Let Go of that Shou Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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Zhao Feihong was briefly taken aback and then choked, rendering him speechless. You Mengzhe had some wine and got up to set off the fireworks. He tied the fireworks to the nearby trees, squatted down under the tree, lit the fuse with flint and steel, and then lit the incense to start the display.

In an instant, one firework ignited ten more, which then ignited a hundred more. Under the dim sky, the entire dead tree burst into a brilliant display of colorful fireworks, illuminating the surroundings like a dream.

The master and disciple sat at the table, drinking. Zhao Feihong had never explicitly stated that he was accepting You Mengzhe as his disciple, and You Mengzhe had never been very disciplined. However, deep inside, he still held a sense of reverence for this Alliance Master who was frugal, austere, hands-on in everything, and had such high moral standards.

Before long, the fireworks had faded away, and the surroundings darkened again. In Zhao Feihong’s profound eyes, there was a flicker of past glory, and eventually, everything returned to silence.

“These things are just junk,” You Mengzhe dismantled the fireworks as he squatted by the tree, “they’re gone in an instant.”

Zhao Feihong sighed, “Beautiful things are always short-lived. The hustle and bustle of the world is nothing more than a distraction for the mediocre.”

You Mengzhe slightly raised his head and seemed to sense the deeper meaning behind Zhao Feihong’s words. He gazed at the broken, grayish sky through the barren tree branches and suddenly said, “Master.”

After a brief silence, Zhao Feihong’s eyebrows moved, and he asked, “What’s the matter?”

You Mengzhe continued to fiddle with his fireworks while lowering his head and asked, “Did you use to like my mother?”

Zhao Feihong didn’t answer, so You Mengzhe continued, “I take your silence as a ‘yes.’ I think you’ve just admitted it.”

Zhao Feihong: “……”

You Mengzhe suddenly got up and said, “How about we practice dual cultivation, fulfill your past wishes, and you can treat me as if I were my mother…”

Zhao Feihong exclaimed, “Nonsense!”

You Mengzhe insisted, “Come on, Master. Your disciple knows that over these years, you must have been…”

Zhao Feihong tried to block him with his hand, but You Mengzhe leaned over the stone table to grab him. Zhao Feihong blushed and angrily said, “Impudent! I thought you had made some progress in these days, but you’re still filled with indecent thoughts…”

You Mengzhe retorted, “It’s just natural human desire. How can you call it indecent? Hey, Master, don’t run away, Master! Watch out!”

Zhao Feihong couldn’t avoid You Mengzhe’s playful advances, and he stumbled and fell to the ground. You Mengzhe burst into laughter when he saw Zhao Feihong in such an embarrassing state. Surprisingly, even Zhao Feihong had his moments of vulnerability. You Mengzhe elegantly brushed his sleeves and said, “I was just teasing you.”

Zhao Feihong: “……”

You Mengzhe sat back on his stool, continuing to eat, while Zhao Feihong let out a sigh of relief and took a seat. He said, “Meng Zhe.”

You Mengzhe, with his mouth full, looked up at Zhao Feihong and replied, “Hmm?”

Zhao Feihong poured more wine into their cups, and they clinked glasses. Light snowflakes were drifting outside the pavilion. It was the first snowfall in Jiangnan. The air was filled with delicate snowflakes carried by a gentle breeze.

“This pavilion is named Jiangshan Pavilion,” Zhao Feihong said, “But over twelve hundred years ago, this place wasn’t called Jiangshan County.”

You Mengzhe nodded in understanding, knowing that Zhao Feihong was about to share some history. Many of the stories he was hearing were things he had never heard of before. Despite his initial reluctance, he deeply admired Zhao Feihong’s vast knowledge and wisdom.

Zhao Feihong sipped his wine, refilled their cups, and continued, “Before there was Jiangshan Pavilion, and long before the establishment of Jiangshan County, more than a thousand years ago, our land was divided, and it wasn’t known as Jiangshan County.”

You Mengzhe interjected, “I know. It’s called the North-South Division. The region north of Meishan and Yuheng Mountain was controlled by the Xiongnu, and south of it, the Yunmeng Eight Prefectures, along with the eastern coastal counties, fell under the Southern rule.” This piece of history was something You Mengzhe had recently come across in Zhao Feihong’s collection of books, and he remembered it quite clearly.

Zhao Feihong smiled and said, “At that time, the Xiongnu gathered their forces, invaded the south, and fought their way through Jiangzhou, Jiangnan, and finally reached Luxian. They committed atrocities and slaughtered the people. One heroic figure rallied the Orthodox  martial artists of the southern regions and led them to resist and defend the city. Eventually, they received reinforcements from the Black Armor Army of Jiangzhou, successfully defeating the Xiongnu and driving them back north of Yuheng Mountain.”

Zhao Feihong’s narrative continued, “This great hero was struck by six arrows during the battle, but he never retreated from the front lines. He only succumbed to excessive blood loss after the Xiongnu had retreated. The people of the region buried him on this mountain and erected Jiangshan Pavilion to commemorate his heroic achievements. Thus, this place was named Jiangshan County.”

You Mengzhe nodded in understanding, his eyes turned toward the pale sky. Countless crows flew overhead, and he couldn’t help but wonder where the final resting place of this great hero was. White clouds and the azure sky, for thousands of years, had witnessed countless lives, perhaps including those who had found their eternal rest in this land.

“The greatest heroes are those who serve their country and their people,” Zhao Feihong remarked.

You Mengzhe remained silent, feeling moved by the story.

Great heroes! 

After dinner, You Mengzhe followed Zhao Feihong back home, and he suddenly felt that being a great hero wasn’t something extraordinary. It was about doing good deeds, helping your neighbors, and occasionally fighting against some evil forces. Wait, didn’t the Demonic Sect also do good deeds from time to time? Even You Mengzhe’s father, You Gutian, had shown a bit of a heroic spirit, hadn’t he?

Great heroes were just ordinary people, and ordinary people had their weaknesses. You Mengzhe realized he needed to find Zhao Feihong’s weaknesses to break through and get him to open up.

He sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Feihong inquired. It was the first time he had heard You Mengzhe sigh since they met.

You Mengzhe replied, “I’m thinking about my mother.”

Zhao Feihong said matter-of-factly, “I miss her too.”

You Mengzhe hadn’t expected Zhao Feihong to be so cooperative. After a moment of silence, he asked, “What did you like about her?”

Zhao Feihong shook his head and stood with his hands behind his back at the edge of Luqiao Bridge. He gave a wry smile and said, “It’s hard to explain.”

You Mengzhe stood beside him, a small and large figure. While they were often referred to as master and disciple, they felt more like father and son. Zhao Feihong seemed to be reminiscing about his late wife, while You Mengzhe was recalling his own mother.

You Gutian rarely mentioned this matter. When he did, it was only a passing comment. You Mengzhe’s eyes welled up with tears, and he hugged Zhao Feihong’s waist, burying his face in his back.

There was a fatherly scent about him. He seemed more like a competent father than You Gutian.

After a moment of silence, You Mengzhe’s hand moved down Zhao Feihong’s waist.

Zhao Feihong: “……..”

“Mother….” You Mengzhe choked as he spoke.

Zhao Feihong cleared his throat uncomfortably, removed You Mengzhe’s hand, and said casually, “Meng Zhe, someday you will have your own wife and children. A seven-foot-tall man will stand tall and proud. One day, you will become someone else’s source of support. Your mother, even in the heavens, will be delighted to know that.”

The two of them walked along Luqiao Bridge back to the county. You Mengzhe, in a lazy tone, said, “I don’t want to get married and have children.”

“That’s because you’re practicing the Transmuting Yang Heart Technique,” Zhao Feihong said. “That’s why you have an aversion to women. But once you disperse your internal energy completely, it won’t be a problem.”

You Mengzhe’s mouth twitched, and he said, “Let’s not disperse it.”

Zhao Feihong stated, “After the New Year, in the early spring, I’ll take you to the capital. Yuanshan is proficient in the principles of meridians. He can help you disperse your Transmuting Yang Heart energy using acupuncture and stone needles, and might even preserve the true energy within your body.”

Zhao Feihong replied, “In the worst-case scenario… if it all disperses, then we’ll start over. I’ll teach you personally, and you’ll be able to practice it again. It won’t be that difficult.”

You Mengzhe, somewhat reluctant, didn’t push the matter further. He put the issue aside for now, knowing that there would always be time to address it.

With firecrackers going off everywhere, they returned home and lit a lamp. Zhao Feihong prepared rice porridge, stirred it with a brush, and You Mengzhe stood on a chair to paste couplets beside the door.

“Be careful, stand firm,” Zhao Feihong said as he held onto You Mengzhe’s waist.

You Mengzhe asked, “Is it crooked?”

Zhao Feihong replied, “It’s just right.”

Spring couplets, the character “Good Fortune”, symbols of wealth and prosperity were hung on the door. The once quiet courtyard was now bustling with festivity. You Mengzhe looked at the cheerful little courtyard, experiencing a strange feeling. It was a warmth he had never felt on Mount Yuheng. The feeling of a warm home.

It was like having his mother visit her family, and father and son celebrating the New Year at home.

Zhao Feihong said, “Bring the narcissus into the main hall. We might have guests tomorrow for New Year’s visits.”

“Okay,” You Mengzhe replied. He went in and out of the house, getting everything ready. Finally, the house was well-decorated. Zhao Feihong fetched a black-gold staff, picked up a string of firecrackers, and hung them outside the door. They were ready to set them off tomorrow when guests arrived for New Year’s greetings. They stood in the courtyard for a while, and You Mengzhe said, “I’m going to sleep now.”

Zhao Feihong nodded and said, “Today has been like this all day; I’ve been thinking about something. In the coming year, we must work diligently and not be lazy. We can keep each other on track.”

You Mengzhe replied, “Alright.” At the mention of martial arts practice, his interest waned, and he went back to his room to sleep.

As You Mengzhe entered his room, the lights in the whole house were extinguished one by one, and the room grew dim. Zhao Feihong held a candlestick, extinguished the lights in the main hall and the rooms, and then came into You Mengzhe’s room to tend to the brazier. You Mengzhe turned over, facing the wall, his bright, dark eyes glistening.

Zhao Feihong left the room and after a while, everything became quiet.

You Mengzhe’s ears twitched, but he didn’t hear Zhao Feihong returning to his room. What was he doing?

A faint, melodious sound echoed, he was playing the flute! You Mengzhe turned over and sat up, leaning over to look out the window. He had seen Zhao Feihong’s sheet music for the flute but had never heard him play.

The ethereal flute music floated through the snowy night, blending with the falling snowflakes and conveying feelings beyond words.

Upstairs, a dim lamp was accompanied by morning frost, a lonely person waking in a joined bed; how many emotions arose during the night of longing? Distance means nothing when hearts are connected.

The soft rustling of fine snow under the clear winter night was illuminated by the serene moonlight, and the flute melodies filled the air, scattering throughout the earth.

You Mengzhe lay down with closed eyes and seemed to hear the sound of peach blossoms blooming in early spring, with clear skies and sunshine, standing under a peach tree, a graceful woman.

The melodies of longing flowed endlessly in the music. You Mengzhe slowly drifted off to sleep, and the surroundings gradually faded away in the distant spring night.

The brazier burned brightly, and when he woke up in the middle of the night, it was pleasantly warm. 

He didn’t know how much time had passed when he found himself covered in sweat, his mouth dry, and he could hear a distant cough. It was the sound of Zhao Feihong. 

Could it be that he got a chill from playing the flute? You Mengzhe got up, scratched his head, and the warmth and softness of his previous bed made his body react. It had been a while since he had… since he hadn’t practiced dual cultivation for a long time. A sense of desire was starting to surge within him.

You Mengzhe took a sip of water, snuggled under the blanket, and couldn’t help but reach down to his chest, then his hand moved towards his erect manhood. His face flushed slightly. As he touched himself through his thin pants, he suddenly heard Zhao Feihong’s heavy breathing, as if he was panting.

What is he doing? You Mengzhe became curious, put on his clogs, and headed outside. This old bachelor… No, Zhao Feihong isn’t his real father, and he hadn’t been intimate with his mother. Besides, he was only thirty-six; he wasn’t that old.

These years, how has he been living? No wife, no concubines… Maybe he has had something going on with his mother, but You Mengzhe’s mind quickly dismissed that strange thought. How does the Alliance Master satisfy his desires? Going to a brothel was out of the question. He would likely have to rely on his right hand. Zhao Feihong had been playing this game for many years, and he might have mastered the art of self-pleasure. Who knows what new techniques he’s developed? You Mengzhe removed his clogs, sneaked over barefoot, and made a small hole in the window paper to peek inside Zhao Feihong’s room.

Inside, Zhao Feihong was meditating with his eyes closed, his beautiful brows knitted in a frown, and his forehead covered in sweat. He appeared to be in great distress.

You Mengzhe: “…”

Qi Deviation! He’s experiencing the Qi Deviation! There was a roar inside You Mengzhe’s heart. Without hesitation, he pushed the door open and exclaimed with delight, “Master! Have you lost control during your cultivation?”

Zhao Feihong didn’t respond, and in a leap, You Mengzhe was there, elatedly looking around. Suddenly, Zhao Feihong spat out a mouthful of blood, splattering his white robe with bloodstains.

You Mengzhe’s expression changed, and he reached out to touch Zhao Feihong’s forehead. He noticed that Zhao Feihong’s complexion had turned pale, his lips were a deep red, and his skin was scorching hot.

You Mengzhe reached out to check Zhao Feihong’s pulse. His true energy was in disarray, and his pulse varied between fast and slow. Indeed, he was experiencing Qi Deviation.

It was a heaven-sent opportunity that had come into his hands.

“Don’t worry!” You Mengzhe said, “Spitting blood is fine; you won’t die. My Transmuting Yang Heart Technique specializes in treating Qi Deviation… Wait, Master!”

Zhao Feihong couldn’t answer; even speaking was difficult. His manhood was straining against his thin pants, and his vigorous true qi was on the brink of bursting. His inner fire was scorching. Zhao Feihong’s internal martial arts, which he practiced in solitude, were unparalleled in the world. He had already reached a profound level. However, today, after discussing many things with You Mengzhe and recalling past events, he lost control of his true energy. When he went to sleep, thinking of practicing to correct the misalignment of his meridians, he took a wrong turn. Now, he was in extreme danger, at risk of damaging his meridians and bleeding to death at any moment.

Truly, reality was unpredictable, and You Mengzhe remembered that this technique was described in the second volume of the Transmuting Yang Heart Technique. Its purpose was precisely to prevent situations where their intentions became chaotic during dual cultivation, leading to a misdirection of true qi and causing them both to go astray into the Qi Deviation path.

Where is the book? You Mengzhe randomly flipped through Zhao Feihong’s belongings and turned the cabinets and boxes upside down. He finally found his own package, lit a lamp, and delved into the pages of the book, examining the details closely.

The path of true qi, flowing through the perineum at the inside acupoint… Perfect! It’s a good thing Zhao Feihong didn’t burn this book!

You Mengzhe said, “Master, I’m doing this to save you! Please bear with it!”

Zhao Feihong couldn’t speak, but he could hear, and he immediately spat out another mouthful of blood.

You Mengzhe took a deep breath, opened his eyes, and pushed Zhao Feihong onto the bed. After rolling up his sleeves, he carefully opened the box containing the fish oil and placed the oil lamp on the table next to the bed, preparing to take action.

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