PCTG Chapter 87

Chapter 87

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Ni Lie got out of bed, and casually wiped himself before getting dressed. Seeing that the man on the bed was still lying on his back, he casually threw the silk towel into the basket, rolled over on the bed, and carefully peeked at his face.

The other party closed his eyes, so he couldn’t see anything unusual, but Ni Lie felt that he was in a bad state of mind for no reason. Then suddenly he had a concern, he thought back to his own actions, could it be that he was stimulated and hurt him? Thinking of his reckless and heated demands, Ni Lie was worried for a while. He frowned and approached Li Yuanmin.

He rubbed the tip of his nose against his ear, the person in front of him was quite impatient to avoid it, but he was unwilling to give up so he came up and rubbed him, Li Yuanmin finally opened his eyes, and said lightly: “You should go back.” 

Ni Lie’s Adam’s apple moved, this inexplicable anxiety in his heart made him annoyed and anxious. His eyes moved around a few times on Li Yuanmin’s snow-white face. His heart was in turmoil, then he simply turned over his body, “I won’t go back.”

He ripped off the futon and stuffed himself in.

The bedding was full of warm fragrance on his body, he liked it in his heart. He hugged him, then whispered: “Are you not happy?” 

Li Yuanmin said, “No. ”

Thinking about his own behavior that was no different from a beast’s estrus, he was a little sarcastic: “I won’t trouble you so much next time.”

He put his arm around his waist and sniffed with his nose against the back of his neck.

Li Yuanmin sighed and turned around: “I’ve been sleepy lately, don’t bother me here.”

Ni Lie’s face darkened all of a sudden, his tongue pressed against the top cavity wall, cursing secretly, but he also stood up.

“Alright, this kind of attitude, only I could tolerate you.”  

He put on his leather boots and looked back at the person on the bed, he was obviously very tired, and even had closed his eyes. Ni Lie’s heart gradually calmed down. He looked at him quietly for a long time, and couldn’t help but get closer, flexing his fingers to touch his cheek. Afraid of waking him, he stiffly took it back. He thought of something, then took out an oil-paper package from his bosom, and put it next to Li Yuanmin’s pillow, and then went out.

Pushing open the window and flipping out softly, he looked back at the closed door, pulled the corners of his lips, and walked leisurely downstairs.

Stepping out of the corridor, his steps suddenly stopped, his eyes narrowed slightly, and the beast alertness made him notice the unusual surroundings.

Not good!

Almost without thinking, he hurried back. In a few moves, he jumped and landed on the second floor.

The two guards in front of the door had both fallen to the ground. Ni Lie’s eyes were wide as he rushed over like crazy. That is when he heard a sharp whistle, and a killing cry roared in the room.

Ni Lie kicked open the door with a bang and saw two groups of people fighting, the sound of blades clanging endlessly. There were already two, three people who had fallen onto the ground. In the darkness, most of the tent had been cut off, and the person on the bed disappeared without a trace. He was in a hurry as he put down one of the nearest with a hand knife, and immediately took the knife in his hand.

“Li Yuanmin! ”

He shouted anxiously, looking around for Li Yuanmin’s figure. In the chaos, he finally heard a familiar gasp, followed the sound, and was surprised to see Li Yuanmin hiding behind the screen, but before he could breathe a sigh of relief, two men in black rushed towards him with blades, Ni Lie’s eyes were bloody red: 

“Don’t you dare!” 

His voice was like a flood bell, terrifying, and his strong body suddenly burst out like a tiger, throwing out the knife in his hand hard, while his body pounced on the other side.

But as soon as the noise was heard, the knife instantly cut off one of them, and he had already thrown himself onto the other one, holding his head and twisting heavily; the thick smell of blood suddenly rushed towards him.

Ni Lie was covered in blood. He could be described as Rakshasa, his two eyes were bloody red as he stepped forward to kick over the screen, grabbed Li Yuanmin’s arm, and looked him up and down.

Although Li Yuanmin’s face was pale, he was very calm, he gasped: “I’m fine.” 

Only then did Ni Lie feel relieved, looking back, several people had fallen in the room.

Only then did he see that it was originally a fight between two groups of people. The men in black were obviously full of disadvantages, there were only two people supporting each other. 

Li Yuanmins eyebrows twisted, and he hurriedly shouted: “Leave one alive to question him!” 

All the secret guards got the order and withdrew their killing intent. Perhaps it was because they saw their momentum was gone, but one person retreated to the window. Ni Lie’s eyes narrowed, he stepped a few steps forward to control him, wrapped his elbow around his throat, and pinched his chin with his right palm, fiercely together. The miserable shriek was heard, as that person’s jaw was broken, then his leg was kicked, causing the man in black in front of Ni Lie suddenly to fall to the ground.

When the man in black who was still around saw this, his expression was hideous. He clenched his teeth, immediately his neck turned to a crooked angle, and black blood dripped from the corner of his lips. He crashed to the ground indicating he was already dead.

Li Yuanmin finally knew why Ni Lie broke the other party’s chin. He made a look, and the secret guard accepted the order and went up to the mouth of the man in black who fell to the ground, groped around, and in a moment they took out something wrapped in sheep’s intestines out.

Li Yuanmin covered his mouth and nose with a cloth as he stepped forward to look at it, and said coldly: “Take it away.”

Ni Lie had already squatted down calmly, staring coldly at the person who was wailing in pain.

“There are more than a hundred joints on a person, do you want to speak of the master behind your back or do you want me to disassemble your joint for you one by one? ”

The man on the ground was sweating like a waterfall. He was wailing endlessly. Ni Lie said courting death under his breath as he smashed his right arm’s joint. But when the cracking sound was heard, the killer cried until only the sound of his gasps remained.

He was gasping, tears flowing, salivating in his mouth, and slurring something.

Ni Lie sneered, and with some ingenuity, he put his chin on it.

He listened to his cry: “I don’t know… I really don’t know… I only received an order from above to assassinate King Guang’an, as for who gave the order… I completely don’t know anything about it! ”

Li Yuanmin closed his eyes and let out a long breath.

And Ni Lie’s face was horrified.

Only the wailing of the man remained in the room. After a while, Li Yuanmin ordered: “Take the person down and examine the body carefully.” 


There was a creak at the door, and Ni Ying, who was wearing a shawl, hurriedly came in from outside with a sword. She first saw the dead bodies in one place, her face was white, then she saw that Li Yuanmin was safe and sound, and was finally relieved.

She found Ni Lie on the side, his face was blank, but she didn’t say anything.

She also heard Li Yuanmin order: “A Ying, pass the order down, have everyone strengthen the guard order.”

Ni Ying glanced at Ni Lie, nodded, and retreated in response.

In the blink of an eye, the corpses on the ground were cleaned up, and the secret guards also retreated.

After a night of horror, Li Yuanmin asked people to change the room, and because he had a lot of blood on his body, he asked someone to carry hot water in to wash up.

After changing into clean clothes, there was a heavy sound of footsteps outside, but Li Yuanmin did not panic, took care of his own belt and came out from behind the screen. Sure enough, he saw the tall man standing in the hall with his back facing him as he waited for him, he had also changed his clothes, apparently also took a bath.

Seeing that Li Yuanmin was wearing thin clothes, Ni Lie took his big overcoat from the case and put it on him. 

Tying the tie, he touched his face:

“I don’t know why then when I was touching you drunkenly on the bed, I didn’t see all those secret guards who were protecting you earlier.”  

Note: he meant to ask why wasn’t the secret guards doing something when their master was in trouble with him.

Li Yuanmin looked at him expressionlessly, for a long time, he said, “You are the Red Tiger King with great strength and natural bravery, how can these secret guards stop you.” 

He lowered his eyes and straightened his face, “If they aren’t able to protect then what’s the reason why I called them out, sacrificing people’s lives in vain.” 

Ni Lie couldn’t help laughing, he was worthy of being the person he fancied, every side of Li Yuanmin made him so fascinated. Calm and courageous was him, thoughtful was him, even the way he cried was him.

He reached into his clothes, fumbled for a while, and sure enough, he touched a thin jade whistle on the placket of his small clothes, he put it back with peace of mind.

He grabbed his waist: “Let me stay here tonight.”

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