Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 30

Chapter 30 The Eight-Legged Spider

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After hearing this, Chu Suiyun laid his eyes back on the suitcase, buttoned the suitcase, and ruthlessly refused: “Don’t even think about it.”

Qin Miao raised his eyebrows and discussed with him: “Come to my house for a temporary stay on Friday night. The next day you don’t have to get up early to travel.”

“Impossible.” Chu Suiyun lifted up the case expressionlessly and raised the lever.

Qin Miao continued to work hard: “My mother said that she will come in the morning, and old people get up early. You need to get up early when you come from home.

“Isn’t it just waking up early?” Chu Suiyun said, “Today, I woke up at 5am. It’s not like I can’t get up if I don’t want to.”

He couldn’t agree to Qin Miao’s request to temporarily stay at his house. It would have been good to sleep more, but the recent incident with Xiao Yu made Chu Suiyun not dare to relax, and try to stay by Xiao Yu’s side.

Qin Miao took a step forward and reached out to hold Chu Suiyun’s cheek: “It’s because you woke up so early today that your face is haggard, and I can’t bear it.”

Chu Suiyun slapped Qin Miao’s claws off his face and warned: “I accepted your act, there is no one else here, who are you doing this for?”

“Why is it an act?” Qin Miao honestly retracted his hand, “Can’t it be a revealing of the truth?” 

Yes, why not. It seems that although Qin Miao has nothing to do with Xiao Yu, his reputation as a scumbag is true. For a scumbag, it’s normal to see one and love one, revealing his frivolous ways. Who is going to laugh to death?

Chu Suiyun lowered his head and snorted, raised his eyes and looked directly at Qin Miao: “Then you really need to stop or be careful you might regret it.”

Qin Miao looked back into Chu Suiyun’s eyes, and there seemed to be a stream of light flashing in his eyes, but he finally had nothing to say.

Chu Suiyun packed the box in his hand, turned his eyes away, pushed two fingers against Qin Miao’s chest, and gently pushed the person away from him.

“I’ve finished what you asked me to do. I still have something to do. I’ll go first.” Chu Suiyun walked to the gate and said while changing his shoes.

After speaking, he didn’t wait for Qin Miao’s answer, opened the door, took the box and left without hesitation.

Standing at the entrance, Qin Miao shook his head helplessly as he watched the door of his house being closed coldly in front of his eyes.

Later, Qin Miao received a call from his mother.

Mother Qin’s tone was full of anticipation, and she asked his son: “Lao Er (basically means second child), tell me what kind of person your partner is. I’ve been practicing these days.”

Qin Miao wondered: “What are you practicing?”

“Practicing how I should greet my daughter-in-law! You told me that he was a little shy, and I was always worried. I was worried about what to do if I scared the person. If he runs away, wouldn’t you be a bachelor?” Mother Qin was very worried.

“…” Qin Miao rubbed his hair, “It’s okay, you just need to be kind. By the way, there’s something I want to tell mother.”


“On Saturday, you won’t be coming too early in the morning right?” Qin Miao asked.

Mother Qin, whose mind was pierced, covered her mouth and denied weakly: “How could I, how could I, I’ll definitely come in the normal morning hours.”

“You must come later, if you come too early, you may see something you shouldn’t see.” Qin Miao said.

This was too ambiguous. When Mother Qin heard it, her thoughts flew to some strange place.

She replied immediately: “Okay, okay, can I be there on time at 10 o’clock? You need to leave time for your Aunt Tang to cook.”

Qin Miao replied, “En.”

Hanging up the phone and sitting in front of the TV, Mother Qin, who was watching idol dramas before, sighed repeatedly: “Oh, young people.”

Watching TV with Mother Qin was Auntie Tang, the nanny of the Qin family for more than 20 years. Auntie Tang couldn’t help asking when she saw her Madam smiling so happily: “What did Ah Miao say to make you so happy?”

Mother Qin happily stuffed a candy into her mouth and said with a smile, “I’m going over on Saturday and do you know what Lao Er said? He told me to go later, so as not to see things I shouldn’t see, oh my how embarrassing!”

“Oh, I’m embarrassed, what are you talking about, hahaha.”

Mother Qin and Aunt Tang laughed together.

When it came to Monday, Chu Muyu finished a class and came to the study room, preparing to study for a while in school.

His home was not close to school, and it took his brother ten minutes to drive him every day, and it took nearly an hour to take the bus.

But the classes in the university were not always connected, so Chu Muyu occasionally had free time between two classes in a day. When that happens, he usually didn’t go home, but found a place in the school for self-study.

To put it bluntly, the self-study room was a classroom without classes. There were not many classrooms during teaching time like this and Chu Muyu found one with a rather large space.

But as soon as he entered the classroom, Chu Muyu saw an unexpected person.

Shen Qingdeng had headphones in his ears and was sitting in the middle back of the classroom. The Alpha propped his chin up with one hand and spun a pen with the other, seemingly bored.

Chu Muyu became nervous for some reason. He wanted to say hello to Shen Qingdeng, but he didn’t want to. He couldn’t tell what he wanted to do, so he chose to avoid him after hesitation.

Chu Muyu sat in the front row of the classroom with his school bag on his back, and didn’t talk to Shen Qingdeng.

After sitting down, Chu Muyu flipped through his schoolbag, placed the books and stationery neatly out, spread his book open, and quickly entered his studying state.

There was a rustling sound from the seat behind him. Chu Muyu concentrated on reading and didn’t care. After all, it was a study room, everyone came and went freely, it was quiet but not completely silent.


Chu Muyu was writing a note on the book, when suddenly a small ball of paper jumped out over his shoulder and landed exactly at the tip of the pen.

Chu Muyu picked up the ball of paper, and did not open it immediately, but turned his head back, trying to find out who threw it.

Unexpectedly, when he turned his head back, he saw Shen Qingdeng’s cold and indifferent face.

He didn’t know when Shen Qingdeng discovered Chu Muyu, let alone when he moved from the back row of the classroom to behind Chu Muyu.

Shen Qingdeng raised his hand, stretched out his index finger, and pointed at the ball of paper in Chu Muyu’s hand.

The meaning couldn’t be more obvious: open it and see.

Chu Muyu lowered his head and unfolded the paper ball. On the crumpled white paper were three words written in black pen: What a coincidence.

For some reason, Chu Muyu wanted to laugh inexplicably, but since he couldn’t help it, he covered the corner of his mouth with his wrist and stared at Shen Qingdeng and smiled.

Seeing Chu Muyu smiling, Shen Qingdeng was baffled, his eyes gradually turning from calm to blank.

After smiling, Chu Muyu crumpled the paper ball again and threw it towards Shen Qingdeng, which happened to hit the Alpha’s chest.

Then Chu Muyu turned around and went back to continue reading his book.

But how much he saw, only he knew.

A few minutes later, another brand new paper ball came over his shoulders again, bounced twice on the table, and stopped in front of Chu Muyu.

Chu Muyu put down the pen and opened the ball of paper.

“I want to sit next to you.”

After Chu Muyu glanced at it, he turned around and wanted to say no to Shen Qingdeng, but before he turned around, Shen Qingdeng had already taken his belongings and sat down beside Chu Muyu.

It turned out that what the paper ball said was not a discussion, but an announcement.

He had already sat down, and Chu Muyu was not good at chasing people away. If he got up and left by himself, it seemed too rude, so he could only stay beside Shen Qingdeng.

After sitting down beside the Omega, Shen Qingdeng didn’t do anything and continued to read the book with his chin up, still looking bored. If it wasn’t for him turning the pages from time to time, Chu Muyu would have thought that this person was staring at the book and sleeping.

Shen Qingdeng settled down, and Chu Muyu gradually returned to the book. The two of them really sat together and studied for almost an hour.

After reading for very long, Chu Muyu’s eyes were dry. He blinked hard, and heard a voice from next to him: “Hey.”

This “Hey” was calling Chu Muyu to look over, and Chu Muyu looked over in response.

If he didn’t look, he wouldn’t know, but when he took a look, Chu Muyu was shocked. He saw a huge spider lying on Shen Qingdeng’s table. It was pitch black, with only a few white marks on its stomach. The eight fluffy legs were almost spread out; it was half the size of an adult Alpha’s palm.

He knew that Shanlan University had a good ecological environment, with stray cats and various birds, but he didn’t think there would be big spiders.

“Ah—mm.” Chu Muyu almost screamed in shock. Before he could say a syllable, he realized that this was the study room. He covered his mouth and swallowed his voice.

“What is this!” Chu Muyu slowed down, asked Shen Qingdeng in a low voice, moved to the empty seat next to him, and opened up the distance between the spider and him.

“Spider.” Shen Qingdeng replied.

Chu Muyu was about to cry: “I know it’s a spider, but I’m a little scared. Drive it away.”

He didn’t know which word in Chu Muyu’s words touched Shen Qingdeng, his eyes flashed, and he asked, confirming: “You’re afraid of it?”

“It looks scary.” Chu Muyu nodded and continued to urge, “You, you beat it away with a piece of paper.”

The spider seemed to sense that the two were discussing how to expel him, and moved his eight legs. Chu Muyu’s scalp immediately became numb, and he wished he could stay away.

An even more terrifying scene happened next. Shen Qingdeng actually stretched out his hand to take the spider into his palm, raised his hand, and sent it slightly to Chu Muyu.

“I think it’s okay, it doesn’t bite.” Shen Qingdeng said.

There were already students in the back of the study room who discovered the abnormality here. The timid students began to pack up and leave. In less than a minute, only Shen Qingdeng and Chu Muyu were left in the entire study room.

Chu Muyu also wanted to leave, but his belongings were all placed beside Shen Qingdeng, and he did not dare to go back to clean up.

So the poor Omega could only beg Shen Qingdeng: “Anthing is good, please just deal with it.”

“Are you really that scared?” Shen Qingdeng was still asking.

Chu Muyu nodded hurriedly.

“Okay.” Shen Qingdeng seemed to finally get his answer.

The Alpha put the spider down from his hand, and the big guy obediently ran to the middle of Shen Qingdeng’s book.

Then, Chu Muyu saw Shen Qingdeng take out a small knife out of nowhere.


The sound of the blade colliding sounded, and before Chu Muyu could see Shen Qingdeng’s hand raising the knife, he heard the sound of the blade piercing between the books.

A finger-length knife pierced through the belly of the big spider and plunged into the page below.

The moist mucus burst out from the spider’s body, splashing the book, the table, and Shen Qingdeng’s hand.

“Okay, it’s settled, you don’t have to be afraid anymore.” Shen Qingdeng said, holding up the spider’s corpse on the book and showing it to Chu Muyu.

“You…I-I didn’t say I wanted to kill it.” Chu Muyu was stunned and incoherent.

“Don’t you want me to deal with it?” Shen Qingdeng asked back.

“You could have driven it away.” Chu Muyu replied, then shook his head again, “Forget it, I, I’ll go first.”

The Omega returned to his seat, hurriedly packed his things, put on his school bag and prepared to leave.

“Chu Muyu.” Before he left, Shen Qingdeng stopped him.

Chu Muyu stopped and didn’t look back. He didn’t dare to look at Shen Qingdeng’s face now.

“To deal with bugs, you have to crush them in one move, otherwise they will escape and then appear in front of you again and again to harass you.”

Chu Muyu vaguely felt that Shen Qingdeng’s words were intentional, but he was so confused that he didn’t have the time to interpret it. He didn’t answer anything and walked away quickly.

Of course, Chu Muyu wouldn’t know that this big spider was actually Shen Qingdeng’s pet.

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