Let Go of that Shou Chapter 17

Chapter 17

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Tang Hui chuckled and said, “Why did Alliance Master Zhao bring the son of the Demonic Sect into his own home?” With a touch of ambiguity, he winked at Zhao Feihong.

Zhao Feihong nonchalantly replied, “Meng Zhe is determined to repent. He has taken me as his master. From now on, he has severed ties with the Demon Sect.”

You Mengzhe: “…”

You Mengzhe thought, “What the heck does ‘severed ties’ mean? If I had known, I would have given your meat a clean cut last night after riding you…”

Tang Hui sighed with regret, “I’m afraid the Yuheng Mountain might not be willing to let things go so easily.”

You Mengzhe thought, “Exactly, just wait for my father to come knocking at your door.”

Zhao Feihong chuckled, “The grievances of the past will be resolved sooner or later. Young Master Tang, there’s no need for you to worry.”

“Oh,” Tang Hui seemed to be aware of some gossip behind the scenes, nodding thoughtfully.

“But speaking of which,” Tang Hui raised an eyebrow, a playful look in his eyes, “The Young Master of the Demonic Sect has taken our Alliance Master Zhao as his master. I’m afraid that when fellow disciples hear about it, there will be plenty of private discussions.”

Zhao Feihong casually remarked, “The news has already been leaked today.”

You Mengzhe furrowed his brow slightly. No wonder, did the people who came to pay New Year’s greetings in the morning go out and spread the word? Just then, Zhao Feihong added, “Since we’ve done it, we naturally aren’t afraid of others talking behind our backs.”   

Tang Hui waved his fan and smiled, “Noble Warrior Zhao is upright and honest, naturally unafraid of gossip. My father highly admires this about you.”

Zhao Feihong quickly expressed his humility. The two fell into a brief silence, and You Mengzhe thought, “If you’re not afraid of gossip for what you’ve done, what about what happened last night? It’s easy to talk big when people don’t know, but if you’re truly unafraid, you could even reveal that matter.”

After a while of silence, Tang Hui couldn’t sit still. Folding his fan, he stood up to take his leave. Zhao Feihong escorted him to the door, and Tang Hui added, “By the way, I heard they are looking for him on Yuheng Mountain?”

Zhao Feihong responded, “Notices were posted a month ago.”

Tang Hui continued, “It’s said that he possesses a certain technique called the ‘Transmuting Yang Heart Technique.'”

Zhao Feihong confirmed, “That’s indeed the case.”

Tang Hui widened his eyes and exclaimed, “Really?”

Zhao Feihong replied casually, “In a few days, I plan to take him to the capital. I’ll ask my brother to dispel his malicious skills.”

Tang Hui nodded slowly, smiling, “Noble Warrior Zhang is adept at acupoint manipulation, meridian interception, and marrow-cleansing through the Book of Changes. It must be excellent. Alliance Master, I’ll take my leave.”

Tang Hui departed, and Zhao Feihong closed the door to bid farewell to his guest.

“Are we done for the day?” You Mengzhe asked.

Zhao Feihong said, “Don’t you dislike having guests?”

“How do you know?” You Mengzhe inquired.

Indeed, You Mengzhe found today’s visitors a bit annoying, coming one after another, and surprisingly, Zhao Feihong could sense it.

“When will that rooster be eaten?” You Mengzhe couldn’t help it, pointing to the clueless capon tethered in the yard, clucking away. It was a gift from the neighbor a few days ago, and Zhao Feihong had been keeping it. He didn’t slaughter it even for the New Year.

Zhao Feihong smiled, “Go heat some water.”

You Mengzhe let out a loud exclamation, finally able to prepare a decent meal tonight. He turned and headed to the kitchen to heat the water.

Zhao Feihong severed the chicken’s neck, let the blood drain, scalded it, and cleaned the cavity. You Mengzhe stood there, staring blankly. Both of them remained silent. Suddenly, You Mengzhe had a strange feeling, a mix of reluctance and a desire to, as before, get close to Zhao Feihong.

Of course, Zhao Feihong’s hands were covered in chicken feathers and blood at the moment, so he couldn’t be touched casually. How could there be such a feeling?

You Mengzhe focused on watching Zhao Feihong. His profile was bathed in a soft light, his eyebrows, nose bridge exuded a masculine aura, yet he maintained a refined humility. There was no overbearing arrogance, unlike You Gutian’s cold and aloof demeanor, keeping people at a distance or the icy pride of having everything under control.

If You Gutian were to show up and clash with Zhao Feihong, You Mengzhe felt a bit apprehensive.

But Zhao Feihong had undergone dual cultivation, made progress in martial arts, and You Gutian might not be able to win against him anymore. You Mengzhe felt uneasy, realizing that whoever lost, it wouldn’t feel good. It would be better if they won’t fight.

“Hey, let’s discuss something,” You Mengzhe said.

“What?” Zhao Feihong, busy with the chicken, asked casually.

You Mengzhe said, “Don’t fight with my dad.”

Zhao Feihong responded, “We should have fought sixteen years ago. This matter is not up for discussion. Even if I spoil you, I can’t let this matter slide along with you.”

You Mengzhe retorted, “Spoil me? My ass!”

Zhao Feihong said, “Do you know how many people in this world want to become my disciples? You have no idea.”

Though You Mengzhe hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he remembered Yu Wenhong saying, “He is a good person.” Combined with what he had observed in these days, he couldn’t help but admit that it was true.

Earlier, chopping wood and practicing martial arts had been quite demanding, but after getting familiar, You Mengzhe found that Zhao Feihong wasn’t as stern as he initially seemed. Though he continued to supervise every day, there was genuine concern in his heart.

You Mengzhe said, “Anyway, it’s all for my mom, isn’t it?”

“When did I say it was for Qing’er?” Zhao Feihong replied.

You Mengzhe asked, “Then, for whom?”

Casually, Zhao Feihong said, “For you.”

In an instant, You Mengzhe’s heart felt a subtle, almost palpable emotion.

Zhao Feihong got up to wash his hands, and You Mengzhe kept watching his figure. Tall and sturdy, it radiated a sense of security, filled with a kind of frugal and sincere trust.  

“My master led the righteous alliance to Yuheng Mountain sixteen years ago,” Zhao Feihong said. “I searched for you for a long time back then.”

You Mengzhe responded, “That’s why I came, didn’t I? Anyway, you also got me involved, and we both did it willingly…”

Zhao Feihong roared in anger, “What did I say? This matter is not to be mentioned again! Go to the corner and face the wall!”

Expressionless, You Mengzhe got up, shuffled over, and stood against the wall. He asked, “When are we eating?”

Zhao Feihong’s lungs felt like they were about to explode with the antics of his disciple. His face turned purple. He refused to speak to You Mengzhe anymore.

You Mengzhe turned to face the wall, his mouth twitching slightly. Zhao Feihong got up again, took a bamboo pole, and lashed it at him, angrily saying, “Stand straight!”

Startled, You Mengzhe quickly straightened his back. Zhao Feihong went back to butchering the chicken, and You Mengzhe sneakily observed his expression, seeing that Zhao Feihong didn’t show joy or anger, but his eyebrows were tightly furrowed.  

At this moment, You Mengzhe couldn’t help but swallow hard, feeling like something inside him was being tugged.

The sensation was peculiar, as if something was far away on the horizon yet close at hand. It seemed filled with endless joy but accompanied by a perpetual heartache. Pure Yang energy was tumultuously surging in his body, bringing a warm feeling…

The aroma wafted from the kitchen, but Zhao Feihong paid no attention to You Mengzhe. He busied himself at the stove for a long time. As dusk approached, he prepared a plate of preserved meat with winter bamboo shoots, steamed a plump and tender fatty chicken, and stewed some tofu. Coming out to the porch, he said, “Let’s eat.”

“Mengzhe?” Zhao Feihong furrowed his brows slightly.

“Mengzhe!” Zhao Feihong’s expression changed drastically. He took a swift step forward and found You Mengzhe lying on the ground, breathing heavily, expelling a small pool of blood, which had already frozen.

Zhao Feihong, upon touching You Mengzhe’s forehead, realized that he had fallen into Qi Deviation. Last night, You Mengzhe absorbed Zhao Feihong’s true qi, but without properly adjusting his internal circulation according to the cultivation method. Zhao Feihong had forgotten about it, and with the previous true qi from Yu Wenhong and Sun Bin still present in You Mengzhe’s body, the three conflicting qis collided, leading to a deviation in his meridians. He was burning up, unable to move.

In haste, Zhao Feihong carried You Mengzhe into the room and placed him on the bed. Pressing on his shoulders, Zhao Feihong attempted to infuse him with true qi to help him regulate his breath. However, Zhao Feihong’s inner strength was extremely dominant. The three forces suppressed each other within You Mengzhe’s body, refusing to harmonize. It was as if three opposing armies were using his body as a battlefield, engaging in intense and conflicting warfare.

Despite several attempts, Zhao Feihong couldn’t subdue the forces. After a moment, You Mengzhe spat out a mouthful of blood, his eyes turning red.

Previously, it was not discovered in time. Yu Mengzhe has been in a Qi Deviation for a long time, unable to suppress his true qi. If this continues, he will inevitably become paralyzed. Zhao Feihong secretly thought, “This won’t do. I must let him absorb the yang energy in my body on his own and then adjust his breath.”

Zhao Feihong held Yu Mengzhe for a moment, sighed, took off his robe, covered both of them with a blanket, untied his own belt, embraced him from behind, and took out ointment from the bedside.

Shortly after, the two people embraced each other with their naked bodies inside the room, Zhao Feihong closed his eyes as he slowly entered from behind

Yu Mengzhe screamed, his body sweating profusely, one hand slightly twitching while he flailed about randomly, being gripped tightly by Zhao Feihong. The two men’s foreheads touched lightly, and their fingers intertwined.

“Ah! Master!”, Yu Mengzhe cried out with a slightly wailing tone.

Yu Mengzhe gave a faint rejoicing voice, which was cut off suddenly as it continued to come from the pillow. Zhao Feihong intensely kissed his ears, putting his nose bridge on his cheek, lightly rubbing it.

After a long while, they both sighed with relief.

In the dark room, Yu Mengzhe felt satisfied deep in his heart, but with forced innocence, he said, “Sorry… Sorry, Master, I’ve bothered you again…,”

Zhao Feihong nonchalantly said, “Don’t mention it, it’s my fault, not yours. Go have dinner.”

You Mengzhe turned to the side, and for a brief moment, there was a subtle wavering in his heart. He casually wiped away a sticky residue on the bedding, and Zhao Feihong, now dressed, had left.

The food in the hall had gone cold. You Mengzhe had expected Zhao Feihong to say something or wear a mournful expression as if saying, “My fate is not in my hands.” However, Zhao Feihong didn’t say anything, behaving as usual.

Had he given up on trying to mend what was broken?

You Mengzhe stole a glance at Zhao Feihong’s expression and felt secretly delighted. Wouldn’t he be able to come often from now on? Indeed, familiarity breeds comfort…

Zhao Feihong reheated the food, giving You Mengzhe both plump chicken legs. You Mengzhe’s eyes immediately lit up like a sly fox. The chicken, unsalted and steamed to preserve its natural flavor, accompanied by chopped green onions, minced ginger, Huadiao wine, and a plate of soy sauce, was simply irresistibly delicious.

You Mengzhe wolfed down his food, enjoying every bite, but he couldn’t shake the drumming feeling in his heart. Zhao Feihong, on the other hand, seemed preoccupied. Soon enough, he sighed lightly.

“Master,” You Mengzhe said.

Zhao Feihong raised an eyebrow, focusing on You Mengzhe.

You Mengzhe continued, “Either we get married, or you stop fighting with my father…”

“What nonsense,” Zhao Feihong replied coldly.

Deep down, You Mengzhe did harbor an indescribable affection for Zhao Feihong, as if they had known each other before birth—similar to the inexplicable familiarity with Yu Wenhong.

These days are quite good, and You Mengzhe indeed feels like he doesn’t want to do anything else from the depths of his heart. Living here is fine.

“I’m serious,” You Mengzhe said. At that moment, he suddenly dared not meet Zhao Feihong’s eyes, fearing that Zhao Feihong would reveal a mocking smile.

Zhao Feihong replied coldly, “I am also serious.”

“Our social status is different,” Zhao Feihong stood up and said, “Your mother and I were once close friends.”

You Mengzhe ate in silence, and Zhao Feihong added casually, “Moreover, we’re both men, how can we marry each other?”

You Mengzhe mentioned, “Sun Bin seeks companionship…”

Zhao Feihong interrupted, “Seeking companionship is one thing, marriage is another.”

You Mengzhe felt a surge of joy, but Zhao Feihong continued, “Besides, I don’t have such inclinations.”

You Mengzhe continued to eat listlessly, and Zhao Feihong said, “Tomorrow, I’ll take you to the capital. I’ll have my brother help you disperse your inner energy. In the coming days, you must restrain your thoughts and not let your mind wander.”

You Mengzhe’s chopsticks clattered on the table, and Zhao Feihong said, “This matter is not up for discussion. If you’re unwilling to go, then go back to your Yuheng Mountain.”

You Mengzhe squinted his eyes, but his thoughts were on another matter. He cautiously asked, “If I stay… then you won’t have to go up and fight with my father, right?”

You Mengzhe was also somewhat afraid. Zhao Feihong’s martial arts were on par with You Gutian’s. However, being thrown out like this by himself… What if Zhao Feihong was even more formidable than You Gutian? That wouldn’t be a joke.

Zhao Feihong replied, “The matter of the fifteenth of August can be discussed later. This is not a transaction, and I won’t negotiate terms with you.”

You Mengzhe thought, well, dragging it out probably won’t work. Originally, he wanted to go to the capital to meet Yu Changqing and, for dispersing inner energy, there might be other solutions. Taking it one step at a time was the way to go.  

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