PCTG Chapter 97

Chapter 97

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He got up abruptly, grabbed the cloth on the table, and quickly flipped through the cuffs and neckline. Although this palace dress has yellowed, it was exactly the same as he remembered, especially the plum blossom!

His eyes burst with excitement, he stepped forward in two three steps, and pulled up the kneeling person under him, hanging in the air: “Who entrusted you with this, speak!”

The man was frightened by his divine power, trembling he said: “This humble one does not know, I just took his money, and brought this to the convoy.” 

Ni Lie threw him away in anger, tugged at the dress, and with a slight click, a small paper scroll fell from it. He took in a breath, hurriedly picked it up, and quickly spread it out, a few words were written crookedly inside.

“Qiu Chan of the washing clothes division, seeking the lord to come rescue.”

Ni Lie’s breathing became rapid, his brain suddenly became hot: “Cao Gang! ”

Cao Gang hurriedly came in from outside, and before he could bow his head, he was excitedly grabbed by Ni Lie: “I found her!” 

His gaze was hot as he placed the palace dress in front of Cao Gang, his expression was agitated: “In this life, finally I’ve got here on time!”

Cao Gang didn’t know why at first, but seeing that he was holding a palace dress of an inner court maid and making such a gaffe, based off of what kind of person Cao Gang was, he guessed the reason for his behavior with little effort. His heart couldn’t help but beat: “Daren…”

Ni Lie’s root of his teeth shook, he squinted his eyes slightly, and for a long time, he suddenly opened them and said firmly: “This person must be saved!” ”

He stepped forward and approached Cao Gang, and ordered with an indistinguishable might: “Have Wang Xi help.” 

Cao Gang was suddenly shocked, the first usage of this hidden line was actually for a palace maid- Who is Wang Xi, he’s the first rate guard general inside the harem, a key part of the plan during this period of time. He was still a big help for future troubles, how can he be rushed indiscriminately to move? 

Ni Lie glanced at the turmoil on Cao Gang’s face, how could he not understand what he was thinking. His eyes suddenly showed a cold light: “Don’t have any other thoughts on this matter, you must handle it properly.”

He slowed down, and finally calmed down a little: “But don’t hit the grass and startle the snake, don’t rush to rescue her. You must ensure that she is safe, this matter must not be missed, otherwise you will have to provide me with an explanation!” 

He paced impatiently in place for a few steps, rubbed his face, thought for a moment, and ordered again: “Investigate everything about her thoroughly, and do not omit anything.”

Cao Gang bowed his head repeatedly: “Yes!” 

After Cao Gang went out, Ni Lie’s restless heart calmed down a little, and he looked at the yellowed palace dress in his hand. His Adam’s apple moved, he took a few steps back, slowly sat on the seat, his forehead against the slightly cold palace dress. His memory returned to the late night of the heavy rain.

The young man clutched her neckline, the palace clothes on her body were already soaked. She only touched his wet face, and soothed softly: “A Lie… In the future, Jiejie can no longer protect you, you will be out alone… Take good care of yourself. ”

The thunder roared, shaking the heavens and the earth.

Her gentleness was like water, the young man was heartbroken, but he could only watch her appearance gradually become faint.

At that moment, a pair of gentle watery eyes flicked in front of his eyes, such an ugly mask, but it could not cover such a pair of eyes, like the willow branches fluttering on the street, making his heart tremble. When he realized that he was confused, his face suddenly darkened.

He closed his eyes suddenly.

His tooth shook, he thought, he won’t give him another chance, won’t let him easily mess with his heart again.


The Wala delegation arrived in the capital in a grand manner. When the arrangements were completed, the crown prince Li Yuanqian was ordered by Emperor Mingde to set up a banquet with the highest etiquette.

When night falls, in the huge ceremony hall, the carved columns and paintings were intricate and exquisite, the music palace was full of music, with fresh wine and dishes. Everyone was joyous and harmonious. 

In the main seat of the palace, Crown Prince Li Yuangian and the ruler of the Wala Kingdom, Ye Xian, toasted each other respectfully, engaging in lively conversation. Ye Xian, though advanced in years, had a robust physique with broad shoulders and a stout waist. However, his tear ducts were dark and gray, his eyes appeared dull and yellowed, indicating a deficiency in kidney energy. He had long indulged in excessive drinking and indulgence in sensual pleasures.

The crown prince had heard about the chaos in the Wala royal family earlier. He couldn’t help but sneer a little in his heart, but his face was pleasant: “I have long heard that the lord of the Wala Kingdom has an awe inspiring manner, it’s true that knowing somebody by their reputation can’t be compared to meeting them in person.”

“Crown prince overpraised, I do not deserve your praise.” Ye Xian was pleased, he laughed in a clear voice and took the initiative to fill it with wine, and praised a few words, the scene was harmonious.

At this time, the banquet was filled with more than 100 people, accompanied by ministers above the second rank of the imperial court. The left prime minister, Zhao Gou, Marquis Zhenbei, Sima Ji sat at the bottom. Sima Yu and the second prince Li Yuanlang were also among them. The rest of the officials were seated according to their official ranks, and Ni Lie, as the commander of the Liangjiang camp, was naturally among them, but because the military generals of Bei’an were of low grade, the military generals were all arranged at the bottom.

Opposite the Bei’an officials sat the Wala diplomatic mission. The most advanced was Ye Xian’s surbordinate, General Liang Haduo. Ni Lie poured wine for himself, his eyes swept over him slightly. In the previous life, Ye Xian was violently killed in the capital, it was this Liang Haduo, with millions of Tartar troops commanding the army to go down south, almost ceasing Bei’an.

And at this moment, this old opponent of the previous life was facing and saying some flattering words to Ye Xian. There was a lot of respect on his face, there was not even a slight shadow of him from the future. 

Ni Lie sneered in his heart, only lowered his eyes to drink, his lips were touching the rim of the cup, his keen beast intuition made him feel a trace of abnormality, his eyes looked forward like electricity, but he saw that the other party’s gaze quickly avoided his.

Looking at Sima Yu’s casual appearance, Ni Lie’s eyes narrowed slightly.

 But soon, his face was normal, he only raised his head and poured wine, and Wu Qi, the commander of the Qingzhou Army on the side, filled it for him.

When the palace dress embroidered with plum blossoms was spread out in front of him, his pupils suddenly contracted.

It wasn’t known what kind of joke did Liang Haduo said but the crown prince and Ye Xian laughed together. The officials had the intention to praise, and the banquet was even more harmonious.

In the second half, everyone was already slightly drunk, Ye Xian staggerly stood up. He clasped his hands to his chests, performed a Wala salute, and said with a smile: “The Central Plains are rich and luxuriant, Your Highness does not lack any rare items. But we as the Wala must also bring a grand gift coming all the way here. I also brought one, I don’t know if Your Highness consents?”

“ How can the lord of a country be so humble,” Li Yuanqian said with a smile, “Why don’t you use it to open my eyes now?”

Ye Xian laughed as he took a few steps forward and clapped heavily. The door of the palace darkened, a group of dancers dressed in light gauze entered barefoot, however each and every one of them were slim and beautiful, like immortals on the mural, standing in wait in a semicircle, before a veiled beauty slowly entered, standing in the center of the group of dancers. Even if she was only veiled, the surrounding dancers seemed to lose their color under her background, the entire hall was quiet.

The exotic vocal music sounded, and the beautiful female entertainers in the hall danced, especially the veiled woman, her skin color was snow-white, her posture was graceful, her dancing posture was like a noble goddess. She was like a lustful demon, simply extremely beautiful, extremely gorgeous.

In the hall, which was still lively, the sound of conversation stopped, only the sound of music remained.

It was this immortal women dancing around, nothing else.

After the dance, all the beautiful female entertainers knelt on the ground, but that woman was barefoot, walking forward step by step, the copper bell on the snow-white ankles crisp. She looked directly at the crown prince, the beautiful pair of phoenix eyes did not have the slightest shyness, she only smiled, and slowly walked towards the high platform.

The imperial attendant behind the crown prince saw that she was not polite and was about to open his mouth to reprimand, but the crown prince raised his hand to stop him, he stretched out his hand with a smile, took the beautiful entertainer’s hand, and placed it beside him.

That beautiful entertainer lifted the veil, a gorgeous and pure beautiful face was revealed. There was a sound of gasping in the hall, then there was no words. 

It was as if she didn’t realize it, she only smiled slightly, and approached: “A Ruan will serve wine for His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.”

The crown prince’s gaze lingered on her face for a moment, and then he suddenly laughed. He said meaninglessly: “The Lord, this grand gift of yours is really generous.” 

Ye Xian also laughed brightly and heartily, his chest trembled.

Wu Qi came back to his senses, swallowed his saliva, and turned sideways and said to Ni Lie: “How can this barbaric land of the Wala find such a stunning beauty, tsk im afraid our Bei’an can’t even find one!” 

Ni Lie himself also saw the beauty of the woman, which was indeed difficult to find in the world, but after two lifetimes, he knew that this woman was not simple. She was the first queen of the future Wala. It was rumored that she was the lover of Liang Haduo, his childhood sweetheart. Liang Haduo can endure this, and even personally gave his beloved woman to the lord of the country, and then to the crown prince. It wasn’t known how he had felt when he was killed by her in the future.

The dignified man did not die on the battlefield, but died on the bed.

Ni Lie’s heart couldn’t help but float with a burst of ridicule.

Wu Qi on the side sighed again and again: “So beautiful, I don’t know if in this life…”

He closed his mouth, obviously knowing that he had said the wrong thing, so he no longer spoke, only sighing softly. Ni Lie’s heart moved, and glanced at the Wala woman named Ah Ruan, beauty is beautiful, but… Ni Lie couldn’t help frowning as another beautiful face floated in his heart for no reason. His black hair was scattered as he frowned, while using his watery eyes to look at him.

Ni Lie’s heart jumped heavily, with a snap, the cup in his hand was crushed.

 He clenched his teeth so that he didn’t gaffe on the spot.

Fortunately, Wu Qi on the side was looking at the woman at the top, and did not notice his side at all. Ni Lie looked at the fragments in his palm, his heart was furious.

It’s really poisoned to the bone marrow!

He took a deep breath and tried to forget everything that was in his mind earlier.

There was already a wave of compliments in the hall, congratulating the crown prince on getting the beautiful female entertainer.

Li Yuanlang, who has always been silent, also joined the ranks of compliments, he said with a smile: “Father Emperor included the world’s first beauty into the harem at that time, and now eldest brother has also got such a stunning beauty, which can be regarded as a good story.”

Ye Xian was immediately attracted by his words, and a pair of copper bell eyes opened wide: “Could it be the first beauty of the Western Regions twenty years ago? ”

Li Yuanlang said, “Exactly.”

Ye Xian’s face couldn’t help but float a little fascinated, and sighed: “I heard that that beauty is not only beautiful, but also has a natural fragrance on her body, but it’s a pity… I couldn’t even get to see her. ”

As soon as the words came out, the Bei’an officials looked a little ugly, secretly saying that this brute did not understand the rules. Although that beautiful entertainer was not an honorable imperial concubine, she was also the woman of the Mingde Emperor, how can he be so presumptuous. But Li Yuanlang did not realize it, and said with a smile: “That beautiful entertainer is our third brother’s biological mother, our third brother has nothing else, but that face is exactly the same as his mother’s.”

“ Oh!” Ye Xian was full of surprise, he hurriedly leaned to the crown prince, performed a bow and sincerely said: “I wonder if I can have this honor to see after many years of longing?” 

The crown prince’s face remained unchanged, there was still a smile at the corner of his mouth. After a while, he finally said: “Go, please invite King Guang’an to come in.” 

The author has something to say: Old Ni Chick complexion is extremely heavy. After having s*x with Li Yuanmin, his source of estrus has only three words since then: Li Yuanmin.

In addition, my gong can be a dog but he can’t be stupid, everyone rest assured!

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