PCTG Chapter 98

Chapter 98

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Li Yuanlang immediately bowed his head and said respectfully, “I will send someone to invite him in.”

He hurriedly gave an order to the entourage, and the entourage immediately went.

There was a lot of commotion in the hall.

As for this embarrassing third prince, on the surface, all the officials in the capital almost kept silent, but in private there were a lot of discussions. These days, because of those rumors of his astonishing appearance, these discussions obviously increased.

Most of the officials at the banquet had never seen the adult King of Guang’an, but because of what they had heard in the past few days, they had more or less prying thoughts, making them happy to witness this occasion.

After a few rounds of wine back and forth, Li Yuanlang’s entourage hurriedly stepped in and knelt on the ground.

Crown Prince Li Yuanqian had been persuaded by that Wala woman into drinking a few pots of wine already, his eyes had begun to look blank, seeing that the person who had gone to spread the word had returned, but the lowly woman’s son did not follow him, his brows furrowed, he asked loudly: “Where is he?”

There was a bit of hesitation on the entourage’s face, and when the crown prince saw it in his eyes, he couldn’t help but sink his face, the wine glass was put down heavily: “Speak!”

The entourage hurriedly said: “King Guang’an’s people said… The Third Highness has already rested, and it is inconvenient to come. ”

Before the crown prince could get angry, Li Yuanlang had already loudly reprimanded: “Presumptuous! King Guang’an left the capital for a long time, so he no longer puts His Royal Highness the Crown Prince in his eyes? ”

Li Yuanqian’s eyes were deep in anger, now that he was about to ascend the throne becoming the emperor, how could he allow others to rebel, especially in front of foreign missionaries. He flicked his sleeves in furious: “Send the imperial guard, if he doesn’t move with invitation then drag him here!” 

Zhao Zhi, the Prime Minister Daren, felt his heart pounding as he glanced down at the case. He also stole a glimpse at his nephew’s gloomy expression, feeling even more uneasy. The Crown Prince had gradually become more stubborn and willful in recent years, making decisions without considering others’ opinions. At this moment, after drinking a little too much, he was so enraged that he couldn’t even see such obvious clues — what kind of person was Prince Guang’an? He was the epitome of timidity and extreme caution. If the Crown Prince had requested his presence, he would have anxiously declined and even if he were injured, he would have allowed himself to be carried in. So why did he disregard the Crown Prince’s orders like this?”

However, in public, how can he just speak that on the spot, he can only press down and drink silently.

Seeing the deputy general of the imperial guard leaving with the order, Li Yuanlang showed a barely visible smile, he withdrew his gaze, and met a pair of sharp eyes, at that moment, Li Yuanlang seemed to feel as if he was being targeted by a beast ready to attack, a type of icy-cold feeling rose on the soles of his feet.

He was shocked, and just as he was about to take a closer look, that General of the two rivers already raised his head and poured the glass of wine down his stomach.

He stared at him for a while, seeing that he didn’t look to this side anymore, as if what happened just now was just his illusion, Li Yuanlang had palpitations. He was a little dissatisfied as he squinted his eyes slightly, before slowly sitting down.

Not long after, Li Yuanmin came in with a haste expression. The moment he stepped into the hall, the noise in the hall suddenly quieted down.

Li Yuanmin immediately saw the tall man at the end, his steps became slightly sluggish. He continued to walk towards the hall, he had no heart to think about anything, and only looked at the dark face of the crown prince, his heart beating violently, and a bad premonition arising.

Today, the imperial guard surrounded the inn, and without saying a word, they broke into his room and pulled him up. The annoyed Ni Ying drew her sword on the spot, almost breaking into a vicious battle, but he said nice words to the deputy general of the guard, which turned the fight. He couldn’t wait to clean up anything, and hurriedly followed the imperial guard into the palace.

He was uneasy in his heart, but he raised his hands and bowed respectfully, “Paying respect to Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince.”

Before the words fell, a wine cup rushed towards him, Li Yuanmin did not dodge. He closed his eyes and received it. There was a sharp pain in the corner of his forehead as the cold wine spilled all over his head and face.

Li Yuanmin couldn’t even wipe it, and he lowered his body more humble: “Your Highness quell your anger!”

“Quell my anger?” The crown prince snorted coldly: “King Guang’an is quite arrogant, you don’t even come after I’ve called!”  

Li Yuanmin silently speculated that his entourage must not be foolish enough to act on their own and defy the Crown Prince’s orders. He was astute enough to know who had influenced them. However, given the Crown Prince’s current temperament, it was not the time for explanations. It would only add fuel to the fire

At the moment, he was sincerely afraid, and his back became more and more low: “I am terrified thinking it may have been the subordinates who were ignorant and did not report on time and missed the chance…. I also hope that Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince will forgive me. ”

The crown prince’s face was still dark, he pointed to the cup, and the eunuch on the side answered as he then filled it and handed the cup to Li Yuanmin.

Li Yuanqian lifted his chin, indistinguishable from joy or anger, and sounded: “Go and make amends with the country lord Daren.”

Li Yuanmin looked at the cup in his hand, his heart tightened. With his current body, how can he drink so much? His expression couldn’t help but hesitate, his heart quickly passed some excuses.

However, Ye Xian, whose face was full of amazement also came back to his senses, he laughed, stomped down with the soft flesh of his body, and personally stepped forward to take the wine glass in his hand: “What crime? Could it be that you think that I am also not a person inside out!?”

He looked Li Yuanmin up and down, subconsciously swallowed his saliva, his breathing was a little heavier – there is such a stunning beauty in the world!

His eyes narrowed slightly as he whispered: “It can be regarded that the longed for King Guang’an had arrived!” 

Li Yuanlang on the side raised his glass when he heard this, and said with a smile: “Lord of the country is really being considerate of our King Guang’an.” 

Then he cupped his hands to the crown prince: “I have a suggestion, since the lord of the country does not care, His Royal Highness the crown prince should do him a favor and let King Guang’an accompany the lord of the country to drink wine. It also shows friendship between us, the host.” 

Li Yuanqian snorted, waved his hand, and agreed.

The left prime minister, Zhao Zhi, sitting in the first row was sweating profusely. This move was very inappropriate, that King Guang’an was insignificant, but he was a prince who had entered the palace, how can he serve wine like a waiter? But the crown prince was already red in his eyes, his head was slightly shaking, it is obvious that he was quite drunk. The rest of the officials even looked at each other in dismay, but they dare not say anything directly. Of course, there were many who followed the opportunity to watch the liveliness, staring at the slender beauty in the hall with hot eyes.

Ni Lie, as if he didn’t care about what was happening in the hall, drank wine cup after cup.

Seeing the Crown Prince’s response, a smile flickered on Li Yuanlang’s lips, but he quickly restrained it and his expression turned slightly serious. He looked at Li Yuanmin and said, ‘Consider yourself lucky this time. The Crown Prince and the lord of the country didn’t bother with you. Why don’t you go attend to the wine?'”

Li Yuanmin raised his eyes and glanced at Li Yuanlang. Eight years have passed, the other party’s appearance had changed a lot, but the pair of eyes that spit poisonous words and expressions from time to time were still familiar in memory.

He looked at him for a long time and said softly, “Yes.” 

He slowly stepped on the pedal and sat down next to Ye Xian, as soon as he sat down, he could feel Ye Xian was leaning toward him, Li Yuanmin could even smell his thick and smelly breath spraying around him making him feel like he was drowning.

Ye Xian was already drunk, he looked at Li Yuanmin’s profile without hesitation, it was as if there was a hundred claws scratching his heart, he was amazed: “There really is a beauty just like our Wala peal in the world, Bei’an is really … an outstanding place! ”.

The crown prince smiled, put his arm around the Wala beauty, his eyes were drunk, he leaned over, and half-truthfully joked: “Unfortunately, this King Guang’an is not a woman, if he is, I would make a favor of sending him to become the lord of the country’s concubine.” 

Ye Xian was stunned for a moment, his eyes were even more fiery, and he glanced at the beauty who silently poured wine beside him, also said half-truthfully: “It’s a pity that it’s a man!”

“Haha a man…” the crown prince was drunk, as if he had heard some joke, “That’s also wrong, very wrong! ”

He shook his head and leaned over, saying something, and Ye Xian’s eyes brightened a lot.

“Actually, it’s me who’s still ignorant of things!”

Maybe it was because of the contents of the cup, or maybe they didn’t care about the others at all, the two had no scruples about talking about this race that was neither a man nor a woman.

Li Yuanmin lowered his eyes, he steadied his trembling hand, as if he was a dead thing, for the sake of filling Ye Xian’s wine. 

Ye Xian took it, his gaze lingered on him like a tongue, his red eyes narrowed slightly, as if he had thought of something, “I am curious about something, I don’t know if King Guang’an can answer my question.”

The crown prince waved his hand boldly: “Lord of the country can just ask, I can guarantee he can answer everything!” 

Ye Xian smiled, drunkenly approached, making the turbid breath spray on Li Yuanmin’s face as he asked: “You intersex people, which place do you use to urinate and defecate?” 

As soon as these words came out, not only the Bei’an officials, but also the Wala envoys also changed their expressions. Everyone held their breath while lowering their heads, the huge palace went silent.

The smile on Li Yuanmin’s face could no longer be maintained, he was weak to the point of collapsing, the fingers hidden in his sleeves tightly pinched his thighs, desperately telling himself that he must endure.

Even if you can’t bear it, you have to endure it.

He was no longer the person from the previous life who could not survive and choose to end it all. He now carries the futures and destinies of so many people. No matter how difficult it may be, he must endure.”

——But it’s so hard!

He thought desperately, what is the point of him living again when it’s this hard, so difficult! He even tied his hands and feet to bear the lives of so many people in vain, so now he couldn’t even do the easy self-sacrifice of the previous life.

How difficult!

“Which is it?” Ye Xian asked closely, the fat body was attached to his arm, making Li Yuanmin almost scream.

He could sense the countless gazes below glued to his face, as if they were also spying on his answers, and those gazes turned into entities and wrapped around him stickily.

Which is it?

Which is it?


Stretched to the limit, Li Yuanmin’s mind was blank in an instant.

He suddenly remembered the feeling of a blade cutting across his face in his previous life—the intense pain. However, inexplicably, he felt a twisted sense of pleasure deep inside. If it weren’t for the unbearable agony, he might have even considered delivering another cut to remove that organ.

Fast and resolute, with a knife down, he could fiercely start to cut himself, extreme pain and extreme pleasure burst out in unison, all of it mixed with bright red, wrapping everything together.

Li Yuanmin’s body trembled almost invisibly.

His heart suddenly went cold, and he thought excitedly, no, if he were to choose again, he would first cut off the deformed part that brought him a lifetime of bad luck, and if he can still endure that pain, he can also scratch his face again, yes, that’s it! He arranged excitedly.

At present, he could not hear anything, his brain was hot and booming, and he recalled the pleasure mixed with the sharp pain in his memory over and over again, making some strange light appear on his confused face.

When everything was about to be far away from his mind, a sharp voice in his ear shattered the white light.

A shaky figure pushed away the table and walked towards the front of the hall.

Ni Lie had red eyes as he stepped forward as if he was drunk, and a few attendants hurriedly came down to stop him, but he pushed them away effortlessly. Before the crown prince could open his mouth to reprimand, he slammed on the table first.

Everyone was taken aback.

Ni Lie licked his teeth and burped: “I heard that the first warrior of Wala, Liang Haduo is also on a mission to the capital this time…”

He shook his body as if he was drunk, his eyes stared at him hotly: “I wonder if I could have the honor to have an exchange to learn from each other on the spot with him?”

The author has something to say: this chapter is quite painful for me to write. ……

Ciacia/N: it’s very painful for me to translate too T_T

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