Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 53

Chapter 53 The Grand Engagement Ceremony

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The sound of the water in the bathroom stopped abruptly. Before Chu Suiyun could react, his body had already made a subconscious movement. He quickly put the ring back in the box and put it on the bedside table again.

After two minutes, Qin Miao was neatly dressed. His hair was not dried, and he came out with a towel on his shoulders while wiping his hair.

Chu Suiyun looked at Qin Miao nervously as if he had done something wrong.

However, Qin Miao didn’t notice and he asked in a natural tone, “Are you going to take a bath?”

Chu Suiyun wanted to have some alone time to sort out his thoughts, so since Qin Miao asked, he nodded, took his clothes and walked into the bathroom.

After closing the bathroom door, Chu Suiyun grabbed the doorknob, as if he had lost his strength, and needed the strength of the door to stand firm.

He reached out and turned on the shower head, the sound of rushing water sounded. Chu Suiyun was dazed outside the water curtain.

Why? Why was the name engraved on the inner ring of Qin Miao’s ring his real name?

Could it be that the person in Qin Miao’s heart has the same name as himself? This thought appeared for a second, and was immediately rejected by Chu Suiyun. The probability of such coincidences appearing was so small that it could be ignored.

Then it means that the Chu Suiyun in the ring was really referring to himself.

But why? When buying the ring, Qin Miao and himself only knew each other for a few days and only met a few times. Why did he engrave his name on the engagement ring?

And why did Qin Miao know his true identity so early? Since he knew his name, he must already know his real gender, so why choose himself as a pretend engagement partner instead of finding a real Omega?

Also, why did Qin Miao know that he was an Alpha so early, but not reveal it, and instead act along with him?

The moment he saw the lettering on the ring, Chu Suiyun’s mind went blank. Now that he had a moment of alone time, countless questions scrambled to the surface.

Chu Suiyun couldn’t figure it out. He could feel that Qin Miao’s attitude towards him was different. He was also sure that his feelings for Qin Miao had changed subtly. But before that, he only thought that the two people had compatible personalities, that’s why they would develop feelings out of the ordinary for each other from their day-to-day interaction.

But because Qin Miao said that he had someone in his heart, Chu Suiyun also knowing that he was not a real Omega, even if Qin Miao couldn’t help but sometimes forget his white moonlight* and was tempted by himself, what he likes is the Omega, not the real him.

* someone in their heart but not by their side

Therefore, Chu Suiyun accepted the fact that he was attracted to Qin Miao, but never thought of taking further action.

What changed was only his mind, it would not affect his rational judgment on the situation.

But at the moment when the lettering in the ring appeared, Chu Suiyun’s previous overall judgment was instantly reversed.

Chu Suiyun clenched his right fist and leaned against his forehead to calm himself down. There was no need to guess whether Qin Miao knew his true gender, as long as he takes a shower and goes out without spraying Omega perfume and he gets to see Qin Miao’s reaction, everything will be clear.

More than ten minutes later, Chu Suiyun took a quick shower, simply blew dry his hair, and pushed the door out of the bathroom.

He raised his eyes and saw Qin Miao who was sitting beside the bed looking at his mobile phone. Qin Miao also heard the movement and looked towards him.

Chu Suiyun was a little unsteady. He didn’t use the Omega perfume, and his body still smelled like shower gel, but after a while, when his body dries, the pheromone belonging to a superior Alpha would leak out from the glands behind his neck.

At this time, in Qin Miao’s eyes, Chu Suiyun was still his usual face, but some details had changed.

Because of the bath, he took off the glasses that he always wore on the bridge of his nose, revealing the eyes that were shining on his face. At this time, he took off all the disguises.

“Are you going to sleep, or play for a while?” Qin Miao asked.

Chu Suiyun walked to the bedside, and Qin Miao’s line of sight changed with his position, leaning against the bedside and looking over to his head.

He knew that they would sleep together tonight, and he was mentally prepared. But when it came to this moment, Chu Suiyun was still a little uncomfortable. He stood by the bed, silent for a moment, and said, “Go to sleep, we have to get up early tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Qin Miao agreed and put away the book in his hand.

Qin Miao turned off the light and laid down. Chu Suiyun climbed onto the other side of the bed.

The bed was really big; with two adult Alphas lying in it, there was still a big gap in the center. The two occupied one side each and did not trespass into each other’s space.

The room was very quiet, only the sound of each other’s breathing could be heard. By this time, Chu Suiyun had fully understood that Qin Miao was indeed well aware of his true identity.

Because his pheromone had been emitted, although extremely faint, it was enough to identify the other as a superior Alpha.

Qin Miao did not respond, as always.

Why? All the questions that he hadn’t figured out in the bathroom just now came again. Chu Suiyun didn’t understand, why did Qin Miao play such a game with him when he knew he was an Alpha?

When did his love for himself begin?

Chu Suiyun was lying flat with the quilt over his shoulders. He did not dare to turn around, and even let his breath out, he even crazily wanted to look at Qin Miao.

Did Qin Miao exist in the memory that he lost?

Qin Miao closed his eyes, but did not fall asleep. He knew that Chu Suiyun had noticed it, because after coming out of the bathroom just now, Qin Miao saw the ring box that he had left on the bedside table before coming out.

Because it will be used in the engagement ceremony, Mother Qin asked Qin Miao to get the ring, but Qin Miao forgot it on the bedside table after finding it.

There was no doubt that Chu Suiyun saw the engraving in the ring, and with his brain, he should have guessed most of everything.

Moreover, Qin Miao was keenly aware that Chu Suiyun came out of the shower without using Omega perfume. Different from other Alphas, a slightly mild wood-like fragrance spread thinly in the room, Qin Miao finally no longer had to struggle to find the smell that really belonged to Chu Suiyun in his strong fragrance.

Accidental exposure was not Qin Miao’s original intention, but it may be God’s will to make them frank and honest before the engagement ceremony. Qin Miao thought this was fine, and there was no need to have trouble in the future. If Chu Suiyun can’t accept it and wants to leave, he can temporarily let the person go to calm down a little; if Chu Suiyun chose to stay and continue to accompany him and play out this act, he will no longer let the person run away from him.

Qin Miao didn’t intend to take the initiative to initiate the matter, because he respected any reaction from Chu Suiyun.

Moreover, he was waiting, waiting for Chu Suiyun to accept the facts, and then further accept himself.

Silent all night, the next day they got up early.

Although the engagement ceremony was prepared by professionals, Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao had to get up and follow along to cooperate and supervise. They were very busy in the morning from putting on makeup and changing clothes to the final confirmation process.

At such a busy juncture, Chu Suiyun discovered that Qin Miao had hid somewhere.

Knowing that Qin Miao hated troublesome matters, he didn’t expect him to hide even for this kind of thing. Chu Suiyun sighed helplessly. In fact, if he could, he hoped that Qin Miao could bring him along to be lazy.

The planner was looking for Qin Miao. In order not to affect the process, Chu Suiyun also helped to find the person in all corners of the old house.

In a room.

Sweat dripped from the corner of Qin Miao’s forehead. Sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning forward to support his knees, his expression was as usual, and no one could tell that he was going through unbearable pain at this time.

There seemed to be a fire in his chest, the glands at the back of his neck were swollen and painful. Many people entered and left the old house today, and various pheromones poured into Qin Miao’s nasal cavity. The pheromones were troubling him.

Fortunately, there were no fragile items in the room, otherwise Qin Miao might not be able to control himself and would smash them all.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Qin Miao raised his eyes silently, and heard someone outside the door say, “Brother, it’s me.”

It was Zhao Kai’s voice.

After confirming this fact, Qin Miao got up to open the door and let Zhao Kai in.

As soon as the door opened, even an insensitive Beta, Zhao Kai couldn’t hold back and covered his nose: “Oh my God, how long have you endured? I brought the inhibitor here.”

After speaking, Zhao Kai handed the inhibitor to him. Giving it to Qin Miao, he turned around to turn on the ventilation system of the room to the “strong” gear.

Qin Miao didn’t speak, he skillfully opened the injection, and without hesitation, injected it to the side of his neck.

The cold medicine was pushed into the glands, which was not a comfortable feeling. Qin Miao closed his eyes and frowned, then pulled out the needle after pushing it all the way.

Zhao Kai frowned: “When did it start, brother?”

“In the early morning.” Qin Miao answered simply.

It was unclear who Zhao Kai was complaining to: “Hey, why don’t you come early or late, but chose to occur today. Are you okay?”

Originally, Zhao Kai wanted to ask why he had to hide from his sister-in-law and secretly bring in the inhibitor but just as he was about to speak, the Beta finally recalled what the susceptibility period meant to an Alpha and Omega. If his sister-in-law knows, it is estimated that the engagement ceremony will be directly changed to a wedding ceremony, which will last for several days.

“It’ll be fine when the medicine takes effect. Go out first, help me…”

“Qin Miao, I saw Zhao Kai enter the room, are you inside?” Chu Suiyun’s voice came from outside the door.

Qin Miao originally wanted Zhao Kai to help him calm Chu Suiyun and tell him not to look for him, but before he finished speaking, the person had already come.

Qin Miao immediately gave Zhao Kai a wink.

Zhao Kai was very clever at this time, and immediately raised his voice: “No, my brother is not here, I’m just here being lazy!”

Then Zhao Kai gave Qin Miao a nod, opened the door and walked out.

“Sister-in-law, I was being lazy for a bit and you caught me. Are you looking for my brother? I’ll accompany you to find him.” Zhao Kai laughed and lied.

Chu Suiyun did not guard against Zhao Kai, so he believed it after being fooled by a few words. The two gradually walked away, and the voice of the conversation became smaller and disappeared.

After more than ten minutes, Qin Miao calmed down a little under the action of the inhibitor and walked out of the room.

At this time, guests had already arrived. Qin Miao looked down from upstairs and found that Chu Suiyun and Mother Qin were no longer in the hall. He walked downstairs and came to the courtyard. Sure enough, in the courtyard he saw Chu Suiyun being pulled by Mother Qin to welcome the guests.

After disappearing for half an hour and suddenly appearing, Qin Miao was immediately caught by the planner and asked to hand over the ring, which will be used in the ceremony later.

After giving the ring to the planner, Qin Miao walked to Chu Suiyun’s side, put one hand on his waist, and said to Mother Qin, “Mom, we can greet the rest, you can go to the back to rest.”

Mother Qin stared angrily at him and said, “It was supposed to be greeted by the two of you, but I just couldn’t find you anywhere. Okay, I’ll go to the back first to see if the food is ready.”

After speaking, Mother Qin turned and left. After sending Mother Qin away, Chu Suiyun poked Qin Miao with his elbow and asked, “Where did you go to be lazy?”

“This is injustice, I didn’t be lazy.” Qin Miao smiled bitterly.

“Why didn’t you bring me when you were slacking off?” Chu Suiyun gritted his teeth bitterly.

Qin Miao didn’t expect that he would be angry because of this.

“Look, you admit it.” Chu Suiyun immediately seized the loophole in Qin Miao’s words, “Dare to say that you were not being lazy?”

“I was wrong.” Qin Miao admitted his mistake with a good attitude.

The two quarreled, and another guest came to the door. Most of the people who came today were from the Qin family. Qin Miao introduced them to Chu Suiyun, and Chu Suiyun smiled and played mascot.

The various intricate kinships of the Qin family, Chu Suiyun felt lost when he heard it, and it was impressive for Qin Miao to remember it.

Chu Suiyun knew that it was not necessary for all the Qin family to remember so many relatives, but Qin Miao was able to memorize it so well, which only showed that he was indeed raised as a heir; but in the end, the person in charge of the Qin family became Qin Han.

However, Chu Suiyun felt that he didn’t need to feel bad for Qin Miao. This guy was not in power, but he seemed happier.

The two welcomed Qin Miao’s Second Uncle’s third grandson and his family with a smile, and also welcomed the third uncle’s eldest son and his family. Chu Suiyun’s proud memory finally broke down on this day.

“Oh my God, who and who is this…” After sending the guests in, Chu Suiyun whispered in Qin Miao’s ear.

Qin Miao smiled, wanting to say you don’t need to remember, just call the men uncles and elder brothers, and the women aunts and elder sisters; but before the words could be said, another person came in front of him.

Chu Suiyun also clearly saw the new guest from the corner of his eye, and quickly stood up to meet them.

But after the two saw who was coming, the expressions on their faces suddenly changed.

“Hello, I’m Levi, a friend of Chu Xue. I’m here to congratulate you two.”

The Alpha from the Reese Federation was dressed in formal attire, smiling and personable, and seemed to be an ordinary guest who came to sincerely congratulate them.

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