PCTG Chapter 88

Chapter 88

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“Don’t worry, I won’t touch you.” Ni Lie touched his earlobe and resisted the urge to take a bite: “I will sleep on the short bed outside. I won’t disturb you delicate person.”

Li Yuanmin raised his eyes to look at him, his eyes were a little annoyed, and the corner of his eyes glanced at the six-foot-long short bed. It was barely enough for the servant woman to sleep there, not to mention a tall man like Ni Lie – since he loved to suffer then he could do as he pleased. Li Yuanmin finally didn’t say anything, turned around and walked to the inner room.

The sound of the night watch indicating it was zishi(11-1am) was faintly heard, and everything was quiet.

Perhaps, it was because so many things happened today, although Li Yuanmin’s body was very tired, there was no trace of sleepiness. He was wondering who was so eager to take his life, there were a few vague answers in his heart, but he wasn’t sure. It’s just that such a thing happened before they reached the capital, he didn’t know what other tricks there would be after entering the capital.

He couldn’t help but sigh softly.

Outside the tent, a man’s deep voice came from outside: “Can’t sleep? ”

Li Yuanmin turned over and ignored him.

The sound of a careful trembling came from outside, the bed tent was lifted, and the man came in with a happy smile: “Since you can’t sleep, might as well conveniently let me be with you — the short bed outside is also abrasive.”

Without waiting for Li Yuanmin to refuse, he went straight into his futon, and grabbed him hotly. Li Yuanmin was so helpless that he didn’t even bother to struggle. The more he came into contact with this overlord in his previous life, the more he found the opposite side of this brutal and cruel man in his heart.

He was like an annoying dog, no matter what you are doing, whether you are happy or not,when he sees the person, he just comes over and tosses him from side to side.

He leaned in on his neck again to sniff. Li Yuanmin was a little annoyed, but he only pushed him back, yet the dog’s strong body can not be pushed by him. Ni Lie couldn’t care less as he leaned over and pasted his lips over: “What do you think I would do?”

But he grabbed Li Yuanmin’s cool feet and placed it between his warm calves, as if he had found a great excuse, and rightly accused him: “Look at your delicate pretty body, being heated up so much already but I still haven’t seen you get warm. It would be strange if you’re able to sleep!” 

Li Yuanmin closed his eyes and ignored him.

Ni Lie touched his face, then took him into his arms again: “I went to interrogate the assassin just now, it was sent by the Tianyuan Alliance, this assassination agency does not talk about any rules. They only recognize silver, so there are probably no clues from them.” 

Li Yuanmin had long expected this. Being able to come to murder people at their door like this, how could they let the information about the preparator behind the back be dug up so easily? Fatigue slightly surfaced in his heart.

“Are you afraid?” The man asked him out of nowhere.

Li Yuanmin felt that he was stupid to ask this question – what is the use of fear? Since he was reborn, he had been afraid all the time. After such a helpless and tragic death and resurrection, fear was deeply rooted in his bones, no one knew that he was trembling with fear, even his A Lie did not understand.

In the dream, even fear was lonely.

All that could be done was to suppress it, desperately suppress it, be careful, calculate step by step, tremble with fear, and walk on thin ice.

Li Yuanmin felt that hot embrace tighten in his trance, a deep voice came out through his thick chest, “Today was my negligence, I will not let you encounter such a danger in the future, don’t be afraid.” 

This kind of child coaxing words made Li Yuanmin sneer in his heart, but for some reason, his nose soured. He answered in a daze. Maybe the man’s body temperature was very high and was warmly baking him, maybe the perennial cold feet were also being warmed, so Li Yuanmin gradually fell asleep.

The man said something to him again, like calling him pampered or something, and Li Yuanmin who was tired of being called vulgarly like this, didn’t have the slightest strength to refute it.

He was so sleepy.

So he buried his face in that warm chest, simply put his cold hand into his clothes to warm it, and fell into a deep sleep.


Two days later, the convoy guard of the Liangjiang camp and King Guang’an arrived in Yinzhou. The prefect of Yinzhou, Zhou Xian, brought local officials and soldiers to hold a welcome dinner to wash up the dust on the journey.

After the grand welcoming ceremony, the Liangjiang camp prepared to enter the suburban camp, and parted ways with King Guang’an and his entourage.

The wind was strong and Ni Lie, who was on his horse, stayed in place for a long time. Just now, he kept an eye on the carriage in the middle of the convoy, the drapery hanging from the window did not move at all.

Ni Lie’s eyes were dark, his face was as terrifying as a gathered layer of dark clouds.

The adjutant general peeked at his face, trembling, and said cautiously: “Commander Daren, the suburban camp has been arranged, when will we leave?”

Ni Lie tugged at the reins, glanced over there again, and ordered: “Immediately set up camp at noon!”

After a while, he finally couldn’t bear it: “You go and deliver a letter to that King Guang’an, tell him that this general has something important to tell him” 

The adjutant general hurriedly responded. He quickly ran to the convoy not far away to say something with the other party. The entourage immediately approached the window of the carriage to relay. After a while, the sedan curtain finally opened, and a slender figure popped out, a beautiful face appeared in front of him, as beautiful as a picture.

Ni Lie looked at him, and somehow, the little bit of depression in his heart gradually disappeared again, leaving a little sourness.

The two walked to the unmanned platform one after the other, the tall wooden terrace blocked the wind and was quiet. Ni Lie stood still, as he looked at him with his eyes downcast, the jade man in front of him was wearing a brocade gray cape. Perhaps because he was afraid of the cold, a white fox fur surrounded his neck, enhancing his snow white skin. He was very beautiful and was naturally good-looking like this, Ni Lie’s throat tickled.

He coughed lightly, felt an oil-paper package out of his bosom, and couldn’t help but put it in Li Yuanmin’s arms.

Li Yuanmin naturally knew what this was, it was nothing more than those sweet and delicious candies. He treated him as if he was a child, and would send a package every few days.

“You…” the tall man in front of him sighed inexplicably and a rough palm caressed his face. Li Yuanmin sighed secretly, thinking, if he didn’t give in he wouldn’t be able to get out, so he raised his head.

The moment he met the other party’s eyes, Li Yuanmin’s heart froze. The person in front of him… It was strange that his eyes did not have such sharpness, even the cold and hard lines softened, and the corners of his eyes actually carried Ni Lie’s familiar gentleness.

Similar…..but obviously it was not him.

Li Yuanmin’s mind was confused. He originally wanted to take the initiative to kiss him and give him some sweetness, but watching the face with tenderness gradually approach, he didn’t dare, his eyes dodged in a panic, his heart was pounding wildly.

He could only push him weakly, “Don’t…”

For some reason, Ni Lie also felt his unease, his throat was dry, and his heart was pounding almost as if it was jumping out.

He couldn’t help but grab Li Yuanmin’s snow-white hand and press it on his violently beating chest.

“ Jiaojiao…..” he coaxed him softly.

Note: it’s the pampered/delicate nickname that Li Yuanmin preserved as vulgar and that Ni Lie often called out to him in the past few chapters. I’ve decided to put pinyin instead since it looks better this way, hope everyone don’t mind!

Li Yuanmin shook and raised his head, the corners of his eyes were slightly red, and he looked at the tall man pitifully.

A gentle breeze blew between the two, carrying the coldness of early spring.

Ni Lie finally put his lips on it, little by little, then Li Yuanmin removed his defense.

The author has something to say: Because they are the same person, even if different circumstances create two lives, the appearance of falling in love with someone is exactly the same, Your Highness…

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