Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Encountering workplace harassment

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On Monday, at the entrance of a classroom at Shanlan University.

Chu Muyu looked at Shen Qingdeng who was sitting quietly in the classroom for self-study, and turned around to say thank you to the girl who brought him over.

The girl waved her hand: “It’s a small matter. I just want to ask, are you with classmate Qing Deng?”

Chu Muyu was stunned for a while, somewhat surprised.

The girl smiled embarrassedly: “I’m sorry, is this too much? It’s mainly because you and Qing Deng left hand in hand in the previous public class, and have always appeared together afterward. Well, I just asked a question. If you are bothered, you can leave me alone.”

“We are not together,” Chu Muyu replied.

The girl’s expression was actually a little disappointed, but in the end she didn’t talk any more and went to the next classroom after saying goodbye to Chu Muyu.

Chu Muyu didn’t know that because of his own good looks and good grades, he was a popular person in the art school, and Shen Qingdeng was famous in the business school, so a small group of people in the school were silently watching them.

However, this was not important to Chu Muyu, the important thing was that he finally saw Shen Qingdeng again after half a month.

After Chu Muyu found out that Shen Qingdeng was hiding from him, he contacted him many times and offered to meet and talk, but Shen Qingdeng refused each time. After struggling for half a month, Chu Muyu finally made up his mind to block the person directly.

Shen Qingdeng was reading a book, with wireless earphones in his ears, his neck naturally dropped at an angle, his eyes focused on the pages of the book.

Suddenly, Shen Qingdeng’s earphones were taken off. The responsiveness of being an Alpha made him reach out and grab the “thief” who took his headphones.

Chu Muyu’s wrist was firmly grasped. He struggled, found Shen Qingdeng motionless, and realized the power disparity between an Alpha and an Omega.

Shen Qingdeng raised his head at this time. Seeing that it was Chu Muyu, he quickly released his hand.

Then, Shen Qingdeng closed the book and started to clean up the things on the table, he wanted to leave immediately.

“Pa!” Chu Muyu slapped Shen Qingdeng’s book cover, not allowing him to take the book.

The Omega’s big eyes locked onto Shen Qingdeng tightly, and he asked directly, “Why are you avoiding me?”

Shen Qingdeng was silent. Chu Muyu didn’t let him pack his books, so he took his hand back and didn’t answer when he heard the other party’s question. The cold reaction made the other person angry.

This is the self-study room, so it was hard to talk. Chu Muyu took Shen Qingdeng’s book and said, “Come out with me.”

After that, Chu Muyu took the lead to leave the classroom, and Shen Qingdeng followed him with a schoolbag.

The two came to the stairwell where they would not disturb others. Chu Muyu asked the question again, but was still answered with silence.

Shen Qingdeng’s silence caused Chu Muyu’s inner grievances to surge, and he asked, “We would go to class together, go home together, and even go out to play on weekends, why did you suddenly hide and let me go for two weeks without seeing you?”

Shen Qingdeng lowered his eyes, but still didn’t talk.

Chu Muyu’s emotions piled up. He grabbed Shen Qingdeng’s collar and forced the Alpha to look at himself: “Why don’t you speak, why are you avoiding me?”

At this moment, Shen Qingdeng’s face reacted, and he whispered: “I’m afraid you’ll hate me.”

Chu Muyu was stunned for a moment, puzzled: “I don’t hate you, why do you think that? I won’t hate you.”

This time Shen Qingdeng’s answer was very quick, quick and sure: “You will.”

Chu Muyu didn’t understand: “You are so strange, what did I do to make you misunderstand? I don’t hate you, how can I make you believe me? Shen Qingdeng, tell me, okay? What should I do to you so you believe that I don’t hate you?”

The Omega’s tone was flustered and at a loss, and his eyes looked at Shen Qingdeng earnestly. Anyone who saw it couldn’t help feeling pity, couldn’t help comforting him, telling him that it was all right, don’t worry; but Shen Qingdeng seemed unmoved and just listened silently.

Chu Muyu had never felt that Shen Qingdeng’s taciturnity was annoying like this moment. The grievances, anger and unease in his heart finally piled up to a peak and burst out suddenly.

Chu Muyu suddenly lowered his head, Shen Qingdeng raised his hand subconsciously, and suddenly, he felt a drop of warm tear falling on his tiger’s mouth.

“I… I don’t want you to be like this, and I don’t want, I don’t want you to distance yourself from me for no reason. I don’t know why, but as long as I think that we will gradually become strangers in the future, it’s sad… I don’t want us to be strangers, I want you to accompany me.” 

Its unclear which sentence hit Shen Qingdeng, or whether Chu Muyu’s tears played a role, but the Alpha, who had always been indifferent, finally responded.

He took Chu Muyu’s face into his palm, raised his head and looked directly into his eyes.

Then Shen Qingdeng asked, “Are you crying because of me?” Chu Muyu’s eyes were red, and before he could answer, Shen Qingdeng asked again, “Do you want me to accompany you?”

He could only speak in a hoarse voice: “En…”

“That’s good.” Shen Qingdeng’s tone was the same as before, “As long as you wish for it, I will do as you wish.” 

During the lunch break, Fengmiao Office Building Coffee Shop.

Chu Suiyun was lining up to buy a cup of coffee. In the morning, he saw Qin Miao send a message complaining that Zhao Kai couldn’t make coffee, which lured out his coffee addiction.

“Hazelnut latte.” Chu Suiyun said to the clerk. He took out his mobile phone and prepared to pay.

Well, Chu Suiyun admitted that he doesn’t like coffee, he just likes coffee with sugar and milk, or just sugar and milk.

Chu Suiyun was about to scan the code to pay when suddenly a hand stretched out from behind and covered his camera.

“I’ll buy you a drink.” A male voice came. The man’s Yun Guo dialect with an exotic accent spoke to the clerk, “I want another cup of black coffee.”

Chu Suiyun turned around following the voice and saw a man. The blond-haired Alpha man, was about the same size as himself, with deep facial features and a smile on the corner of his mouth. He winked at himself after seeing his look.

The blond man was obviously an appearance of someone from the Reese Federation. Chu Suiyun didn’t know such a person, why did he invite himself to drink coffee? 

Not wanting to drink coffee for free, Chu Suiyun said to the man, “Thank you, but no need, I will pay myself.”

“Don’t do this, beauty.” The man said cheesily, “let me treat you.”

Chu Suiyun shuddeered and his heart wanted to reject even more. He grabbed the man’s wrist, removed the other’s hand from the phone, and quickly checked out after scanning the code.

After paying, Chu Suiyun didn’t want to entangle with the man, so he turned around and went to the waiting area. As a result, the man also followed Chu Suiyun to the waiting area, and introduced himself with a thick face: “How about you get to know me? My name is Levi, what about you?”

Chu Suiyun felt offended, so he didn’t have a good face: “Sorry.”

This means rejection, but Chu Suiyun never expected that Levi would be so shameless.

Levi directly took out the badge that Chu Suiyun put in his chest pocket, looked at it, and read it in a slightly jerky Yun Guo dialect: “Chu Suiyun. It’s a very nice name, I have a little understanding of Yun Guo’s culture. I wonder if the name is from your ancient poet’s sentence of ‘crushing the white clouds indiscriminately’.”

At this time, Chu Suiyun’s coffee was just finished, and he took the badge from Levi’s hand: “No, it was my father who decided it casually after reading it in the dictionary, sorry.”

Chu Suiyun took the coffee, turned around and left.

Levi stood there, watching Chu Suiyun leave, showing an interesting smile.

Back in the office, Chu Suiyun put the coffee on the table and squeezed his shoulders tiredly.

He was a little speechless. He had already heard that the Alpha of the Reese Federation was not disciplined, but he didn’t expect him to be so undisciplined that the Alpha would harass him.

Thinking of the man calling him “beautiful” again, Chu Suiyun trembled in disgust.

D*mn, did he really look like an Omega?

The matter of being harassed by the Alpha was disgusting to Chu Suiyun, but it was not worth worrying over. After working for an afternoon, he had completely put the matter behind him and began to look forward to getting off work.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Papi brought bad news to Chu Suiyun when he only had ten minutes left before getting off work.

“Little Chu, go have a meal with the people from Federal Express tonight.” Zhou Papi patted Chu Suiyun on the shoulder.

Socializing again? Chu Suiyun was unwilling: “Boss, weren’t we responsible for the Giant Ship before? You promised me last time…”

Zhou Papi knew what Chu Suiyun was going to say, and interrupted him: “I know you are worried about your little brother, but it’s been so long after all, so you can’t be overly protective. Besides, this time, there’s really no way, the person in charge of the other party wants to see you and requested you by name.”

Chu Suiyun frowned. He didn’t understand why the person in charge would name a small Intern like him.

After Zhou Papi softened his attitude and persuaded him a few more words, Chu Suiyun was forced to help, so he could only agree.

After getting off work, Chu Suiyun took the car used last week, and the two of them set off together with two other colleagues.

In the car, Zhou Papi introduced the situation of the person in charge this time, and Chu Suiyun knew why he was being targeted.

“The person in charge this time is the fourth young master of Federal Express. His name is Levi, and he is an Alpha. He is an illegitimate child who was recently recognized by the family, but because the only Alpha heir of the Maxson family died unexpectedly, this Levi became the first pick successor.”

“The Maxson family values Levi very much, and sending him here this time, they are very confident in winning this contract, so we can negotiate more favourable terms.”

The Federation of Reese is an Alpha-inflated country, and there are many laws and regulations that blatantly violate the principle of equality and only serve the Alphas.

For example, in the inheritance law, in the absence of a will, Alpha children will naturally receive 80% of the estate, and the remaining 20% ​​will be divided equally among the remaining children. Another example is the “Omega Neck Ring Protection Act”, which nominally protects Omega’s neck. The ring, in fact, is a tool that enforces the management of all Omegas in the Federation.

Chu Suiyun’s temple throbbed, no wonder Levi was such an arrogant and selfish person who didn’t even look at people. He thought that the world revolves around him.

But the two companies are in business, Chu Suiyun can’t distance himself from Levi because of his personal grievances. When they got to the restaurant, Chu Suiyun could only stay behind Zhou Papi.

Chu Suiyun maintained a business smile, stood honestly behind Zhou Papi as the background, and listened to Zhou Papi skillfully exchanging business with the other party.

After the exchange, Levi did not hide his eyes. He looked at Chu Suiyun directly, but said to Zhou Papi: “To tell you the truth, this is my first time to Yunguo. Before, I have always longed to experience the Yunguo culture, but I had no chance. Although I am visiting for work, I hope to return home happily.”

“Of course, we will accompany you wherever you want to go.” Zhou Papi echoed.

“Thank you Manager Zhou for your enthusiasm, I also do have an unkind request.” With that said, Levi smiled at Chu Suiyun.

Chu Suiyun had a bad premonition.

Sure enough, he heard Levi say next: “Mr. Zhou’s subordinate and I hit it off right away. If he can become my tour guide in Yunguo, then I believe that Feng Miao’s contract discussion with us will be very pleasant.”

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