Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 55

Chapter 55 It can’t be anyone but you

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Chu Suiyun followed Zhao Kai to a room deep in the old house, and saw Mother Qin who was already standing at the door. The woman over fifty years old finally showed a hint of old age at this moment.

As soon as she saw Chu Suiyun approaching, she hurriedly grabbed his hand, hesitated for half a second, then finally asked earnestly: “Little Xue, I don’t know if you are aware of Qin Miao’s physical condition… Anyway, now the only one who can help him is you. I know you are not married yet and this kind of request is a bit abrupt, but please.”

Mother Qin’s words were tactful and soft, but Chu Suiyun could understand.

Although Yun country has become more and more open in recent years, most Alpha and Omega couples still keep their lifetime marks until after marriage. An Alpha, especially a superior Alpha of Qin Miao’s level, is difficult to keep sane during their susceptible period. If Chu Suiyun was really an Omega, if he enters, he will definitely not be able to escape the fate of being marked for life.

It is a pity that Chu Suiyun was not an Omega. He does not have the correct glands to mark Qin Miao, nor does he have pheromones to appease him.

Even according to common sense, when an Alpha enters their susceptible period, another Alpha should avoid it, because their pheromones are mutually exclusive, and if they get close to each other, they will think their territory is being violated.

Chu Suiyun opened his mouth, hesitating whether to tell Mother Qin the truth directly, then to leave Qin Miao’s “territory” for safety reasons.

He hesitated to look at the anxious mother Qin, then suddenly smelled the smell of pheromones slipping out the door.

Pheromones are not only for identification of gender and reproduction, but also reveal the emotions of an Alpha or Omega.

AO couples who have a tacit understanding can even communicate emotions through pheromones, so they can understand each other’s minds without language.

Chu Suiyun didn’t know whether he and Qin Miao had a tacit understanding, but at this moment, he clearly read his desire in that pheromone.

He didn’t know if he would read the same emotions if another Omega came, and he didn’t know if it was normal for him to read this kind of information from Qin Miao’s pheromone.

He only knew that his true thoughts at the moment became clear in an instant.

Chu Suiyun took Mother Qin’s hand back, comforted her, and said, “Don’t worry, I will do my best to help him.”

Mother Qin was stunned for a moment, then after reacting, she shouted “good boy”, and then turned to face Zhao Kai, “Help Little Xue open the door.”

Only now did Chu Suiyun know that in order to prevent Qin Miao from getting out of control, the Qin family locked him in the house.

Zhao Kai took the key to help Chu Suiyun open the door, and then gave him a worried look. Chu Suiyun smiled at him, indicating that he should not worry.

The decoration of this room, which was far away from the guests in the front hall, was very similar to Qin Miao’s own room.

Directly opposite was a huge floor-to-ceiling window. The noon sun shone on the ground and diffused into the room. Qin Miao was sitting on the bed with his back to the door, facing the window. He should have heard the sound of the door opening, but he did not move.

The room was filled with a surge of pheromones, and the smell was difficult to describe with specific objects. Qin Miao’s smell was a little cold, like the deep sea, with a shimmering surface, but in fact, there is a mighty ocean current that can sweep the entire continent.

Chu Suiyun thought that he would hate this smell. After all, the same gender usually repels each other. Generally, when an Alpha is attacked by another Alpha’s pheromone, the first reaction is to resist.

But this was not the case. Perhaps it was because Qin Miao’s pheromone was not an attack at the moment, or for other reasons, but in short, Chu Suiyun didn’t hate it. He even understood that what smelled good on Qin Miao before was the smell from Qin Miao’s pheromone.

The sound of the door closing sounded behind him. Chu Suiyun subconsciously looked back, and the next second, he heard the door was locked.

Well, it’s too late to regret it now.

Chu Suiyun still had time to make fun of himself in his heart. He raised his eyes to look at Qin Miao’s back. He was broad and languid, like a sculpture.

Chu Suiyun himself had not experienced the susceptible period. He had only seen Dong Kejie during the susceptible period. That guy would also lock himself in his room, his whole person looking a little more anxious than usual, but there was no other abnormality in place.

The anxious appearance of Zhao Kai and Mother Qin just now made Chu Suiyun think that Qin Miao had demolished the room, so after entering the room, seeing such an unexpectedly calm scene surprised him.

Is the susceptibility period of a superior Alpha not as serious as the legend, or can Qin Miao endure it?

Two of them, one sitting beside the bed and the other stood beside the door. After a minute of silence, one person finally spoke first.

“Why are you here?” Qin Miao asked, his voice sounded the same as usual, except that it was slightly lower and slightly panting.

Chu Suiyun answered honestly: “Your family asked me to come here. After all, they all think I am your Omega.”

This answer didn’t seem to be what Qin Miao wanted, so he didn’t respond.

Chu Suiyun couldn’t see Qin Miao’s expression, and didn’t know what he was thinking, so he said: “Actually, I should have confessed that I was an Alpha just now, and then left the territory of another susceptible period Alpha, but I didn’t. “

Qin Miao still didn’t speak. Chu Suiyun looked at him from the back, thinking that he was calm, but in fact, only Qin Miao knew that he was being roasted on a fire, and every time Chu Suiyun said a word, it made him more impatient.

Chu Suiyun paused for a moment and continued, “Because I want to help you.”

Qin Miao’s adam’s apple rolled up and down twice. His hands clasped together, trembling slightly but Chu Suiyun couldn’t see these details.

“But I can’t help you.” Chu Suiyun seemed to state very calmly, “I’m not an Omega, I can’t be marked by you, and I can’t relieve your susceptibility period.”

He lightly revealed the light-hearted lies between the two of them. The moment he said it, Chu Suiyun heaved a sigh of relief.

Qin Miao finally responded: “Yes.” 

The other party’s response was unexpectedly indifferent, which once again confirmed the fact that Qin Miao knew his true identity.

But Chu Suiyun still couldn’t help asking: “You already knew I was an Alpha.”

It was a question, but he said it like a statement.

Qin Miao replied, “Yes.”

“Then why are you still watching me pretend?” Chu Suiyun asked the doubts that had been entangled in his heart since last night.

If Qin Miao knew his true identity from the very beginning, why would he allow himself to pretend to be an Omega? In the end, even Chu Suiyun could not tell who was acting with whom.

Qin Miao didn’t give an answer immediately, he put his hands on his knees, stood up with strength, turned around slowly looked at Chu Suiyun.

Then, Qin Miao asked back: “Chu Suiyun, you just said that you wanted to help me, but you can’t. If I said you could help me, would you still be willing to help me?”

This was the first time he heard his real name from Qin Miao’s mouth. Before, Qin Miao called him Xiao Xue. At the beginning, Chu Suiyun would still feel disconnected, but then he gradually got used to it. Now when he heard him call his real name, he wondered what strange feeling this was, Chu Suiyun had a feeling he never had before when others had called him by his name.

It’s like his heartbeat was racing, a long-cherished wish, it was like he could do anything for this person at this time, just because he called his name.

So Chu Suiyun repeated what he said to Mother Qin: “I will do my best to help you.”

“Then come here.” Qin Miao beckoned.

The tall Alpha stood against the back light, and the gesture of beckoning was full of the grace of a superior, making a person unable to help but want to follow orders.

Chu Suiyun took two steps forward, approached Qin Miao’s side, and saw Qin Miao’s eyes clearly behind the shadow cast by the sun.

At this moment, Chu Suiyun realized that this person was really in his susceptible period. No matter how much he deliberately suppressed his own nature, the raging instinct that wanted to break out of the cage will still find an outlet.

This look was very similar to the day when Chu Suiyun realized his heart. That day, when Fan Qing walked out of Qin Miao’s office in a disheveled manner, Chu Suiyun felt a burst of anger in his heart, and then he saw Qin Miao’s eyes when he was talking to him.

Focused and hot, it was definitely not the look of an actor who was on scene, but the look of a lover.

It was that look that made Chu Suiyun realize what kind of feelings Qin Miao had for him, and how his heart had quietly changed during this period of time.

Why are you annoyed by others, why are you getting used to Qin Miao’s company, why do you discuss the so-called engagement ceremony with Qin Miao without any complaints?

His own heart was willful and self-determined, and before Chu Suiyun realized it, he accepts Qin Miao without authorization.

Qin Miao was a head taller than Chu Suiyun, so his kisses always fell suddenly from above, sometimes it was a gentle drizzle, and sometimes it was like a torrential rain.

Before Chu Suiyun could react, he felt that the back of his neck was being held. Qin Miao’s lips fell on his own, and he wanted to open his teeth impatiently, to go in and plunder every inch of the territory.

At the beginning, Qin Miao wanted to control himself, but because Chu Suiyun didn’t open his mouth obediently on his own, he couldn’t resist. He grabbed Chu Suiyun’s cheeks and forced his mouth open.

Then the other hand went down, no more words needed, Chu Suiyun already understood what Qin Miao meant by “you can help me”.

Chu Suiyun raised his hand, pushed Qin Miao’s chin, and pulled his kiss away forcefully.

Qin Miao stopped all movements temporarily, looked at Chu Suiyun intently, and waited for him to give himself a trial.

Chu Suiyun squeezed his hand slightly, and finally asked, “What do you want?”

Qin Miao’s hand returned to Chu Suiyun’s side neck, and he accurately found where his gland was, and the slightly rough finger gently rubbed the skin there.

“I want to bite through your glands, even if it’s not a mark; I want to leave my scent on you, even if it’s not forever.”

Qin Miao’s eyes were too scorching. Chu Suiyun wanted to look away, but was unwilling to show weakness, and finally looked straight back.

“Come, do what you want.”

Qin Miao’s kiss was like June rain, lingering and delicate, never letting go of any place. His clothes were thrown to the ground at some point. Fortunately, there was a constant temperature system in the room; fortunately, the two of them were Alphas who were burning with heat.

Later on, he didn’t know who was kissing whom, or who took the initiative to light the next fire.

When Chu Suiyun was lying on his back on the bed, he looked at Qin Miao in front of him, and the other party lowered his eyes to look at him, then he finally woke up from the chaos. With the nature of an Alpha, it made him want to press Qin Miao down, but in the end he just thought about it and didn’t take action.

Then he looked down and saw the three collarbone piercings buried in Qin Miao’s collarbone.

These three collarbone piercings seem to be incompatible with Qin Miao. This person was serious and indifferent to the outside world, like a god who came to the world. Every inch of his body was a gift from God, and no damage was allowed. The act of burying piercings has nothing to do with him.

But after thinking about it, Chu Suiyun felt that Qin Miao would do this kind of wanton display because of his personality. He was never indifferent in front of those close to him, but occasionally showed a willful side.

Chu Suiyun was in a trance. Qin Miao gently brushed his cheek with the back of his four fingers and said, “There is nothing prepared in the room.”

Chu Suiyun was at a loss for a moment, then he understood what Qin Miao meant, and cursed secretly: “F*ck.”

“Because the incident happened suddenly and because they thought you were my Omega, there was no need to prepare for anything, we just needed to let nature take its course.” Qin Miao continued to speak desperately.

Chu Suiyun raised his foot and kicked Qin Miao, who groaned.

He warned: “Don’t go too far and thinking I will allow it because you are in your susceptible period.”

“You don’t have to allow it.” Qin Miao laughed lowly, and then stretched out his arm and put it on Chu Suiyun’s mouth, “Endure it, bite me when it hurts.”

“Who are you looking down on?” Chu Suiyun disdained.

But in the end Qin Miao’s forearm was left with countless tooth marks.

Once Chu Suiyun bit too deeply and the canine teeth that were born to pierce an Omega glands pierced Qin Miao’s skin with blood, and Qin Miao hissed in pain.

Then he turned Chu Suiyun’s face, let his lips touch the wound, and ordered: “Lick the blood clean.”

Chu Suiyun took another bite according to the location of the wound.

After an unknown amount of time, Chu Suiyun only knew that the light had become dim, and the originally lively Qin family’s old house had long since returned to silence. The two pheromones in the room were intertwined but never intermingled, and they permeated the room independently and distinctly, rivaling each other.

Chu Suiyun was extremely tired, he could only support himself lying on his stomach. Qin Miao was attached to his side, and their heads were next to each other. He moved Chu Suiyun’s chin and made the person look at him.

“Can I bite you?” Qin Miao asked.

Chu Suiyun was convinced. He pressed the back of his head and gave him a strong kiss, not knowing whether to urge or to refuse: “Don’t ask…”

Then Qin Miao opened his mouth, revealing canine teeth that were sharper than the average Alpha, and buried it in. The head resting on Chu Suiyun’s neck bit down mercilessly.

The faint bloody smell mixed with the rich woody fragrance poured into Qin Miao’s mouth, which brought him an uncontrollable trembling psychologically, and the anxiety in his susceptible period was finally relieved a little.

Chu Suiyun didn’t feel so well. The strange alpha pheromone invaded his glands, and aggressively began to attack the area. It instinctively wanted to mark every corner of Chu Suiyun’s body, but he was not an Omega, so he couldn’t be marked and his own pheromone sensed an outsider, and clamored with dissatisfaction restlessly.

The body instinctively told Chu Suiyun that it hated Qin Miao’s pheromones, but the lingering smell on the tip of his nose made him feel nostalgic.

He was obviously one person, but it was like he was split, one side was repulsion and disgust, and the other side was nostalgia.

It turned out that the last time Qin Miao bit his neck, he didn’t really inject much pheromone, maybe only a small amount of pheromone infiltrated. This time, he was bitten firmly. Chu Suiyun thought that he might have a fever for several days.

This feeling was too strong, and once he had experienced it, he could not forget it. Chu Suiyun’s eyes were black. When it was finally over, Qin Miao let go and breathed in his ear, then Chu Suiyun actually remembered in a trance –

He should have had the same experience before.

Otherwise, how could it be so familiar…?

This line of thinking was disconnected here, and Chu Suiyun fell into a deep coma.

Therefore, he couldn’t hear Qin Miao’s last sentence: “Why did I act with you? I don’t know. Maybe Levi was right. It was only a short month three years ago, but I can’t have anyone but you.”

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