Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Asking Family Members for Opinions

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That night, Chu Suiyun was sitting on the sofa of Qin Miao’s house, holding a printed document in his hand.

The sofa in Qin Miao’s house was very soft. Chu Suiyun was sitting on his feet and the slippers had at sometime disappeared, with his feet tucked on the sofa, him lazily crooked.

What he held in his hand was the engagement ceremony plan provided by Mother Qin, and Qin Miao called him here just to see this thing.

It wasn’t a real engagement ceremony and the file was long and thick, so Chu Suiyun wasn’t very interested in it. After a while, his eyelids began to fight.

Although Alphas are full of energy and can work normally after staying up late, it doesn’t mean that they don’t really need sleep. Normal Alphas will still work at sunrise and rest at sunset, their usual work and rest habits dictating when they’ll become sleepy.

What’s more, Chu Suiyun had been busy with work recently, and occasionally had to deal with the arrogant Levi after finishing his work.

Two days ago, two nights in a row, Levi asked Chu Suiyun to come out and had him take him to a beautiful place in Shanlan City for a night tour.

Night tour. Chu Suiyun couldn’t wait to throw him into the Yunjiang River, to have him experience the real “night tour”.

Suddenly, Chu Suiyun’s eyes darkened. His head nodded,and he almost fell asleep.

“Sleepy?” Qin Miao came out with a glass of water and put it on the coffee table, “If you’re sleepy, then rest.”

Chu Suiyun blinked and shook his head: “No, I’m almost finished. Let’s talk.”

“Then take a break.” Qin Miao picked up the water cup and handed it to Chu Suiyun.

Chu Suiyun took the water cup, took a sip, and temporarily put the plan aside.

Recently, Chu Suiyun was not only busy with work, but also had something in mind. After the phone call with Zhai Xin, the other party’s words had been stuck in Chu Suiyun’s heart, and he still didn’t know how to solve it.

Chu Suiyun and his father have not had the slightest contact for two years. The only thing that demonstrated his father’s existence was the sum of money that was credited into the accounts of the two brothers on time at the beginning of each year, which was enough to allow them to lead a wealthy life.

It was a fund set up when Chu Suiyun was in his teens, specifically to raise the two brothers to grow up. Chu Muyu just came of age this year, so he didn’t know if that huge sum of money would enter the account on time again next year.

However, even the living expenses that appeared on time were not from his father. The fund was set up in Yunguo and was handled by special personnel. Father Chu was in the federation, so he probably didn’t have the energy to care about such trivial matters.

Now that Zhai Xin suddenly asked Chu Suiyun to have a good talk with his father, the words hinted that Chu Suiyun had a secret about the accident four years ago, and his father was an insider. For Chu Suiyun, talking to his father about this was not as easy as an ordinary father and son duo.

Since his father chose to hide everything from everyone four years ago, why did Zhai Xin think that he would have a good talk with him, and he would tell himself the truth?

Chu Suiyun couldn’t understand the way fathers and sons get along, so he couldn’t understand Zhai Xin’s thoughts.

Thinking of this, Chu Suiyun unconsciously sighed.

Qin Miao sat beside him. After seeing him dazed for a while, he asked with concern, “What’s wrong?” 

The two were already familiar with each other, but Chu Suiyun didn’t realize that he was no longer defensive against Qin Miao. Hearing the other party’s question, he answered honestly: “I’m thinking about something.”

Suddenly he looked up at Qin Miao, changed his posture, leaned on Qin Miao unconsciously: “I want to ask you something very important, you have to answer seriously.”

Qin Miao raised his eyebrows: “Okay, speak.”

Chu Suiyun said quickly in his heart: “If you are asked to contact someone who you should have a close relationship with, but have not been in contact with for many years, will you feel uncomfortable? “

“Why do you want to contact him?” Qin Miao asked back.

“Because I want to ask him something.”

“Is it that important?”

Chu Suiyun was stunned and shook his head: “I don’t know either.”

He didn’t expect Chu Suiyun’s answer. Qin Miao was silent for a moment, then continued to ask: “Is there any other way to know about it?”

This time, it was Chu Suiyun’s turn to be surprised. Speaking to Zhai Xin, the emphasis was on talking with his father, so everything inside and outside of the box did not enter his mindset. Now with Qin Miao mentioning this, he recalled that Zhai Xin said that she could help him retrieve his memory.

He was the one who experienced that incident. If the memory is recovered, then there is no need to ask his father.

Chu Suiyun’s Adam’s apple rolled twice and he replied, “Yes.”

“Then it’s done.” Qin Miao shrugged lightly, “If you don’t want to contact him, don’t contact him, don’t force yourself to do things you don’t want to do.

“I understand.” After suddenly realizing it, Chu Suiyun smiled lightly, “Thank you.”

Qin Miao pointed to the plan that was thrown on the sofa and pressed into a corner by Chu Suiyun: “Are you still looking at it?”

Chu Suiyun grimaced and picked up the plan: “Looking.”

In fact, Chu Suiyun could just flip through the plan and throw it away, since Mother Qin and a specialized team had engineered it. There should be no problems. But maybe it is because they are fake, the guilty conscience forced Chu Suiyun to review all the links to prevent any mistakes.

“Do I need to invite guests? I think there are fifty places reserved for me here.” Chu Suiyun pointed to the plan.

Qin Miao came over to look with him, knowing what he was worried about, and replied directly: “If you want to invite, invite. If you don’t want to invite, don’t invite. I will help you find some actors.”


Qin Miao: “Xingyuan is an Entertainment company.”

Chu Suiyun was amused: “Yes, you are a professional.” 

After solving this problem, Chu Suiyun continued to scroll down.

Qin Miao looked at Chu Suiyun’s profile and carefully looked at the plan, and said nothing. He just silently took Chu Suiyun’s cup then went into the kitchen to do something.

After a few minutes, a cup of hot milk was placed in front of Chu Suiyun.

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