”

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