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Lips parted, coaxing their sweet and tender tongues to intertwine, forcing them into an intimate embrace.

Li Yuanmin was overwhelmed to the point of breathlessness, and with great effort, he managed to push him away and catch his breath. “Why did you come?”

“Why did I come?” The man’s voice was hoarse and filled with a hint of obscure resentment as he looked at Li Yuanmin’s increasingly red and moist lips. “I came for your sweet scent!”

His belt was forcefully removed, and the man, with a sense of urgency, undressed him. Li Yuanmin’s eyes reddened at the corners as he gasped a few breaths but ultimately complied, embracing the man’s neck as he desired.

The curtains of the bed obscured the room’s intimacy.

Outside the window, apricot blossoms fell gently, creating a mist that made the world seem veiled in a layer of hazy mist, gentle enough to melt hearts.

Li Yuanmin sighed softly, and the man beside him seemed to sense it. His strong arm encircled Li Yuanmin’s waist, holding him close, and his contented breath brushed against his ear.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Li Yuanmin turned around, and the scarred face of the man behind him came into view. This man had ruled the realm for three years, overthrowing the centuries-old Li dynasty and claiming the supreme imperial throne with an army known as the “Red Tigers.”

As the final emperor of the Li dynasty, he, however, found himself entwined in such intimate nakedness with him in a rural farmhouse in the south, a tale so romantic and passionate that even the most imaginative writers could not have concocted such a story.

Indeed, who could have imagined? The last puppet emperor had taken his own life three years ago, and now, he was nothing more than a wandering traveler in the mortal realm.

Li Yuanmin thought for a while and eventually spoke, “In a couple of days, I want to go to the Western Province. I heard it’s rich in resources and has a distinct culture. I’m curious to see it.”

The man’s large hand, which had been roaming around his delicate waist, paused for a moment, clearly expressing some displeasure. He murmured in a low voice, “No, coming back to the capital with me seems to be either restraining you or bothering you. You keep thinking about going outside every day.”

Li Yuanmin remained silent for a moment before speaking softly, “You agreed to my request.”

The man hesitated, sighed, and finally compromised as usual, “Fine, go then. I suppose I can’t really keep you here, can I? But I still want Feng Bici to follow you secretly… Don’t refuse me. The Western Province is remote, and I can’t rest easy… these years… there’s nothing I haven’t done for you. You could at least care a bit…”

The man began to ramble, detailing every little thing, occasionally interjecting a complaint or two. For a man who usually appeared so cold and indifferent, he now seemed like a nagging wife, going on and on.

Li Yuanmin had always known about the man’s ruthless methods; he wasn’t a man easily swayed by romantic feelings. However, now Li Yuanmin was perplexed. Three years of entanglement had truly blurred the boundaries between love and hatred.

Li Yuanmin’s heart was in disarray. He sighed and lifted his chin to silence the man’s complaints with a kiss. The man’s complaints ceased, and his breath grew heavy as he pressed down on him, moving with a certain urgency.

This fateful entanglement had become indescribable. Li Yuanmin didn’t want to overthink things; he simply allowed himself to be enveloped once again by the inescapable heat of this passion..

Three years had passed, and it truly felt like a dream.

They were entwined for three years. In the end, he granted himself freedom, allowing him to roam the mountains and waters, drifting like a waterweed along the rivers and lakes of Bei’an. However, Li Yuanmin would occasionally return to the capital, as if he were a migratory bird returning to its nest, sharing tales of his journeys with the man seated on the imperial throne.

The man listened patiently and attentively, occasionally raising his hand to gently brush away the stray hairs from Li Yuanmin’s cheeks or to wipe off the dust that inadvertently landed on his shoulders. These ambiguous and intimate gestures came naturally to him, as if they were meant to be.

Over these years, he disbanded his harem, refraining from pursuing relationships with women, resembling more a monk devoted to strict rules than a ruler.

He said nothing, seemingly asking for nothing, but Li Yuanmin knew better. He had long been pushing himself relentlessly.

Li Yuanmin was caught in this invisible pressure, his long-cold heart gradually began to feel a silent warmth. He didn’t know exactly what it was, but he knew that he could no longer leave this man behind without inner turmoil.

It was impossible now.

“Ah… A Lie…” Li Yuanmin bit his lip and raised his chin with tears in his eyes, holding onto his wet neck.

After wandering in the Western province for three months, Li Yuanmin finally returned to the capital. On that day, the stern and severe Red Tiger Emperor didn’t care about decorum or propriety. In front of everyone, he carried the man with a hood directly from the palace gate to his chambers.

However, this time, Li Yuanmin resolutely refused to let him touch him.

After months of deprivation, how could the Emperor endure? He impatiently pleaded, “Jiaojiao… my obedient Jiaojiao…”

But the person in his arms, with closed eyes, was shedding tears. He cried silently and discreetly, leaving the Emperor, who was accustomed to facing storms, feeling helpless. He held him close, carefully peering at him.

Li Yuanmin guided the Emperor’s hand to his slightly protruding belly and then bit down on the shoulder before him, as if he detested it, biting down on the shoulder in front of him.

His fear suddenly found an outlet. He trembled, tears streaming down his face. He clung onto the man tightly, not letting go even if there was a taste of blood between his teeth.

It was a moonlit night. Perhaps the moonlight was too gentle, or perhaps it was something else, but it easily melted the heart of the Red Tiger Emperor into water. Even the pain on his shoulder turned into ripples in his heart.

“Don’t be afraid,” despite his fearsome and fierce scarred face, a strange tenderness emerged. He gently stroked the person in his embrace. “Jiaojiao, don’t be afraid.”

Red Tiger Emperor, with dedication and skill, pushed back invaders from the north and improved the lives of the people. Fifteen years flew by in an era of prosperity. However, at this juncture, Red Tiger Emperor unexpectedly issued an abdication decree, and Crown Prince Ni Xuanjing ascended the throne. The new emperor continued the prosperous era, and the people lived in peace and tranquility.

In the outskirts, amid green waters and lush mountains, the two of them strolled leisurely on horseback.

Li Yuanmin gazed at the tall and upright man by his side. The years had added some frost to his temples, but his dignity from the past remained undiminished.

“For quite some time, I’ve felt like I’ve known you from before.”

Ni Lie pulled him into his arms, smelling the familiar cold fragrance on his body. It reminded him of their first meeting in his youth, as if it were from a distant past.


He whispered with a smile, hugging him tighter. Li Yuanmin wrapped his arms around Ni Lie’s waist and heard him say,

“In two days, let’s go to Liu Qiu. There’s a rarely visited island there that’s said to be extremely beautiful.”


Li Yuanmin responded softly, a smile playing on his lips. In the gentle spring sunlight, he closed his eyes.

Spring was truly beautiful.

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  1. So that’s the end! Well, I can say that I’m satisfied (๑◕︵◕๑) The first part of the novel was interesting and very promising and characters developing slowly at the beginning, so it was nice to read (❁´ω`❁) But the second part was sadly not very good… I have a problem with our MCP, because I couldn’t believe in their love at all. There were no indications when or why feelings arose between them, so I can only watch them making love not feeling love itself (◞‸◟;) It’s nothing more than lust (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚And the extras made me more angry, because LYM nurtured and cared so much for these children, only to abandon them without hesitation? He also leave all the people, his subjects, without any care for beaing with lover… It’s illogical! ( ー̀εー́ ) Completely out of character that was built from the beginning! ヽ(`◇´)/ And he may forgive NL, but I haven’t! >< Unfortunately, the promising start of the story and plot fades away 'thanks' jumping into bed. It wasn't a bad title, but I'm just a little dissapointed and sad (っ◞‸◟c) Anyway, thank You soooooooooo much for Your splendid work and sharing this novel with us! (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ Take care and see You with another project! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

    • TBH this is my first work and also my first suffering T_T cant put into words how long and tendious the journey brought me. Thank you so much for your appreciation! See you in another novel <3

  2. Thank you so much for the hard work.
    It has been a great journey of ups and downs. I cried and laughed and felt my heart swell and brake but it was worth it in the end.

    • OMGGG, thank you for noticing it’s my first T_T also apologize if my comments/thoughts on first few chapters annoyed ya <3 loveeee

  3. Wow! This was a rollercoaster ride and I’m so glad that I persisted and endured the whole dog blood parts and reached until the end of the novel. Thank you so much for the translation! You did well!

  4. Thank you for translating! This was definitely… a ride. Ngl I shed real tears at one point 💀 And though the intimacy was great and the fall into love semi-believable, it did drag for a bit there, until about when they reached the capital. Some things were just… unnecessary. But their love was lovely, except for that brief tsun-yandere stint. The revelation was everything. Just an all around dramatic and sappy romance. But when the suffering hit, it hit! 👌🏾

    • Actually, it’s my second time reading dog-blood novel, first one i hated the author so much i wished their house would catch real fire, my pillow also soaked real tears throughout. I can say same for this one. Fortunately im not the type to leave anything mid way otherwise this wouldn’t have been completed T_T at least not by me. But yknow what, we did ittttt!!


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