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After hesitating for a moment, Chief Eunuch Zhang approached cautiously, his movements gentle and silent. He poured tea without a word, but his peripheral vision carefully observed the presence of the sovereign before him.

“Your Majesty, Prince Chang’an has been kneeling for two days. It seems that the weather is about to change… The spring rain this year is truly cold,” Chief Eunuch Zhang said.

The ruler at the head of the table, who did not easily reveal his emotions, sneered coldly, “How could Prince Chang’an, who helped pacify the barbarians invaders, be so weak as to give up after merely two days of kneeling?”


Having served two emperors for many years, Chief Eunuch Zhang was extremely cautious. He glanced at the Emperor’s expression and wisely decided not to continue his sentence. Instead, he focused on meticulously grinding ink for the Emperor.

Emperor Qing took a full brush of thick ink, gazed at the wide yellow scroll before him. However, his brush remained suspended in the air, and a drop of ink fell, staining the otherwise even surface with an endless expanse of black.

Emperor Qing’s brows furrowed, and with a snap of his fingers, he discarded the brush and slammed his palm on the desk, creating a resounding sound that made Chief Eunuch Zhang step back several paces in fear. He knelt on the ground, displaying utmost deference to the ruler, whom he had served through two dynasties. Chief Eunuch Zhang had not witnessed this level of anger from the Emperor in a long time, so he dared not speak and merely bowed at the Emperor’s feet, showing deep reverence.

Emperor Qing’s chest heaved for a long while. He then picked up his robes and left.

Chief Eunuch Zhang quickly followed.

The sky had already darkened, and occasional rolls of thunder added a touch of chill to this early spring night. Underneath a locust tree that had shed its leaves, a figure knelt, dressed in plain attire, with his head bowed. Despite the dim light, his striking beauty was unmistakable—a face that held an ethereal charm, visible even in such dimness.

And yet, this seemingly delicate visage belonged to the formidable and fierce Flame General, a warrior with exceptional strength and resilience who led the forces on the battlefield, causing the barbarian invaders to crumble in defeat.

Emperor Qing’s expression grew darker as he stared at the figure for a long while before abruptly turning away.

A thunderous roar illuminated the surroundings, the blinding lightning revealing the world briefly, only to plunge it back into the gloomy darkness. The rain began as a soft, steady rhythm, then gradually grew louder, as if the heavenly palace had spilled an overturned jade flask, releasing torrents upon the mortal realm.

Looking at the receding figure, Li Xuanci sighed, closed his eyes, and let the raindrops fall on his face.

As the night deepened, the cold pierced into his bones like needles, chilling him to the core. Since the end of the war in the South, tranquility had returned to the realm, but Li Xuanci hadn’t experienced such discomfort in a long time. His legs had grown stiff, and he could barely feel them. With a bitter smile, he adjusted his position slightly, straightening his back.

Before long, the sound of hurried footsteps splashing through water approached from the distance. Raindrops pelted his head, only to suddenly cease, revealing the presence of Chief Eunuch Zhang, whose hair was streaked with white. He was holding an oil-paper umbrella as he rushed over.

“Prince Chang’an, please stand up.”

He positioned the umbrella to shield most of Li Xuanci’s body, but he himself was drenched within moments. Wiping the water from his face, he pleaded, “Your Highness, your well-being is precious. Why endure this torment in the pouring rain?”

Still kneeling with his eyes closed, Li Xuanci remained motionless.

Chief Eunuch Zhang’s heart filled with anxiety. He knew all too well about Prince Chang’an’s stubborn nature and his aversion to backing down. Suddenly, another resounding thunderclap echoed, intensifying the rain. After a short while, the umbrella was soaked and collapsed, so Chief Eunuch Zhang discarded it and removed his outer robe, using it to shield the person kneeling on the ground.

The heavy rain obscured everything, and the two of them seemed to be on an isolated island, cut off from the outside world.

Soon, this isolated scene was disrupted by the arrival of a tall figure striding forcefully through the rain. Wearing the Emperor’s robes of bright yellow, embroidered with golden dragons, and golden-clawed black boots, it was Emperor Qing himself. His usually handsome face was now contorted with anger. Chief Eunuch Zhang had never seen the Emperor lose his composure like this, and he knelt to the ground in fear.

Emperor Qing bent down and grabbed Li Xuanci’s wrist, shouting, “Stand up!”

Even in such a torrential downpour, his voice cut through the rain like a bell, instilling terror in those who heard it. The palace guards all knelt down, afraid to approach or offer a word of comfort.

But Li Xuanci kept his gaze on him and still didn’t rise. Emperor Qing’s teeth clenched, his face turning terrifyingly dark, and his eyes seemed ready to devour. Trained by the Marquis Wuwei, who taught him the art of patience and restraint, he had never lost his temper like this. However, Li Xuanci didn’t show the slightest fear. Instead, his gaze revealed only pain.

The rain poured relentlessly, making it almost impossible to keep his eyes open. Despite the trembling of his eyelashes, he continued to gaze at Emperor Qing with an expression of pleading.

“Don’t even think about it! How could I allow those coarse brutes from Bei’an to have you?!”

But not to mention anyone in Bei’an who could be deemed worthy of him, even in the whole world, there wouldn’t be another person like him. Yet, he was easily taken by a brute. Emperor Qing clenched his teeth in anger and frustration. He was just about to grab him without any care, but the person kneeling on the ground suddenly swayed and then abruptly fell forward.

“Ah Stupid!”

Emperor Qing was startled and quickly bent down, catching him as he fell. A pang of worry surged within him as he held the person in his arms. His complexion was a deep shade of red, an abnormal hue that immediately raised concern. Gently cradling him, Emperor Qing held him close and swiftly made his way towards the inner palace chambers.

When Li Xuanci woke up, he saw Emperor Qing sitting beside the bed. He was supporting his head while sleeping, and his eyes were tinged with dark circles, revealing his exhaustion. Li Xuanci’s heart ached as he propped himself up.

Emperor Qing became quite alert, instantly waking up at the slightest sound. His initially hazy eyes quickly regained clarity. He glanced at Li Xuanci and stood up with a composed expression. However, just as he was about to rise, he felt a weight in his arms. Li Xuanci had tightly wrapped his arms around Emperor Qing’s waist. A lump formed in Emperor Qing’s throat, and he softly called out, “Elder brother.”

It had been many years since he had heard these two words. Emperor Qing’s body stiffened, yet he still couldn’t bring himself to take that decisive step forward. The two of them remained locked in this standoff for a while, but then Emperor Qing released a long sigh, a sigh of resignation, as he helplessly pulled the person kneeling before him into his embrace.

Li Xuanci closed his eyes. He knew that he had won over him, didn’t he? In this world, apart from the Emperor and Marquis Wuwei, only he could have such a hold over him. He had used himself as the bargaining chip, a tactic that might have been seen as childish when done by an immature child, but he, as a commanding general, had employed it nonetheless.

In this world, everyone has the right to be willful, and he is no exception, but his older brother is the only one he cannot be willful with.

Nine years ago, Imperial father fell seriously ill. After years of exhausting his efforts to stabilize the realm, his own health was gradually deteriorating. The onset of this severe illness was fierce, nearly pushing him to the brink of collapse. Marquis father searched desperately for renowned physicians throughout the land and luckily found a cure. Later, Imperial father summoned his elder brother, who was then the Crown Prince, to the secret chambers of the court for a day of discussion. The following day, during the court assembly, Imperial father announced his abdication and officially named Crown Prince Li Xuanjing as his successor to the throne. Once the political situation had settled, Marquis father accompanied Imperial father to the southern lands, where they lived as hermits. That year, his elder brother was merely sixteen years old.

At the age of sixteen, he had already taken on the burden of the entire realm, making life-and-death decisions with a cold and unyielding demeanor. He had lost any semblance of capriciousness or frivolity. As for Li Xuanjing, he had managed to grasp his only vulnerability, relentlessly using it to exert influence over him.

“Elder brother…” he called out once again, burying his face deeply in the embrace of Emperor Qing.

A long sigh escaped Emperor Qing as he stroked Li Xuanjing’s hair, reminiscent of their childhood days.

“Take him on a trip to Lingnan,” he said.

Li Xuanjing’s nose tingled with emotion. Although history tells of the ruthless nature of imperial families, it wasn’t the case for them. He possessed the purest form of kinship – from Imperial father, his Marquis father, his aunt, to his elder brother – there was no one in the world who had received more.

“I’ll take him to see Imperial father and Marquis father in the south tomorrow,” Li Xuanjing stated.

“Alright.” After a long pause, Emperor Qing finally responded.

After Li Xuanjing left, Emperor Qing stood there for a while.

It had been almost ten years since his Imperial father and his Marquis father left the capital. His aunt Princess Qinghe had married to a neighboring country. Now, his only younger brother was also leaving with another man. Emperor Qing gazed at the distant sunset, feeling a wordless sense of desolation.

Thankfully, they were both living happily. That being the case, he was content to rule the realm alone.

At the end of February, as he looked at the palace walls framing the sky, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh. Unconsciously, a faint smile graced his lips.

Their parents, at that time, should be enjoying their lives to the fullest amidst the pink peach blossoms and green willows.

Emperor Qing looked at the expanse of sky framed by the palace walls, let out a soft sigh, and unconsciously revealed a hint of a smile.

The author has something to say: The extra chapter of this story concludes here. Today, I will also be updating another parallel extra chapter, where I explore what would have happened if Li Yuanmin hadn’t committed suicide in his previous life. With this, the main story comes to a complete end.

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