Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Sorry for being late

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After a while, the four lips parted, the kiss was not intense, it was only a shallow taste.

“Why?” Qin Miao asked.

But the two people present knew very well, why?

Why kiss? Why should you care whether the other party was contaminated with another person’s smell?

Before kissing, Chu Suiyun didn’t think about why, but after kissing, he wouldn’t think about why, and he couldn’t regret it, so he said calmly: “I don’t know either.”

It was an ambiguous answer, but Qin Miao wasn’t confused. He smiled knowingly, and when he spoke again, he changed the subject: “Then your guests at the engagement ceremony will be actors I invite?”

“Don’t invite them, just treat me as an orphan.” Chu Suiyun said casually. .

Qin Miao reached out and pinched his cheeks: “You can’t speak nonsense.”

“Understood.” Chu Suiyun, who was being pinched, said vaguely.

Then Qin Miao let go.

“Let’s just say that my family lives far away from Shanlan City, so they won’t be able to make it.” Chu Suiyun arranged, “As for friends, say that I have very few friends, and I will invite them individually in the future.”

“You can decide.” Qin Miao shook his head and said helplessly, “But my mother will definitely ask me.” 

The two casually discussed how to muddle through the engagement ceremony, as if the ambiguous kiss just now never existed.

After saying a few more words, Chu Suiyun got up, tidied up his clothes, and prepared to leave.

Qin Miao was a little surprised: “Are you leaving?”

Chu Suiyun: “Well, I still have something to do, so I’ll go first.”

Qin Miao originally thought that the two could have a meal together tonight, but since Chu Suiyun had something to do, he would not be easy to stop, so he can only nod and let the person go.

After saying goodbye to Qin Miao, Chu Suiyun pushed open the door and walked out of the office, and saw Zhao Kai who just happened to be looking over.

Chu Suiyun only regarded it as a coincidence, not knowing that Zhao Kai had been looking absent-mindedly here since he entered the office, for fear of hearing any unusual movement.

Chu Suiyun and Zhao Kai nodded at each other, then he pointed to the door to signal that he was leaving. Zhao Kai hurried over.

“Sister-in-law, why are you leaving so early?” The Beta asked. He thought that there was no sound of the table being flipped in the office, indicating that there should be nothing bad between his brother and Sister-in-law. But as a result, sister-in-law left so early and didn’t stay to eat with his cousin. He should know that he’ll be off work in less than an hour right?

There must be something wrong then, right?

Zhao Kai had a look of sincerity and fear, but Chu Suiyun didn’t understand what he was thinking, and answered honestly: “En, go, work hard.”

After speaking, Chu Suiyun walked away, showing no nostalgia to turn his back.

Leaving Xingyuan Building, Chu Suiyun called a car on his mobile phone. The car arrived quickly and he opened the door and got into the back seat.

The driver and Chu Suiyun confirmed the tail number of the mobile phone and started down the road. Chu Suiyun turned to look out the window as the car drove forward, and the Xingyuan Building became smaller and smaller in sight.

Chu Suiyun’s head slowly leaned against the car window, and then he raised his hand and covered his eyes.

In the office just now, Qin Miao asked him why.

Why. Qin Miao doesn’t know how to act stupid, why bother to ask this question, could it be because of something else?

The driver accidentally saw the guest in the rearview mirror covering his face for a while, sighing, and raising his eyebrows strangely. He secretly speculated that the guest must have encountered something happy, or why would the corner of his mouth be slanted down?

When it was time to get off, Chu Suiyun received a message from Levi.

Levi said in the message that he wanted to taste the authentic Yunguo cuisine today, and hoped that Chu Suiyun could take himself to a restaurant for dinner.

After this megalomaniac from the Reese Federation forced Chu Suiyun to become his tour guide, he would go out with him every once in a while, either to see well-known scenic spots or to see unseen natural scenery. Chu Suiyun thought that he had really changed his career to be a tour guide.

If there was no special arrangement before for him, Chu Suiyun did not want to offend the people of the Reese Federation, and tried his best to meet Levi’s requirements. But today was different. For these meetings, he had put Qin Miao to the back. Can he still have time to accompany Levi?

So Chu Suiyun replied: Sorry, I already have arrangements for tonight.

Levi quickly asked: What’s the arrangement? I heard Manager Zhou say that you even asked for leave in the afternoon.

Chu Suiyun snorted impatiently, he didn’t like Levi’s asking about his personal affairs.

Chu Suiyun: Yes, I’m taking leave, because I have an appointment in the evening.

Levi: Appointment? Do you have a lover?

Chu Suiyun was speechless and did not want to answer him. But Levi’s messages came one after another.

Levi: It seems that I’m not being tactful. I wish you a nice date night.

Levi: By the way, I want to take the liberty to ask you, is your lover an Omega or a Beta, or… an Alpha?

Seeing Levi’s words, Chu Suiyun frowned. Levi, as an Alpha of the Reese Federation, according to their traditional thinking, an Alpha’s lovers should not be anything other than an Omega. There may be a very small number of Alphas whose other half is Beta, but there is absolutely no possibility of Alpha.

Could it be that because Levi is from a younger generation, his mind is also more open?

After subconsciously thinking for a moment and unable to come up with an answer, Chu Suiyun did not intend to continue to waste time on this.

He randomly found a traditional restaurant in Yunguo from a social platform, and gave the link to Levi, accompanied by a text: This is a restaurant with a good reputation nearby, I recommend you to try it. It is inconvenient for me to accompany you, goodbye.

Then, without waiting for Levi’s reply, Chu Suiyun pulled him into the message blocking group and put away his phone, the car had just arrived at the destination and stopped.

Chu Suiyun remembered that there was a small and exquisite pastry shop near his home. Occasionally, he and Xiao Yu would pass by, and Xiao Yu would ask him to stop by and go in to buy a small dessert to bring.

Recalling this, he kept walking, and when he came back to his senses, Chu Suiyun was already standing in front of the pastry shop.

The light in the pastry shop was warm yellow, and a gentle Omega stood behind the counter, helping customers check out.

Chu Suiyun stepped forward, and the Omega clerk said to him, “Welcome, what would you like?”

After more than ten minutes, Chu Suiyun returned home with a cake box in his hand. It was just six o’clock, and Xiao Yu was not at home.

He took off his shoes and clothes, put the cake in the refrigerator, and went into the kitchen to prepare a simple meal.

Today with Bai Chen, he recalled the quarrel with his younger brother three years ago. After all, it was Chu Suiyun’s own fault. His younger brother was waiting for him to come back for his birthday at home, but he had forgotten about it when playing with his friends and left his younger brother alone at home.

After returning home, he quarreled with his younger brother, and then had an accident and lost his memory. Xiao Yu didn’t even get a “sorry” from himself for that event three years ago.

Although Chu Suiyun knew that there was no need to say “I’m sorry” between brothers, Xiao Yu had grown up and become more and more sensible, so at least today Chu Suiyun wanted to accompany Xiao Yu for a while.

Opportunities for this kind of companionship will only become less and less in the future.

Chu Suiyun was cutting the vegetables, and out of the corner of his eye caught a familiar figure outside the window, and looked up carefully.

Chu Suiyun’s house was on the fifth floor. The floor was not high, and the kitchen window was facing the door of the community. As long as you look carefully, you can see who is passing by and what is happening at the door of the community.

At this moment, Chu Suiyun looked through the window and saw his younger brother standing at the gate of the community, as well as a tall and thin Alpha next to his younger brother.

The movement of his hands stopped unconsciously, and then Chu Suiyun watched his brother and that something Deng hug each other quietly. They separated quickly, and his younger brother waved his hand at the other, and then walked into the gate of the community.

The Alpha stood outside the gate of the community for a long time, and did not leave until Xiao Yu walked into the unit building.

Chu Suiyun thought that he would have some thoughts, but when he really saw it, he found that his heart was extraordinarily calm. Seeing Xiao Yu disappear from sight, he continued to lower his head and put the cut vegetables on the plate.

A few minutes later, the sound of the door opening came from the entrance. Chu Muyu should have noticed traces of his brother at home, and shouted loudly, “Brother, are you cooking?”

Chu Suiyun replied in the kitchen, “Yes, are you hungry? There is cake in the refrigerator, take it out and eat it.”

“Cake?” Chu Muyu walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and saw a seven-inch cake, “Why did you suddenly think of buying a cake?”

Chu Suiyun said in an indifferent tone, his eyes still on the pot: “I went to do a psychological intervention, and I remembered something from three years ago.”

The quarrel three years ago obviously left a deep impression on Chu Muyu’s heart. After all, his brother and himself had a quarrel and he left home. The next time they saw each other, the person was laying in the hospital, it was hard to forget for anyone.

That’s why Chu Suiyun only said one sentence and Chu Muyu already understood what his brother was referring to, and his mood was a little down: “I’m sorry.”

Chu Suiyun smiled calmly: “Why did you say sorry, obviously I am the one who is sorry. It’s my fault.”

Chu Muyu didn’t continue arguing with his brother who was more at fault back then, he was more concerned about him recovering his memories: “Brother, can your memories really be recovered?”

“The Doctor said it should be possible.” Chu Suiyun replied.

Chu Muyu unexpectedly agreed with this matter: “I also think you can get your memories back. But at the time, I was only fourteen years old and I didn’t have the right to speak, so I didn’t say anything.”

“Why do you think so?”

Chu Muyu shook his head: “I don’t know, it’s just a feeling. I don’t think you had a car accident back then. Because after the incident, I didn’t see you in the hospital until a month later. You weren’t seriously injured, you just became very thin. You were very haggard and could not wake up. My father said it was because he was afraid that I would be sad, so he didn’t tell me until your injury stabilized.”

“But I don’t think it makes sense. Father and I had not seen each other for several years, yet he suddenly sent so many people to guard by my side and you had also disappeared. I’m not a fool, so how could I not have guessed that something was wrong with you. Besides, my father verbally said that he was afraid that I would be sad, but he did not consider my feelings at all when he left me alone with only a group of unfamiliar bodyguards around.”

Chu Suiyun was a little surprised: “I never heard you mentioning this before.”

Chu Muyu looked at his brother apologetically and explained, “Because I was still young at that time, no one cared what I saw.”

“I will get my memory back.” Chu Suiyun said firmly, “I want to know what happened back then. Why did my father keep a secret about what happened three years ago.”

“Yes.” Chu Muyu nodded and then pointed to the pot, “The pot is about to dry out, brother.”

Chu Suiyun was startled. He hurriedly turned off the fire, and took out the vegetables. At least he discovered it in time and they didn’t burn.

Half an hour later, Chu Suiyun brought the two dishes to the table. Chu Muyu served the rice and the two brothers had a simple dinner, then they took out the cake and cut it.

“That’s right.” Chu Suiyun remembered something and looked at his brother with a guilty conscience, “I may not be home for a few days starting next weekend.”

“Why?” Chu Muyu was at a loss.

Chu Suiyun didn’t know how to explain it. Next week’s weekend was the engagement ceremony. It was arranged to begin in the evening and would last for the whole day. Chu Suiyun had to be there for the whole process but what explanation could he give his brother?

He didn’t really want to lie, but he couldn’t tell the truth. Could he tell his brother, “Your brother is going to have a fake engagement ceremony with another Alpha, and that Alpha is Qin Miao”?

So Chu Suiyun could only be vague: “Just some matter.” 

He didn’t expect Chu Muyu to nod without asking, “Don’t worry, I’ll be safe at home.”

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