Let Go of that Shou Chapter 35

Chapter 35

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During the night:

You Mengzhe sat on the bed, holding the urn of ashes, lost in thought. Yu Wenhong sat beside him, silent, only watching him. He tenderly touched You Mengzhe’s head, took the urn from his embrace, and said, “Go to sleep. Things will be better when you wake up.”

You Mengzhe sighed heavily, feeling a piece missing from his heart, and tears continued to flow uncontrollably. Yu Wenhong hugged him, and the two fell into a deep sleep in the long night.

The next morning, You Mengzhe glanced towards the maze. Zhao Feihong and Zhang Yuanshan were nearing the end of the maze, the Demonic Sect now without a leader, following the guidance of their left and right guardians.

“Come, let’s go up the mountain,” Yu Wenhong said.

You Mengzhe replied anxiously, “Are you sure it’s okay?”

Yu Wenhong waved his hand, “The old sect master has his arrangements. We don’t need to worry about them.”

A radiant sunrise emerged from behind the main hall atop the mountain, casting its brilliance across the Canghai Sect, illuminating the buildings with a golden glow that stretched for miles. The entire mountain top was adorned with majestic halls. As the morning mist dispersed, the scene revealed a picturesque landscape with clear waters, fragrant flowers, and the sound of birdsong. A staircase ascended towards the peak, resembling a celestial realm.

Yu Wenhong carried the urn of ashes in one hand and held You Mengzhe’s hand in the other, ascending tens of thousands of steps. Sometimes they walked through flower bushes, other times they appeared on cliff corners. The path twisted and turned but always ascended. When they stood at the edge of the cliff, facing the vast ocean with the wind blowing fiercely against the cliffs and seabirds soaring, You Mengzhe couldn’t help but feel a sense of liberation, as if he was transcending life and death in an instant.

Amidst the chaos of the Jianghu, amidst the flashing of blades and swords, what are they fighting for, and what are they seeking?

Looking down, the people in the maze had become tiny black dots like ants.

“They’re almost up the mountain too,” You Mengzhe said.

Yu Wenhong stood at the edge of the cliff, leaning on You Mengzhe’s shoulder, and chuckled, “It’s not that easy. The villagers from Qinglong Town will stop them.”

“Ah—” The head of the Gold Blade Sect was met head-on by a pitchfork from the elder of Qinglong Town, falling to the ground with a face covered in blood.

Zhao Feihong roared, “Let’s talk this out!”

Four villagers stood blocking the steps leading up the mountain, each wielding a hoe, a kitchen knife, a carrying pole, and a stool, exuding an intimidating aura.

The village chief leaned on his cane and calmly said, “Lord Ming Jun has ordered that if you want to go up the mountain, you must first pass through the Four Heroes of Qinglong Town.”

“You old geezer! What nonsense…” Someone rushed forward, intending to take the village chief as a hostage, but was met with a blow from the cane, spraying blood instantly, flying five zhangs away.

The village chief said, “Let’s begin…”

Zhao Feihong said in a deep voice, “It seems that even at the foot of the Canghai Sect, there are formidable opponents. Brothers, who will lead the charge with me?”

Everyone’s courage faltered, and they all took a step back in unison.

Zhang Yuanshan rolled up his sleeves, drew out his Judge’s Pen, and stepped forward with a cold expression, gesturing for Zhao Feihong to come forward.

Zhao Feihong remained still for a moment, then pulled out a long stick from behind, shouted loudly, and as Zhang Yuanshan spun his Judge’s Pens between his fingers, Zhao Feihong rushed forward. Zhang Yuanshan swiftly moved aside, circling around the Four Heroes of Qinglong Town, and both of them struck simultaneously!

Meanwhile, halfway up the mountain, You Mengzhe sat on a stone bench with Yu Wenhong, sharing a sauce chicken and drinking water from the mountain spring. After a while, they turned and continued up the mountain.

Stopping occasionally, when You Mengzhe couldn’t walk any further, Yu Wenhong carried him on his back, holding the urn of ashes, with You Mengzhe embracing him around the neck, exchanging soft words from time to time.

You Mengzhe asked, “Is Ming Jun very powerful?”

Yu Wenhong replied, “He probably isn’t interested in getting involved personally, but to reach the Canghai Sect, one must have some skill. The old sect master has set up a few obstacles to test them. Don’t worry, they won’t die.”

You Mengzhe nodded. The sea breeze blew stronger as they neared the mountaintop. He wondered how anyone could live in such a place. Even walking would be difficult with the fierce winds. As they reached the final stretch of the path and turned back to face the mountain head-on, stepping onto a certain step, the raging winds suddenly ceased, everything became calm, and a few birds chirped softly.

Suddenly, the path ahead cleared. After walking for a while, with the sun beginning to tilt westward, they finally arrived at the mountaintop. A massive archway shone brightly in the sunlight, bearing three ancient characters in seal script: “Canghai Sect”.  

“We’re here,” Yu Wenhong smiled, gesturing for You Mengzhe to dismount.

You Mengzhe couldn’t help but marvel at the endless rows of glazed tiles and the majestic buildings like the Golden Palace. Several people stood below the archway, both men and women.

“This is the immortal cave where the immortal lived three thousand years ago,” Ming Jun’s voice came from beneath the archway. “Mengzhe, you’re home.”

You Mengzhe felt an overwhelming urge to shed tears as he said, “This is where my mother lived…”

“Yeah,” Yu Wenhong greeted with a smile. “Medicine Mother, Gu Mother, Sword Mother, Jing Mother. I’ve brought Sister Qing’s child back.”

The four women approached, each dressed in gossamer robes of a material that seemed neither silk nor cotton, smiling as they approached You Mengzhe.

One of them said, “He really looks just like Qing’er.”

Another remarked, “Finally back. The old sect master only mentioned Yu Wenhong arriving last night.”

Then another woman chimed in, “Let me take a look? Oh, you’re still practicing martial arts. Did Hong’er teach you? Look at those moves, so impressive…”

With so many people approaching all at once, You Mengzhe felt a bit overwhelmed. Yu Wenhong introduced him to the people: Medicine Mother, Gu Mother, Sword Mother and Jing Mother, the four women as he had already met Ming Jun and Tian Jun. The four women were young and beautiful, resembling celestial maidens. You Mengzhe couldn’t help but wonder if there truly was an elixir of immortality in the world. He nervously asked, “And… my grandmother?”

“She’s taking her afternoon nap, not up yet,” Tian Jun said. “Come inside and talk.”

At the same time, at the mountain gate, the battle between Zhang Yuanshan, Zhao Feihong, and the four young guardians of the mountain gate had escalated to a fever pitch. Back to back, Zhang Yuanshan and Zhao Feihong each deployed a palm, meeting the four guardians’ attacks head-on, steadfastly holding their ground, their inner energies supporting each other.

The four guardians used their right hands to counter the inner energies of Zhao Feihong and Zhang Yuanshan, while their empty hands pressed against their companions’ shoulders, forming a chain of inner energy.

Sweat beads the size of beans covered Zhao Feihong’s forehead, and Zhang Yuanshan’s face turned pale, reaching a critical moment.

“Dinner’s ready!” A woman’s voice echoed from afar.

The four guardians simultaneously withdrew their palms, unleashing a burst of energy that created a deafening roar. Zhao Feihong and Zhang Yuanshan nearly spat blood, and the force of the air currents sent onlookers tumbling to the ground.

“Let’s have another match another day!” one of the young men said.

Several people left, and four women sent them home for dinner, taking the place of the four guardians of Qinglong Town.

Zhao Feihong: “…”

Zhang Yuanshan: “…”

The village chief said, “You’ve passed the test. You can go up the mountain now.”

Zhao Feihong: “!!”

Zhang Yuanshan immediately turned around and leaped up the stairs of the mountain, rushing towards the top. Zhao Feihong bowed to the village chief and said, “Thank you, Elder!”

Seeing that even the residents of a village at the foot of the mountain possessed such remarkable martial arts skills, Zhao Feihong realized he had no idea how perilous the Canghai Sect might be. He quickly chased after Zhang Yuanshan.

Meanwhile, the crowd clamored, and the four women lined up, saying, “Who else wants to go up the mountain? You have to pass through us first!”

In another part of the Canghai Sect, incense burned in the main hall, and female disciples of the sect served tea. They addressed You Mengzhe as the Young Sect Master, casting a glance at Yu Wenhong before bursting into suppressed giggles. Yu Wenhong’s face turned slightly red as he said, “We’re getting married soon.”

You Mengzhe felt extremely embarrassed, but the others understood and chuckled. After exchanging a few words, You Mengzhe, curious about everything but hesitant to ask too many questions, watched as three women took the urn of ashes to be placed, leaving only Gu Mother and Ming Jun sitting and chatting.

Yu Wenhong was acquainted with Lord Ming, and among the sect, they had one of the closest relationships. As they chatted, they shared quite a bit, and You Mengzhe gradually opened up, asking about anything he didn’t understand.

Ming Zun mostly explained this to You Mengzhe. It turned out that the Canghai Sect was just the eastern pole among the Four Poles. Across the vast Central Plains, there were three other ancient immortal caves.

Some of these caves had long been abandoned, while others were inhabited, much like the Canghai Sect. Over a thousand years ago, during the wars of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, many people fled the chaos by migrating to the coast and seeking refuge overseas. That’s how they found this immortal mountain on the island. After several generations, when the immortals departed, the Canghai Sect became a utopia.

As for the residents of Qinglong Town at the foot of the mountain, they were disciples of the Sect who occasionally rescued stranded fishermen at sea. Some of these fishermen chose to settle on the immortal mountain and lived happily in Qinglong Town.

Curious, You Mengzhe turned to Yu Wenhong and asked, “Are you also from there? How did you end up here?”

Yu Wenhong replied, “No, I’m not. My parents were from outside. My family lived far north, and they suffered from a snow disaster that killed many people. I was just born then, and Ming Zun and Tian Zun brought me back to the Canghai Sect. It was a long time ago, my family ancestors entrusted me to the old sect master.”

You Mengzhe nodded, realizing that Yu Wenhong’s parents were most likely deceased as well. They shared a sense of empathy, and tears welled up in his eyes involuntarily. However, Yu Wenhong just smiled and gestured that it was okay.

“The Yuwen family of the northwest, haven’t you heard of it?” Ming Zun asked.

Suddenly, You Mengzhe remembered a passage from Zhao Feihong’s book he had read before. He said, “Is it that Yuwen family?”  

Yu Wenhong quickly waved his hand and said, “I really don’t know… Uh…”

You Mengzhe exclaimed, “You’re still of royal blood!”

Yu Wenhong replied, “Ah, there’s no one left in the family. Don’t dwell on those things.”

Ming Zun interjected, “Aren’t you thinking of going back to the northwest?”

Yu Wenhong glanced at You Mengzhe, then back at Ming Zun. You Mengzhe said, “You want to find your relatives, right? Once this is over, I’ll go with you.”

Yu Wenhong chuckled and said, “Sure, next year I’ll take you to play in the borderlands.”

A clear voice rang outside the hall, “Zhao Feihong, Zhang Yuanshan has the honor to pay respects to the mountain, hoping to meet the immortals of the Canghai Sect!”

You Mengzhe exclaimed, “They’re here!”

Ming Zun took a sip of tea and said, “They’re still far away. Gu Mother, prepare the Three-Life Spring water. Let them establish kinship by blood, it will also ease Mengzhe’s mind.”

Suddenly, You Mengzhe remembered something and quickly informed them about the matter with the love potion. Gu Mother listened with some surprise and then chuckled, saying, “That little girl, Yu Qing, always causing so much trouble. No problem, we’ll solve it together.”   

Gu Mother rose to prepare the medicine, and after a moment, three celestial maidens came back, giggling and dragging along a man in a black robe. They said, “Mengzhe, do you recognize this person?”

The man, held like a little chicken with no resistance, faced You Mengzhe, revealing himself to be You Gutian.

You Mengzhe: “…”

You Gutian: “…”

Sword Mother chuckled, “We just went to place the urn, and we saw him lurking around outside the room where your mother used to live…”

You Gutian laughed, “Please don’t be angry, dear goddesses. I’m not here to steal women undergarments. I just wanted to see where Qing’er used to live… I am Mengzhe’s father…”

You Mengzhe roared furiously, “Ah!” Without hesitation, he grabbed a chair and charged at You Gutian, raining down blows on him. You Gutian immediately closed his eyes, and with a loud crash, the chair shattered into pieces.

“I’ll beat you to death!” You Mengzhe bellowed like a mad dog, relentlessly punching and kicking. Yu Wenhong hurriedly came over to restrain him, while You Gutian looked extremely embarrassed, laughing as he tried to dodge.

“Is he really your father?” Ming Zun seemed somewhat surprised.

“His foster father,” You Gutian explained to Ming Zun.

“Why did you come up here?” Gu Mother asked. “The path to the rear mountain is so difficult. How did you manage to reach the Cloud Platform?”

You Gutian replied, “Qing’er mentioned the place where she grew up before. I came to pay my respects and reminisce about the past.”

“You just wanted to steal something, didn’t you! You liar! Big liar!” You Mengzhe accused angrily.

You Gutian calmly responded, “You think I’m that kind of person, You Mengzhe?”

“I did steal something, indeed,” You Gutian chuckled, opening his hand to reveal a small flower. “She used to say she liked this kind of flower on the Cloud Platform. I only picked this one. If touching things on the Immortal Mountain is forbidden, then execute me.”

You Mengzhe looked at the flower, realizing it was the dried flower petal that had been enclosed in the letter long ago.

You Gutian placed the flower in You Mengzhe’s hand, as if it was a memory they shared together.

“Let him go!” Zhao Feihong demanded angrily.

Zhang Yuanshan and Zhao Feihong finally reached the mountaintop, and You Mengzhe turned to see the two enveloped in the twilight’s glow.

“Everyone is here?” Ming Zun stood up, his invisible pressure causing people to involuntarily step back. “It’s up to you now. I’m leaving.”

The four fairy maidens gave a slight bow, and Yu Wenhong said, “We’ll come visit you later.”

“Feel free,” Ming Zun replied before he turned and left the main hall without even glancing at Zhao Feihong and Zhang Yuanshan, his figure disappearing with a flash.

Zhao Feihong asked, “Mengzhe, is he the Master of the Pavilion?”

“The Master won’t see you,” Medicine Mother said with a smile. “First, come and verify your kinship by shedding blood. Let’s see who will be the son-in-law of our Canghai Sect. If not, then there’s nothing to discuss. You’ll be asked to leave immediately.”

“There’s also the antidote,” You Mengzhe added.

Gu Mother, a serene-faced girl, chuckled, “The antidote is ready for you too.”

Several disciples brought out a table, and Medicine Mother placed three bowls of water on it. Gu Mother then casually scattered three pills onto the table, and they spun around playfully.  

You Mengzhe said, “Father… fathers, my mother placed a love spell on you before she passed away. That’s why… you were fond of her. I’ve removed the spell for you, so you don’t have to worry anymore. Hmm.”

Zhao Feihong furrowed his brow, asking, “What are you saying?”

There was an expression of disbelief in Zhang Yuanshan’s eyes.

“I… helped my mother make amends,” You Mengzhe continued. “Do you remember that year? She once dropped a box on your head. Inside was a box of pollen. After inhaling it, your mind would always remember that moment, and your heart… would be filled with immense joy, unforgettable for a lifetime.”

You Gutian lazily replied, “I’ve never been subjected to this kind of thing. Don’t insult me.” With that, he flicked You Mengzhe’s face with his finger.

“I know you genuinely cared for her,” You Mengzhe said.

You Gutian replied, “Let’s finish this first, then I’ll leave the mountain.” He rolled up his sleeves and took out a silver knife from beside the bowl.

The first bowl was filled with clear water. You Gutian asked, “Do I just drip my blood into this?”

The Medicine Mother nodded and said, “Yes, go ahead.”

You Gutian lightly slashed his arm with the silver knife, letting the blood drip into the bowl. However, instead of blending with the specially prepared potion, the blood formed into a dark red blood bead, rolling to the bottom of the bowl.

“Father,” You Mengzhe said, “What if we really are…”

You Gutian chuckled, “It’s impossible. I’m very clear about it. Your mother never looked at me properly before. How could it be?”

You Mengzhe took another clean silver knife and lightly cut his finger, dripping his own blood into the bowl.

The blood of the two men swirled in the bowls, but they remained separate, not merging together.

“You see, just as I said,” You Gutian chuckled, then patted You Mengzhe’s head. “Take care.”

With a swish of his sleeve, You Gutian turned and left the main hall, descending the mountain. The sound of his weary song echoed in the dusk.

After a long silence, You Mengzhe spoke up, “Take the medicine.”

You Mengzhe handed the medicine to Zhao Feihong and Zhang Yuanshan. Zhao Feihong said, “You Mengzhe.”

You Mengzhe responded, “Go ahead, take it. From now on, you won’t be troubled by thoughts of my mother anymore. Regardless of who my father is, when you go down the mountain, just do whatever you need to do. I apologize on her behalf for all these years of delay.”

“Fleeting as the wind, flowers, snow, and moon, all are but illusions in this world,” the Medicine Mother said slowly.

With a long sigh, Zhao Feihong and Zhang Yuanshan each took the medicine.  

Zhao Mengzhe asked, “Who goes first?”

Zhao Feihong remained silent, rolled up his sleeves, and dripped blood into the bowl.

Zhang Yuanshan dripped his blood into the other bowl.

The two bowls were placed in the center of the long table. Zhao Mengzhe dripped his blood into the bowl on the left and looked at Zhao Feihong.

Two blood droplets, one large and one small, slowly rotated at the bottom of the bowl, mutually incompatible.

Zhang Mengzhe “…”

There was a moment of panic in Zhang Yuanshan’s eyes, and he looked at Zhang Mengzhe, his brows furrowing slightly, his expression extremely complex.  

Zhang Mengzhe breathed a sigh of relief and said, “It’s indeed you.”

He dripped his blood into the bowl belonging to Zhang Yuanshan. The two blood droplets gently vibrated, and everyone held their breath. Zhang Mengzhe’s blood slowly approached Zhang Yuanshan’s blood, then trembled slightly. It seemed as though there was a repulsive force between them, gradually causing them to separate.

Zhang Mengzhe: “…”

Zhang Yuanshan: “…”

Zhao Feihong: “…”

Ciacia/N: You Mengzhe’s surname keeps changing in this chapter so don’t be confused, it changed whenever he found out one of the 3 men aint his father.

Huge shoutout to @_nyanmaru_ on Discord for commissioning this! The chapter will be posted regularly, show your support for Ciacia at Kofi.

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