Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 27

Chapter 27 The Six-Digit Ring

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“I know.” Chu Muyu’s answer surprised Chu Suiyun.

“I didn’t understand you very well at the time, so I was a little too attached to you…” Chu Muyu looked away a little embarrassedly, “Now that I think about it, you’ve actually done your best to take care of me.”

Chu Muyu raised his eyes. Looking directly at Chu Suiyun, he firmly said: “That’s why I can confess this to you today. Because I believe in my brother.”

Chu Suiyun listened to his brother’s thoughtful words, and his eyes were warm. He took his younger brother into his arms and ruffled Chu Muyu’s hair.

“Wuwu, Xiao Yu, you are really the cutest little brother in the world.”

Chu Muyu was having difficulty breathing because of his brother’s embrace, and quickly pushed Chu Suiyun.

Only then did Chu Suiyun react and let go.

“That’s right.” Chu Muyu thought of one thing, “Since I’ve talked about it, I have one more thing to tell you.”

“What’s the matter?” Chu Suiyun asked.

Chu Muyu scratched his cheek hesitantly, and said frankly, “Brother Miao knew about the fact that I was being followed. In fact, I asked him to pretend to be my boyfriend in order to stimulate the stalker to show off; otherwise, that person would hide in the dark and harass me and I would be helpless.”

Chu Suiyun was stunned and listened to his brother continue.

“Brother Miao has helped me a lot. Sometimes I am afraid, and he will comfort me. Although his comfort is not very useful, he has given me a lot of ideas.”

“Brother Miao gave me a hint today and made me realize that that teacher is a stalker. If there is no Brother Miao, maybe I still won’t know who that person was today.”

“I met Brother Miao when I was learning in the studio. Although there were many rumors about him, at least he had always treated me very well and didn’t do anything inappropriate. Brother, you really misunderstood him.”

After speaking, Chu Muyu looked at Chu Suiyun eagerly, with a very sincere expression.

When Chu Suiyun heard his brother’s frank words, he finally realized that he had misunderstood Qin Miao all along.

“I’m sorry.” Chu Suiyun apologized again, this time, it seemed that the apology was not only for his younger brother.

Chu Muyu shook his head: “It’s alright, as long as you don’t have any prejudice against Brother Miao.” 

His brother was only able to speak so easily because he didn’t know what Chu Suiyun was doing behind his back.

Chu Suiyun’s mood was much heavier.

In order to break up Qin Miao and his younger brother, he did not hesitate to pretend to be an Omega to seduce Qin Miao. A few days ago, he had reached an agreement with Qin Miao, and even bought an engagement ring. He thought that the plan to save his brother would be successful soon, but who knew that it was all a misunderstanding in the end.

Chu Suiyun sighed silently in his heart, and decided not to think about the matter with Qin Miao for the time being, and to focus on solving his brother’s affairs first.

“Tomorrow we’ll change your phone number, give me your current phone card, and I’ll deal with that guy.” Chu Suiyun arranged, “I’ll pick you up every day in the future. Remember the first time you encounter anything, contact me, do you hear?”

“Got it.” Chu Muyu replied obediently.

After arranging the affairs of his younger brother, Chu Suiyun finally asked a few words, and the two went to wash up and prepare to rest.

After returning to his room, Chu Suiyun remembered that there was one more thing he had not told his brother.

Today, Dong Kejie said that his younger brother left early because he was not feeling well, and Chu Muyu being eighteen was a very special age for Omegas.

Chu Suiyun was a little worried about whether there were any changes in his brother’s body. At that time, he wanted to tell his brother to take time off to go for a medical examination together.

But when he was outside just now, there were other people present. Chu Suiyun was an Alpha again, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to talk about it publicly. He also encountered Li Cen’s incident, which delayed it for a while.

“Sigh.” The worried brother Chu Suiyun sighed, they’ll talk about it tomorrow morning.

Walking to the bedside, Chu Suiyun inevitably saw the ring box on the bedside table that he had been placed there.

Chu Suiyun sat down beside the bed, picked up the ring box, opened the lid, revealing the low-key and luxurious engagement ring inside.

The engraved swash characters were visible under the light, and Chu Suiyun took the ring in his hand and turned it around.

When he thought of what the ring meant, Chu Suiyun’s head was as big as a bucket.

Who would have thought that he had always misunderstood the relationship between his younger brother and Qin Miao. In fact, looking back now, his brother explained that he had nothing to do with Qin Miao long before. However, at that time, he thought that Qin Miao had turned him into his own little cabbage, and he didn’t believe it at all.

Now that he knew the truth, Chu Suiyun breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time he had to worry –

What should I do? How should I handle the relationship between myself and Qin Miao?

Go and make it clear to Qin Miao?

“Ah!” Chu Suiyun held the ring, resting his elbows on his thighs, and lowered his head weakly.

At this moment, in the heart of Chu Suiyun, the light and fluttering ring in his hand was as heavy as a huge stone.

“It’s six figures after all…” Chu Suiyun covered his eyes.


Just when Chu Suiyun was troubled, his phone message sounded. Chu Suiyun put the ring back in the box, and took out his phone to look.

Qin Miao: “Do you have time tomorrow night? I want to have a meal with you and talk about something.”

This text message was just in time, Chu Suiyun also had something to say to Qin Miao.

Chu Suiyun pressed the screen and replied, “I have time, send me the meeting place.”

After replying to the text message, Chu Suiyun laid down on the bed, staring at the ceiling silently.

The next day.

Chu Suiyun took a special leave and accompanied his younger brother to apply for a new phone card. Chu Suiyun directly bought a new mobile phone for Chu Muyu, and he held the old one. He wanted to see what tricks that Li Cen had.

As for the physical examination, because Chu Muyu still had classes in the afternoon and Chu Suiyun was also going to see Qin Miao, the brothers agreed to wait until the weekend.

Chu Suiyun sent his younger brother to the school gate, and worriedly warned: “Stay away from Alphas during this time. That Deng whatever, I don’t think he is easy to deal with, you should pay attention to yourself.”

Chu Muyu’s face flushed, impatient: “What are you talking about! You’re so annoying, just go.”

“Don’t worry, if you feel any discomfort in your body, please contact me immediately.” Chu Suiyun said bitterly.

“Okay…” Chu Muyu, who couldn’t say that his early departure was not due to physical reasons, could only nod his head obediently.

Sending off his younger brother, Chu Suiyun returned home.

He changed into a set of Omega-style clothes. Recently, in order to act in front of Qin Miao, he bought several sets of Omega-style clothes. Fortunately, the online shopping package was not transparent, otherwise, if his brother found out, he would feel that he was a pervert.

After changing clothes, Chu Suiyun came to the washstand, dipped a little water on his hands, put down his bangs, and slightly covered his too sharp eyes. Then he put on a pair of frames, sprayed on Omega perfume, and checked it in front of the mirror.

Qin Miao’s time was a little early, and he didn’t have time to change clothes after getting off work, so Chu Suiyun simply took a day off, accompanied his brother to have a meal, send him off to school, and went home to change clothes and drive to the appointment, so there was plenty of time. 

Everything was ready. Chu Suiyun took the key and went out.

The car drove into the parking space, Chu Suiyun pushed the door open, and a thin and small Beta ran over and handed Chu Suiyun a card.

“S, sir, this is our parking card. You can park here for free, please keep it safe.” The Beta’s voice was clear and a little shy.

Hearing this, Chu Suiyun turned his head, reached out and took the card handed by the Beta, glanced at him, and found that the Beta was too young, like a part-time high school student.

Perhaps it was a side effect of having a younger brother in the family. Chu Suiyun had a good attitude to younger boys, so seeing that the Beta was only a high school student, Chu Suiyun smiled warmly.

“Thank you, you’ve worked hard.”

After speaking, he strode neatly into the restaurant with the wind under his feet.

The little Beta was shocked on the spot by Chu Suiyun’s smile, and when he was far away, he covered his eyes with the parking card, and shyly muttered to himself: “What’s the matter, did you get charmed by an Omega? Ooo, It shouldn’t be.”

After entering the restaurant, Chu Suiyun’s temperament softened and all movements became introverted and soft, completely different from the man who strode in just now.

A waitress stepped forward to ask Chu Suiyun if he had a reservation. Chu Suiyun averted his eyes as if he was afraid, and said in a low voice, “Mr. Qin Miao’s reservation.” 

The waiter smiled knowingly and took Chu Siyun with him into the private room reserved by Qin Miao.

The private room door was opened, Chu Suiyun was a little surprised that Qin Miao was already waiting inside.

There were still more than ten minutes before the agreed time.

Qin Miao was on the phone. When he saw Chu Suiyun appear, he put a finger to his mouth, and then said a few words to the other side of the phone that Chu Suiyun couldn’t understand. During this period, Qin Miao’s brows did not relax, his face darkened. 

It is quite different from Qin Miao in Chu Suiyun’s knowledge.

It wasn’t until Chu Suiyun sat down on the opposite seat that Qin Miao hung up the phone.

“Good evening, Xiao Xue.” Qin Miao put the phone on the table and greeted Chu Suiyun.

Chu Suiyun almost didn’t realize that the phrase “Xiao Xue” was calling him, and he nodded after being stunned.

Fortunately, his character had always been a shy and reserved Omega. Qin Miao didn’t find it surprising that he didn’t respond eagerly, and raised his hand to say that the waiter could serve.

“This restaurant specializes in the dishes of the Slovakia Federation. Although many places in the Federation are not that special, the food is still good because of its vast territory.” Qin Miao started chatting very naturally, “Have you ever eaten Federal cuisine?” 

“I have.” Chu Suiyun responded politely, but in fact he was thinking about what Qin Miao wanted to say when he called him out this time.

As a result, Qin Miao was not in a hurry, still chatting, and didn’t talk about business. When the dishes came, and they were both full, they still hadn’t talked about business.

However, thanks to the fact that he didn’t talk about business, Chu Suiyun thought it was a meal that was mainly a casual conversation, and he was very satisfied.

As Qin Miao said, this restaurant’s Federal cuisine was very delicious.

Chu Suiyun’s grandmother was from the Lisbon Federation, and she married far away into the country of Yun, so when he was a child, he ate the federal dishes made by his grandmother, and the taste here was a bit like his grandmother’s.

Qin Miao looked at Chu Suiyun gradually stop eating, picked up the teacup beside his hand, and covered the corner of his mouth.

He opened his mouth, wanting to say to Chu Suiyun, “You eat a lot”, and then he held back his words.

If he said this, he would be dragged out by Omegas across the country and ridiculed for his low emotional intelligence. Qin Miao, who boasted a high emotional intelligence, put it another way: “It seems that the food here is really delicious, I’ll bring you here again in the future.”

Chu Suiyun did not understand the true meaning of Qin Miao, who was high in emotional intelligence. He had ate enough, so he put down the knife and fork, and looked up at Qin Miao.

Qin Miao understood, this was urging him to get down to business.

So Qin Miao sat up slightly, looked directly at Chu Suiyun opposite, and finally said the purpose of tonight: “My mother wants to see you.”

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