Matryoshka Off-Limits Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Night of Ancient Castle

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Confronted with such presumptuous threat, Wen Shi’s expression became strange, and he replied, “……As long as it makes you happy.”

When he first arrived, he almost got killed by several players ganging up on him, and later, Luo Xiao and Exiu tricked him. Wen Shi didn’t care if those two survived or not.

Bushy Beard scoffed, “You’re just saying angry words.”


“What are you all doing?!” An angry voice exclaimed. This was truly an expression of anger.

A man with an ordinary face showed up from behind, holding a pair of scissors that were half a meter long, with the blade smeared with snake tissue.

The male servant that Wen Shi was waiting for finally arrived.

“Who told you to trespass into the garden maze?”

Wen Shi quickly distanced himself. “I came to help with the trimming.”

His entire body covered in snake blood backed up his words.

The male servant turned to look at Bushy Beard, and when he saw vines and leaves hanging from the hooks on Bushy Beard’s right hand, the male servant’s plain face darkened as if water could drip from it.

Wen Shi added fuel to the fire, “I’m sorry! The director is afraid of snakes, so when he gets anxious, he starts wildly damaging the plants.” He cautiously asked, “Although you value the beauty of the maze, you will forgive him, right?”

“Aaron, you’re dead.” Completely enraged, Bushy Beard rushed forward.

The male servant’s eyes were fixated on the damaged plants. He took a few steps forward, manipulating the blood-stained scissors to snip ahead, muttering nervously, “Taking care of flowers and plants is everyone’s responsibility.”

The male servant was thin and tall, like a utility pole. He tilted the scissors 45 degrees upward and went straight for the flesh at the back of Bushy Beard’s neck.

The chilling aura penetrated Bushy Beard’s collar before the scissors could reach their target. Bushy Beard sensed the danger and had to turn around midway to deal with the trouble behind him.

Wen Shi’s eyes showed a trace of contemplation upon seeing the situation.

The male servant wore goggles to prevent snake blood from splashing into his eyes, making him look like an ordinary person, but one who forced Bushy Beard to withdraw and defend.

Wen Shi gradually noticed a pattern. The male servant’s movements were exceptionally fast, countering every move of Bushy Beard’s with the scissors. Rather than praising the male servant’s skill, it was the scissors in his hands that were doing the work.

If only he could get hold of those scissors…

Ideas came quickly and disappeared just as fast.

The massive golden scissors had completely rid their edges of snake blood, gleaming like a brand-new pair. Meanwhile, the remaining snake blood on Wen Shi’s clothes condensed into small droplets and floated towards the scissors. As soon as the blade touched the fresh blood, it greedily absorbed it.

This thing relied on a continuous supply of snake blood.

The golden scissors had a sinister aura.

The male servant’s fingers turned bluish, and within moments, his whole hand turned purple. When he was almost losing his grip on the scissors, a red mark on his neck emitted a flash of light, and the male servant’s hand returned to normal.

Wen Shi couldn’t help but glance at the mark, which had the shape of the family crest.

He made a decisive judgment. Only the castle’s staff could use this golden scissors.

The male servant persistently attempted to force Bushy Beard away from the flower field in his attacks.

There was a vast difference in strength between the two. Even with the golden scissors, the male servant was at a disadvantage.

Wen Shi had a feeling that Bushy Beard was holding back. Otherwise, after his escape, the male servant wouldn’t have emerged alive from the safe house.

Could it be that Bushy Beard was worried about angering the castle master by killing the male servant?

The more he thought about it, the more possible it seemed. One couldn’t overpower the other, so one had to yield, and that wasn’t far from finding a compromise.

They reached a stalemate, which meant trouble for him.

Wen Shi decided to continue his escape journey.

This path was almost cleared of any green walls due to the vast flower field. To escape, he had to cross through the flower field. As soon as he stepped into the flower field, Wen Shi almost instantly entered a tipsy state, completely experiencing what it meant to be intoxicated without a way back. His mind wandered for half a minute, and only a sliver of rationality made Wen Shi forcefully bite his tongue. When he regained his senses, he found himself bending down as if to pick a flower.

At that moment, he realized that the reason the male servant had kept a distance from the flower field before the fight might not only have been to protect the flowers but also to protect himself.

Being in this flower field, his body and will almost lost control. It was truly intoxicating.

The prompt sound helped him regain a bit of rationality:

“The male servant has noticed your suspicious intentions and is very angry. He is informing the Earl to come quickly.”

Without a phone on him, how could he contact the Earl?

As the question surfaced, the male servant raised his voice to the sky, “Awoo—Master! There’s a flower thief—”


Damn, Wen Shi’s mouth twitched. It turned out they used voice-activated communication.

He absolutely couldn’t bear the reputation of being a flower thief for no reason. The male servant’s intense reaction indicated that the flowers here might be something precious.

“If I want to avoid being wrongly accused, I have to personally put this plan into action.”

Wen Shi no longer resisted the urge to pick the flowers and gently touched a petal with his fair fingertips.

【Curse a flower in the flower field

Only those lucky enough can pluck a good flower】

Lucky enough? Wen Shi reviewed his luck points. Was having two Bs lucky enough?

In business and philosophical thinking, one plus one often equals more than two, so it’s possible that B plus B is greater than A.

After brainwashing himself, Wen Shi grabbed the nearest stem and immediately glanced at the male servant. The male servant still looked angry but not nervous. It meant that he also didn’t know which flower was the best, otherwise, he would show emotions like nervousness or satisfaction based on whether Wen Shi picked the right one.

“Whatever, let’s just pick one first.”

Staying in the flower field and not leaving would inevitably lead to being tempted to pick a flower. Wen Shi didn’t think he could pick the best one, but he was confident he wouldn’t end up with the worst.

For a long time, ever since he got that lucky charm, his luck had been absurdly good.

The roots were pulled out with soil attached, while the male servant had chosen to stop fighting with Bushy Beard. His eyes were wide with anger and an unshakeable surprise, probably not expecting Wen Shi to dare to pick the flowers for real.

“Damn thief!”

Cursing angrily, the gloom in his expression was several times worse than when he accused Bushy Beard of harming the flowers.

Bushy Beard grinned, opening his mouth to laugh twice. “Aaron, you fool, you did something bad again.”

Wen Shi provocatively glanced at him. If he didn’t pick the flowers, would he just wait to die? If the castle master arrived, he wouldn’t have a way out either, so he might as well take a chance. Looking at it from a different angle, with so many flowers here, weren’t they all treasures?

The flowers with more varied colors than snake skin, after leaving the soil, presented a clearer description:

【Flower Gu Duo: A disposable item. Within 90 seconds after consumption, you will become charming, loved by everyone, and flowers will bloom wherever you go.

Instructions for use:

Swallow the petal and focus on the target’s identity or name you want to charm while maintaining eye contact for more than three seconds.

Only works on NPCs in this instance, and the target NPC must have an initial favorability towards you > 0.

After the duration ends, the NPC’s favorability will quickly return to zero and increase ten points of dislike value.】

Wen Shi was completely shocked at the instructions. He had underestimated his luck. This luck now made him feel a chill.

Forcing down this feeling, Wen Shi’s mind raced with eight hundred thoughts.

Wen Shi simply lowered his head and fiercely tore into the petals like a tyrant. The taste wasn’t great, with the fresh red flower juice being bitter. As he chewed, his lips were dyed with a vivid hue.

His crazy act of devouring the flowers completely enraged the male servant, who was on the verge of losing control, ready to charge towards the flower field.

“Damn thief, I’m going to chop off this guy’s head!”

Wen Shi suddenly raised his head, his eyes sharp and intense, “Look at me, you bas—ard!”

The male servant subconsciously glanced at him, momentarily stunned.

Wen Shi’s lips were stained with the flower juice, giving them a blood-tinted color. He swept his tongue over the corner of his mouth and softly murmured, “Male servant.”

Male servant.

Male servant.

Male servant.

These two-syllable word reverberated in the male servant’s heart like the sound of drums and bells, moving him instantly.

He called me a bas—ard, and I love it!

“Successful charm on the male servant. The target’s initial favorability towards the player is 1. Currently, it’s 100.”

When Bushy Beard appeared, Wen Shi reused the same tactic, but the cold prompt sound came:

“Failed to charm A’Ao, the target’s initial favorability towards the player is -50.”

Wen Shi pursed his lips, at least it wasn’t -∞.

He realized how difficult it was to improve NPC favorability. Earlier, he gained a reputation for dealing with snakes, but it only gave him a starting favorability of ‘1’ from the male servant.

But it didn’t matter now. The male servant’s favorability towards him had already skyrocketed to one hundred percent.

Bushy Beard keenly sensed that something was wrong.

Without any hesitation, Wen Shi pointed at Bushy Beard with wild eyes, “Attack him!”

“Aaron, have you lost your mind? He…”

Before Bushy Beard could finish speaking, the male servant, like a madman, controlled the scissors and rushed forward, attacking from all angles.

“Are you insane?” Just a few minutes ago, they reached a consensus and were ready to stop, but how did it turn into madness in the blink of an eye?

Wen Shi stood in the flower field and sent a wink, “Go for it.”

“Aaahhh!” The male servant screamed, trying even harder to attack Luo Xiao to please Wen Shi.

Wen Shi’s mouth didn’t stay idle. He wiped the flower juice from the corner of his mouth with his fingertip. “My dear director, aren’t you curious why he’s helping me?”

Bushy Beard keenly sensed that something was wrong, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Wen Shi grinned, “Because he loves me.”

Bushy Beard completely ignored his words, only thinking about how to make this despicable subordinate into a specimen. Previously, he held back because this was the Earl’s territory, but if he was pushed, dealing with A’Ao wouldn’t be a simple task. As he faced the red-eyed male servant, Bushy Beard steeled himself for a forceful strike, intending to deal with the male servant first before taking care of Wen Shi.

“The first rule of Frank Hospital’s code is generosity and kindness. When encountering patients, they must be accommodated, not violently slaughtered like you.”

This was a hospital’s ironclad rule posted in the office.

Wen Shi pointed at the male servant, and venomously declared, “Personal grievances can be set aside. He’s a patient.”

Bushy Beard remained unmoved.

“Do you love me?” Wen Shi asked the male servant, “Say it out loud if you do!”

“Love!” The male servant expressed his desire for him without any concealment.


Bushy Beard’s radar started to pick up on something.

Wen Shi: “Really? Do you really love me?”

The male servant looked intoxicated, “Mmm, mmm.”

Wen Shi turned his face away. “I don’t believe you.”

The male servant took a deep breath. “I love you. When you speak, I smell the fragrance of flowers.”

Wen Shi looked at Bushy Beard with no expression. “See, he even said he loves me in front of you.”

Love could not be disguised.

Even though just a second ago, the male servant seemed aggressive towards Wen Shi, in this moment, he couldn’t help but admit that his heart and eyes were filled with love.

Wen Shi added fuel to the fire, “I destroyed his beloved flowers, and he didn’t say anything. If this isn’t love, then what is?”

Hearing about the flowers being destroyed, a trace of struggle flashed in the depths of the male servant’s pupils, but it was quickly overwhelmed by overwhelming love.

When encountering patients, they must be accommodated.

All staff at Frank Hospital must not violate this principle, even the director.

Wen Shi chattered on, “Oh, don’t forget! I have to stay alive to prove he’s homosexual. Otherwise, how will you be able to take him away from the castle master’s watchful eyes? Not every man is loved by another man.”

The desire to kill Wen Shi was almost overflowing in Bushy Beard’s heart, but when he thought about the possible consequences of a failed containment and defiance of the principle, he uncontrollably felt a hint of fear.

Wen Shi narrowed his eyes, wondering who had established the hospital’s rules that could make a lunatic feel scared.

He softened his tone, “Accommodating patients is something I must do. I can only cooperate with you.”

That’s right, it’s like this.

As long as he proved the male servant was homosexual, he could settle things with A’Ao later.

Wen Shi boldly walked over, tore a strip of cloth from his clothes, blindfolded the male servant’s eyes, gagged his mouth, and tied his hands.

“Do you like me treating you like this?”

The golden scissors fell to the ground as the male servant nodded in a dazed manner.

“Reminder, the 【Flower Gu Duo】 will expire in twenty seconds.”

Listening to the prompt, Wen Shi’s expression remained unchanged. The castle master should be arriving soon.

Ten seconds later, Wen Shi saw a piece of clothing blown up ahead. He immediately rubbed the male servant’s head angrily to make him look even more disheveled.

The piece of clothing gradually became larger, and the ethereal figure solidified as it approached. The castle master finally appeared.

When he saw the tightly bound male servant, his expression was very grim.

Bushy Beard showed no fear and said solemnly, “Frank Hospital has an obligation to accommodate patients. Please cooperate.”

The castle master didn’t immediately attack, waiting for him to continue.

Bushy Beard first pointed at the male servant, then pointed down at Wen Shi…… where was he?

He swept his gaze and noticed that Wen Shi had retreated back to the flower field at some point. Bushy Beard frowned and finished his sentence, “He loves him.”

The castle master gazed at the male servant, “I want to hear him say it in person.”

Bushy Beard hesitated a bit, but the truth proved persuasive, so he loosened the male servant’s restraints.

The moment he regained his freedom, the male servant tore off the cloth covering his eyes and mouth and rushed towards Wen Shi.

“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you!”

Angry eyes, uncontrollable emotions, every cell in his body was screaming for flesh and blood.

“Love?” The castle master grabbed the male servant’s collar before he entered the cursed flower field and threw him slightly forward, his face dark and uncertain, “Are you sure?”

Bushy Beard was stunned, the patient didn’t say it like this just now.

Wen Shi whispered from the flower field, “See, love can vanish, right?”


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