Let Go of that Shou Chapter 36

Chapter 36

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You Mengzhe exclaimed, “What’s going on??!!!”

Medicine Mother was also very confused. The four womens came over to inspect the two bowls. Gu Mother asked, “Are you sure one of these two people is your father?”

You Mengzhe said, “I was extremely, absolutely sure!” His eyes were full of doubt and disbelief as he looked at Zhao and Zhang. Zhao Feihong’s face changed first, taking a step back, scrutinizing Yu Mengzhe with unfamiliar eyes.

 “There must be something wrong somewhere!” You Mengzhe said, “Is it the water? Is it?”

Medicine Mother said, “Impossible, how could the Three-Life Spring water go wrong?”

You Mengzhe shouted, “That’s not right! It must be the problem with the spring water!”

Medicine Mother said, “It’s impossible.”

The other three womens echoed, “Yeah, there’s no problem with the spring water.”

Yu Wenhong had a sudden inspiration and said, “Or should we let the old sect leader try?” 

Medicine Mother said, “That won’t work either. It’s been so many years, the former sect leader has already reincarnated…”

Yu Wenhong nodded, “Right.”

You Mengzhe was completely bewildered, staring blankly at Zhao Feihong and Zhang Yuanshan, and asked, “Who do you think I look more like?”

Sword Mother looked at Zhao Feihong, then at Zhang Yuanshan, and said, “Neither of them. With their appearances, how could they match your mother?”

You Mengzhe: “…”

Medicine Mother comforted, “You have the same surname as the former sect leader. Why should you take the surname of these rotten men? From now on, you’ll be called Yu Mengzhe. What’s the big deal?”

“That’s right, that’s right,” others chimed in.

You Mengzhe exploded, “But I’m also a rotten man!”

“Well…” You Mengzhe’s mind was in chaos. He turned to Zhao Feihong and said, “Master, you…”

Zhao Feihong seemed to see something extremely unbearable and quickly raised his hand to dodge.

Zhao Feihong said, “Since it’s… like this, I will leave first…”

You Mengzhe said, “Don’t go! I have something to tell you.”

Zhao Feihong’s face turned extremely strange, as if he didn’t even want to look at You Mengzhe, and he turned and walked out of the main hall.

“Master!” You Mengzhe shouted.

He ran up and hugged Zhao Feihong tightly from behind, pressing his head against his back. Zhao Feihong’s body stiffened, then he roared, “Don’t touch me!”

Zhao Feihong kept struggling, then with a disgusted sound, he spat out and looked at You Mengzhe with disdain.

You Mengzhe: “…”

“From now on, you belong to you… and I belong to me,” Zhao Feihong said without even looking at You Mengzhe, then spat again with disgust, walking away with swift strides.

You Mengzhe yelled, “Stop! What do you mean?! You find me disgusting?!” Zhao Feihong didn’t respond. After leaving the main hall, You Mengzhe chased after him. Medicine Mother hurriedly followed, saying, “Don’t go, this is what happens when the love spell is broken. He loved your mother for so many years, now his feelings have turned around. If you blame anyone, blame your mother. Ah…”

You Mengzhe said, “No way! This…”

Medicine Mother sympathetically comforted, “Forget it. The love spell has been in his heart for over ten years. Once it’s broken, emotions completely reverse. Emotions are unpredictable, especially when it comes to love and desire….”

You Mengzhe said, “But… isn’t the opposite of love hatred?” He approached Zhang Yuanshan, whose expression also changed, seeming almost instinctively to want to avoid, mixed with some indescribable emotions.

Medicine Mother smiled and said, “How can hatred be the opposite of love? Love and hatred often go hand in hand. The opposite of love is ‘not love,’ and when it goes deeper, it becomes disgust. So…”

Medicine Mother said lightly, “I once loved a man from the Central Plains. Now thinking back, it’s truly nauseating…”

You Mengzhe took out the jade pendant sadly and said, “He’s my adoptive father.”

Medicine Mother asked, “Is he mute?” As she spoke, she took out a small bottle and said, “Take this bottle with you. Swallow one pill and it will help. It’ll take some time to learn to speak. Go down the mountain, stop bothering our young master.”

Zhang Yuanshan felt like he received a pardon and didn’t even bother with his belongings, just ran off. You Mengzhe shouted, “Wait!”

You Mengzhe caught up and stuffed the jade pendant and medicine into Zhang Yuanshan’s arms. He then took off the ring from his own hand and handed it to him. Zhang Yuanshan quickly recoiled and waved his hands, but You Mengzhe grabbed his hand without hesitation and placed the ring in his palm.

Zhang Yuanshan turned his head aside and vomited silently.

You Mengzhe: “…”

Zhang Yuanshan shook off his hand and threw the ring away. He staggered down the mountain, vomiting all the way.

You Mengzhe: “…”

No matter how You Mengzhe imagined it, he couldn’t foresee it ending like this. He stood in front of the archway of Canghai Sect, the red sun in the western sky slowly sinking towards the sea level. There were still two traces of vomit on the steps, left by Zhao Feihong and Zhang Yuanshan.

Not far away, Zhao Feihong leaned against a tree, vomiting, while Zhang Yuanshan patted his back.

Zhao Feihong let out a loud roar, his hoarse voice echoing among the mountains, filled with pain and regret.

You Mengzhe went mad, shouting down the mountain, “Zhao Feihong! Zhang Yuanshan! I curse your ancestors! Am I really that disgusting to you?!” 

Upon hearing You Mengzhe’s voice, Zhang Yuanshan also vomited. They continued vomiting for a while before hurriedly descending the mountain without looking back.

You Mengzhe stood dazedly under the archway at the highest point until nearly half of the red sun sank into the sea, painting the sky a magnificent purple-red. The two figures disappeared around the bend of the mountain slope, never to be seen again. You Mengzhe finally sat down, staring blankly at the vast expanse of sky and sea.

“Mengzhe,” Yu Wenhong said, appearing behind him at some point. He spoke, “I’m your father.”

You Mengzhe roared in sorrow, “You’re my uncle!” 

Yu Wenhong turned and walked away.

You Mengzhe wiped his eyes and began to cry heartbrokenly. He couldn’t even explain what he was crying about. Standing up, he walked while crying. A woman came out with a mop and a bucket of water, cleaning up the vomit left by Zhao Feihong and Zhang Yuanshan.

His father was gone, and even the things had been returned to them. Now, even the last traces and memories were gone. As the woman washed the mop, You Mengzhe felt even more heartbroken.

He still loved them. In those days, he had thought he had a real family.  

You Mengzhe cried for a while, his eyes red, as he sat in the garden where his mother’s favorite small flowers were blooming, gently swaying in the breeze of the autumn evening.

“Mengzhe,” Yu Wenhong came back again, holding a bowl of Three-Life Spring water water. He squatted beside him and said, “Look.”

Yu Wenhong handed You Mengzhe a small knife and used another knife to cut his own arm, letting the blood drip into the bowl.

You Mengzhe watched for a moment, then also dripped blood into the bowl. Two drops of blood fell into the bottom of the bowl, swirling like the last bright stars at the end of dusk, gently merging and blending together, forming into a dark red cloud. The color gradually faded and disappeared.

Yu Wenhong nodded, looking at the reflection of You Mengzhe in the bowl, and said, “Sigh.” You Mengzhe was still completely out of it, not knowing what to say for a while, and followed with, “Sigh.”

Yu Wenhong said, “It’s all my fault, causing you… sigh.”

You Mengzhe said, “Oh, no, it’s really good, dad, you’re so young, like my brother, I just didn’t understand.”

Yu Wenhong and You Mengzhe looked at each other for a moment.

You Mengzhe turned around and hugged his neck tightly, tears filling his eyes. Yu Wenhong’s eyes were red, and the two hugged, rubbing noses affectionately, and their warm lips kissed each other.

That night, You Mengzhe was still a bit absent-minded. After dinner at Canghai Sect, everyone was very kind to him. In the sect, everyone usually ate separately, but tonight’s meal was even better than what was served at the foot of the mountain. Although the dishes were simple, they were delicious seafood that You Mengzhe had never tasted on the Central Plains before, including fresh crabs.

After dinner, Yu Wenhong lit a lantern and took You Mengzhe around the sect, showing him various places and explaining what each place was. The altars, medicine halls, scripture halls, and sword storage rooms were all lit up, with disciples gathered in small groups practicing martial arts wherever they found space.

Yu Wenhong nodded and greeted them as they passed by, leading You Mengzhe towards the back mountain. Someone approached them and said, “The Old Sect Master wants to see the Young Sect Master. He’s waiting at the Fairy Grass Terrace.”

Yu Wenhong busily smiled and said, “Alright, let’s go.”

You Mengzhe felt a bit nervous inside. Yu Wenhong reassured him, saying, “Don’t be afraid, come.”

They walked to the outside of a garden filled with exotic flowers and plants. The flowers around them emitted a faint glow, and occasionally, light powder would leave the flower petals and float into the night sky on the sea breeze. On a platform high above stood the four Mothers. It seemed as though there was someone else in front of them, all with their backs turned.

Yu Wenhong gestured for You Mengzhe to go up by himself, saying, “The Sect Master is very kind, don’t be afraid, Mengzhe.”

Summoning his courage, You Mengzhe ascended the platform. The four women turned around, and among them, You Mengzhe couldn’t recognize anyone. He called out from a distance, “Grandma.”

The four fairy-like women stepped aside, and a tender voice said, “Is it Mengzhe? Come here, let Grandma take a look at you.”

You Mengzhe: “…”

Sitting on the edge of the flower platform’s steps was a little girl with braided pigtails. She looked to be only five or six years old! She wore a white furry cloak, and two bright lights flickered at her feet, then dimmed— the Azura Dragon closed its eyes, obediently hissing, coiled at her feet.

“Gran…dma?” You Mengzhe couldn’t believe it. This little girl was his grandmother.

“Hmm?” The little girl’s lips curled up as she waved for him to sit down. You Mengzhe sat down beside her on the steps, cautiously asking, “You’re… my mother’s mother?”

The little girl smiled and said, “Yes, I am your mother’s mother, your grandmother. What’s wrong? Don’t believe it?”

You Mengzhe looked at her rosy face, bright eyes, and couldn’t help but reach out to pinch her tender cheek, saying, “What’s going on? Am I dreaming?”

“Don’t be impudent,” the little girl swatted away his hand, scolding, “Is Hong’er your father? Be careful, or he’ll beat you.”

“How could that be!” You Mengzhe exclaimed.

The little girl’s face was full of coquettishness, making You Mengzhe’s heart tremble uncontrollably; he found her incredibly adorable.

Yu Wenhong was stooping among the flowers, picking something. The little girl said, “My name is Qing’er, remember it. I’m telling you my name so you won’t be clueless, but you still have to call me Grandma.”

You Mengzhe’s lips twitched as he nodded repeatedly, watching this innocent and lively little girl. Qing’er reached out to touch the head of the divine beast. You Mengzhe asked, “How did you… give birth to my mother? Have you always been this young, or did you practice some kind of technique?”

Qing’er replied, “I reincarnated ten years ago, so now I’m only six.”

 You Mengzhe felt that the world was full of unimaginable things and asked, “Reincarnation? Can you remember things from before?”

Qing’er laughed and said, “There’s a medicine called ‘Drunk Life, Dream Death.’ When someone takes it and dies, they can remember things from their past life when they’re reborn.”

You Mengzhe asked, “But how do you know where you’ll be reborn and how did you come back here?”

Qing’er replied, “Ming Zun and Tian Sun will come find me. They’re immortal and oversee the mysteries of life and death.”

You Mengzhe nodded slowly. Qing’er scrutinized You Mengzhe carefully and then touched his forehead, saying, “Hong’er, you have a son now.”  

“Ah,” Yu Wenhong answered from afar, “I’ll pick some Zhu fruit for him to eat. He tends to get sick easily.”

You Mengzhe said, “It’s a pity my mother died when she gave birth to me.”

Qing’er smiled and said, “Life and death are just links in a chain. How do you know she isn’t living a carefree life in this life compared to the last?”

Her words carried a serene tone, almost like celestial music. Just listening quietly brought about a sense of peace and comfort.

You Mengzhe nodded, and Qing’er turned to the Medicine Mother again, saying, “Mengzhe’s eyes and mouth resemble Qing’er, but his eyebrows and nose are just like Hong’er’s, like a copy of him. Father and son are quite amusing together.”

The women all laughed, and You Mengzhe touched his nose, puckering his lips. “Really? I’ve never noticed before. Maybe I’ve never thought about it.”

Qing’er said, “Well, the two of you should depend on each other. The lineage of the Celestial Master Yu Wenhui rests on you two alone. Hong’er grew up in Canghai Sect since he was a child, very innocent. You, on the other hand, look slick. Don’t bully your father too much.”

You Mengzhe quickly reassured her that he wouldn’t. Then Yu Wenhong raised his head and asked, “Sect Master, can I marry my son off?”

The women burst into laughter, and Qing’er said seriously, “It’s up to you. We don’t need to follow these earthly rules.”

Yu Wenhong was about to say something else when Qing’er couldn’t hold back her laughter and said, “Skip the formalities of a wedding. It’s too bothersome. You both understand each other in your hearts, isn’t that enough?”

Yu Wenhong chuckled, “True.”

Then Qing’er turned to You Mengzhe again, “Your mother had a bad temper, but your father is a good kid. Ming Zun and I watched him grow up. Don’t treat him like your mother did. She owed him enough.”

You Mengzhe promised, “I will, I will.”

Qing’er clapped her hands and said, “Well then, there’s nothing more to say. I’m going back to sleep.”

Curious, You Mengzhe asked, “And Grandpa?”

Qing’er said, “Ugh, don’t even mention him. Just thinking about him makes me sick. Men in this world are all the same.”

You Mengzhe sighed, “Ah, am I not one…”

“Take it easy, don’t dwell on the past. Just focus on learning well when you’re free, don’t always follow their footsteps, learn from your father,” Qing’er advised.

You Mengzhe asked, “Did Grandpa mess around with other women?”

Qing’er glanced at You Mengzhe, then suddenly changed the subject, saying, “Look up there in the sky.”

Following her gaze, You Mengzhe saw the Eastern Star shining brightly in the night sky and asked, “What’s happening up there?”

Before he finished speaking, a gust of wind blew by, and when he turned his head again, Qing’er had disappeared.

The Medicine Mother and the others couldn’t help but chuckle and went back to their rooms. You Mengzhe was left bewildered, “She’s gone just like that?”

Yu Wenhong said, “The Sect Master was just teasing you. Come on.”

You Mengzhe sat cross-legged in the garden and said, “Grandma is really strange. What did she mean by asking me to look up at the sky?”

Yu Wenhong replied, “This place is usually off-limits to others. She was stargazing. She just showed you the Eastern Azure Dragon, one of the Seven Mansions of the Blue Sky. Many years ago, they all descended to the mortal realm and haven’t returned yet.”

You Mengzhe nodded, not quite understanding the significance. Yu Wenhong wiped off a few fruits with his robe and said, “Here, have this. It only bears fruit once every thousand years. It’s a good thing.”

You Mengzhe tasted some, finding the juice sweet and sour, melting in his mouth. He ended up with sauce all over his mouth and urged Yu Wenhong to have some too. Yu Wenhong hesitated but ended up coaxing You Mengzhe to finish it all. Then, they both lay down in the garden.

“Dad,” You Mengzhe said.

“Ah,” Yu Wenhong smiled, extending his arm to embrace You Mengzhe, and they lay on the grass. You Mengzhe turned to his side, holding onto Yu Wenhong’s waist and resting his head on his shoulder.

“Does your nose look like mine?” Yu Wenhong touched You Mengzhe’s nose.

“I don’t know, I don’t often look in the mirror,” You Mengzhe said, lying on top of Yu Wenhong and earnestly scrutinizing his nose bridge, with childish eyebrows and clear eyes. After staring for a while, he lowered his head and kissed Yu Wenhong’s lips. Yu Wenhong slightly parted his lips, and they engaged in a lingering kiss, their lips and tongues intertwining in a leisurely and affectionate manner.

“What’s over there?” You Mengzhe asked.

Yu Wenhong followed You Mengzhe’s gaze and saw a slender stone pillar in the southeast, reaching straight into the clouds. It seemed that standing on top of it, one could touch the star-studded night sky.

“That’s the Pillar Connecting Heaven,” Yu Wenhong said. “It’s where Feng Po, the Wind Goddess, lives. She’s quite fierce. Do you want to go up there? If you do, we’ll need to find a rope and tie you to my back. It would take three days and nights to climb.”

You Mengzhe hurriedly said, “I don’t want to go.”

Yu Wenhong ruffled You Mengzhe’s hair again and chuckled. “Having another son like this feels like a dream.”

You Mengzhe lay back down, resting his head on Yu Wenhong’s shoulder, and asked, “Shall we settle down here?”

Yu Wenhong said, “It’s up to you. Do you want to visit the Central Plains? We can go down in a few days, while the low tide is still here, and find someone in Qinglong Town to take us back on a boat.”

You Mengzhe closed his eyes and asked, “Where should we go?”

Yu Wenhong replied, “We could go to Fengguan, the frontier, Sichuan, or the capital. It’s all possible.”

You Mengzhe hummed in agreement, then nestled closer to Yu Wenhong, saying, “Let’s go to Jiangzhou, Yangzhou… There are still so many places I haven’t visited yet. I haven’t really traveled the rivers and lakes much…”

In the Fairy Grass Garden, countless Moonlight Flowers bloomed in the quiet night, their pollen shimmering with light, forming a silver ribbon that flew into the sky on the wind.

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