Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 13

Chapter 13 The Mother Wants to See the Boyfriend

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 The Qin family’s old house was located on the hillside of a beautiful and quiet hill in the south of Shanlan City.

Qin Miao was used to living in his own house in the urban area, but because his father passed away, only his Mother lived in the old house for a long time. Mother Qin asked her two sons to go home at least twice a week.

So Qin Miao kept some things in the old house. He drove back early this morning just to get the documents.

Qin Miao took out the key to open the door, and the sound of the TV was already playing in the house.

He went straight upstairs, went to his room, dug out the documents, took them, then walked downstairs, came to the living room, and greeted his Mother.

Mother Qin turned her head and saw her tall and handsome Alpha son. She smiled in surprise: “Ah, why did you go home so early today?”

“Came back to get something.” Qin Miao answered honestly.

He came over and saw the ice cream on the coffee table over his Mother’s shoulder.

Qin Miao frowned slightly in disapproval: “Mom, were you eating ice cream in the morning?”

Mother Qin quickly covered the ice cream lid and said with a smile, “Oh, I haven’t started eating it yet. Come on, help Mother put it away.”

With that, Mother Qin handed the ice cream to her son. Her fingers were slender and white, skin lustrous and moist, at first glance one could see that she had not done housework.

Mother Qin, who had raised two adult sons, seemed to be only in her early forties because of her youthful mentality and proper maintenance. Only a few strands of white hair on the temples showed the fact that she was no longer young.

Qin Miao pretended not to see the marks scooped by the spoon on the ice cream, snapped the lid and put it back in the freezer.

Back in the living room, Qin Miao picked up the document again and said goodbye to his Mother who was watching the TV series on the sofa: “Then I’ll go first.”

“Hey, wait.” Mother Qin stopped her son. She pulled on her slippers and walked to Qin Miao.

Her Alpha son was already more than a head taller than him. Mother Qin could only raise her head and say to her son, “Have you been taking medicine well recently?”

Qin Miao replied lightly, “I am taking it.”

“No, no, no . .” Mother Qin shook her head again and again, not satisfied with her son’s answer, “It shouldn’t be taking it, but eating it well. According to what the doctor said, you can’t even miss one.”

“Understood.” Qin Miao said.

Mother Qin nodded, then realized something, and asked, “Hey, what about Xiao Qing? Why haven’t I seen him follow you recently?”

The Xiao Qing in her mouth was Fan Qing, an Omega specially chosen by Mother Qin for her son. He was supposedly an ‘assistant’ following Qin Miao’s side, but actually had other uses.

A dark light flashed in Qin Miao’s eyes, but his tone did not change: “He was fired by me.”

“What happened to him?”

Mother Qin was a little surprised. After all, Fan Qing chose it by himself. With a clean background, good looks, and high education, because Qin Miao’s illness had a certain demand for Omega’s pheromone, he had been by Qin Miao’s side every time he worked.

Originally, Mother Qin thought that if the two of them could really become successful, then she would raise her hands to support them, and would be a matchmaker herself.

As a result, the child was fired, and she didn’t even know what happened.

“No special reason.” Qin Miao didn’t want to talk about it.

It was impossible for him to tell his Mother that because Fan Qing had been by his side for a long time, he couldn’t figure out his position, and he crossed the line several times. Finally, he couldn’t bear it and dismissed him.

In the end, it was Mother Qin’s responsibility for causing this matter. How can a Mother help his son choose an assistant and the requirement must be an Omega? The most concerning issue during the interview was not their work ability or what graduate school they attended, but their family, hobbies and personality. After Fan Qing was selected, his Mother would inquire about Qin Miao from him from time to time.

Coupled with Qin Miao’s illness, requiring an Omega to occasionally emit pheromone as a calming effect, it was already a rather ambiguous behavior among AOs.

It was reasonable for Fan Qing to have a misunderstanding after going through this.

Mother Qin noticed his son’s resistance and stopped asking, but said something that made Qin Miao feel even more troublesome: “Okay, then I will help you choose another assistant.”

“No.” Qin Miao immediately refused.

“Why not!” Mother Qin was unexpectedly firm on this matter. “Your body needs an Omega to accompany you and you were about the same age. Or, you can find someone to marry and bring them to me. Or you can accept the assistant I found for you.”

“I won’t allow you to go out and hang out with people of unknown origin, do you hear me?” Mother Qin said sternly.

Qin Miao listened to his Mother’s instructions, and responded casually when suddenly a person popped into his mind.

He stopped perfunctorily and said solemnly, “I did meet a very interesting Omega recently. If I have a chance, I will bring him to see you.”

Mother Qin immediately smiled when she heard this, and patted her son on the back, then sent him to the door.

Qin Miao stepped up to leave, but was pulled by his Mother.

Mother Qin tugged at the corners of her son’s mouth on tiptoe, and said with disgust, “Don’t keep your face straight and act like an evil spirit all day, you will scare the Omegas away.”

“At least smile more in front of the people you like, hear me. Do you understand?” Mother Qin slapped Qin Miao’s face lightly.

“Got it.” The reckless Alpha would only show a submissive look in front of his Mother.

After the exhortation, Mother Qin let him go.

Until Qin Miao drove out, he saw his Mother standing at the door, waving at him and saying, “Remember to bring the person back!” 

On the other side, the hospital.

Chu Suiyun’s head was dizzy, and he followed Chu Muyu to the hospital and sat on the waiting chair.

The two of them just went to see a doctor. The doctor first issued a few orders and asked Chu Suiyun to draw blood for examination. After the report came out from the doctor, he suggested Chu Suiyun to go to the Second Sex department. .

Sitting on the chair in front of the Second Sex Section, Chu Muyu looked very anxious.

He looked at his brother resentfully, and said angrily: “I told you any injuries at this location was dangerous, yet you didn’t pay attention to it.”

Because of the fever, Chu Suiyun’s head was dizzy, and he smiled listlessly: “I’m sorry, I didn’t listen to Xiao Yu’s words.”

“Forget it, don’t talk anymore.” Chu Muyu heard his brother’s voice sound so empty, and distressed, stopped him from continuing to speak.

Chu Suiyun kept his mouth shut, took the various reports in his hand, sat upright, raised his head and silently looked at the calling screen.

On the surface, he was listless and honest, but he was actually thinking about how to get Chu Muyu out of the way and go in alone to see the doctor.

The Second Sex department, when he went in, he had to look at the glands. When the band-aid was lifted, Qin Miao’s b*stard’s teeth marks would be exposed, and Chu Suiyun wouldn’t e able to explain it.

Being bitten by another Alpha was an Alpha’s shame.

The electronic female voice suddenly sounded, and another person was called in, and that person happened to be in front of Chu Suiyun.

He couldn’t hesitate any longer, he had to get rid of Xiao Yu as soon as possible. Chu Suiyun lowered his eyes, saw the report in his hand, and a plan came to mind.

After a minute, Chu Suiyun estimated that the time was ripe.

“Cough cough…” He deliberately coughed twice, pretending to be weak, “Xiao Yu, I seem to have a report in the consultation room just now, can you go down and get it for me?”

“What report?” Chu Muyu asked.

“It should be the one of the blood drawn.”

“Okay.” Chu Muyu immediately stood up and pressed his brother’s shoulder, “I’ll be right back, wait here for me.”

Chu Suiyun smiled and hurriedly instructed: “Don’t worry, you can go slowly.”

Chu Muyu didn’t take this sentence to heart, and ran quickly.

The time was estimated just right, Chu Muyu disappeared, and the voice of the horn called out Chu Suiyun’s name and allowed him to enter the consultation room.

Walking into the consultation room, Chu Suiyun handed all the reports to the doctor.

The doctor was a young male Beta. Wearing a mask, he couldn’t see his face clearly, but his temperament was gentle and harmless, his eyes smiling.

Most doctors and nurses in the Second Sex department were Beta, and even most doctors were Beta. Because even if they had superior physiological characteristics, they were not affected by pheromones, and can keep calm at all times.

The Beta Doctor glanced at the report sheet, turned to Chu Suiyun and said, “Glandular injury? Tear off the Band-Aid and let me see.”

Sure enough, Chu Suiyun secretly thought. Fortunately, he sent Xiao Yu away ahead of time.

Listening to the doctor’s words, Chu Suiyun tore off the waterproof Band-Aid on the side of his neck.

The wound that was still bleeding yesterday was much better today, but it still looked intimidating. The blood scab in the center of the wound was obvious, and the surrounding area was red and swollen.

Chu Suiyun had seen the wound in the mirror in the morning, so he knew that the entire wound was exactly the shape of Qin Miao’s teeth.

After the Beta Doctor looked at the wound, he glanced at Chu Suiyun more than once.

It’s not that Chu Suiyun wanted to doubt the professionalism of this doctor, it’s just that the other party’s eyes were too similar to eyes that were looking at a rare animal.

“You were bitten by another Alpha?” the doctor asked.

“Yeah.” Chu Suiyun affirmed sullenly.

The doctor started to tap the keyboard on the computer and asked Chu Suiyun, “How long have you been biting? When did you start to get hot? Did he inject pheromones?”

“I was bitten yesterday and I had a fever in the morning. It should have been injected.” Chu Suiyun answered.

“You should know that two Alphas can’t be marked, right? It’s useless to bite your neck.” The doctor stopped recording and turned to Chu Suiyun.

Chu Suiyun embarrassedly wanted to burrow into the ground: “Of course I know.”

“This is the body’s rejection reaction. Simply put, because Alpha’s pheromones are mutually exclusive, the body’s immune mechanism was stimulated. I have prescribed some medicine, take some and it should be fine.” The doctor started to prescribe medicine on the computer again.

“Thank you.”

After prescribing the medicine, the doctor carefully instructed: “Now there are cases where both spouses are Alphas. We understand tolerance, but after all, there are some physical obstacles, and it is not recommended to imitate the marking behavior between Alphas and Omegas. There will be rejection of the marking and if the reaction is strong, it will lead to death.”

The doctor said this while handing the printed payment slip to Chu Suiyun: “Go to the first floor to pay for the medicine.”

“No, we’re not…” Chu Suiyun’s face flushed bitterly. He took the bill and wanted to defend himself, but finally gave up the struggle, “Forget it, thank you doctor.”

Chu Suiyun sighed as he walked out of the consultation room.

“Brother.” Chu Muyu appeared in front of Chu Suiyun panting anxiously, “I didn’t find the report, did you remember it wrong?”

Chu Suiyun was startled and smiled awkwardly: “Ah, yes, I just found it, it must have been mixed with the other documents, so I didn’t see it. I’m sorry Xiao Yu for letting you go for nothing.”

“It’s fine.” Chu Muyu didn’t care, he was more concerned about his brother’s diagnosis, “You have already seen the doctor. What did the doctor say?”

Chu Suiyun had already pasted the Band-Aid on the side of his neck, and he raised the payment slip in his hand, comforting his younger brother: “The doctor said it was a small problem, and the body reacted a little when the glands were touched. I just need to take some medicine.”

With a general perception, a disease that can be cured by taking some medicine was not a serious disease, so Chu Muyu also breathed a sigh of relief and accompanied his brother to the first floor to pay for the medicine.

The brothers took the medicine and came out of the hospital.

Chu Suiyun took out his mobile phone and was about to call a car. At the same time, Chu Muyu’s mobile phone rang, and he hurriedly took it out to take a look. The two brothers stood at the door of the hospital, pressing their mobile phones.

Chu Suiyun called the car and looked at his younger brother, asking him, “Xiao Yu, are you going to class this afternoon, should I send you directly to school?” 

For some reason, Chu Muyu was surprised by the sudden voice of his elder brother. He unnaturally put the phone in his pocket.


Chu Suiyun frowned suspiciously. He didn’t immediately ask his brother what he saw on the phone, but repeated the question just now.

“Mmm, send me directly to school.” Chu Muyu replied.

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